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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Best Solitaire Games and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Best Solitaire Games and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Best Solitaire Games

Get the Best Solitaire Games in the Android Market, assembled in one convenient collection. We’ve hand-picked the must-have games and put them in one place, making it easier than ever for you to find the best games in your favorite game genres, and install them on your phone or tablet. We update our collections frequently and alert you when new games are added!

At Best Of Studio, we scour the marketplace for the top apps so that you don’t have to. When you open our app, you will find a collection of high-quality, targeted apps to fit your interests. We make it easy to share the app with friends. Just click, "Share with friends."

When you have a Best Of Studio App installed, you’ll be the first to know when great new apps in that category hit the Android Marketplace. We’ve created lots of great collections, including Best Bubble Blast Games, Best Cut Slash Games, like Slice It, Best Jump Platform Games, like Doodle Jump, Best Arcade Games, like Angry Birds, and Best Word Building Games, like Words with Friends, by Zynga. Download all of your favorite game collections today.

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Latest Android App: Hamster Cannon

Hamster Cannon is a physics-based puzzle game, in which the user combines and launches various hamsters out of cannons to collect Golden Noms. Each hamster is armed with their own special skills so it is up to you to navigate the levels with a myriad of different surfaces and contraptions that can react differently depending on which hamster is being used.

Do you remember the boring ol’ days when you had to feed your hamsters by hand like a sucker? Then you’d sit all day with your face pressed against the glass, waiting for them to wake up? Finally, at 3 a.m. you wake to the sound of their stupid, squeaky wheel?! Well… not our hamsters! We’re taking control and feeding our hamsters in the only way that makes sense… by shooting them out of CANNONS!

But, I guess our hamsters aren’t exactly run of the mill, off the shelf-type hamsters. Here at Hamster Cannon, all of our hamsters have undergone stringent testing and thorough top-to-bottom inspections, which allow us to feel confident that only the finest hamsters will be shot from your cannon in search of Golden Noms. Rest assured that while they bounce off walls, smash through stone, and are set on fire, most of our esteemed hamsters don protective headgear such as stunt helmets and surprisingly safe hats made of TNT.
You can experience the amazing hamster-istry when you play, Hamster Cannon. Where else can you enjoy a physics-based puzzle game, in which the user combines and launches various hamsters out of cannons to collect Golden Noms? Each hamster is armed with their own special skills so it is up to you to navigate the levels with a myriad of different surfaces and contraptions that can react differently depending on which hamster is being used.
And that’s not all! After you have collected enough Noms you can trade them in the In-Game Store to unlock different, NEW, and exciting upgrades!

Hamster Cannon Features:

•Over 70 intricately designed cages to blast your hamsters around!
•Clever physics puzzles!
•An overabundance of wildly attractive headgear!
•Fun for the whole family!

Well… except your hamster.

Recent changes:
Initial release.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: MT App Lock(App Protector)

****Best App Protector!****

MT App Lock(App Protector) is the best App protector to protect you apps.

MT App Lock(App Protector) is ta easy-use App protector to protect you apps.

MT App Lock(App Protector) lets you protect any applications you want with a passcode: SMS, Email, Pictures, Camera, USB Connect, Calendar,Messanger…any apps you choose

MT App Lock(App Protector) will protect your installed applications using a password.
MT App Lock(App Protector) is a free verison app for your ,we hope this app can protect your app,event protect your privacy,
any feedback will be welcomed.

Recent changes:
#Improve UI performance.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Colt M1911 pistol

The Colt M1911 pistol is a magnificent weapon and you can simulate shooting on your cell.
You can simulate Colt M1911 pistol just shake your phone or just by clicking on the weapon. If you run out of bullets is just click on the charger that charges the Colt M1911 pistol again.

√The phone vibrates when shooting
√To fire you just touch the screen.
√Great quality of the sound of gunfire.
√Menu has the option to vibrate the cell while shoot.

Technical specifications on the Colt M1911 pistol below is for users who do not know the Colt M1911 pistol.

The M1911 is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, and recoil-operated handgun chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. John M. Browning designed the firearm which was the standard-issue side arm for the United States armed forces from 1911 to 1985. The M1911 is still carried by some U.S. forces. It was widely used in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Its formal designation as of 1940 was Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911 for the original Model of 1911 or Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911A1 for the M1911A1, adopted in 1924. The designation changed to Pistol, Caliber .45, Automatic, M1911A1 in the Vietnam era. In total, the United States procured around 2.7 million M1911 and M1911A1 pistols in military contracts during its service life. The M1911 was replaced by the M9 pistol as the standard U.S. sidearm in the early 1990s.

The M1911 is the best-known of John Browning’s designs to use the short recoil principle in its basic design. Besides the pistol being widely copied itself, this operating system rose to become the preeminent type of the 20th century and of nearly all modern centerfire pistols. It is popular with civilian shooters in competitive events such as USPSA, IDPA, International Practical Shooting Confederation, and Bullseye shooting. Compact variants are popular civilian concealed carry weapons, because of the design’s inherent slim width and the power of the .45 ACP cartridge.

Following its success in trials, the Colt pistol was formally adopted by the Army on March 29, 1911, thus gaining its designation, M1911 (Model 1911). It was adopted by the Navy and Marine Corps in 1913. Originally manufactured only by Colt, demand for the firearm in World War I saw the expansion of manufacture to the government-owned Springfield Armory.

TOMMY GUN found at games:
Half Life, Combat Arms,Battlefield, Gunz the Duel, CS, Soldat, Quake, Americas Army, War Rock, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, SOCOM, Metal Gear Solid, Crysis,Tom Clancy´s,Company of. Heroes.
Keiword : pistols, revolvers, multiple barrel firearms, grenade launchers, submachine guns, assault rifles, battle rifles, carbines, flamethrowers, sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Exam Prep Free ITIL Foundation

If you want to ensure that you pass the ITIL Foundation Exam on your first try, then you’ve come to the right place!

GMES, the leading provider of management education solutions, is happy to bring you our collection of fully featured exam question and flashcard applications to help you study and pass the new, completely updated ITIL v3 (2011 edition) Foundation certification exam.

The flash cards and the multiple-choice quiz format make learning easy, fun and interactive, whilst the challenging professional content ensures you really know your material. You won’t just know the answers; you’ll understand them.

The combination of the exam questions and flashcards provide you with the most complete and comprehensive ITIL Foundation exam prep on the market today! Elsewhere you will pay much more for similar books or software with far fewer questions and lower quality explanations.

You can now be 100% prepared on exam day with complete confidence that you have covered every exam topic that can be thrown at you!

Feature of the free version:
- Over 50+ flashcards covering the basic, introductory ITIL Foundation exam topics
- Over 20+ exam questions (with detailed answers) covering ‘service management as a practice’.
- Timed exam questions based on the timing for the real exam
- Timing is based on either native English speakers or English as second language
- No internet connection required
- Completely updated content to prepare for the ITIL ® v3 (2011 edition) Foundation certification exam

About Global Management Education Solutions (GMES):

GMES is an independent publishing and software development company that creates high quality material that is both comprehensive and engaging. It is perfect for first time students and ambitious professionals. All of our content is developed exclusively by GMES. Our content developers are all ITIL Experts and accredited APMG ITIL trainers and have many years experience both training and consulting with ITIL. All our material undergoes a thorough review process.

All our exam preparation material is guaranteed to contain 100% original content and is also guaranteed to cover 100% of the certification syllabus material. We never use brain-dumps or official copyrighted material posted on the Internet. We pride ourselves on behaving in an ethical manner. This way you can have complete confidence that every question/answer and flashcard has been extensively researched and 100% accurate.

Thank you for using the GMES for ITIL Foundation exam preparation. We hope you will enjoy this application. If you like this app and find it useful, please take a few seconds to give a rating in the Android market.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and if you have any questions or comments or are unsatisfied with our products in any way, please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.

