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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Local Gay Men Singles and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Local Gay Men Singles and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Local Gay Men Singles

The #1 gay male hookups app. Find and browse local gay males and text with them. 100% FREE!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: The Kaaba 3D (Free)

A basic 3D view of the Kaaba that which you can navigate also a chance to see what’s inside the Kaaba.
Use the left joystick to move to a direction and use the right joystick to rotate the camera view.


AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Quran A.B.

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim. This application is about Qari Abdul Basit ‘Abd us-Samad and some of his Holy Quran recitations. There are about 25 chapters in audio format that you can listen to on this application. Since this is only the first version of the application, insha’Allah there will be more chapters added in future updates. Please let me if you have any questions, comments and suggestions.

Developer: Moe Garmyani
Designer: Aso Rasheed

Special thanks to for providing audio files.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Modes | الاوضاع

برنامج لوضع الجوال على وضع الصامت او وضع الاهتزاز حتى تاريخ ووقت معين بعد هذا الوقت يقوم البرنامج بتحويل وضعية الجوال الى الوضع العام (العادي) ايضا تم تزويد البرنامج بتطبيق مصغر لسطح مكتب الجوال.

Program to put mobile phone on silent mode or vibration mode until the specific date and time after this time, the program converts the status of mobile phone to the general situation (normal) were also provided application with widget for desktop.

Recent changes:
-Fix widget buttons action
-Full Arabic language support
-Add count down to restore normal mode

-إصلاح مشكلة أزرار سطح المكتب
-الدعم الكامل للغة العربية
-إضافة العد التنازلي لاستعادة الوضع العادي

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Sensual Stories (Lite)

Real sex and erotic stories, extremely sensual nature for mature audience. 16 categories. 10 stories in each.

Only the best stories are presented.

I am not the author. The stories are taken from public sources on internet. That is why network connection is required.

The stories are updated automatically. So you will not stuck with the same texts. The best texts will replace old ones automatically.


Recent changes:
- bug fix "Wife" category
- descrete/abstract icon

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Dragon Zuma

A long, long time ago the world was consumed by dark force known as The Phantom Gate. The Phantom Gate was a terrible clan of ruthless murderers and thugs destroying anything and anyone in their path.Since society was not governed by any laws.The Phantom Gate was able to rule the land un-opposed.
One day a secret force called the 9 Dragons mysteriously appeared to fight and destroy The Phantom Gate for all of the horrible things that they had done and save the world….
this is a really nice zuma game!!!What are you waiting for?Do you want to know more? Join it.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Gestural VLC Free Controller

Cool Web Agency has supported the development of an Android software able to perform as remote control
for the Video Lan Player VLC.
The software functionalities are:
1. a functionality for discovering the Video Lan Player VLC;
2. a playlist manager, with a remote file browser;
3. a remote control with a classical user interface using buttons;
4. an innovative gestural interface able to provide to the user the ability to perform a gesture with his finger
on the mobile screen that is associated to a remote command the user want to send to the media player.
The gestural user interface needs a valid sdcard and you have to rename the commands in your language
if you are using the application in Spanish or Italian.
We have tested it on Nexus One, HTC Magic and Galaxy Ace with VLC running on Windows, Linux and Mac.
If you send us the bugs discovered on your phone we will solve them as soon as possible.
In the free version it is not possible to add a new media file to the playlist and only one gesture can send a command to the VLC. Find it ;-) !

Recent changes:
First version. No changes.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Hit-Story

Search Italian Hit Parade since 1959!

- search by date
- find songs video on YouTube
- search lyrics
- share with friends!

keywords: hitlist, italia, hits,
classifica, top ten, musica,
canzoni, music, songs, hitstory,
hit-story, billboard, italian

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: LiveCamera Of Japan

This Application can Watch Live Camera Of Japan.
Please enjoy a look at the prefecture in Japan.

This application is a β version.

It will add many areas.

Now going places, Now you can instantly see near your Home.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: DayWidget

A simple but attractive 1×1 widget showing today’s date including the day of the week reversed in red at the top.

Nothing more, nothing less. I wrote this to learn Android and because I couldn’t find a widget laid out with the day of the week this prominent.

