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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Copter It! – Adfree and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Copter It! – Adfree and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Copter It! – Adfree

The best helicopter flying game on Android! Do you have the skills for it? Now is your chance to try! Steer the helicopter inside a tunnel, but do not hit the cave or obstacles, like a toxic waste barrel, or you will be smashed into million pieces. How far can you fly? Do you have the guts to fly two copters simultaneously in challenge mode? You can also challenge your friend in 2 player mode! Try it out now and send your score to the global high score list to see your rank! Have fun!

Game Features:
- Normal and fast copters
- Casual, Challenge, and Two player game modes
- Global high scores
- Beautiful graphics and superb gameplay!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Shagai Mongolian bone game

Shagai is a traditional Mongolian ankle bone game. In Mongolian: shagai means ankle bone. It has been played for generation to generation by nomadic people of the steppe.
The ankle bone comes from sheep and it has 5 possible outcomes when tossed.

Recent changes:
Version 1. There will be more features added in the future.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Hedgewars (Alpha version)

Hedgewars for Android. This is the Android port for the opensource project Hedgewars. Please be advised this is only an Alpha version and still need a lot of work.

Because of an error caused by me I needed to upload a new app to the market. If after installing this version you have TWO Hedgeroids on your Android device, simple uninstall the other one (

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Hangman 2

The classic word-guessing game, more challenging and more fun.

brings a fun way to learn and test general knowledge to kids and families.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Spelling Bees Free

Think back on your first memory of your elementary school computer lab, where learning just happened because of an amazing experience. Remember the WOW factor of sitting in front of that computer and the freedom you gained with every click of the mouse? You can give that experience to your child! With 37 unique puzzles in 4 different categories, your child will learn to spell without effort. This game will be a success for all ages.


Game Info:

- Drag the bee with your finger to aim and let go to shoot at current letters.
- Each level you will receive 3 lives to correctly spell each word.
- Hitting letters out of order will cause a loss of life.
- Hitting multiple letters with one turn will result in bonus points.

spelling, bee, bees, learn, learning, words, word, letters, spell, game, child, kid, puzzle, puzzles, games, shapes, animals, veggies, birthday

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Categories… KABOOM | 2-8 pl

★★★ NEW – the video tutor @ YouTube for this game ★★★

★★★ Attention ★★★
This application is not a gaming app in the common way but, like an actual boardgame, supports you with the material to be able to play “Categories… KABOOM!”
Therefore please read the rules which are explained by the Tutor once you start playing to understand the mechanism.

★ Features ★
▷ up to 8 players on one device
▷ 18 categories
▷ 3 games modes
▷ 3 player orders
▷ Communication- and Mindgame
▷ No advertisements

Place your device in the middle of the table. Now, like in the classical game “Scattergories”, you need to find a word, which is matching one of the categories and starts with a certain initial letter. Instead of writing the word down, say it out loud. Do this as fast as possible and touch the display of your device to pass on to the next player, so you are not the one getting hit by the bomb. With the basic settings, the game will end as soon as a player has suffered 5 bomb hits.

★★★ Attention ★★★
The players and NOT the device will control the given answers! They may correct them with the BACK button if necessary.

★ GAMEMODE – Burn MF Burn ★
The game lasts until a player has received 5 explosions. The player with the least explosions at that time wins the game.

★ GAMEMODE – Point Collector ★
You play for as long as you want, while you are collecting points. Right answer +1, wrong answer (back button) -2, explosion -3.

★ GAMEMODE – Last man standing ★
Players get kicked once they explode. The last player standing wins the game.

▷ Picture order – The order of the players is like the order of the pictures.
▷ Random picture order – The order of the players is randomly decided upon the order of the pictures.
▷ Total chaos – Order? What was that again?

★ Available categories ★
stars, food, countries, drinks, jobs, sports, brands and companies, movies & series (titles), music (musicians and songs), instruments, art, plants, literature (writer and book title), medicine (illness and medicines), animals, cities

★ Just in case: scattergories scatergories scater scatter gories category categories catgories cat boom kabom ka … booom english englisch 4 1 2 3 play player kid kids kidz multiplayer droid multiple choice brain quisr boardgame iq reflex quizmaster 2player 6player 4player 8player 5 6 7 8 bom tablet tabletgames

★ Additional Links ★
▷ Become a Fan on Facebook!!/pages/Categories-Kaboom/133302423404824

★ Please email us ([email protected]) if you have any questions or issues – we will solve them together! :)

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Strip Poker Texas Holdem Jemma

Strip Poker – Jemma (Texas Hold’em)

If you have our other apps, please get the latest update(s).

Click on the Girl to
see FULL SCREEN images
Swipe left & right to
change the unlocked images

In this 3D STRIP Heads Up Texas Hold’em app you can play a sexy lady for her cloths. As she loses chips she will also lose articles of clothing.

The app will save your chip count but will not save your current hand so please only quit the app after a hand is finished. If you would like to reset the current game, please go to app setting and clear the app data. The app will then start over with the original chip counts.

Heads Up Texas Holdem Poker
Strip Poker

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Quit With Me

The first social app to help smokers quit!

It’s no secret that smoking is harmful. You hear it all the time from friends, family, your doctors. Every day you see Surgeon General’s warnings and anti-smoking commercials. You read news stories about the latest studies implicating tobacco in emphysema, asthma, heart disease, cancer. These are things you already know — you don’t need to hear them again. You don’t need to be scolded, "Why can’t you just quit?" You don’t need to be yelled at, lectured, hypnotized or brainwashed. You need support — not from people who run anti-smoking campaigns, and not from people who don’t smoke. To really quit, you need support from people who have successfully quit or are trying to quit just like you. We believe Quit With Me can deliver that support.

