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Resources for Open Source Android Apps

Cute Android: Resources for Open Source Android Apps

After writing a lot of posts about the open source android apps, I think I will write some cute android apps for common users more, no matter if it is open source. If you are still interested in the open source android aplications, I think the following resources are good reference, so I made a note here for all of android developers, include me.

1. List of open source Android applications
This is from the Wikipedia, still the best.

2. FDroid
The FDroid Repository is an easily-installable catalogue of FOSS applications for the Android platform. The server contains the details of multiple versions of each application, and the Android client makes it easy to browse, install them onto your device, and keep track of updates.

3. AndroidFreeSoftware
List of free/libre apps for Android at Le Wiki Koumbit.

4. Android software supporting OpenStreetMap

5. Android Open Source resources and software database

6. List of free/libre apps at the replicant project.

7. Tests and information about Open Source apps for Android at

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