Note this is a widget only – install into an empty space on your homescreen by touching and holding, then choosing Widget and DayWidget (

The third screen shot is a composite which shows localisation – note that the widget simply displays in the language set in your device’s settings.

Recent changes:
Click now launches Calendar.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Altın Dolar Euro

Altın Dolar Euro güncel kur bilgilerini sizlere sunan güzel ve kolay bir uygulama.

- Altın,dolar ve euro alış satış değerlerini girin istediğinz fiyata gelince sizi uyarsın. Hem kabetmeyin hemde kazancınızı arttırın.
- Her 1 dakikada kendini günceller.
- Programdan çıkıp arkaplanda çalışsa bile kendini güncelliyor. Bu sayede uygulamayı açtığınızda güncel kur bilgileri gözüküyor.
- Mesai saatleri arasında en uygun kur bilgilerine ulaşmak mümkündür.

Keywords:altın,dolar,euro,döviz,altın fiyatı,dolar fiyatı,euro fiyatı,güncel kur
* Kuveytturk kur bilgileri baz alınmıştır.

Recent changes:
-Sürüm 1.8 : Yenileme isteğe bağlı olacak şekilde değiştirildi

-Sürüm 1.9 : İstenilen kur bilgilerine ulaşaması halinde uyaı vermesi sağlandı.

-Sürüm 2.0 : İnternet bağlantı kontrolü eklenerek bağlantı kesilmesinde oluşan kilitlenme giderildi

-Sürüm 2.1 : Bilgilendirme uyarı mesajı , titreşim ve sesle uyarı eklendi.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Solitaire Plus

The classic Solitaire game offers a multi-pack of games that will provide hours of fun. Solitaire Plus includes Solitaire, Free Cell, Forty Thieves and Spider. This Solitaire experience is unrivaled in clarity and quality of play. Take Solitaire Plus for a spin, and see the difference!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: FootballNews

Simple app displaying news about your team.

Only norwegians teams atm, but we will come back with more

Suggestions? Contact [email protected]

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Shahrukh Khan App

Shahrukh Khan is the megastar of Bollywood who started his career with a TV serial “Fauji”. His work is recognized and introduced in Bollywood in 1992 with the debut movie “Deewana”. He has worked in more than 100 movies and still very strong and in demand. His fans call him King Khan, SRK, The Badshah of Bollywood etc.

Shahrukh Khan App is a fan app for Shahrukh Khan’s fans to catch information about him.
The App is regularly updated with the latest happenings, images and videos and with the active Twitter and Facebook account. Fan can login and post comments, Retweet, reply and add as favorite.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: iTransit BA

Už nikdy nezmeškaj žiadny spoj! Tvoj osobný sprievodca mestskou hromadnou dopravou v Bratislave. Cestovné poriadky, vyhľadávanie spojení, zobrazenie najbližších zastávok na mape – všetko rýchlo dostupné z tvojho telefónu.

Pripomienky nám prosím píšte na, na alebo [email protected]

● Fakulta informatiky a informačných technológií, STU Bratislava (,
● Nadácia Tatrabanky (,
● Kultúrna a edukačná grantová agentúra MŠVVaŠ SR (


Never miss a bus again! Your personal navigator in the jungle of public transportation. Timetables, trip planner, the nearest transit stops shown on the map – everything easily accessible from your phone.

For suggestions please write us on, on or [email protected]

● Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, SUT Bratislava, Slovakia (
● Foundation of Tatrabanka (,
● Cultural and Educational Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic (

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Download TV

Download TV
Mobile TV Elite – The Best TV For Mobile Phone And iPad And Tablets.
download tv
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Latest Android App: CL Notepad

This application is for people looking for applications such as built-in: fast, simple and functional.

Customize your notes and wallpaper and get the machine that notepad can offer!

All the screens are clean and uncluttered UI.
All simple – just the main features, implemented correctly.
You can save multiple notes and manage them
In the full version you can send a backup of all your notes to your email.
You can share your notes with social networks, sending via SMS, email or any other service that you have on your device.

Please comment here on their market experience.

