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Open Source Android Apps for Developers: I-Jetty (webserver for the android mobile platform)


Cute Android: Open Source Android Apps for Developers: I-Jetty (webserver for the android mobile platform)

I-Jetty is an open source Android project which is a port of the popular Jetty open-source web container to run on the Android mobile device platform. Having a “personal” webserver on your phone opens up a world of possibilities, letting you run your favourite existing webapps in your mobile environment.

Moreover, as webapps developed for i-jetty have access to the Android API, this means that you can bring the contents of your mobile phone to your normal desktop browser.

To demonstrate the possibilities, we’ve included a “console” webapp, which interfaces to the data on your mobile device. You don’t need any special software to synchronize the mobile data to your desktop computer – the i-jetty console makes your on-phone info like contacts lists, call logs and media instantly available and manageable via your browser.

The i-jetty project consists of the i-jetty application, and 3 example webapps that can be deployed onto the phone:

1. console: which allows you to access the on-phone data from anywhere
2. hello: an example webapp containing a HelloWorld servlet
3. chat: a chatroom using jetty’s implementation of the cometd Bayeux protocol

Project Home

Project owners
janb.webtide, gregory.j.wilkins, jan.bartel



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Source Code
# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout i-jetty-read-only
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