Quit With Me is the first social app to help smokers quit. By inviting buddies to quit with you, you can build a network of support as you chart your own progress towards being smoke-free. Log your daily cigarette use, and then check in on your buddies’ progress. Your friend cut back by 3 cigarettes yesterday? Congratulate them with a free gift! And then try to match their success — hey, a little healthy competition never hurt, especially when it comes to quitting! We believe what goes around comes around. Day by day, the encouragement and support you give your friends will come back to you, and your success will inspire your friends. And in the end, these are the things that matter the most. If you’re ready to quit, you don’t need to go it alone. Try out Quit With Me, and bring some friends along.

Recent changes:
Initial Release

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Hot Bikini Girls Puzzle 3IN1

This is a 3 in 1 Puzzle game include 3 modes:
- Jigsaw puzzle
- Slice puzzle
- Get your own puzzle from your gallery
The puzzle contains of 60 HIGH quality images from hot bikini babes.

Tag: puzzle, hot bikini, bikini, hottie, adult, babes, sexy, blondes

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: My Yahoo Messenger

If you have ever wanted a quick and easy way to access the Yahoo Messenger from your android phone.then this app can realize it.The UI is simple and easy to operate.You can chat with your friends,scan the latest news and your mails.When you quit,it can also clear cache.This app also has a notification,you can click it quick to this app.Come on,have a try.You must like it.

key words:
- Yahoo mail
- Mail
- Yahoo Messenger
- Messenger
- Yahoo
- easy
- quick
- Free

- Clear cache.
- Refresh
- Favorites.
- Share via SMS,Mail,FaceBook and so on.
- Touch to scroll.
- the web can zoom out and zoom in.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Morning Mantras

Times Music presents a collection of divine morning mantras, that are sure to set a beautiful tone for a great day ahead. Carry these along and make your day memorable. Get clarity of thought and inner peace.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Tagesgeld-News

Mit der kostenlosen App für Android bekommen Sie immer die aktuellsten News zum Tagesgeld, Festgeld und aktuelle Finanzmeldungen auf Ihr mobiles Endgerät geliefert.

Vorteil: Durch unseren Push Service benachrichtigen wir Sie sofort, wenn es neue News oder Zinsänderungen gibt – ideal also für Tagesgeld Hopper oder Leser, die einfach keine Änderung verpassen wollen.

Seit 2008 informiert Sie täglich über die aktuellen Finanzmeldungen zum Tagesgeld, Festgeld und Girokonto und versucht durch umfangreiche Vergleiche und Rechner Ihnen als Kunden und Interessenten die besten Zinsen am Markt bieten zu können.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: オーバークロックマニュアルAMD FX編 (無料版)

AMDの最新CPU、AMD FXのオーバークロックマニュアルです。オーバークロックとは通常のCPU動作クロックより高速に動作させるための設定を行い、PCをより快適に使う方法です。無料版ではオーバークロックの初歩的な導入部分を解説しています。具体的な設定や、安定して動作させる方法は有料版にて配信する予定です。

Recent changes:

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Talking Tina Tooth Free

Keep brushing! Tina, the Talking Tooth is a lovable character to play with, who knew a tooth would be so fun to have around? Talk to her, and she talks back to you. The perfect talking children’s app for all ages, available for FREE without in-app ads!

Download the Talking Tina Tooth app today and start the fun! NOTE: opening the app for the first-time ONLY requires a one-time download for the 3d graphics.

★ talk to Tina Tooth and hear her repeat your words back to you
★ slap her face touching your finger on her head
★ tap to her eyes make her mad!
★ tap her right hand to make her happy!
★ tap her left hand to make her sleepy!
★ slide your finger on her stomach to make her giggle
★ press a button to give food!
★ press a button to see a dance!
★ press a button to see a cool tooth!
★ shake the app!

She interacts with you!
★ She has a hungry meter that goes down over time and if it does, you can make her eat to raise the meter

★ She has a love meter which goes up or down based on giggling or actions that make her mad like tapping

We are committed to improving the quality of our apps, if you are experiencing issues, please email us directly at [email protected] and please tell us which phone you have.

★ App2Sd installation
★ On-The-Go 11MB Video Download
★ Help the Family! Download the App!

★ 3D Modeling and Animation by Magic Spangle Studios Pvt. Ltd.

AppBrain Link:

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: 3D girl wallpaper and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: 3D girl wallpaper and Other Apps

Latest Android App: 3D girl wallpaper

We have more than 30 Categories: 3D, Love, People(Includes Babe, Boy, Girl, Beauty, Woman), Music, Cars, Holidays (Christmas, New Year, Valentine Day and so on), Funny, Animals, Fantasy, Technology, Abstract, Drawn, Anime, Patterns, Sports, Quotes, Movies, Nature, Space, Retro, Graffiti, Night, Flowers, Games, Other, Beaches, Military, Pets, Buildings, Android and so on.
Any feedback welcomed, thank you very much for your support. Please rate 5 stars if you like it!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Westfalen

Finden Sie einfach und bequem die nächstgelegene Westfalen oder Markant-Tankstelle und lassen Sie sich zu Ihr führen. Hierzu können Sie direkt über die Kartenansicht Ihre Wunsch-Tankstelle auswählen oder nutzen die komfortable Suche.
Haben Sie Ihren Favoriten gefunden, können Sie diesen einfach mit dem Stern-Icon speichern. In den umfangreichen Tankstellendetails finden Sie neben den klassischen Informationen zu Lage und Telefonnummer auch einen Überblick über die Öffnungszeiten und die Kartenakzeptanzen. Durch selbstsprechende Icons bekommen Sie einen schnellen Überblick zu den vielfältigen Serviceleistungen vor Ort.
Und die aktuellen Preise??
Natürlich kein Problem. Entweder Sie gehen über die Tankstellendetails zu den aktuellen Kraftstoffpreisen oder lassen sich über den Footer direkt die Preise Ihres ersten Favoriten anzeigen*.

