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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Pandora FMS Event Viewer and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Pandora FMS Event Viewer and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Pandora FMS Event Viewer

Read events from your Pandora FMS from your Android device. Validate, search and get realtime event notification.

This app will work only with Pandora FMS 4.0.

Recent changes:
1.01 version comes with Japanese translation and minor fixes on invalid group filtering.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Kid Play

Lend your phone to others with allowing only approved applications to be used. Kid Play allows your children to select and play any application you deem
appropriate by putting your approved applications in
the Kid Play list . This application acts as
a Parental Control/General Control in allowing a filtering of applications that can be
used by the child or just your friends.
The reason I created this application was that I have given
my phone to the kids and 2 minutes later I received a call saying that everyone in the company received a gibberish email. Therefore,
I wanted a way to select only a small set of games
and applications for the children to play: like their favorite Angry
The simple interface allows you to select the applications you
already have on your phone and allow only those applications to be
used by your kids or friends. It also stops them from going to
advertisement pages from inside the games that have mobile
advertisement in them.

Even though Kid Play is a filter that allows you to select the applications, I would still recommend you supervise the usage of your phone.<b>Disclaimer</b> Kid Play is not to be used to protect your phone from hackers or mischievous
people but only to keep users from wandering into unwanted
applications. I go by the motto that where there is a will there is a way and
will not let them investigate how too. It allows the stop of the
application when you reboot the phone which allows you to recover if
you ever forget your password etc.. <b><i>The home button can not be
disabled</i></b> therefore if the home button is clicked the application will allow access to the homepage but still protects by not allowing an application to be launched and within seconds of the homepage displaying Kid Play closes the homepage and redisplays itself. This application does not require a website or log in to a website. You only need to select the applications you already have installed for use.

Recent changes:

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Flarble Badness GL2

Testing/demo if something im messing around with, homage to Mark Cerny’s classic marble madness. This is for high end phones, a version that works with lower end phones (Using opengles1.1) is available by the same name

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Tetris

Implementation of Well-known Tetris game.

Recent changes:
Fixed crash on Android OS >= 2.2

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Flarble Badness GL1.1 Test

A demo/test output of something im faffing around with. This is for lower spec phones using OpenGLES 1.1

A higher version is also available

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Spelling Bees

Think back on your first memory of your elementary school computer lab, where learning just happened because of an amazing experience. Remember the WOW factor of sitting in front of that computer and the freedom you gained with every click of the mouse? You can give that experience to your child! With 37 unique puzzles in 4 different categories, your child will learn to spell without effort. This game will be a success for all ages.


Game Info:

- Drag the bee with your finger to aim and let go to shoot at current letters.
- Each level you will receive 3 lives to correctly spell each word.
- Hitting letters out of order will cause a loss of life.
- Hitting multiple letters with one turn will result in bonus points.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Antibiotics Flash Cards

Antibiotics Flash Cards Optimised for Android Tablets.

Drug’s class
Mechanism of action
Mechanism of resistance
Metabolic route
FDA Approved indications and off-label uses
Pertinent toxicities
Significant drug interactions
Dosage for routine
Special populations.
Clinical Pearls.
Content for the app authored by:
David Schlossberg, MD, FACP, FIDSA
Professor of Medicine
Temple University School of Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Medical Director, Tuberculosis Control Program
Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rafik Samuel, MD, FACP, FIDSA
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program
Temple University School of Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This app is intended to fill a particular niche in the clinician’s arsenal.

It is a compilation of 188 flash cards, each dedicated to a specific antimicrobial.

Take voice notes with each antibiotic and access it from action menu to hear them later. All voice notes are organized under My Voice notes Section.

Take comments/notes with each antibiotic for later review and discussion with your friends. All comments are organized under My Comments Section.

Users have ability to bookmark specific cards for later review.

Full-text search (Even inside the description of each drug), retrieval function, and index make this app a very useful, quick reference source.

Each antimicrobial flash card lists the drug’s class, mechanism of action, mechanism of resistance, metabolic route, indications and off-label uses, pertinent toxicities, significant drug interactions, and dosage for routine and special populations.

This app does not recommend individual drugs for specific organisms or clinical syndromes; rather, it is a reference for the clinician to consult.

For many agents, the toxicities and drug interactions are numerous and complex; frequently, the clinician must research several sites or even multiple locations in the drug label itself to identify significant toxicities. We have tried to organize the most frequent and important toxicities and drug interactions in a convenient, user-friendly format.