Actually use the button "Send Feedback" which has the main menu and help us to improve the application according to your taste!

Native Languages ​​of the application:
– Arabic
– Bulgarian
– Catalan
– Chinese
– Czech
– Danish
– Dutch
– English
– Estonian
– Finnish
– French
– German
– Greek
– Hungarian
– Indonesian
– Italian
– Japanese
– Korean
– Latvian
– Lithuanian
– Norwegian
– Polish
– Portuguese
– Romanian
– Russian
– Slovak
– Slovenian
– Spanish
– Swedish
– Thai
– Turkish
– Ukrainian
– Vietnamese

For more info and contact visit us :

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Snake ’97

Play Snake like it is 1997. This is a remake of the original Snake, complete with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds.

It is as addictive (and frustrating) as the original, play Snake ’97 and be prepared to loose some productive hours.

Simply launch the app, touch a button and start!

Snake ’97 features:
- old school controls (or choose for big easy controls)
- original sounds
- 9 original and 2 extra difficulty levels
- a high score that cannot be reset (just like the original)

The story behind this game is that my phone got damaged, requiring me to revert back to an old phone. Suddenly I knew the phone was missing something and the idea for a accurate Snake remake was born.

Snake ’97 is an homage to the classic mobile phone game programmed in 1997.

By carefully analyzing the classic gameplay, timing and controls, this Snake ’97 remake is one of the most accurate available.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.
Have Snake fun!

Best regards from Amsterdam,
The developer,

AppBrain Link:

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: HD Art Wallpapers II and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: HD Art Wallpapers II and Other Apps

Latest Android App: HD Art Wallpapers II

Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process including computer art and multimedia art, and digital art is itself placed under the larger umbrella term new media art.[1][2]
The impact of digital technology has transformed activities such as painting, drawing and sculpture, while new forms, such as net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality, have become recognized artistic practices.[3] More generally the term digital artist is used to describe an artist who makes use of digital technologies in the production of art. In an expanded sense, "digital art" is a term applied to contemporary art that uses the methods of mass production or digital media.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 웃기는 이야기

웃기는 이야기
엄선된 100개의 웃기는 이야기를 모았습니다. 넌센스 퀴즈와 유머 퀴즈 등을 모두 합하면 약 300여 개의 재미있는 이야기가 제공됩니다.

웃음은 만병 통치약이라고 합니다. 웃기는 이야기를 많이 읽고 마음껏 웃어 보세요. 오늘 하루도 재미있어 질 것입니다.

어린이도 읽을 수 있는 이야기들로만 준비했습니다. 자녀들에게도 읽어 주시면 좋아할 것입니다.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Realistic Waterfall Live Wallp

Try our beautiful Live Wallpapers, always FREE, set it as live wallpaper.
All resolutions supported from 240×320 to tablet resolution.
Contains push notification ads, so I can offer always new live wallpaper.

Tags : Live Wallpaper Waterfall

Recent changes:
18 Dec : Push notification Ads added.

AppBrain Link:


Download Disney Wallpapers
We offer a free collection of Disney Wallpaper ready to download and use,FREE COMPUTER WALLPAPERS | DISNEY WALLPAPERS | HD | WIDESCREEN,isney Wallpapers: Wallpaper collection of Walt Disney\’s most memorable and charming characters for Android powered phone,disney Insider Extras for classic Disney downloads, wallpapers, icons, printables and more.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Elegant HD Go Launcher EX

===>테마 소개
“Elegant HD Go Launcher EX” 는 M&H Design 개발팀이 디자인한 GO런처EX에서 실행하는 테마입니다. 간단한 스타일의GO런처 테마로 여러분의 휴대폰을 스타일리쉬하게 바꿔서 사용하세요!

===>제공 사항
-다양한 아이콘
-새로운 폴더 인터페이스
-특별한 앱 서랍 배경

===>주요 사항
1.GO런처EX 최신 버전 설치가 필요합니다.( “GO런처EX”를 검색해서 다운로드 받으세요)
2.테마 적용 방법: MENU>Preferences>Theme preferences
3.안드로이드 마켓 검색엔진을 통해 더 많은 테마를 다운받으실수 있습니다.( GO Launcher EX Theme)
4.이 테마는 M&H Design 개발팀에서 제작했습니다! 다운받으시길 추천합니다.
5.아이콘의 저작권은 해당 사이트에 있습니다.