* Preisangaben ohne Gewähr; es gelten die Zapfsäulenpreise vor Ort. Aktualisierung erfolgt immer mit Neustart der APP.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Music Search Lite

Enjoy Million of Free Songs by Music Search Lite! Even you can read the lyric while listening!

Nowadays, there are many websites allow you download free and legal musics, audio from them.

Music Downloader is an application support you download hundreds of thousands free and legal songs from these sites.

* Search, preview, download mp3
* Manage downloaded contents

mp3 music download MP3 download music download mp3 music search lyric mp3 music downloader MUSIC DOWNLOADER Audio mp3 music download

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 통증잊어 – 통증감소, 혈자리 안내, 지압

통증잊어는 전세계 어디든, 언제나 스마트폰에 이용자의 태어난 시간과 장소 정보만 입력하면 병을 예측하여 예상 병증을 제시해 주고, 스스로 치료할 수 있는 혈자리를 알려주는 무료 어플리케이션입니다. 또한 통증으로 고통받고 있는 전세계의 모든 사람들과 경험을 나눌 수 있습니다. 보다 구체적인 상담이 필요한 경우, 지지미 사이트를 통해, 전문가들과도 질의 응답을 할 수 있습니다. 이제 통증잊어로 편리하고 효과적인 건강관리를 시작해 보세요.

## 병원 관련 키워드##
건강,지압,마사지, 자기치유, 병원, 병원찾기 의학백과 치과 안과 피부과 건강검진 성형상담 양악수술 코성형, 성형외과, 비만, 탈모, 임플란트, 의료상담, 수술, 메디컬, 의료뉴스, 건강정보, 하이닥, 다이어트, 암, 당뇨, 내과 소아과 외과 비뇨기과 신경과 정신병원 산부인과 이비인후과 정형외과 가정의학과 마취통증의학과 성형외과 신경외과 안과 응급의학과 일반의원 임상병리과 재활의학과 진단방사선과 치과 치료방사선과 피부과 흉부외과 MRI CT 촬영 성격테스트 혈액형 성격 비만도검사 시력검사 색맹검사 배란일 계산기 스트레스 관계중독증 탈모자가진단 금연생활 흡연자가진단 니코틴중독평가 음주습관 음주습관테스트 음주습관평가 알코올중독증 검사 알코올중독증 평가 비만과 운동 운동중독평가 체중조절 병력에 의한 비만진단 운동량 비만 식생활 영양관리 식습관 자가진단 커피중독 식중독 예방 음식 궁합 남성건강 전립선 자가진단 조루 자가진단 여성건강 산후우울증 자가진단 배란일 계산기 유방 암 자가진단 노인건강 골다공증 자가진단 치매 자가진단 아동건강 주의력결핍 ADHD 과잉행동장애 암예방 자가진단 간암 폐암 위암 당뇨병 당뇨병 위험 평가 당뇨병 위험도 자가측정법 심혈관질환 고혈압 위험 평가 생애주기별 건강 수면건강 평가 난폭운전 평가 시간관리 평가 정신건강 우울증 척도 우울증 스트레스 노이로제 불안증 인터넷중독증 약물중독평가 강박증 위험 평가 강박증 내외향성 일중독증 알코올중독증 응급처치 심폐소생술 성인 기도폐쇄 화상 뇌졸증 출혈,지혈 뱀에 물렸을 때 벌에 쏘였을 때 일사병, 열사병 저체온증 과호흡증후군 복통분만 척추손상 발작 응급처치 비상약품 소화기사용법 눈성형 쌍커풀수술(눈성형) 앞트임수술(눈성형) 다크써클치료술(눈성형) 코성형 코끝성형 휜코성형(비만곡증) 낮은코성형(융비술) 주먹코성형 매부리코 성형 안면윤곽성형 무턱수술 사각턱수술 주걱턱(긴턱)수술 가슴성형 가슴확대술 가슴축소술 처진가슴성형 함몰유두 주름성형 주름제거술 보톡스 피부박피술 PRP주사(피주사) 쁘띠성형 쁘띠 가슴성형 쁘띠 코성형 쁘띠 이마성형 다리성형 종아리성형 힙업성형 엉덩이지방흡입 허벅지지방흡입 흉터성형 흉터교정술 레이저치료 피부이식술 켈로이드치료 기타성형 귓볼성형 보조개성형 입술확대술 입술축소술 액취증(리포셋지방흡입술) 재수술 쌍커풀재수술(눈성형) 임플란트 치아 임플란트 임플란트 틀니 레이저 임플란트 심미보철 라미네이트 올세라믹 잇몸성형 치아교정 일반치아교정 설측교정(치아교정) 투명교정(치아교정) 부정교합 치료(치아교정) 치아미백 자가치아미백 전문가 치아미백 영구 치아미백 치아성형 양악수술 라식 라식수술(Lasik) 에피라식(Epi Lasik) 아이라식(iLasik) 라섹 라섹수술 웨이브프론트 라섹 렌즈삽입 ICL 드림렌즈 하드렌즈 노안교정 노안 치료 각막열성형술(LTK) 기타시력교정 티슈세이빙 사시 치료 눈다래끼 치료 녹내장 녹내장 치료 백내장 여드름/흉터 PDT치료(여드름치료) 스무스빔(여드름치료) LED치료(여드름치료) 크로스(흉터치료) 프락셀(흉터치료) 기미 잡티 모자이크 IPL 기미치료 주근깨 치료 주름/탄력 필러 보톡스 미백/색소 IPL CO2 옐로우 레이저 제모 레이저 제모 모발이식 모발이식 피부질환 백반증 지루성 피부염 질성형 이쁜이수술(질축소성형술) 임플란트 질성형 소음순성형 소음순성형 성감증대성형 클리토리스(음핵) 노출술 양귀비수술(G스팟 성형술) 성병 STD 자궁경부암 클라미디아감염증 피임 경구피임법 임플라논 시술법 자궁내장치(IUD) 임신 진료 불임 불임 검진 불임 치료 기타산부인과진료 요실금 아토피 비염 급성비염 알레르기 비염 비후성 비염 천식 여성한방 자궁근종 한방성형 지방흡입 허벅지 지방흡입 팔뚝살 지방흡입 겨드랑이살 (가슴살) 지방흡입 지방이식 PPC주사 HPL
불치병 난치병 간질 루게릭 중풍 치매 심장병 급사 불면 견통 요통 척추 피부 대장 위장 난소 경련 구안와사 치통 두통 갑상선 식도 관절 안구 눈 구내염 인후염 중이염 뇌 턱 틱장애 경추 디스크 목 성대 결절 오십견 골절 쥐 가슴 흉부 팔 손 유두 후두 근육 체증 체기 소화불량 위염 위산과다 췌장 췌장암 십이지장 역류성 간 쓸개 변비 소장 직장 치질 폐 폐렴 기관지 늑막염 골수 소아암 소아당뇨 경기 혈 심장 비타민 수면 불면 숙면 숙변 대상포진 다운증후군 폐경기 갱년기 실어증 에이즈 임신 출산 산후조리 기면증 나병 추간판돌출증 전립선 치핵 공황장애 치루 월경 쯔쯔가무시 치루 수족구병 교정치료 티눈 사마귀 백색증 복통 루푸스 뇌수막염 조울증 자폐증 결핵 감기 만성 급성 이명 원푸드 다이어트 급체 식중독 장염 위선암 담관암 고환 조루 지루 조류독감 신종인플루엔자 독감 환상절제술 간기능검사 종합검진 알레르기 유산 실신 눈다래끼 땀띠 질 외음부 분만 장애 배란 담석증 쇼크 파킨슨병 a형간염 b형간염 c형간염 예방 이루증상 뇌졸증 어지럼증 천식 혼수상태 두창 흑사병 본태성 고혈압 저혈압 패혈증 식욕부진 저림 기흉 조울증 탈수 질환 헌혈 건조증 건선 다한증 파상풍 좌골신경통 편도 결석 담석 모야모야병 변비 설사 숙취 페닐케톤뇨증 신경 고지혈 강박장애 뇌전이암 성병