Dosage information includes the special populations of renal failure, hepatic dysfunction, pediatrics, pregnancy, and breastfeeding; and each chapter concludes with a list of clinical pearls, adding practical tips to the preceding discussion.

When possible, the official drug label was used as a primary source of information, supplemented by the various print and electronic sources.

In addition to FDA-approved indications, we have also listed off-label uses of selected agents.

We hope this app will help the clinician navigate, in a convenient and clinically oriented format, the increasingly complex details of antimicrobial prescribing.

Notice: The authors and publisher have made every effort to ensure that the patient care recommended herein, including choice of drugs and drug dosages, is in accord with the accepted standard and practice at the time of publication. However, since research and regulation constantly change clinical standards, the reader is urged to check the product information sheet included in the package of each drug, which includes recommended doses, warnings, and contraindications. This is particularly important with new or infrequently used drugs. Any treatment regimen, particularly one involving medication, involves inherent risks that must be weighed on a case-by-case basis against the benefits anticipated. The reader is cautioned that the purpose of this book is to inform and enlighten; the information contained herein is not intended as, and should not be employed as, a substitute for individual diagnosis and treatment.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Newsmax

Get Newsmax FREE, one of America’s leading online news services with more than 8 million monthly readers!
Newsmax gives you the latest breaking news in politics, the nation, the world, money, health, and finance affecting your life.

Ben Stein says Newsmax reveals the "unafraid, uncomplicated, bare-knuckles truth about today’s dangerous world."

In this app:
• Ronald Kessler’s Washington Insider report
• Global reports from Judith Miller
• Commentary from George Will, David Limbaugh, Mike Reagan, and many others
• The best political analysis
• And more

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Cute Lil’ Devil Theme

You’re such a Cute Lil’ Devil!

I’m now on Twitter – follow me @mommadeuce1106. With the removal of the Just In section within the new Market update, I will keep everybody notified about new releases, updates, etc. I’m also going to be having special promotions coming up, so stay tuned!

This theme works with the following home replacement apps (launchers), although different elements may/may not be applied through some:
Crazy Home (Pro & Lite)
ADW.Launcher (not EX)
OpenHome 6
91PandaHome (1&2)
PandaHome EX
PandaHome Pro
LauncherPro (the wallpapers & icons must be set separately)

You must have one of the home replacement apps listed in order to use this theme.


This theme has 16 wallpapers from which to choose (not all home replacement apps support multiple wallpapers). It also has custom icons, custom app tray background, custom dock & custom font.

**NOTE: All of the listed home replacement apps may apply all/part of the theme elements.**

There is also a Cute Lil’ Devil Icon Pack on the Market also.

MommaDeuce Recommendation:
Crazy Home is the best home replacement app on the Market. It has the following customization options:
*3 separate desktops, each with it’s own theme & each desktop contains 5 screens
*Easily switch desktops with a swipe up/down
*Full icon customization through the Icon Configurator
*Hide apps from the app drawer
*Change app titles
*Scrollable widget support
*Widget resizing
*Supports multiple wallpapers
*Supports live wallpapers
*Hide/Unhide the top notification bar
*Backup & restore your settings
*Custom font support
*Outstanding customer support

Give Crazy Home a try-you’ll love it!

I also recommend checking out FlaGirl for more great themes & icon packs!

Any questions or issues, please email me at the address listed-I always respond promptly.

Recent changes:
Initial Release

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Nightlight & Sleep sounds

Provide soft light and soothing sounds to help your child fall asleep at night. Play white noise, rainstorms, forest sounds, or a classic lullaby to drown out disturbances so your child can slumber peaceful and easily. Choose a nightlight image and wrap the room in warm, reassuring light.

Perfect for signaling to children it is night time and helping them fall asleep.

App Features include:

• 15 Lullaby songs and sleep sounds
• 6 Nightlight images inspired by Aesop’s Fables
• Adjustable brightness and volume to match your room
• Auto-off alarm to quiet and darken the room once child is asleep
• Wake-up image to signal to children when they can get out of bed
• Easy to use screens with simple buttons

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: MarketBillingVX

Description (English)
0 characters (4000 max)
Description (English)
0 characters (4000 max)

Recent changes:
Recent Changes (English)
[Learn More]
0 characters (500 max)

AppBrain Link:

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: iSteve: The Last Journey and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: iSteve: The Last Journey and Other Apps

Latest Android App: iSteve: The Last Journey

The year is 2011, Steve Jobs is in search of magic to power his latest magical iDevice, and has zeroed in on the patent free world of the Uni-Leprechauns! Enjoy our tribute game to the visionary Steve Jobs and how he changed our world, while enjoying some of his best key-note speeches in their AUTOTUNED glory!