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Latest Android App: Harry Potter Ringtones + Lyric

If you want Harry Potter Ringtones & Lyrics download this app. Fast Download and No Permissions Needed!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: World famous gun

World famous gun;
Touch the gun, it will make the realistic sound.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Super Memory Game

Simple Memory Game With Levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.

Improve your memory, let’s play now.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Prayer Time

Islamic prayer times

AUTOMATIC calculation of Islamic prayer times for Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib and Isha prayers.
Sunset and Sunrise timings.
shafi / hanafi ASR time.
Works on android TABLETS and PHONES.
Home screen WIDGET that displays the prayer times. NOTIFICATION that displays the next prayer time.
Adhan MODES for each prayer – silent, vibrate, adhan, beep.
Time ADJUSTMENT for each prayer to fine tune.
Set your adhan VOLUME.
CHANGE adhan option to use your custom adhan.
SHARE adhan option to share your adhan with us or your friends.
HELP manual on how to configure the app

keywords – azan, muazin, namaz, salat, time

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Caynax Aerobic Weider Six A6W

It’s already year 2012. Do You have new year’s resolution? How about flat belly (flat stomach). With this application help You can have flat abs.

Application contains schedule to perform exercises in 42 days – known as Aerobic Weider Six (Aerobic Six of Weider). All You have to do is perform 6 exercises everyday with defined number of repeats. Forget about push ups, sit ups, pull ups, squats etc. This application shouldn’t be used as personal trainer. Before You start training ask Your fitness instructor how You should perform each exercise. During workout You will see what exercise You are currently performing, number of serie, exercise and cycle. There is workout description to remind You how exercises should be performed.

Text to speech system is used during workout. Advanced high quality voices (like IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ) are available on market – download them to use custom language and language accent in text to speech.

Notice. If You have obesity problems You might not notice results of these exercises (flat belly). This workout was not designed to loose stomach fat but to get flat, muscular abs.

Application contains one standard banner ad on main screen.

Recent changes:
First version.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Channel 2 News

Now you can watch Channel 2 News Israel anywhere anytime. The leading news broadcaster in Israel offers a free app with vast and varied news content

Live broadcast of the first Israeli 24/7 news channel

News updates around the clock

Live and VOD of Channel 2 News programs


Channel 2 News – anywhere, anytime

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Ultimate Geek SoundBoard


-More than 80 Sounds! Bazinga, Barrel roll, Chewbacca, CSI, Epic, Falcon Punch, Fatality, Nelson’s HAHA, Lalalala, Barney’s Legendary, Super Mario, Metal Gear, Muppets, Nyan cat, Penny, Star wars, This is Sparta, Family guy, Zas, Zelda, Trololo.. and much more!

-Set sounds as Ringtone, Notification or Alarm sound!

-Share sounds through Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Gmail.. !

-Facebook integration, you can post your ringtone in the wall!


AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Family Guy Soundboard

The Unofficial Family Guy Soundboard.

Sounds can be set as a ringtone, notification or alarm, by holding button.

App can be moved to SD card.

Hope you enjoy it.

Please rate and review.

Storage – Save sound to SD card
System Tools – Set sound as Ringtone/Notification
Internet – Ads

Recent changes:
First Release

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Benfica 3D Live Wallpaper

Sport Lisboa e Benfica 3D Live Wallpaper gratis. O melhor Live Wallpaper para seus torcedores.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 김구라맞고시즌2

김구라맞고시즌2 최고에요!!
김구라맞고시즌2! 다운 받을까 말까 애매~할 때는 그냥 다운 받아서 즐기세요^^
무료게임이라는게 신기할정도로 재밌어요~
지하철 출퇴근 길이 즐거워 집니다.

★★★ 김구라맞고시즌2 게임 특징 ★★★

- 보기에도 시원한 고화질 풀HD 맞고 게임!
- 가로모드 지원 연예인 맞고 게임!
- 김구라 보이스로 스트레스도 시원하게 해소 하자!!
- 손에 꽉차는 화투패로 맞고 치는 재미도 시원하게~
- 맞고 게임에 가장 잘 어울릴 것 같은 연예인 1위는 누규~ 김구라~
- 다양한 스킬과 코스튬 그리고 아이템까지!!

★★ 오픈 기념 캐쉬 아이템 선물 이벤트!! ★★
총 2000원 상당 캐쉬 선물을 공짜로 받으세요~

1. 김구라맞고시즌2를 다운로드 받는다!
2. 평점과 후기를 작성 한다!
3. 카톡 아이디 (lunogirl) 에게 선물을 조른다!

* 작성 예시 *
- 카톡 ▶ [김구라2] 010-1234-5678
(★ 핸드폰 번호를 입력 하셔야 선물이 가능하며 주말에는 정상 운영이 되지 않을 수 있습니다.)

■ 고객님들 후기 ■

▶ dlehdwnekd 2011-10-19 11:46
김구라맞고라… 해보셨음? 안해봤음 일단다운로드누르고 해보셈 나지금 3시간째화장실도안가고있음…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

▶ 010-****-8129 2011-10-17 21:24
이게 무료게임 라는게 신기할정도로 재밋어요~~~

▶ 010-****-1209 2011-10-17 01:46
재밋어용 캐쉬도 이기면 일부도주고~정말로 공짜로 재밋는게임 처음으로 후기작성하네묭~

▶ 010-****-3550 2011-10-13 13:37
덕분에 지하철 출퇵은 시간이 즐거워요.,감사합니다. 글픽도 굿, 쵝오예요♥♥

▶ 010-****-6890 2011-10-02 01:11
김구라보이스 넘재밌고..속도도빠르고..그래픽도좋고..할수록점점재밌네용~ㅎㅎ

▶ 010-****-3791 2011-10-04 15:32
오랫동안 기다린 김구라맞고!!! 짱이예요!!!…^^

▶ 010-****-6629 2011-10-03 18:53
오 이거좀 짱인듯 추천추천

▶ superninano 2011-10-02 12:45
완전 재밌어요 ㅋㅋ 추천 추천!!!

▶ paz71 2011-10-02 21:29
겜 속에 미니게임 신선해요~~ 짱 잼남

▶ fnlsywg47 2011-10-01 12:24
어 묘하게 빠져들게되네요 잼있어요!

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Latest Android App: App Cache Cleaner

You can easily clean your applications’ cache by one click.

Application properties
- List applications’ and cache size’s,
- Search application,
- Clean cache by one click.

Keywords: Clean cache, Cache cleaner, Application Cache Cleaner

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Polar

This is a simple game based on gravity which uses realistic physics and you collect points in a space themed environment. It uses the open source game libraries libgdx and box2d.

You have to guide the Neon mothership by tapping near it to attract and control. But be careful not to tap on it.

The golden life giving stars, which you have to collect, prolong the ship’s life and add points.

The evil red stars decrease the ship’s life.

The goal is to collect as many points as you can before the Neon mothership dies.

Keep track of the time.

Please leave your comments/criticism in your reviews or mail in to us at [email protected]

Game suited for play by both children and adults.

Permissions: The permissions are required by the libraries that are being used for ads.

* libgdx
* box2d

Recent changes:
-Updated the scoring system
-Updated the background graphics
-Updated the restart screen

AppBrain Link:

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Best Motorcycle Games and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Best Motorcycle Games and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Best Motorcycle Games

Get the Best Motorcycle Games in the Android Market, assembled in one convenient collection. We’ve hand-picked the must-have games and put them in one place, making it easier than ever for you to find the best games in your favorite game genres, and install them on your phone or tablet. We update our collections frequently and alert you when new games are added!

At Best Of Studio, we scour the marketplace for the top apps so that you don’t have to. When you open our app, you will find a collection of high-quality, targeted apps to fit your interests. We make it easy to share the app with friends. Just click, "Share with friends."