카카오톡 twitter 트위터 Facebook 오브제 TiKL 튜브메이트 Yahoo Skype 네이트온 MSN 톡 카톡 페이스북
전자신문 SBS 뉴스 ESPN ScoreCenter Weather Bug 고속도로 교통 정보 서울 버스 지하철 도착정보 네비게이션 지하철노선도

Daum 쇼핑하우 롯데닷컴 쇼핑랭킹베스트 쇼핑카드 바바라 11번가 신세계백화점 CJ쇼핑 어바웃 에누리
혈액형 영어 화보 갤럭시 모바일 모델 오빠이거 타자연습 라이프스타일 생활백서 카카오톡 콜택시 알바 구글 안드로이드 아스트로 불경 메모장 컬러라이트 MP3 섹시 오픈마켓 야동 네이버 다음 싸이월드 레이싱걸 국세청 식물잘키우기 플래너 모이라 114 장바구니 아트데이 명언 교보문고 패션 영화예매 오늘쇼핑 지하철 라디오 채팅 만남 이성 유흥 술집찾기 주점나가요 호빠 나이트 부킹 신혼여행 웹하드 게임 옥션 지마켓 네이버 커피 넥서스 갤럭시 안드로이드 삼성 신한 롯데 다이어트 유틸리티 휴대폰설정 도구 전화 SMS 폰꾸미기(벨소리) 멀티미디어 한글 워드 엑셀 파워포인트 PDF 사무 비즈니스 성인 생활(요리)건강(다이어트 운동 요가) 교통 SNS 모음 모임 공동구매 게임아이템 신문 날씨 문화 예술 불교 기독교 천주교 스포츠 학교 프랜차이즈 부동산 하숙 원룸 게임방 게임 성경 음악 노래방 가요방 편의점 한식 중식 일식 횟집 중국집 보쌈 족발 배달 식당 맛집 롯데리아 맥도날드 패스트푸드 주점 클럽 술집 선술집 강아지용품 와인 로또 주식 Bible 인테리어 사진관 사진 출판 산후조리원 도서관 주유소 중고차 자동차용품 주차장 세차장 대리운전 마트 할인점 극장 스키 스크린골프 수영 스포츠 레포츠 헬스 휘트니스 성인 의류 패션 놀이공원 여행사 펜션 콘도 민박 렌터카 대출 꽃집 출장요리 광고홍보 피부관리 체형관리 뷰티샵 증권 카드 교회 절 성당 호텔 모텔 숙박 인쇄 구두 잡화 자동차 사주카페 아이쿠폰 코코펀 배달의민족 쿡타운 윙스푼맛집 필수어플 필수앱 필수추천 추천앱 추천어플 인기앱 무료할인 위치정보 주변찾기 아이템 지하철 네이버 반값 쿠폰 twitter 페이스북 QR코드 사랑 고객센터 메모리 야동 맛집 전호번호 패션 이벤트 알뜰 알바 앱순위 앱순이 벅스 가계부 색칠놀이 티켓 대박 토정비결 연예인 소리바다 P2P 쿠팡 티켓몬스터 티몬 위메크 마이피플 성인 카톡 홈쇼핑 벼룩시장 공동구매 알바 취업 중고차 SK엔카 그루폰 채팅 여성 쇼핑몰 방사능