You must use the power of your Unicorn Horn to pop Steve’s bubble, if you miss, summon a Rainbow Kick to push the invaders back and try again. The angrier Steve gets, the redder his face gets, and the faster he falls towards your world! If he gets there he will take off with a Pot of Magic, and you will lose a life, lose 4 and Steve will patent your world for his own!! Steve’s presentations provide an Autotuned background music to keep the fun going! You can move left/right using the accelerometer, or dragging the Uni-Leprechaun. To launch the Rainbow Kick, click on screen anywhere outside of the Uni-Leprechaun, or one of 4 user defined buttons (Search, Camera, Vol Up or Vol Down).

This game is OpenFeint enabled, can you get the World High Score?!?! Or will you simply settle to be at the top of the local leader board (on device) with your initials at the top? See if you can unlock all the OpenFeint Achievements!! (Including a secret hidden achievement!)

VIBRATE – Vibrate when you lose a life
WAKE_LOCK – Keep the screen on when using the accelerometer

Recent changes:
v1.0 Initial Release

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Superpowers Premium

From Zero To Hero! ( Based from the popular game Alchemy)

You have your 5 senses, thinking, and moving. These are the 7 basic skills you need, to work your way up to discover your hidden superpowers. Combine skills with another to learn some surprising skills. You can learn to count, alter your DNA, and with other skills, you can even learn to mind control.

Available Powers:
X-Men Mutant Ability
Green Lantern Powers

> 319 Skills Available!
> No Ads
> Skill Equipment ( Equip the different skills – to see the effect! )
> Stats Display

We will add more powers as much as possible:
Earthbending Skills
Airbending Skills
Guildwars – Elementalist Skills
Guildwars – Mesmer Skills
Alphas Powers

Recent changes:
Remove all the bugs in the free version!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Caravan Sokoban

Caravan Sokoban is variation of classic ‘sokoban’ game. The rules are very simple. Use your character to move items into their appropriate locations. The game features multiple items that go in different spots to make things a bit more challenging. If you get stuck you can hit the ‘undo’ button to go back a step.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 3D Neon Mix

Cool features listed below:
✔ Select 3 different type of logo
✔ Multiple light source which you can change color
✔ Set light source as static or moving (spot light)
✔ Change viewing angle
✔ Set box to move across screen or stay put
✔ Rotate box with touch
✔ Best of all, it is FREE!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Tomatoon on The Roads

A reilogia dos tomatoons continua.

Depois de serem pisados, os tomatoons decidem por o pé na estrada e agora enfretam o desafio de atravessar as ruas movimentadas.

Neste segundo game, ajude os tomatoons a andarem pelas estradas sem serem esmagados pelos veículos. Afinal, existem outras formas de extrair o licopeno dos tomates sem acabar com nossos amiguinhos.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Snake World

The best Snake of all times – Android Game On Android Market

Snake world presents 9 incredible worlds for you to have fun

• Classic: Hometown of the traditional snakes, a peaceful world without great danger
• Ice Land: Snake that lives in a glacial world, the furthest world of the sun, it is used to moving on the slippery ice
• Fire temple: in a planet close to the sun there are temples that produce flames which come from the center of the Earth
• City: Concrete world led by the machines that move without resting
• Thunder Strike: Pre- historic world shaken by the climatic disasters
• Forest: world full of vast forests that hide treasures and dangers
• Cemetery : world where you can find the legendary elders’ tombs, where their spirits still wander without resting
• Wall of death: dead-end cavern with mortal traps, any neglect may be lethal
• Meteor shower: the universe brings dangerous surprises in the crossing among the worlds

Items: The first version of Snake World has 11 different items.

• Normal Item: Increases the Snake size in a bud
• Item "increase 3": it increases the Snake size in three buds
• Item "increase 5": it increases the Snake size in five buds
• Item "decrease 3": it decreases the Snake size in three buds
• Item " decrease 6": it decreases the Snake size in six buds
• Item "decrease 12": it decreases the Snake size in twelve buds
• Item "twice the number of points": you win twice the number of traditional points
• Item "three times the number of points": you win three times the number of traditional points
• Item " Death": you lose the game
• Item " increase the speed": it increases the speed of Snake
• Item" decrease the speed": it decreases the speed of Snake

Challenge mode:

• Do you like challenges? Do you think you are prepared? Do you consider yourself good at Snake? Did you master all the worlds? How far will you be able to go in this challenge?


