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Cute Android Apps for Users: TV Shows Stream (Lite Version)

Cute Android: Cute Android Apps for Users: TV Shows Stream (Lite Version)

[ LITE VERSION: Only 12 preselected shows available ]

Finally watch FULL TV Shows directly on your Android device, full episodes using fullscreen video player, most of them in HD.

The aplication searchs over internet for hundreds of tv-shows episode links capables to be played directly on your device, with full screen support using megavideo and other hosting services. The search results are shown in a intuitive and easy to use interface.

-> All TV shows are available in its original version. Usually in English or with English subtitles. < -

**Motorola Xoom and Honeycomb devices ready since version 3.2**

NEW: READ OUR F.A.Q. website (follow developer link at bottom of android market, below description)

Minimum requirements:
- Android version 2.2 or 2.3 (Froyo or Gingerbread)
- Adobe Flash Player (if you can’t find it in market is because is not available for your device)
- 600 Mhz processor (1 Ghz recommended)
- Wifi (recommended) or 4g. (Sprint user are facing buffering issues under 4g)
NOTE: Not all the videos are in the same quality, network speed requirements can be different for each video. Check your speed conection if you are having buffering issue!
NOTE: This aplication consumes a lot of network traffic, unlimited data plan is recommended if you use it over mobile networks.

- Watch your favorite TV show in streaming directly on your android device.
- Auto FULLSCREEN support for Megavideo, Frogmovz and Karambavidz servers.
- Not monthly payments or hidden fee.
- No Ads in the app (some secondary video servers may contain Ads)
- Fast Forward and Rewind support.
- Multiple Hosts/mirros for the episodes
- IMDB extended information.
- Optional Premium megavideo support: Avoid 72 min megavideo limit if you have megavideo premuim account.
(Karamabavidz and frogmovz links does not have any time limitation).
- Bookmarks : Add series to your list of bookmarks to access them directly
- Most popular series section
- Check with a simple "tap" if new episodes of your favorite series have been released.

Unsupported devices known :
HTC Wildfire - New LG devices

We are listening, if you have any suggestiong contact us!

Permission of the aplication explained:

Storage - modify/delete SD card contents:
For watching the videos the aplication stores the temporal files using the SD card.

Network communication - Full internet access:
Neccesary for connecting to the video hosting websites.

View network state:
Check if there is a working network connection before using the aplication.

Phone calls - Read Phone state and identity:
Stops video when a call is received and resume the video when the call ends.

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-->> This app is collecting the shows from external web sites that are NOT owned by us in any way, we do not upload any content. As the videos are found using public search engines, some links may be broken or removed, you can try other search results.< <--

Recent changes:
- Fixed bug with important messages.

- Fixed bug related to some searchs. (Thanks Karlos)

- Honeycomb support, now Motorola Xoom is fully supported.
(thanks Xezuka)

- Added IMDB information
- Removed ocasionally ads in main video servers.
- fixed minor bugs from previous version

Latest version: 3.2.1c (for Android version 2.2 and higher, supports App2SD)

App on AppBrain Page

TV Shows Stream (Lite Version) for Android on AppBrain

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Cute Android Apps for Users: Pocket Soccer

Cute Android: Cute Android Apps for Users: Pocket Soccer

“Whether you’re a soccer fan or not you should definitely check this game out”

“It reminds me of marbles and air hockey combined, and it’s got some polish that really makes it shine”

“I’m not a soccer fan but I love this game. Warning: very addictive!”

This is a reinterpretation of a classic board game called button football tuned for fast-paced game-play and more fun. Play against the computer or against your friends. Choose between more than 60 countries to play with, unlock special soccer fields, balls and other assets by playing in various game modes.

Officially tested devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S
- HTC Desire
- Motorola Droid
- ZTE Blade
- Samsung Galaxy Spica

While the official list is short, the game should run on most devices.
If you experience problems, please write an e-mail to me instead of rating it with one star.

Note: I got two reports saying that the application doesn’t start since the update. Unfortunately it seems there’s some rarely happening issue with how the Market makes the update. The only workaround I’ve found so far is reinstallation. After that it should work fine, however, be aware that you lose your statistics by doing so.

Recent changes:
- Added new unlockable fields: Chequer and Diamond
- Added new unlockable balls: Hockey Puck and Red Plastic

Latest version: 1.4 (for all Android versions, supports App2SD)

App on AppBrain Page

Pocket Soccer for Android on AppBrain

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