Recent changes:
2011년 10월 11일 마켓 등록 PainEaser_20111010 V1.0
2011년 10월 13일 버젼 업데이트 PainEaser_20111013 V1.3

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Latest Android App: Ngomong Padang

Help people to speak Padang. Padang is one of the most widely used vernacular in Indonesia.

Click the button and you will hear Padang language spoken by native speaker with the translated languange

Dukung hasil kreasi bangsa Indonesia dengan mendownload dan menggunakannya

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Latest Android App: Pay close beta Ponca

Pay close of the latest series

Pay close Ponca!
Give effect to a photo app that is

1. The effect of various filters
2. Frames feature
3. Built-in 60 kinds stickers
4. By storing the results in the gallery you can easily use.

First, import or take pictures in the gallery and may be used.

Currently a beta service that features acts arbitrarily edit the photos
Online gaelreoriin studio and later will add a lot of time monitoring is the message.

Thank you.

—- Results —-
Editing effects photos gallery gallery photo effect sticker cycle
Pay close photoshop filter photos filter stickers decorating decorating
Photowonder photoshop flickr photograph photoworks start line
…… …

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Latest Android App: Tivibu Cep

Tivibu’nun yeni cep uygulaması ile televizyonu istediğiniz yerde istediğiniz zaman izleyebilirsiniz.

“Tivibu Cep” uygulaması ile;
- 45 TV kanalına ulaşabilir,
- Kaçırdığınız programları istediğiniz zaman tekrar seyredebilir,
- Pek çok yerli filmi, istediğiniz zaman seyredebilir,
- TV keyfine ara vermezsiniz.

Tekrar-İzle servisi ile 30 ulusal TV kanalında yer alan ve en beğenilen yerli dizileri ve eğlence / yarışma / spor programlarını yayınlanma tarihlerinden sonraki 1 hafta boyunca istediğiniz zaman, istediğiniz kadar, cep telefonunuz üzerinden izleyebilirsiniz.

Seç-İzle servisi ile film arşivinden istediğiniz filmleri, haberleri, müzikleri ve diğer içerikleri istedikleri kadar izleyebilirsiniz. İzlemekte olduğunuz içeriği istediğiniz zaman durdurup, terkar başlatabilir, ileri-geri alabilirsiniz.

Kirala-İzle servisi ile geçmişten günümüze ses getiren, en çok izlenen, oyuncusu/yönetmeni herkes tarafından bilinen, ödüllü yerli filmleri film başına belirli bir ücret karşılığında, dilediğiniz zaman izleyebilirsiniz.


With its new mobil device application “Tivibu Cep”, you can watch TV anytime, anywhere.

With “Tivibu Cep”, you can
- watch more than 45 TV channels
- watch missed programmes with Catch up TV service, whenever you want
- watch local films many times, whenever you want
- not any break for your TV pleasure

Tivibu Cep offers “catch up tv service” which lets you to watch your favourite tv programmes that you may have missed up to seven days ago.

With Tivibu Cep’s SVOD service, you can have an unlimited access to a VOD library of movies, documentaries, series and many other titles. You can stop, restart, forward, and rewind content when you watch.

With Tivibu Cep’s TVOD service, you can watch popular and award-winning films to pay fixed price.


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Latest Android App: Zukmo

Remember Nothing! Zukmo Everything!

Zukmo enables users to easily build their free Personal Digital Library in the cloud in order to store, access and share all the digital content of multiple formats and languages from various sources in one central location.It can help you to Save, Share, Search & Sync any content of interest to you and will Simplify the access, retrieval and readability of all your stored information.

You will be able to add information from any content source (URLs, Bookmarks, Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Desktop/Offline Documents, Google Docs, Google Apps Docs, Images, Video/Audio streams, Notes, Web Clippings, RSS Feeds, etc.) to Zukmo. Typically, Zukmo will crawl the URLs, index the content, simplify the rendition of content, and maintain a searchable digital memory for important information you consume. Several other features/tools have been supported to enhance the user experience and these include Tag Recommendations, Comprehensive search across many content sources, saving Favorites, Converting tweets to Notes and tweet URLs to bookmarks, saving RSS Feeds as Bookmarks, Label based fetching of Google Docs/Google Apps Docs, Desktop plugin for Windows Platform etc.