When you have a Best Of Studio App installed, you’ll be the first to know when great new apps in that category hit the Android Marketplace. We’ve created lots of great collections, including Best Bubble Blast Games, Best Cut Slash Games, like Slice It, Best Jump Platform Games, like Doodle Jump, Best Arcade Games, like Angry Birds, and Best Word Building Games, like Words with Friends, by Zynga. Download all of your favorite game collections today.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: FrikiTV

Con FrikiTV podrás disfrutar de los momentos más frikis de la televisión. Contiene más de 40 mini-videos para partirte de risa, solo o con tus amigos, y que además podrás compartir por WhatsApp.

Si te gusta la app, por favor, vota con 5 estrellas o con un +1 :D

Próximamente más mini-videos.

Para cualquier comentario no dudeis en escribir a [email protected]

Tags: APM, Freak, Frikis, Friki, WhatsApp, televisión, TV

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: XingPlayer

XingPlayer is a smart music player for android.

◈ Let’s See The Music By Eyes!!!
◈ Live Lyrics That You Never Imagined!!!
◈ The Ultimate Lyrics Search App!!!

※ Never Download This App!!!
If you want to
- hear the music by only ears.
- see only (not synced) TXT lyrics.
- connect to the internet every time.

Some apps are proud of line based sync (LRC)
Are you satisfied? WE DO NOT!
Here we say.
The lyrics should express the song itself!
like the height, the length and even the feeling of the songs.
Are you ready to be surprised?
Let’s go to the new world of lyrics never imagined!

◈ Update history

- Optimization of memory associated with ASS LYRICS
- Fundamental changes ASS_FONT_SIZE (27 -> 25)
- Fixed the message (‘current playlist’ -> ‘queue’)
- Added background transparency settings for the lyrics
- Darker lyrics border LRC / TXT
- Add album art in to the app widget
- Added background transparency settings for the app widget
- Added Ads Remover settings
- Automatic Download Settings for ASS, LRC and TXT LYRICS
- Added text size settings for LRC (TXT) lyrics
- Exactly the center of the vertical LRC lyrics
- Added ability to change the ID3 tag (title, artist, album, album art) by Plugin
- Fixed occasional obstacles sleep timer operation
- Fixed sleep timer to run only once
- Screen every 5 seconds, the last one minute sleep timer countdown
- Minimize the number of calls Ads

- Fixed parsing the first line of LRC lyrics file
- Search for songs (Quick Search Box -> Options menu and contact hosts)
- Added context menu search media (song, artist, album)
- Added a context menu to delete lyrics (Whole, ASS, LRC, TXT)
- Added a context menu to share the media (E-mail, SMS, Twitter, etc. KakaoTalk)
- Added screen orientation settings (Auto, Portrait, Landscape)
- Add a lock screen widget support and configuration (Disabled, Only when playing, Always)

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: BF3 Bullet Drop Calculator



This app calculates the deviation you need when you are sniping long range in Battlefield 3. This app is NOT self-explanatory, so please read the instructions.

Pretty much all phones are compatible (except Wildfire series, which has a QVGA screen)

The current version, 1.0, only supports bolt-action rifles. I plan to add some more once I get support.


First, when you initialize the app, you need to set the gun and scope you are using by pressing the two buttons at the top of the screen.

Once you are done with that, you may go into your sniping ground in Battlefield 3.

For the three scopes featured in this app, the 8x Mil-Dot rifle scope, the PSK-07 scope and the 12x Ballistic Scope, you will need to gauge the height of a standing target you are dealing with the lines indicated in the scope. Please interpolate and get a result with one decimal place.

Place the center of the scope, the point where two crosshairs cross, or the tip of the upside-down ‘V’ for the PSK-07 scope, at the top of your target. Then, estimate, to the best of your ability, the length of your target in regard to the distance between your scope’s two reference points (the two dots, the two chevrons, the two lines, etc).

The target’s legs should lie somewhere between the middle and ‘point 1′ in the above picture. If it occupies 70% of the distance between the middle point and ‘point 1′, your target’s height is 0.7. Please remember this value.

Go back on your phone and press the 4 buttons at the bottom to appropriately input the number you got from the step above. You will be modifying ‘Target Size’, and not the other ones.

Once you are done punching in the numbers, look at the number below ‘adjustment’. You should see a number.

This number is the bullet drop you will experience. To use this number, simply do the same step you used to measure the height of your target – scope UP, go whatever units DOWN, as though you would do when you are doing it off-hand. If the ‘adjustment’ number says "1.25", go one line above the target and a quarter more for the perfect shot.

Keep in mind that you do not have to do this every single time; if you are sniping at a tight area, where people are not far apart, your adjustments should be same throughout.

Good Luck!


* rounding error may occur because of Java’s sometimes shitty floating point errors. Pretty much inevitable unless I can force it to round instead of truncating.


Please email your complaints to [email protected] It is much easier for me to spot you.

My Battlefield 3 account name is ‘hatsunearu’. I suck though D:

Anyone willing to do a YouTube tutorial for this will be greatly appreciated.

This should work on all BF3 platforms/versions: PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Recent changes:
Initial release.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App:

Upload your videos, photos, news, events, music, films and anything else to!

EKOLIVE.TV : News & Entertainment LIVE from Lagos, Nigeria – for you, by you.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: FDNY Live Fire Radio

Listen to the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) Dispatch, Truck radios and Fireground chatter LIVE with this app, brought to you by
The audio in this app is conceived, created and professionally served by, Inc. There are no 3rd parties involved here. Our quality audio is online, loud and clear 24/7 365 days a year. You don’t miss a thing with us!
In this app we offer the FDNY SCAN channel that scans all 5 boros continuously. Or, you can listen to each boro individually. We also broadcast the FDNY FIREGROUND, or Handie-Talkie, channel (this channel only operates during multiple alarm fires and major emergencies, when there is a division chief on scene.) This is a beta program being tested by the FDNY.

This app also features our popular CHAT room from website where you can socialize with FDNY buffs and firefighters from all over the globe.

All of our latest TWEETS are also available on the Twitter tab within the app. Follow FDNY with us @theBravest for notifications of multiple alarms and unusual occurrences. Set up your Twitter account to receive our Tweets on your phone, and receive notifications when there is a major occurrence in NYC (usually 2nd alarm or greater). Then, with one touch of a button you will be listening LIVE!

This is a one-time-payment app. $2.99 gives you unlimited access to all of our FDNY LIVE audio for as long as you keep the app on your phone!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Final Countdown Widget

A countdown timer widget to add some urgency, excitement and order to your life.

- Task Killer/Task Manager apps can cause countdown widgets to freeze. If you have any of those installed, configure them to make exceptions for Final Countdown Widget
- You might need to enable ‘background data’ in order to show widget

- Set countdown time using calendar or give desired countdown value
- Shows days, hours, minutes, seconds
- 5 cool widget skins with LED font
- Supports multiple countdowns
- Low CPU usage
- Reconfiguration after taping widget
- Reminder alerts

Adding Widgets:
- Long-click on an empty space of your home screen
- Select Widgets from Add to Home screen
- Select Final Countdown Widget
- Set title and time to countdown to

Recent changes:
* Ability to set desire countdown time using calendar
* Reconfiguration after taping widget
*Bigger & cleaner fonts
*Removed all spotted bugs

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Napoli 3D Live Wallpaper Free

Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli 3D Live Wallpaper. Free for all supporters!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 무료만화책▶공짜/추천/게임만화/해결의책

얼굴도 이쁘고 몸매도 빵빵한 쌔끈녀들이 찾아온다!
무료로 인기 섹시 만화를 즐기세요~

회사원인 나는 주간 리얼 메이드의 부록을 모으기 시작한다.
부록을 조립하자 정말 인간 같은 리얼돌을 완성하게 되는데..
마침내 그날이♡

여러분도 주저하지 마시고 함께 보시죠…후회 안하실겁니다.ㅎㅎ


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Latest Android App: 聚點WIFI

聚點WIFI是一款WIFI熱點共享管理、快速智能連接的手機連網工具。支持全國上萬個免費熱點共享,還能分享熱點給他人免費使用。“我分享 我得到”替您真正的省錢、省心、省流量!共同免費享受無線上網資源!