문제와 의견:[email protected]

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: MP3 Music Hits

MP3 Music Hits is a completely free personalized full track CD quality music service for your Android mobile phone or tablet.

*Fully Licensed and legal Music*

Discover, and listen to full track music, enjoy album art, view song lyrics for all today’s top POP, RAP, Rock, and R&B artists including ADELE, Drake, Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, LMFAO, B.o.B, Big Sean, Flo Rida, Hot Chelle Rae, Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan, Pitbull, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Justin Bieber, KanyeWest, JAY Z, Ke$ha, Lil Wayne, Maroon 5, Nelly, and MORE!

With Music MP3 Hits you can:
* Search and listen to MP3 music, view lyrics and album art
* View the top 100 full track MP3 songs by music category
* Receive updates when new tracks are added and for special deals
* Enjoy 100% free full track MP3 music hits

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: NARUTO Manga


Twelve years before the events at the focus of the series, the nine-tailed demon fox attacked Konohagakure. It was a powerful demon fox; a single swing of one of its nine tails would raise tsunamis and flatten mountains. It raised chaos and slaughtered many people, until the leader of the Leaf Village – the Fourth Hokage – defeated it by sacrificing his own life to seal the demon inside a newly-born child. That child’s name was Naruto Uzumaki.

The series follows the unimaginable adventures and quests of this young boy’s life.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: HD Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpap

Over 120 HD, high quality wallpapers of Fullmetal Alchemist!! All are free and carefully chosed! Fullmetal Alchemist is the top popular Japanese Animation/Cartoon and widely welcomed by people all over the world during the past years.And it’s also the highest popular animation over Japan, China, Southeast Asia by its attractive plot. If you are a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, this is best for you!

In this app we collected a large amount of HD wallpapers of the characters in this animation. You will definitely find the one you like. This is a great app of high quality, carefully chosen animation HD Fullmetal Alchemist wallpapers
Very suitable for animation/cartoon fans.

(1) All pics are wallpapers with high quality and high defition, carefully chosen!
(2) You can save either one photo you like, or all photos if you like them all!!
(3) New designed user interfaces. User friendly menu for navigation. Very smooth and ease of use.
(4) All photos can be saved in SD card! Don’t need to worry about the storage any more!
(5) All Pics are completed free and Off-line! Whoo! no 3G data cost at all!
(6) Better user experience with WiFi!

Coming more in the new versions!

One of Cartoon wallpaper series, others include Detective Conan, Fullmental alchemist, EVA (Evangelion), Bleach, sexy anime girls, etc

Keyword/search terms: Fullmetal Alchemist, Anime, Asian Anime, Animation, Cartoon, HD, High quality, wallpapers, Asian cartoon, Theme, Free, photography, photobook, wallpapers,

Recent changes:
New Gallery of Fullmetal Alchemist HD Wallpapers with new features

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: [무료]한게임 윷놀이

스마트 한게임이 제공하는 놀라운 무료게임, 한게임 윷놀이를 즐겨보세요.

★★★ 멀티로 즐기는 짜릿한 역전 한판★★★
잡는 재미가 남다른 국민 보드게임 윷놀이의 귀환! 쉽게! 즐겁게! 함께! 이제 스마트폰으로 놀아보세요!

★ 한게임 윷놀이는 어떤 게임인가요?
한게임 윷놀이는 온 국민이 즐기는 윷놀이를 스마트폰에서 즐길 수 있게 게임입니다.
다양한 개성을 받은 캐릭터들과 터치로 진행되는 윷놀이의 묘미를 지금 즐겨보세요.