Zukmo for Android Mobile edition comes bundled with a crisp content browsing view, which means that you can easily browse or search through all of your content items such as saved Bookmarks, Tweets, RSS feeds, Notes, Google docs, Desktop Documents etc. Due to built-in synchronization feature, all the content items that you can view in your personal digital library in the cloud are now instantly accessible from your Android phone. Currently, we list all your content items in chronological fashion by default and provide for a way to list the favorites from the clickable icon on top.

Whenever content is viewed through the reader on the device, we provide the option for it to be stored offline for easy access later even when there is no network connectivity. This feature is available for bookmarked pages and notes.

For more information, check out the Zukmo website at and also visit our blog at or else drop an email to [email protected]

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Latest Android App: SnapUp

SnapUp is a cool app that allows you to take pictures and instantly upload them to Facebook, without any additional effort whatsoever. What’s more, you can continue clicking pictures as images are uploading. You also have the option of uploading existing pictures to your Facebook account while the upload status of the pictures is shown in notifications.

Over 50 billion user photos have been uploaded on Facebook in the last year alone. SnapUp simplifies and speeds up picture uploading time. Directly share photos and images with your friends and family in real time, along with your location stamp.

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Latest Android App: The Bible, King James Version

The King James Version of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments. No Apocrypha. Presented in paragraphed format rather than verse per line format. Verse numbers are given as superscripts. Table of contents links to each book individually.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 문화형 미투데이 – me2day for culture

미투데이의 기본적인 기능(글 보기, 댓글쓰기, 미투하기, 글쓰기)에 검색(뉴스, 블로그, 책, 영화, 백과사전) 기능과 공연보기 기능을 첨부한 어플리케이션입니다.

- 미투데이의 기본적인 기능(글 보기, 댓글쓰기, 미투하기, 글쓰기)을 제공합니다.
- 공유하고 싶은 뉴스, 블로그, 책, 영화 정보 등을 보다 쉽게 친구들과 공유할 수 있도록 합니다.
- 검색한 정보를 언제든 다시 볼 수 있도록 스크랩 기능을 제공합니다.
- 현재 진행 중인 공연 정보를 제공합니다.

미투데이 for culture를 통해 보다 쉽게 친구들과 문화 정보를 공유하세요!

Recent changes:
현재 모아보기는 완벽하게 제공되지 않고 있습니다. 미투데이 측과 협의를 통해 빠른 시일내에 제공하도록 하겠습니다.

더불어 버그나 수정이 필요한 부분을 댓글로 달아주시거나 [email protected]으로 메일을 보내주시면, 조속히 수정하도록 하겠습니다.

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Latest Android App: Houston Dynamo News

Get the latest & best Houston Dynamo news on your phone.
Houston Dynamo NEWS brings all the latest team news, trade rumors and player news instantly to your Android.

Install it for free now.

This app is brilliant for keeping up to date with all the latest Houston Dynamo news. Choose how often you want your Houston Dynamo news updated and the app will alert you when new news arrives. If you’re a Houston Dynamo fan you need this app.

Get the latest news from a huge range of news sources. Scroll through the home screen widget for quick updates.

- The latest most up to date Houston Dynamo News
- Home screen widget
- Share favourite stories with your friends via email, tweet, Facebook or SMS
- Save your favorite stories
- Easy to use
- Lots of customization options

We not affiliated with the MLS, Houston Dynamo or any of the news providers shown within this application.

The Houston Dynamo is an American professional soccer club based in Houston, Texas which competes in Major League Soccer (MLS), the top professional soccer league in the United States and Canada.
The Dynamo entered Major League Soccer in 2005. The San Jose Earthquakes franchise was put on hiatus and the Dynamo were created as an expansion franchise with the Earthquake players and staff relocating from the Bay Area to Texas; Dynamo won back-to-back MLS Cup championships in its first two seasons of existence in 2006 and 2007.
The Dynamo plays its home games at the 32,000 capacity Robertson Stadium, located on the University of Houston campus in southeast Houston, where they have played since their creation. A three-year lease was initially signed to play at the stadium while plans for a soccer-specific stadium were finalized. However, due to delays in getting a stadium built the team has remained in Robertson Stadium far beyond the original lease.
The team is owned by majority owners Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) in partnership with Brener International Group (headed by Gabriel Brener), and multiple world and Olympic boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya.[1] The team’s head coach is former US international Dominic Kinnear.

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Latest Android App: 血色浪漫


AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Indiana Farmers Mutual

Designed for public use or for policyholders with Indiana Farmers Mutual.

Public Access allows for:
– Accident Checklist
– Contact Us
– Create a New Account
– Find an Agent
– Locate Trusted Repair Shop
– Make a Payment by credit or debit
– Report a Claim
– Send Feedback

Policyholder Access allows for:
– Make a Payment by credit or debit
– Report a Claim
– View Auto ID Cards
– View Policy Declaration

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Eye Cube and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Eye Cube and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Eye Cube

Eye Cube Live Wallpaper is simple and 3D live wallpaper.

TO USE: Home -> Press MENU -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers ->Eye Cube Live Wallpaper

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Latest Android App: Connect 4 3D

The classic connect 4 game in a slightly improved version.

- Play against the AI or another human using the same device.
- Board adapts to how the device is held for a proper 3D feeling.
- A full column is just an opportunity to push the bottom ball out of the game.

This software has been tested on a very limited number of devices and is provided "as is" without guarantees of any kind.

Recent changes:
0.8.0: First public release.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Bingo

Playing this game is fun and good way to kill time. This game is not a regular Bingo type. It is casual game which we used to play with peers using paper and pen.