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Latest Android App: 추리력 테스트

대한민국 최고의 추리력 테스트 어플리케이션!!

추리력 테스트 문제들을 엄선하여 모았습니다.

1주일에 2회정도 업데이트가 될 예정입니다.

매주 새로운 추리력 문제들을 만나보세요!

추리에 자신이 있으시면 풀어보세요^^


@@여러가지 추리력 테스트 문제들
- 빵집아저씨
- 찢어진 종이
- 위인전
- 이상한 문구점
- 진짜 표지판을 찾아라
- 어느한 남자의 외출
- 300kg

등등 너무나도 재미있는 추리력 테스트가 아주 많습니다^^

제안 및 제휴문의 [email protected]

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Latest Android App: VietATM Pro

VietATM Pro là ứng dụng cho phép người dùng tra cứu nhanh địa chỉ máy ATM trên điện thoại Android, với gần 30 ngân hàng trong phạm vi cả nước. Các chức năng chính hiện tại của chương trình:
- Tra cứu ATM theo khu vực.
- Tra cứu ATM theo tên đường.
- Hiển thị thông tin ATM trên bản đồ.
- Tìm đường đi ngắn nhất từ vị trí của bạn đến một ATM nào đó.
- Hiện thị trên bản đồ vị trí của các ATM gần bạn nhất trong phạm vi bán kính được chỉ định.
- Thống kê và tính toán khoảng cách từ bạn đến các ATM gần nhất.
- Chia sẻ thông tin qua các mạng xã hội (Facebook, Twitter…) cũng như qua email, sms.
- Cho phép người dụng tạo danh sách các ATM yêu thích.

Danh sách các ngân hàng hiện tại đang hổ trợ:

– ACB – Ngân Hàng Á Châu
– Vietcombank – Ngân Hàng TMCP Ngoại Thương
– VPBank – NH TMCP Doanh Các Nghiệp Ngoài Quốc Doanh
– Agribank – Ngân Hàng Nông Nghiệp & PT Nông Thôn
– Techcombank – Ngân Hàng TMCP Kỹ Thương Việt Nam
– VietTinBank – Ngân Hàng Công Thương Việt Nam
– MHB – Ngân Hàng Phát Triển Nhà DBSCL
– DaiABank – Ngân Hàng Đại Á
– EAB – Ngân Hàng Đông Á
– ABBank – Ngân Hàng TMCP An Bình
– Maritimebank – Ngân Hàng TMCP Hàng Hải Việt Nam
– ANZ – Ngân Hàng ANZ Việt Nam
– Navibank – Ngân Hàng TMCP Nam Việt
– Habubank – Ngân Hàng TMCP Habubank
– Southernbank – Ngân Hàng TMCP Phương Nam
– MilitaryBank – Ngân Hàng TMCP Quân Đội
– VIBBank – Ngân Hàng Thương Mại Quốc Tế Việt Nam
– Indovinabank – Ngân Hàng Indovinabank
– Gaigonbank – Ngân Hàng Sài Gòn Công Thương
– Sacombank – Ngân Hàng Sài Gòn Thương Tín
– SHB – Ngân Hàng TMCP Sài Gòn – Hà Nội
– VietABank – Ngân Hàng Việt Á
– HSBC – Ngân Hàng HSBC
– GPBank – Ngân Hàng Dầu Khí Toàn Cầu
– SCB – Ngân Hàng TMCP Sài Gòn
– BIDV – Ngân Hàng ĐT& PT Việt Nam

Ứng dụng vẫn đang trong giai đoạn phát triển thêm các tính năng mới và nâng cao thêm danh sách ngân hàng hổ trợ.

Mọi vấn đề phát sinh cũng như ý kiến đóng góp các bạn có thể bình luận ngay trong ứng dụng. Nội dung đóng góp của bạn sẽ được lưu lại và hiện thị trong phần bình luận của VietATM Pro. Ngoài ra các bạn có thể email đến địa chỉ: [email protected]

Cảm ơn các bạn đã quan tâm !

Tag: atm, ngân hàng, tiền, Việt Nam ATM, Viet Nam ATM, Viet ATM, Vietnam ATM, ngoại tệ, USD, VND, rút tiền, cash, chuyển khoản, mua thẻ điện thoại, mua thẻ game, thanh toán hóa đơn điện nước, lãi suất, tiết kiệm, vay, cho vay…

Recent changes:
- First update and change name

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Latest Android App: MikuMikuStudio Sample Tiny AR

This is a sample application of MikuMikuStudio.

This is a test version.
This application does not work on all Android phones.
Please send the following information to me when it doesn’t work.
1. Correct model name of your Android phone.
2. The situation when an error happened.

MikuMikuStudio is a game development kit.
Our complete codebase is distributed with the OSI approved "New BSD license".


name: Hatsune Miku
modler: Animasa
data convert: Kyo Akihito

name: Kagamine Rin
modler: Animasa
data convert: Animasa

name: Kagamine Ren
modler: Animasa
data convert: Higuchi Yuu

name: Sakune Meiko
modler: Kio
data convert: Aroha
Copyright: NanameueP and CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, INC

name: Akita Neru
modler: M2
data convert: Higuchi Yuu
Copyright: Smith Hioka CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, INC

name: pawn
modeler: Kurokosyou

Motion data: Urameshian

Music: Libera me
TK Tracks Inc.

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Latest Android App: Phone hacking

Phone hacking

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Phone hacking is a term used to describe the practice of intercepting telephone calls or voicemail messages, often by accessing the voicemail messages of a mobile phone without the consent of the phone’s owner. The term came to prominence during the News International phone hacking scandal, in which it was alleged (and in some cases proved in court) that the British tabloid newspaper the News of the World had been involved in the interception of voicemail messages of the British Royal Family, other public figures, and the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler.

Phone hacking is a form of surveillance, and is illegal in many countries unless it is carried out as lawful interception by a government agency. In the News International phone hacking scandal, private investigator Glenn Mulcaire was found to have violated the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. He was sentenced to six months in prison in January 2007. Renewed controversy over the phone hacking claims led to the closure of the News of the World in July 2011.

In December 2010, the Truth in Caller ID Act was signed into United States law, making it illegal "to cause any caller identification service to knowingly transmit misleading or inaccurate caller identification information with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value."

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Latest Android App: Pyra Defense

Pyra Defense is a strategic 3D tower defense game. Create your own ultimate mazes to achieve victory. Incorporates new gameplay elements like the ability to create bigger maps during play, temporary boost towers abilities and more!

FULL version coming real soon… includes more maps, achievements and more!

- 3D graphics & camera movement
- 7 unique towers
- 7 special abilities
- 3 different maps (25 in FULL-version)
- 20 difficulty levels

For feedback/bugs/suggestions -> [email protected]

Tags: tower defense pyra 3d maze towers strategy realtime creeps enemies defence specials turrets pyramid rockets particles waves robo myth grave fieldrunners nexus explosion

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Barguy (Girl Seducer) and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Barguy (Girl Seducer) and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Barguy (Girl Seducer)

Sometimes it may be difficult to seduce girls in real life.
Now is your chance to try various pick-up lines on different girls to see how they react.
Maybe you get lucky with a girl who follows you home for a hot night, or maybe you leave the bar with a black eye …

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Latest Android App: Calculate the BMI

Whatever you are a man or a woman, this application allows you to calculate your BMI fastly and to know in which class you are.

Supported languages :

Recent changes:
-interface improved

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Latest Android App: ディズニー検定


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Latest Android App: Tricorder

A multi-sensor environmental monitor — turn your Android device into a working tricorder!

CCD BAKEOUT? Read the help, or Google it! (The relevant articles are interesting!)

This is a fork of the Moonblink Tricorder. The fellow (Ian Smith) who performed all of the (totally awesome) original work on the project doesn’t have the time to continue with project maintenance. I’ve been permitted to continue the project in his absence.