★ 한게임 윷놀이에는 어떤 재미가 있나요?
① 최대 3인까지 실시간 멀티로 놀아보자!
클릭 한번으로 시작되는 2인 또는 3인의 멀티게임은 기본!
초대기능을 이용해 친구들끼리 비밀방에서 게임을 즐길 수 있습니다

② 개성만점! 12개의 캐릭터로 놀아보자!
꽃미남에서 나레이터 모델까지 취향에 따라 고르는 12개의 캐릭터!
깜찍한 모션에 생생한 음성지원까지! 잡고 잡히는 재미가 배가 됩니다!

③ 조금 더 빠르게! 퀵모드로 놀아보자!
윷놀이를 조금 더 빠르게 즐기고 싶다면? 퀵모드를 선택하세요!
말의 수를 4개에서 3개로 줄여, 역전의 묘미는 그대로, 승부는 더 빠르게

④ 미션으로, 혼자서도 놀아보자!
싱글로 즐길 수 있는 미션모드를 통해 혼자서도 윷놀이를 즐겨보세요!
3분 안에 윷던지기, 5분 안에 말잡기 등 미션을 클리어할 때마다 아이템이 펑펑!

짜릿한 역전의 한판! 지금 놀아봅시다!

놀라운 무료게임, 스마트 한게임

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Lady Gaga ringtones

The Lady Gaga ringtones is Lady Gaga songs as ringtones using the application.There are 9 music with more to come.

9:Your Negativity

– set phone ringtones
– set notification ringtones
– save to sd card or Internal phone storage

Enjoy these ringtongs.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Music Wizard

Music Wizard

Search and download music from public search engine.
Find music, sound effects, ringtones, short clips and more.

- save to SD Card
- edit mp3s and make them as ringtone.

- manage music: play | edit | delete

keywords:ringtone,music,mp3,audio,maker,create,music downloader,ringtone maker,mp3 search,mp3 download,mp3 downloader

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Digital Clock

Digital Clock Green is a widget that is one of the many beautiful clocks that will be placed by me. The application is available in 2 sizes.

The clock in the size 2×1 displays hour and minute. The second shows the size of 3×1 extra seconds. The clock allows you to select 12/24 hour time.
After pressing on the widget, you can go to the alarm.
Widget is lite, and dont dry your battery. The clock turns off with the screen when you turn off device.

The clock is also resistant to the task killer’y. Do not stop when you force stopping the application.

Any opinions would be appreciated. If you find a problem, please write what the problem is, and enter the device name.
Write to me: [email protected] (For comments, unfortunately I can not answer).

If you want various color, write to me on e-mail, and tell me which color you prefer :)

Tags: green clock, green, green widget clock, clock widget, digital,digital clock, free, electronic clock, second, clock with seconds, seconds, light clock, retro clock, retro

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Smurfs’ Village Cheats +


This app offers all of the Smurfs’ Village Cheats, Smurfs’ Village Walkthrough, Pictures, Videos and everything else you need to WIN!

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with Smurfs Village or Beeline Interactive Inc Trademark in any way.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Snark Busters

You’ll know the Snark is nearby when you find the clues it left behind. Catching it won’t be easy, as it moves quickly and uses mirrors to jump between the real world and the world where time and space are turned inside out. If you believe you can decipher these hints and piece together the objects you need to track down your target, then join Kira Robertson as she sets out to earn a place in the elite Snark Busters Club! Along the way, you’ll tackle over a dozen mini-games, enjoy colorful visuals, and explore 30 amazing locations!

◇ Seven chapters
◇ Thirty animated locations
◇ 13 mini-games
◇ A captivating story
◇ Bright and colorful graphics

PLAY FREE before you buy. Try the 1st full chapter to be sure you like the game. You can buy the full game using in-app billing
More fun games from Alawar:
★ GOURMANIA – Become the world’s top chef in this addictive hidden object smash hit!
★ TWISTED LANDS: SHADOW TOWN – Hidden object horror at its best! No matter how brave you are, it won’t be enough.
★ THE TREASURES OF MONTEZUMA – Trigger Power Totems in this dazzling match-three adventure!
Be the first to hear about our new games and awesome contests sing up for our newsletter

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: / ESCAPE \

/ ESCAPE \ is here, and is the first native Android game that lets you earn Kongregate badges and GameStop PowerUp rewards points when you play!