You have to play against computer, each player has a board with 1-25 numbers on it. Each player gets a chance to call out number that range. Number called out will be stroked with cross on each player board. The player who will be able to make 5 straight line using crossed number wins the game.

Please do rate the application.

Recent changes:
This is first release of the game Bingo.
I am open to all suggestions you might have. Please mail your suggestion or idea for new app to [email protected]

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Road to Hell 3D

Road to Hell 3D is a free, sponsored 3D racing game derived from KORa racing game. Race in 5 cars on 13 tricky tracks and beat the records of the best drivers in the world. Enjoy this challenge in detailed 3D graphics and realistic physics.

Recent changes:
Road to Hell 3D is a free, sponsored 3D racing game derived from KORa racing game. Race in 5 cars on 13 tricky tracks and beat the records of the best drivers in the world. Enjoy this challenge in detailed 3D graphics and realistic physics.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: みんなのバレエレッスン











AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Android Lazer Gun

Turn your android phone into a futuristic lazer gun. Get a group together and have a lazer tag game.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Air Show RAF Fairford!

the World biggest Air show RAF Fairford, You can excite great air forces

RAF Fairford#1 BAeHarrier

RAF Fairford#2 F15Eagle

RAF Fairford#3 B-1B

RAF Fairford#4 Team Aguila

RAF Fairford#5 memorial flight

RAF Fairford#6 F-117A

RAF Fairford#7 falcons 1

RAF Fairford#8 falcons2

RAF Fairford#9 RedArrows

RAF Fairford#10 Mrage F1s

RAF Fairford#11 END

Recommended more than Android2.1

Recent changes:

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: For my love

For my love, let you learn different countries: sweet love – I love you. Give me love is a very interesting application, open the app

Later, along with the light music, the screen will appear different countries I love your expression language. Each country’s" I love you " are not the same, you can be up and down or left and right to slide the screen, switching state. If you do not want to switch, you can click on the screen, so that it will remain in this state" I love you".

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: EasyTalk

EasyTalk is a mobile chat tool based on Bluetooth and WiFi. Through EasyTalk, users can not only chat with nearby people, but also send file, share their installed program or game, even make voice call and play net game with them. The application scene of EasyTalk can be short-distance space such as subway train, bus, classroom, cafe, KFC, McDonald’s, shopping mall, etc.

Recent changes:
Add WiFi feature.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: pelayovilas

este es el sitio de pelayo vilas

Recent changes:
recent changes de pelayo vilas

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Where Am I?

Do you get lost easily? Are you in an unfamiliar city? Are you trying to meet up with someone at a crowded event? This app simply finds you, and sends your location on Google Maps as a SMS to any number you enter. You can also choose the message to be sent along with your location.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 恐怖の呪い 実証編

ドキュメンタリー作家・中岡俊哉の最初にして最後の映像をDVD化した第2弾“恐怖・怨念 実証、実証編”。

恐怖の呪い #1 弱者の闇

恐怖の呪い #2 呪いの激しさ

恐怖の呪い #3 呪符

恐怖の呪い #4 蛇の祠

恐怖の呪い #5 見えない現実の力

恐怖の呪い #6 護符

恐怖の呪い #7 わら人形

恐怖の呪い #8 呪いの刀

恐怖の呪い #9 様々な相談

恐怖の呪い #10 呪いの刀


Recent changes:

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 哈尔滨公交



AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 小役カウンター(テスト版)


AppBrain Link:

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How to Watch NHL Live Streaming on Android, iPhone and iPad

Cute Android: How to Watch NHL Live Streaming on Android, iPhone and iPad

The National Hockey League (NHL; French: Ligue nationale de hockey—LNH) is an unincorporated not-for-profit association which operates a major professional ice hockey league of 30 franchised member clubs, of which 7 are currently located in Canada and 23 in the United States. Headquartered in New York City, the NHL is widely considered to be the premier professional ice hockey league in the world, and one of the major professional sports leagues of the United States and Canada. The Stanley Cup, the oldest professional sports trophy in North America, is awarded annually to the league playoff champion at the end of each season.

If you are NHL Fans, now it is time to NHL Live Streaming on Android devices, iPhone and iPad. Here we will introduce you one of the best Live TV App to Watch NHL Live Streaming on Android, iPhone and iPad: Mobile TV Elite.

How to Watch NHL Live Streaming on Android, iPhone and iPad

Note: For users who want watch NHL live streaming online or pc, we strongly recommend the best live sport tv software: Satellite Direct Sports, which you can watch most of the live sports stream online with high quality: Download Satellite Direct Sports

The 2011–12 NHL season is the 95th season of operation (94th season of play) of the National Hockey League (NHL). It is the fifth consecutive season that opens in Europe with NHL Premiere games. As with the previous season, three events are scheduled: two games will be held in Stockholm, Sweden; one game in Helsinki, Finland; and one game in Berlin, Germany. The season began on October 6, 2011 with the final regular season game on April 7, 2012. The 59th All-Star Game will be held at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario, the home arena of the Ottawa Senators, on January 29, 2012.