Recent changes:
Removed swoopy corners to comply with CBS’s copyright claim.

Changed package name due to change in maintainership. This means that your old Tricorder settings will not be applied to this application.

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Latest Android App: Роковые яйца. Булгаков М.А.

Написавший повесть «Роковые яйца» в 1924 году, Булгаков помещает своих героев в недалекое будущее – 1928 год…

М.А. Булгаков – медик по образованию – стал известным на весь мир писателем!

Михаил Афанасьевич родился 3 мая 1891 года в Киеве. Усердно учился, писал с ранних лет, работал врачом, писателем, секретарем и театральным режиссёром.
Этот многосторонний человек написал невероятно количество литературных шедевров!

Один из них – «Роковые яйца», который стал известен далеко за пределами нашей родины. Эта книга также печаталась в сокращённом виде под названием «Луч жизни».

Но мы предоставляем эту фантастическую повесть в полном объеме.

«Роковые яйца» – невероятно интересное и увлекательное произведение!

Это именно то, чего не хватает вашему Android-устройству! Удобный интерфейс, регулировка яркости, выбор цветовой палитры, а также другие удобные функции должны, несомненно, вас порадовать. Лучше читалки вам не сыскать.А еще, приятный бонус – наши книги бесплатны.

Скачайте, не пожалеете!

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Latest Android App: Вишневый сад, Чехов А.П.

«Вишнёвый сад» – «комедия», как назвал ее автор – Антон Павлович Чехов. Однако, прочитав ее, мы понимаем, что это совсем уж не комедия, а скорее драма… Печальная элегия об уходящем времени «дворянских гнезд».

Пьеса написана в 1903 году, впервые поставлена17 января 1904 года в Московском художественном театре. Это последняя пьеса Чехова, завершённая на пороге первой русской революции, в год его ранней смерти.

«Господи, ты дал нам громадные леса, необъятные поля, глубочайшие горизонты и, живя тут, мы сами должны бы по-настоящему быть великанами.»

Антон Павлович Чехов – выдающийся русский писатель, драматург, по профессии врач. Почётный академик Императорской Академии наук по Разряду изящной словесности. Является общепризнанным классиком мировой литературы. Его пьесы, в особенности «Вишнёвый сад», на протяжении ста лет ставятся во многих театрах мира. Один из самых известных мировых драматургов.

За 26 лет творчества Чехов создал около 900 различных произведений (коротких юмористических рассказов, серьёзных повестей, пьес), многие из которых стали классикой мировой литературы.

«Пусть на сцене все будет так же сложно и так же вместе с тем просто, как в жизни. Люди обедают, только обедают, а в это время слагается их счастье и разбиваются их жизни.»

Прочесть книгу этого великого писателя вы можете на своем Android-устройстве!

Удобный интерфейс, регулировка яркости, выбор цветовой палитры, а также другие удобные функции должны, несомненно, вас порадовать. Лучше читалки вам не сыскать! А еще, приятный бонус – скачать наши книги можно бесплатно.

Загрузите, не пожалеете!

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Latest Android App: Три сестры, Чехов А.П.

«Если философствует мужчина, то это будет философистика или там софистика; если же философствует женщина или две женщины, то уж это будет – потяни меня за палец.» – писал А.П. Чехов в известном произведении «Три сестры»

В 1900 году Чехов начал работать над пьесой по просьбе руководителей МХТ. В начале 1901 – произведение закончено и вскоре состоялась премьера пьесы «Три сестры» в четырёх действиях.

«Постановка «Трёх сестер» по тщательности и обдуманности не оставляет желать ничего лучшего. Театр был переполнен.» – Газета «Новости дня» от 14 (01) февраля 1901 года.

Антон Павлович Чехов – выдающийся русский писатель, драматург, по профессии врач. Почётный академик Императорской Академии наук по Разряду изящной словесности.

«Когда читаешь роман какой-нибудь, то кажется, что все это старо и все так понятно, а как сама полюбишь, то и видно тебе, что никто ничего не знает и каждый должен решать сам за себя…»

«В этом городе знать три языка роскошь. Даже и не роскошь, а какой-то ненужный придаток, вроде шестого пальца. Мы знаем много лишнего.»

Прочесть книгу этого великого человека вы можете на своем Android-устройстве!

Удобный интерфейс, регулировка яркости, выбор цветовой палитры, а также другие удобные функции должны, несомненно, вас порадовать. Лучше читалки вам не сыскать! А еще, приятный бонус – скачать наши книги можно бесплатно.

Загрузите, не пожалеете!

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Latest Android App: Цветаева М.И.,Поэмы

Поэмы, которые были написаны гениальной женщиной в невероятно тяжелый период времени – в период войны…

Марина Ивановна Цветаева не только поэтесса, но и прозаик, переводчик, один из крупнейших русских поэтов XX века. У нее была очень тяжелая жизнь. Но не смотря ни на что, она подарила нам огромное множество шедевров!

В этом приложении вы можете прикоснуться к таким гениальным поэмам Цветаевой:

- «Краткие поэмы»
- «Егорушка»
- «Крысолов»
- «Перекоп»
- «Поэма конца»

Мы хотим поделиться с вами этим искусством!

Замечательное собрание поэм Цветаевой на вашем Android-устройстве – это то, что вам надо! Удобный интерфейс, регулировка яркости, выбор цветовой палитры, а также другие удобные функции должны, несомненно, вас порадовать. Приятный бонус – наши книги бесплатны.

Скачайте, не пожалеете!

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Latest Android App: Пиковая дама, Пушкин А.С.

Д. Мирский выделял «Пиковую даму» из произведений Пушкина как «лучшее и характернейшее для него произведение в прозе»

«Пиковая дама» – светская повесть Александра Сергеевича Пушкина с мистическими элементами.
Она послужила источником фабулы одноимённой оперы П. И. Чайковского. Повесть экранизирована в 1982 году.
Владислав Ходасевич сближал «Пиковую даму» с другими пушкинскими произведениями о «соприкосновении человеческой личности с тёмными силами».

«Я не в состоянии жертвовать необходимым в надежде приобрести излишнее»

Родился Александр Сергеевич 6 июня (по старому стилю – 26 мая) 1799 года в Москве, в небогатой дворянской семье. Учился в лицее, путешествовал, творил.
Критик и философ-западник В. Г. Белинский назвал его «первым поэтом-художником России»
В гротескном преломлении образ Пушкина представлен в произведениях Даниила Хармса. Многочисленные отсылки к творчеству Пушкина содержатся в произведениях постмодернизма, в частности, в ряде стихотворений Иосифа Бродского и Тимура Кибирова.
Трагической судьбе поэта посвящена пьеса Михаила Булгакова «Александр Пушкин».

«Сладостное внимание женщин – почти единственная цель наших усилий.»

Из четырёх детей Пушкина только двое оставили потомство – Александр и Наталья. Потомки поэта живут сейчас по всему земному шару: в США, Англии, Германии, Бельгии. Около пятидесяти из них проживают в России, в том числе Татьяна Ивановна Лукаш, прабабушка которой (внучка Пушкина) была замужем за внучатым племянником Гоголя. Сейчас Татьяна живёт в Клину.

Прочесть легендарную книгу А.С. Пушкина «Пиковая дама» вы можете на своем Android-устройстве!

Удобный интерфейс, регулировка яркости, выбор цветовой палитры, а также другие удобные функции должны, несомненно, вас порадовать. Лучше читалки вам не сыскать! А еще, приятный бонус – скачать наши книги можно бесплатно.

Загрузите, не пожалеете!

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Latest Android App: История одного города

«Кто не верит в волшебные превращения, тот пусть не читает» – Михаил Салтыков-Щедрин, «История одного города».

Михаил Евграфович Салтыков – русский писатель, рязанский и тверской вице-губернатор, автор сатирической повести «История одного города».
В центре сюжета этой повести находится рассказ об истории города Глупова и его градоначальников. По этому произведению можно учить историю – насколько узнаваемы герои едкой сатиры Щедрина, выдающиеся персоны Российской империи.