Incredible Ape, the makers of the hit game PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew, bring you a game so deep, you won’t be able to get out!

You’re a pixellated ninja with lightning fast reflexes, escape on his mind, and a giant laser beam on his tail.

Tap to wall jump higher and higher, but watch out for the obstacles that await!

Sign into your Kongregate account to record your high scores, score GameStop PowerUp Rewards with each badge you earn.

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Latest Android App: DragonVale Cheats +


This app offers some of the best DragonVale Cheats, DragonVale Walkthrough Information, and everything else you need to WIN DragonVale!

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with DragonVale or BackFlip Studios Trademark in any way!

Enjoy the CHEATS!

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Quick Cover and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Quick Cover and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Quick Cover

You can select an image to “process” from your photo album or instantly taking pictures through the camera in your device. Then you need to select various tools to cover the undesired part. Highlight the subject in the photo with much more fun!

1. Circle: Tap-drag on the screen to show a circle, and the size of which varies with the distance you’ve dragged through. Release your figure when you have done.
2. Dotted circle: Tap the dotted circle to resize the created circle by dragging.
3. Move: Tap to move the circle or the doodle area on the screen.
4. Doodle: Select to customize the part you want to cover by doodling.
5. Clear: Tap Clear screen to recover the photo.
In order to have much more fun in the photo processing, the application has a collection of image effects for your chose: black filling, white filling, lovely bubble, fashion colors, Mosaic and black and white negative film.
One touch to share the edited picture with friends! Easy and quick!
Your suggestions and commands are welcome, please contact us through Android Market Comment or e-mail.

Key word: free, quick cover, cover pictures, graffiti, doodle, image effects, special effects, instant photos, photo taking, photography, special effects, photos, beautification, picture, photo case, case, Camera360, Free

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Athkar

هو تطبيق مجاني يدعم اللغتين العربية والإنجليزية لمساعدة المسلمين كافة للمداومة على ذكر الله سبحانه وتعالى.

هو أول تطبيق يدعم خاصية تذكير المستخدم بالأذكار عن طريق التنبيهات مما يساعد على المداومة على الذكر.

التطبيق يحتوي على نوعين من الأذكار:
1- الأذكار: وهي التي يقوم البرنامج بتذكيرك بها بعد فترة زمنية تحددها عن طريق إعدادات التطبيق. تستطيع الإضافة والحذف إلى ومن هذه الأذكار.
2- الأذكار اليومية: وهي الأذكار الصحيحة التي وردت عن الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم وهي مأخوذة من كتاب حصن المسلم.

كذلك تستطيع إضافة بعض الأذكار اليومية إلى المفضلة مما يسهل عملية الوصول لها بسرعة.

Athkar is a free app that helps you keep remembering (praying to) Allah. It supports English and Arabic and it is the first app that has the functionality of reminding the user of the Athkar through notification which helps you keep remembering Allah. It has two kinds of Athkar:

1- Athkar that you get reminded of after a period of time specified by you in the Settings. You can actually enter and delete the Athkar so you have the advantage of flexibility.

2- Daily Athkar which all Muslims should adhere to in their daily life. These Athkar are taken from the trusted book of Husn Almuslim.

The App gives you the ability to add some of the Daily Athkar that you often read to the favorite list for an easy access.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Malayalam Song Book

VerseVIEW Malayalam Song Book is an Android App that has a collection of 400+ Malayalam Christian song lyrics. Most of the songs have a video button on the bottom that plays the music video for that song from YouTube.

New songs and videos will be updated periodically. Please email [email protected] with lyrics of new songs and a link to YouTube music video if any.

Visit for VerseVIEW software for presenting Bible and Song Lyrics on Windows, MAC and Linux. Also checkout the VerseVIEW Bible Android App on the market.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: VpnTraffic-All in One Tab VPN

VpnTraffic – All in one-tab vpn for Android,Unblock your Internet, Bypass location-based blocks! Select a server location to connect to,35+ Countries VPN servers worldwide.Support pptp and l2tp/ipsec.

If you need Unblock all websites Including Facebook, Twitter, and more?
If you need Change your IP address?
If you need Watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the World?
If you need Watch Netflix Outside the US?