During the off-season, the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba to become the Winnipeg Jets. It was the first NHL team relocation since the 1997–98 NHL season when the Hartford Whalers relocated to become the Carolina Hurricanes. The league did not change its divisional structure to accommodate the move, and the Jets take the place of the Thrashers in the Southeast Division. Three ‘enforcer’-type players died during the off-season: Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien, and Wade Belak, leading to speculation about the effect of fighting on the mental health of players. Several former NHL players died in the September 7, 2011 plane crash involving the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team in Russia. Among the notables who perished in the plane crash included longtime NHL player and assistant coach Brad McCrimmon, former NHL players Alexander Karpovtsev and Igor Korolev, NHL All-Star Pavol Demitra, and NHL veterans Karel Rachunek, Ruslan Salei, Karlis Skrastins and Josef Vasicek.

Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice, in which skaters use their sticks to hit a puck into the opponent’s net. A fast-paced physical sport, it is most popular in areas that are sufficiently cold for natural reliable seasonal ice cover, such as Canada, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. With the advent of indoor artificial ice rinks it has become a year-round pastime in these areas. In North America, the National Hockey League (NHL) is the highest level for men and both the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) and the Western Women’s Hockey League (WWHL) are the highest levels for women. It is the official national winter sport of Canada,[1] where the game enjoys immense popularity.

While there are 68 total members of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), 162 of 177 medals at the IIHF World Championships have been taken by seven nations: Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and the United States.[2][3] Of the 64 medals awarded in men’s competition at the Olympic level from 1920 on, only six did not go to the one of those countries. All 12 Olympic and 36 IIHF World Women’s Championships medals have gone to one of those seven countries, and every gold medal in both competitions has been won by either Canada or the United States

CBC has extended its broadcast contract with the NHL through the 2013–2014 season.

The possible movement of Hockey Night in Canada to another broadcaster caused some controversy and discussion during the 2006–2007 hockey season. Canadian private network CTV had outbid the CBC for Canadian television rights to the 2010 and 2012 Olympics as well as the major television package for curling. The broadcast requirements would have focused on CTV-owned TSN (The Sports Network), a cable channel which already carries Canadian NHL hockey during the week as well as other NHL games throughout the season.

Despite the rumours, it always seemed that CTV was unlikely to be interested in the nightly playoff coverage currently provided by the CBC, since weeknight games in April and May would conflict with new episodes of CTV’s slate of American programming. As well, Hockey Night in Canada could not be used as the name is owned by CBC, unless CTVglobemedia paid royalties to CBC for use of the name.

The new deal allows TSN to expand its coverage, while maintaining the more-than-50-year tradition of Hockey Night in Canada. CBC will be limited in the number of games it can show per team so that the six Canadian-based teams, particularly the Toronto Maple Leafs, can distribute more games to regional carriers, thereby increasing the value of their local packages.

In early September 2007, CBC announced a new Hockey Night in Canada Radio show to air on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 122 (Sports Play-by-Play 1) beginning October 1. While the broadcaster trumpeted the launch as the return “back to the radio airwaves” for HNIC,[9] the program does not feature actual game coverage. Sirius’ HNIC Radio is separate entity on which only a few of CBC’s HNIC commentators regularly appear. The program is hosted by Canadian sports broadcaster Jeff Marek.

As of October 2007, Scotiabank has branded itself with the pregame, Scotiabank Hockey Tonight. Starting in 2008, the USA version of NHL Network began to carry HNIC doubleheaders. In addition, the CBC package includes the annual NHL Winter Classic outdoor games held on New Year’s Day in a USA city.

NHL Live! – A television simulcast of the XM Satellite Radio show NHL Live!. Airs Monday to Friday from noon to 2 p.m. and is rebroadcast from 5 to 7 p.m.

Top 10 – A nightly countdown show of anything hockey, from great performances to memorable moments.

Frozen in Time – A look back at the NHL’s greatest moments from players, teams, and special events.

NHL All Access – A behind-the-scenes look at the NHL, featuring exclusive game coverage, interviews with players, and much more.

NHL Cool Shots – A behind-the-scenes look at NHL players and their lives away from the rink.

NHL on the Fly – The network’s signature show, airing nightly during the regular season. Features news and reports, interviews and constant updates and live segments from games in progress with hosts Dan Pollard and Brian Duff. Also features analysis from ex-coach Gary Green and former players Dave Reid, Larry Murphy, Kevin Weekes, Bob Errey, Bill Berg, Mike Johnson, and former Calgary Flames general manager Craig Button.

NHL on the Fly: Final – A wrap-up of the all the day’s games. Airs nightly following NHL on the Fly.

Classic Series – Highlights from past Stanley Cup Playoffs series. Airs daily.

Vintage Games – A whole NHL game from the past aired in its entirety.

The NHL on NBC is the branding used for NBC’s telecasts of National Hockey League games. While NBC has covered the league at various points in its history, the NHL returned to NBC from ABC beginning in 2006, with its current contract with the league running until the year 2021. As of 2011, its coverage includes weekly regular season games on Sunday afternoons, an outdoor game played on New Year’s Day, and coverage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs shared with the league’s cable partner Versus (which will become NBC Sports Network in 2012).

The NHL on Versus was the former branding used for National Hockey League games broadcast on Versus. Versus became the NHL’s cable partner in the United States beginning in the 2005-06 season from previous partner ESPN, providing coverage of regular season games, playoff games, and select games from the Stanley Cup Finals.

Before the beginning of the 2011-12 season, Comcast, the owners of Versus, acquired a majority stake in NBC Universal, parent company of the NBC network, who is the NHL’s current broadcast television partner. As a result of this merger (and the impending relaunch of Versus as the NBC Sports Network), all NHL telecasts on Versus began to be branded under the NHL on NBC name as of the 2011-12 season.

Read more…

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