Произведение, написано в ХIX веке, однако, является невероятно актуальным и в наше время. Ведь г. Глупов – это место, которое есть в каждом уездном городе, он повсюду: на мощеных и асфальтированных улицах, за письменными столами и компьютерами чиновников, в бумажной и электронной макулатуре нормативных документов, в глазах извозчиков и современных таксистов.

«Бывали градоначальники истинно мудрые, такие, которые не чужды были даже мысли о заведении в Глупове академии <…>, но так как они не обзывали глуповцев ни "братцами", ни "робятами", то имена их остались в забвении»

«История одного города» – замечательное сатирическое произведение. Насладиться им вы можете на вашем Android-устройстве! Удобный интерфейс, регулировка яркости, выбор цветовой палитры, а также другие удобные функции должны, несомненно, вас порадовать. Лучше читалки вам не сыскать. :) А еще, приятный бонус – скачать наши книги можно бесплатно.

Загрузите, не пожалеете!

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Latest Android App: Гамлет, У.Шекспир

«Гамлет» – трагедия Уильяма Шекспира, одна из самых известных его пьес, и одна из самых знаменитых пьес в мировой драматургии. Это самая длинная пьеса Шекспира – в ней 4042 строки и 29 551 слово.

«Спасая близких, действуй без опаски:
Таить любовь опаснее огласки»

Уильям Шекспир – великий английский драматург и поэт, один из самых знаменитых драматургов мира, автор по крайней мере 17 комедий, 10 хроник, 11трагедий, 5 поэм и цикла из 154 сонетов.

«Когда пылает кровь, как щедр язык на клятвы!»

Прототипом Гамлета был полулегендарный принц Амлет, имя которого встречается в одной из исландских саг Снорри Стурлусона. Это позволяет делать предположение, что сюжет о Гамлете, вероятно, был предметом ряда древних преданий.

«Как часто нас спасала слепота,
Где дальновидность только подводила.»

О «Гамлете» написано несколько тысяч книг и статей. Но среди них трудно найти два сочинения, которые были бы полностью согласны в своей характеристике произведения Шекспира. Ни один шедевр мировой литературы не породил столь великого множества мнений, как «Гамлет».

«Как проницательны подчас его ответы! Находчивость, которая часто осеняет полоумных и которой люди в здравом уме иногда лишены.»

Свое мнение об этом произведении вы можете сформировать после прочтения «Гамлета» на своем Android-устройстве! Удобный интерфейс, регулировка яркости, выбор цветовой палитры, а также другие удобные функции должны, несомненно, вас порадовать. Лучше читалки вам не сыскать. :) А еще, приятный бонус – скачать наши книги можно бесплатно.
Загрузите, не пожалеете!

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Latest Android App: Ромео и Джульетта, У. Шекспир

«Нет повести печальнее на свете,
Чем повесть о Ромео и Джульетте»

Это, несомненно, одно из самых известных и популярных произведений в мире!

У каждого подростка есть этот шедевр в школьной программе, а если вы по какой-то причине не прочитали – скорее беритесь исправлять это недоразумение! Классику можно перечитывать и перечитывать без конца!

«Ромео и Джульетта» – трагедия в 5 действиях Уильяма Шекспира, рассказывающая о девушке и юноше, которые любят друг друга, но которые принадлежат к двум враждующим семьям – Монтекки и Капулетти.

Уже много лет это одна из самых репертуарных пьес театров всего мира.

Интересно узнать, что:
- В Италии, особенно в Вероне, имя героини предпочитают ставить перед именем её возлюбленного: Джульетта и Ромео, кроме тех случаев, когда речь идёт именно о названии трагедии Шекспира.

- Шекспир в имена действующих персонажей вложил некий смысл: имя «Джульетта» происходит от англ. July, Июль, рожденная в Петров день, 12-го июля. «Тибальдами» называли в ирландской культуре котов, персонаж ведет себя как задиристый кот. «Ромео» – с латинского «паломник», у Шекспира вероятно «паломник любви». «Меркуцио» – от англ. Mercury – ртуть, персонаж так же непоседлив и всегда в движении, как и металл.

- Непосредственной сюжетной основой трагедии Шекспира послужила, по всей видимости, поэма Артура Брука "Трагическая история Ромеуса и Джульетты". Упомянув о некой предшествующей пьесе, Брук, тем не менее, разработал сюжет, воспринятый им из переведённой на французский язык новеллы итальянского литератора Маттео Банделло.

«Земля, природы мать, – её же и могила: Что породила, то и схоронила»

Это полное загадок и славы произведение – именно то, чего не хватает вашему Android- устройству! Удобный интерфейс, регулировка яркости, выбор цветовой палитры, а также другие удобные функции должны, несомненно, вас порадовать. Лучше читалки вам не сыскать.
А еще, приятный бонус – вы можете скачать книгу бесплатно.

Загрузите, не пожалеете!

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Latest Android App: AppLock Helper

This is a helper app for App Lock. Do NOT install unless you use AppLock. This key is really small in size and it will not in any ways affect the performance of your phone.

Immediately after install, AppLock Helper will start working until you uninstall it.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 引き出しランチャー free(BETA)





何かありましたら E-Mail:[email protected] または Twitter(@wire8dev)へお願いします。

・バッテリーレベルの数字が表示されない端末がある・Xperia arc(SO-01C)にてapkファイルからのアプリのインストールが出来ない


Galaxy S [Android 2.3.3]
ICONIA TAB [Android 3.2]

検索用: wifi, wi-fi, 無線LAN, 3G, bluetooth, GPS, マナーモード, サイレント, トグル, 画面回転, Rotation, 機内モード, Air plane, 自動同期, Auto-Sync, Launcher, ランチャー, スイッチ

Recent changes:
ver 0.1.1 (2012/01/03)
- 通知の背景色を自動判別出来ていない場合があるようなので手動設定を追加
- 一部バグを修正
- バッテリーレベルが表示されない問題に対応できたかも(未確認)(←できていないようです)

ver 0.1.0 (2011/12/29)
- 通知のオフセットの設定方法を変更
- ステータスバーアイコンを多少見やすく修正
- 機内モードトグルの追加
- 自動同期トグルの追加
- ステータスバーアイコンの追加(曜日)
- Android3.0以降でインターフェイスがおかしかった問題をほぼ修正
- Android 3.0以降用のステータスバーアイコンを追加
- Android 3.0以降でapkファイルからのアプリインストールができなくなる問題に対応(それに伴いフルスクリーンモードでの通知エリアの展開ができなくなります。もともと出来ていなかったかもしれませんが…)
- その他バグをいくつか修正


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Latest Android App: Beautiful Battery Widget

Ads Free!!!

A advanced Widget to show you battery level. When you click it it shows shortcuts to wifi/bt/display/battery settings
Battery Indicator – Always know your exact battery level with one glance.

Battery Indicator shows your battery charge level (percent) as an icon in your status bar, with temperature, voltage, and time since plugged / unplugged in the notification area.

• Simple and straightforward
• Easy access to system Battery Use screen
• Very lightweight (please email me if you think otherwise, and I’ll help you figure out what’s

6 widgets available!
with changeable display options!
Also it shows battery level on notification bar!

Tags: battery, beautiful battery, app, free, accumulator, status bar, charging, information, system status, percent, green, widget, apple, iphone, game, clock, lcd clock, theme, facebook, sex, weather, map, sms, phone, angry birds, gta

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Latest Android App: Air Horn

Air horn let you play 5 very loud air horns sounds + recording

Use this to:
-annoy your friends!
-make jokes
-cheer at sport games!

Recent changes:
V 1.0; Release

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Farmville

News of the Facebook game Farmville.
From Facebook, Twitter, Farmville blog &

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Rubik’s Cube for Dummies

Surprise your friends with this fun version of Rubik’s cube.
We guarantee that the dificulty has been taken to limit lower. Anyone can complete it.