Snake World has incredible graphics in High Resolution, which can be played either through Smartphones or through Tablets

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Incognito Browser

This is a web browser that allows you to surf that web without remembering any history.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Abirami Mega Mall

On-Line Movie Ticket Booking.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: SCPVendas

Software de PRÉ-VENDA para Android. Trata-se de uma poderosa ferramenta multi-utilizador no campo no sistemas de vendas para TELEMÓVEIS e TABLET PC com sistema operativo ANDROID. É rápida, eficiente, e permite lidar com grandes quantidades de dados.

Os vendedores com um simples pressionar de botão podem sincronizar, via GPRS ou WIFI, a aplicação com o software de gestão (ERP), enviando e recebendo dados.

A aplicação implementa um modelo de negócio simples. A maioria das organizações deverá ser capaz de usá-la, na sua forma original.

O gestor de vendas será mais rápido e mais preciso a tomar decisões do que utilizando os métodos tradicionais baseados em papel. Também aumentará a satisfação do cliente, e melhorará o fluxo de caixa da empresa. Os códigos de barras podem ser digitalizados a partir de qualquer telefone Android, sem necessidade de equipamentos adicionais.

Mais Informações consultar a página web da aplicação.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Neon Wars

Shoot your way through 50 levels in this arcade-style shooter. You have a cannon, units and bombs to blast the incoming enemies to pixelart-heaven.

This is the full version and there are NO ADVERTISEMENTS in the game (as those are really annoying). To show support and to encourage me to keep improving my games, please give a fair rating and comment on the Android Market!

*** Something about me ***

I’m a 17 year old guy from the Netherlands that likes to write software in my free time. I publish my software under the name Deltac Development as an amateur/freelancer. Neon Wars is the first game I made alone, and the second game in total (Chicken Massacre was a collaboration). I would appreciate it if you could take the time to give me feedback on what you like and what you didn’t like so I can improve it. As I’m no musician, making a good game tune and effects is not really working. So if you are good at that, send me an email ([email protected]) with a demo attached!

*** Something about the app ***

To make sure I don’t get sued, this app is published under the Terms and Conditions of Deltac Development. Deltac Development is one-man, non-profit (so no income) software publisher that only consists out of myself. The Terms and Conditions that you agree with by downloading this application can be found on Also a copy is added along with the application and can be found in the Settings of the application.

Privacy Policy of the Terms and Conditions

Deltac Development will not sell, share, or rent your personal information to any third party. All data gathered by this application is required and essential for this application to function properly. All permissions that this application requires to function accordingly are listed on Android Market.

You can contact me for any questions or remarks concerning this application at [email protected]

*** Last but not least ***

Good luck!

Recent changes:
None, this is the first release.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Supporter London 2012

Choose your country by pressing on a flagon the list.
Press on the big flag to display it in full screen and play the anthem of the corresponding country.
Lift your phone up in the air and Sing LOUD!

~30 countries available
Option to control volume and features
Clean and simple to use interface

Recent changes:
initial version

AppBrain Link:

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Cute Free Android Apps for Users: Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Cute Android: Cute Free Android Apps for Users: Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Vlingo is your very own Virtual Assistant. Simply speak to Vlingo and it will help you do more stuff, faster and easier than before. Try saying “Text John; What’s up?” or “find italian restaurants” or even “update Facebook; I’m on a boat!” Download to learn everything Vlingo can do for you.

“Vlingo will do whatever you’ve told it to do” – Wall Street Journal
“Vlingo adds Jedi-like levels of mind tricks” – CNET
“Vlingo is dope.” – MC Hammer

The Vlingo Keyboard was taken out of the latest version, but you can again replicate the functionality if you have Android 2.2 or higher:
1. Go to Settings
2. Select Voice input & output
3. Select Vlingo under the Voice Recognizer drop down

Then you can access Vlingo via the microphone button on whatever keyboard you use!

Search Terms
Vlingo, Voice Recognition, Voice Actions, Virtual Assistant, Speech Recognition, Bluetooth, Car Kit, Handsfree, Hands Free, Speech to text, Voice SMS, Voice to Text

Recent changes:
* New InCar shortcut option
* Better performance for phones with slower network connections.
* Ability to opt-out of previously required speech pack, for regions without access to the Android Market.
* Fixes to device-specific crashes/bugs. (Keep those Market bug reports coming!)
* Web search button added to Vlingo Answers, for quick access to additional information..
* Quicker recognition of recently added contacts.
* New visual countdown animation added for auto-dial screens.
Less description »

Latest version: 3.3 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)

App on AppBrain Page

Vlingo Virtual Assistant for Android on AppBrain

Read more…

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