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Open Source Android Apps for Developers: SmartLink

Smartlink manages personal associations of words with semantic data on android to interconnect applications. Smartlink is currently available in a very early beta state, integrating only very few applications so far. Maybe the developing of Smartlink stopped early, but as Android developer, I love the idea of SmartLink.

Apps Description
Smartlink is an open source project trying to improve the user experience for advanced usage scenarios of a mobile phone and is targeting the Android platform.

Smartlink is about making our mobile device acting a little bit more like a human secretary by learning personal associations of words (like “Maria” or “KDE homepage”) with semantic data (like a corresponding contact entry in our address book or a bookmark in our browser) and offering to utilize the data of these associations (eg. the phone number to make a call, or the URL to forward to someone) whenever we use plain text in any application (eg. in a tasklist application). In other words, Smartlink interconnects different applications (that do not need to know of each) based on plain text associations in a smart way.

Smartlink is an open source project that not only encourages developers to contribute to it, but highly depends on other projects and developers to “smartlink-enable” their applications to integrate with the Smartlink approach (with the current status of just a handful of applications being smartlink-enabled it is of very limited use). What “smartlink-enabled” means and how an application can be made “smartlink-enabled” is documented in the pdf document contained in the zip file available via the downloads.

Project Home

Project owners


Apk Downloads
You can download the latest package on the download section at SmartLink project home.

Check Out Source Code
svn checkout smartlink-read-only

To experience SmartLink you need not only the SmartLink application itself, but also some “SmartLink-enabled” applications. It is therefore recommended to:

install SmartLink.apk (this requires the SDK as of Version m5-rc15)

install NotePad.apk (a modified version of the example application shipping with the SDK that has been “SmartLink-enabled”)

install ContactsWrapper.apk (a little wrapper application that “SmartLink-enables” the Android built-in contacts application)

install BookmarkWrapper.apk (a little wrapper application that “SmartLink-enables” the Android built-in bookmark database)

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