AppBrain Link:

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Dragon Live (FREE) and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Dragon Live (FREE) and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Dragon Live (FREE)

A beautiful live wallpaper showing a Red Dragon with smoke from his nose.
If you tap the dragon he becomes angry! And will start a breath attack.

A must have for everyone who loves dragons.
If you like this free version please consider supporting us and buy the full version

** FULL version includes **
– 3 additional Dragons
– 3 additional Breath attacks
– Higher quality textures
– option to disable smoke (for battery saving)
– Improved smoke animation

NOTE: touching the dragon does not work in preview mode but it will when you set the wallpaper.

Recent changes:
* Now supports LANDSCAPE mode
* Better performance
* Improved interactive breath

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Restaurant Weight Watcher Lite

This is the LITE Version!

ONLY FIRST THREE RESTAURANTS WORK IN LITE VERSION.It is designed for people who want to try out lite version before spend money for full version.Most of the apps don’t give you this opportunity.

So you are using weight watchers and it’s going good… BUT it’s soooo hard to track when you EAT OUT at restaurants!!!

It is so frustrating when you don’t know how many points or points plus you are eating!!

If you don’t track the restaurant foods properly you could RISK all of your hard work and unknowingly gain all those pounds back!!

BUT wait… you have your phone with you 96% of the time (except the shower… at least I hope :p) So that means that you have a HUGE database of restaurant food points and points plus with you wherever you GO!!

That’s exactly what Restaurant Weight Watchers app does for you! It gives you all of the weight watchers restaurant points values for ALL of the foods on the menu!

Purchase Weight Watchers Restaurant guide to ensure your weight loss success and enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life!

Over 200 Restaurants included that provides you with Points, Points Plus, calories, carbs, fat, protein of food items of most popular restaurants and fast food chains and growing.

But don’t take our word for it! Try it out for yourself before you buy it. Search for "Restaurant Weight Watchers " free Lite version.
Screen is re-sizable. You can make it smaller or larger with your fingertips.
Regular price of this app is $5.99 , ON SALE NOW for $3.99 !
Use this app also to know ahead how many points/calories you will consume and what to order.

"So much info! Great app for anyone on WW."
"Has all the restaurants that I go to! LOVE IT!!!!"
"iTrackBites and this are my most frequently used apps!"
"This app makes tracking so much easier!!"

Note: this app is not affiliated with Weight Watchers International in any way, and Weight Watchers has not reviewed this app
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Recent changes:
- Updated restaurants and menu items

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Latest Android App: Boost 2

Boost 2 has finally arrived to the Android Market! For a limited time, this game will be sold at a special launch price of $0.99.

"…among the iPhone tunnel games, Boost is king" – Touch Arcade

"It was the best tunnel racer when it was originally released in 2009, and I’m having a hard time thinking of a better one that has been released since then" – Touch Arcade

"I don’t consider myself a fan of racing games, but Boost 2 was a welcome change to my usual gaming fare." – AppAdvice

"Lanis has crafted a beautiful tunnel-racer that makes its predecessor, Cube Runner, look crude by comparison" – Thumb Spree

"Addicting Solid Tunnel Game" –

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Latest Android App: Time Zones

A simple application used to view the time in different time zones. Add as many time zones as you want and give each a unique title to describe that time zone. Keep the times at hand for your office locations, important contacts, or family and friends. This app is perfect for business users who need to know what time it is for the teams they interact with around the world, or for the casual user who just wants to know what time it is in their friend’s home town before calling. Uses the standard tzdata/zoneinfo time zones segmented by country.

Recent changes:
Initial public release.

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Latest Android App: TurboCollage

Create stunning picture pile collages on your Android device. Simply start by adding a few pictures to your collage. Select from a range of aspect ratios. Select Landscape or Portrait orientation. Add text to your collage. Shuffle the collage to get another exciting layout. With an intuitive interface, TurboCollage gives you complete control over your collage design.


• Add text to collage
• Shuffle collage to get a completely new layout
• Drag, scale, or rotate pile pictures
• Change pile order to bring more prominent pictures on top
• Create Landscape or Portrait collages
• Customize text color
• Resize, rotate, or move text
• Use Instant Camera or Postage Stamp border styles in Pile collage
• Upload collage directly to Facebook
• Save collage design to edit later
• Works in both Landscape and Portrait orientations


We love to hear from our users. You might have a suggestion for a feature or you might like to report an issue you faced. Please email us at [email protected]

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Latest Android App: Trade Village

Season’s best event; Celebrate limited-time offers of Diamond!

With Trade Village in your mobile devices, have fun at any moment. You are the mayor here to plan and grown your own dreaming village. You will enjoy the sweet obligations to create fortunes for your people through exploiting, trading and expanding. Don’t forget to help your friends rebuild their towns and meet new fellows as well.

●Unique Graphics
●Customize Your Village
●Party with your friends
●Secret gifts from your friends
●Exciting daily missions
●Earn surprising prizes each day while visiting your friends’
●Maximum Fun, Maximum Fortune

Festival Fun
Build a winter wonderland to welcome and cheer up more and more friends. Invite them to your cozy houses and enjoy the seasonal decorations.

Recent changes:
Got question?Found bugs?Give us a shout on [email protected]
Recently some problems have occurred in checkout recharge, the event "diamond for sale" will be delayed to the next version.

Merry Xmas! Diamond sales!
Trade Village greets the 1st snow!
End of Silence! Trade Village has a voice!
New language versions for German, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian-speaking friends!
New account registration mode, facilitate your account management!

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Latest Android App: HideIt – make folders hidden

HideIt is an application which enables you to change ordinary folders to hidden folders (folders that begin with a dot), and vice versa. To hide or unhide a holder, long press the folder icon.

1) Interpretation of hidden holder depends on each application.
2) In order for the Gallery to reflect the changes, you may have to shutdown and restart the Gallery.
3) You should not change holders that are not created by you explicitly. (Otherwise some application which created the holder may not work correctly.)

* This application can also be used as a simple file explorer. Tap (single or double tap) the file icon to invoke a viewer, long press to open the file information dialog.

Free, no ads, no need for a donation.

File information dialog added.

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Latest Android App: Funny ringtones 1

Funny ringtones is an application that features Funny sounds that can be use as ringtones.

There are 16 sounds with more to come.

3:Duck Remix
6:Rooster Sound
7:Nice chiken ringtone
8:Iphone Duck
9:F1 Chicken
10:Funny Squirrel
13:Chicken diva
14:Chicken Power
15:Chicken Singing

– set phone ringtones
– set notification ringtones
– save to sd card or Internal phone storage

Enjoy these ringtongs.

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Latest Android App: Plug In Music Widget

Plug In Music Widget provides the following functions:

1 Type the number of musical plays, play, stop playback, then automatically the timer
2 earphones to start and play automatically when you insert a music player
3 insert earphones automatically adjusts the volume set at
4 continuous music playback when disconnecting headphones, stop
5 Disconnect the headphones automatically adjust the volume set at
6 After the desired time and the timer function to automatically stop the playback
7 of the default Music Player widget Control
8 when the screen is off, volume key, next / previous song playback.

Galaxy has been tested in s2

In case of failure to report that information sigeona
Active devices and versions, error information, send an email
Will help to improve
If you want that can be implemented send mail function will be to reflect them


Recent changes:
When the screen is off, volume key, next / previous song playback features have been added
release of beta version

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Latest Android App: QlippyBooks


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Latest Android App: Stream TV For Me

Stream an unlimited amount of user submitted movies and shows for free! is completely free, no sign up or surveys required! Download and enjoy an ad-free streaming app.

*Unlimited Streaming
*Everything is Free
*No Premium Memberships, Everyone is Treated The Same
*Wide Selection of Movies & TV
*Ad-free App/Site

Recent changes:
TV Show button fixed.

