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Open Source Android Apps for Developers: Android-bluetooth

Apps Description
Android-bluetooth(Experimental unofficial Bluetooth API for Android) is an open source Android project which aims to provide a simple API to access Android’s Bluetooth stack. This library does not to require a rooted device: it is intended to work with standard firmware provided by phone manufacturers.

Currently only remote device scanning, remote device pairing, (partial) service discovery (SDP) and client RFCOMM serial connections are supported. Support for other profiles (e.g. audio) than RFCOMM is not available. RFCOMM server connections are still not supported.

This library is to be considered as experimental, it has not been designed nor tested for production environments. Any future change to the Bluetooth stack on Android releases could make this library totally useless. Although it has been successfully tested on firmware 1.1, 1.5 “cupcake” and 1.6 “donut”, do not expect to get it work on future releases (even minor updates). Use it at your own risk.

The (unofficial) Bluetooth API for Android has been tested on:

* HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1, firmware 1.1, 1.5 and 1.6)
* HTC Magic (firmware 1.5 and 1.6)
* HTC Tattoo (firmware 1.6)
* Huawei U8220 (aka T-Mobile Pulse, firmware 1.5)
* (partially tested) Samsung Galaxy (firmware 1.5)

It has been reported as NOT working on HTC Hero (The developer doesn’t have this handset, therefore he could not do any investigation to date). Still not tested on Archos 5 Internet Tablet and Zii EGG (which still does not support Bluetooth on its Android porting).

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Source Code
# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout android-bluetooth-read-only
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