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Latest Android App: Original Yacht Dice Game

Original Yacht is a game played with five dice, and is similar to the games Generala, Cheerio, Yatzy or Yahtzee (Yahtzee is a Hasbro Trademark). Players have 15 rolls to score as many points as possible. Also includes "Original Mode", "Double Mode", "Sequential Mode", and "True Mode". Extended Rules Explanation in game. Also includes Scoreloop for competing online against other players.

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Latest Android App: Go Contacts SulphurYellow-Free

A SulphurYellow Theme from Team Carbon

=== SulphurYellow ===
=== GoContacts Ex Theme ===
=== by TeamCarbon ===

This Theme matches other SulphurYellow themes by TeamCarbon, but looks equally good as a stand alone.

Other themes – GoLauncher EX – GOSMS Pro – GOWidgets – GOKeyboard – ADW Launcher EX – CM7 – Android Pro Widgets

1. This is not a standalone app, you need to download the LATEST version of GoContactsEX app in order to apply this theme. (Search “Go Contacts Ex” to download)
2. To apply the theme within GO Contacts,download it from Menu->Settings->Appearance Settings->Theme shop(or Plug-in UI->Theme shop). After downloaded, it will displayed in "My themes" Tab, click and apply it.

This is a free theme, hope you enjoy it, if you really like it, please consider buying and downloading the paid version, to support us.



Please check us out on:
Twitter : @TeamCarboneam
Facebook (search TeamCarbon)

GO Contacts Ex theme gocontacts theme Yellow TeamCarbon ICS

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Latest Android App: AMC MediaCenter for Androidâ„¢


AMC media center is simply the most amazing app on this planet!

AMC is a content aggregator app incl – Rss/podcast reader, Plx converter, browser, player, user submission, spider, playlist maker and media search engine. AMC provides access to all kinds of multimedia content, listed on a public directory of user contributed listings or playlists for playing on your Android device!

You need to have Flash installed to watch: Live TV and other flash content – You can access it all right now, but we are still in development mode so there will in the beginning be difficulties.

Do not work on: Galaxy tab 10.1

Please let us know by email, if you encounter any problems with our new app.. thank you..

SOME CONTENT HAVE COUNTRY CODE! -some content is sponsored by adds, and some content is pay pr view. (netflix, hulu.. and so on..)

Download the app, Create a new user..and that´s it!
You are now able to browse the content and add more if you want.

We only need your email and a code.. (it is recommended to use a facebook email, But a total unik code. Then you are able to add to favorites from facebook using a pc)

When you’re logged in, it is recommended to connect the app with facebook: Simply by clicking a SHARE botton. You probably only need to connect once.

Best on wifi, best when charging, best on large processors(dual core), Use your 3G with care..


If you know: Itunes, Spotify, groveshark, youtube, XBMC, BOXEE,…. And you know what a good mediecenter and a content aggregator are.. We have taked the best of them all and added even more possibillities.. and put it all in a simply to use system, served for neerly all android devices.

If it possible we will serve the selected media to your device, So you can choose where, and how you like to play/watch it.. We recommend some players that you may use for that.. But some medias only plays in the intergrated player.

Are you using XBMC and the Android Remote Original, and it is correctly installed and setup, then you can stream to your XBMC from AMC!(we will create guidance)

You are able to submit RSS Audio and Video podcast, respositories, websites, playlist from navi-x and very soon from youtube and others: Simply by adding an URL

You can browse and search content and add to your favorits, and build you own AMC very easy!

You can add more feeds, playlists, links, streams, plugins and alot more.. Some simply by an URL.. Some a bit advanced.. and some for developers.


Are you a developer you can make your own plugins. Easy if you can serve an RSS or correct converted plx file. We have made a step by step guide…

The content is only based on links, playlist, user submitions, repositories and our search engine result. You can NOT upload or download, stream directly from/to us. We only added podcast pr default, the rest is a users submitted list of links and plugins.

We have made the system and now the spiders and user maintain the content.

Is it a podcast feed, the podcast converter, convert it on the fly, make a cache and serve it to you and other users.. it is automaticly sorted be type.. you only need the rss URL

Is it a stream link url our stream processor will select how to play it.. right now only rmtp is supported, but mms og rstp will come.. Split it up in stream and file.. and submit both.

…. and so on…


You are welcome to write a mail or visit our facebook site for support and quistions. find the facebook url in market.

It is easy, one click and a confirm.


TAG: Mediecenter, mediacenter, medie center, media cnet, live tv, videos, audio, podcast, music videos, musicvideo, online tv, pictures, youtube, navi-x, netflix, tv shows, rss reader, tv, mediecenter. Movie for android.

Recent changes:
Live TV Channels (106)+ Growing!
Vidios (+2500 Source, apx 50000) + Growing!
Audios (+4500 Source, apx 75000) + Growing!
Musicvideos (2 Source, apx 9) + We uddate soon!(use the youtube plugin) + Growing!
Games 2 + We update soon! Growing!
Music NONE We update soon!
Online TV 0 + We update soon!(use the ustream plugin)
Picture 1 + We update soon!
Plugins added: Netflix(only-link), Navi-x, Movshare,Youtube,VEVO,Ustream, The stream.. + Growing!

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Latest Android App: ML Carnival Free – MagicLocker

‘ML Carnival Free – MagicLockerTheme’

It’s a Magic Locker Theme App.
To run this theme app, you must install Magic Locker App first.
(Follow the installed theme app indication or search ‘mobi.lockscreen.magiclocker’ in Google Market)

*Author : xavierjohn22
*Description :
Unlocks 5 apps. Unlock delay feature and animation. Get the PRO version to change setings.

Q: How to find more Magic Locker Themes?
A: You can press ‘More Themes’ button in ‘MagicLocker Setting->Themes Tab’.
Or search ‘mobi.lockscreen.magiclocker.theme’ in Google Market directly.

Q: How to install Magic Locker Themes?
A: After you install a Magic Locker theme app, you need to run the theme app and press
‘Install this theme’ button in the theme dialog.

Q: How to uninstall Magic Locker Themes?
A: You can long press theme in ‘MagicLocker Setting->Themes Tab’ then press ‘Uninstall theme’.
Or go to the ‘System Setting->Applications->Manage applications’ then find the theme App to
uninstall as general App.

Q: Why the ‘Lost Robot’ theme can’t be ininstalled form MagicLocker?
A: ‘Lost Robot’ is the default theme in Magic Locker and MagicLocker must ensure there is at least
one theme exist.

Q: Why a theme disappeared from ‘MagicLocker Setting-> Themes Tab’?
A: First, please ensure your SD card is available, if yes, please try to reinstall the theme app.

Recent changes:
Version 1.0
Initial Release

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Latest Android App: News Tube Lite

This App Contents Ads, Please download pro version without Ads.

News, Fashion TV and Sports Channels available 24*7 :)

Have you missed to view the news from your favorite news channel?
We have it for you at the click of the first button.

1) Latest news from your favorite news channel.
2) The latest 4 channels viewed will be listed on top so that you avoid searching for your channel.
3) Search any channel if we have missed out :(
4) Share the news on Facebook, Twitter, Bluetooth, Email.
5) Over than 35+ channels available from all across the world
6) Worlds favorite category channels available including Fashion TV and Sports Channels.
7) All popular and featured news channels of USA, UK, INDIA and other countries are united in one single App.

Stay connected with latest News around you and across the world.

Please do email us if you don’t find your channel listed, based on numerous demand we add it soon in our next updates.

—- Top Channels like —-
The Young Turks
TED Talks
Russia Today
Associated Press
Al Jazeera English
Military Channel
Fashion TV
The White House
Red Bull
Ultimate Fighting Championship
PBS News Hour
FOX News Channel
Speaker John Boehner
The Wall Street Journal
Citizen Tube
The Washington Post
TNA Wrestling
Tv9 Telugu
Geo News
Star News
India TV
Asianet News
AajTak – Sabse Tez
KBS World TV
SBS World News
New Left Media
Folha de S.Paulo
France 24
and More Channels

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