VpnTraffic for Android features:
- 1 tap connect to our vpn server,Free setup!
- Save username/passwords,only need select a server location to connect to
- No bandwidth limitations
- Encrypts your internet traffic
- Unblock government and corporate restrictions,Bypass location-based blocks.
- Unlimited switches between VPN server locations (35+ Countries Around the world)
- Support pptp and l2tp/ipsec
- Works with wifi, 3G, GSM, and all mobile data carriers

VPN Servers around world:

- Europe:UK, France, Germany, Sweden,Russia,Spain,Switzerland,Italy,Netherlands,Norway,Denmark,Belgium,Czech,Poland,Romania
- America: USA,Canada,Mexico,Colombia,Argentina,Brazil
- Asia: China,India,Japan,United Arab Emirates,Malaysia,Singapore,Korea,Turkey,Indonesia,Thailand,Philippines,Hong Kong,Vietnam,Israel,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait
- Other:Australia

Not only for Android app,VpnTraffic support other OS,Secure your PC or Mac.

VpnTraffic include different Packages.For more information or for support, please visit

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: YouTube Downloader TubeMate

[TubeMate - The fastest and most famous YouTube downloader]
<B>[WARNING] There are so many virus applications(ad-wares) named ‘TubeMate’ in the market. They are harmful. Please get the real TubeMate at for your safety.</B>
* Visit to get the latest TubeMate because TubeMate will disappear from the market.

[The original fast download technology]
* Fast download mode(with multiple connections for a download)
* Multiple download resolution options
* Background, multi-download
* Resume downloading
* Convert to MP3 (powered by MP3 Media Converter)
* Playlist as video/audio(powered by Meridian Player)
* Share your video finds via Google Buzz, Twitter or e-mail at the tap of a button
* YouTube search and related videos suggestions
* Save favorite videos to your YouTube account, create playlists

TubeMate YouTube Downloader enables you to quickly access, search, share, and download YouTube videos.
Because downloading always happens in the background, you can go on watching YouTube, surfing the Internet, tweeting, and listening to your music as you download.<ㅠ[Available resolutions]
1920×1080(Full-HD): GalaxyTab, Galaxy S2, PC
1280×720(HD): high-end devices
640×360: general devices
320×240: low-end devices
640×360, 854×480(FLV) : Android 2.1 and over
(the available options depend on the quality of the uploaded video and your device)

<B>Special Thanks to TubeMate Translation Project Team</B>
[Best Translators]
HendriX(Italiano), Ainomx(Spanish), Educolnago(Portuguese-Brazil), Fedor(Czech, Slovak), Szymon(Polish)
[New Translators]
Viglis(Greek), Fan(Chinese), Tony(Chinese-Traditional), Yashirun(Indonesian), funnyvideos(Danish)s_h(Hebrew), duoflux(Japanese), Slyvantes(Turkish), Solo_(Turkish), Pacavallo(Italian), Ernest(Czech), abdou(Arabic), alkiyumi(Arabic), Klaus(Japanese)
[Thanksful Translators]
Roan67(French), nivp(Hebrew), Tobias(German), Gadrinium(Japanese), Rob(Dutch), Adigehalil(Turkish), Mobde3(Arabic), Olina(Chinese), Per(Danish), Dennis(Dutch), Marcio(Portuguese), William(Swedish), Horvath(Hungarian), Suurmeijer(Dutch)
[New Members]
John, Kamil Ashirbakiev, Verholen

KW: TubeMate, YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER, TUBEX, JetVD, Freedi, YouTube Music Video, TubeMate, YouTube MP3 Converter, YouTube Video Downloader

Recent changes:
- Fix fetch error on some videos(safe mode)
- Faster launching
- Fix WiFi problem
- Fix force-close in 1.05.22
- Thanks : Fan(Chinese), Nitrogen(Russian), Viglis(Greek), Polish(Szymon), Ainomx(Spanish), alkiyumi(Arabic), educolnago(Portuguese), Verholen(German), Handrix(Italiano)

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Hot Girls Gallery HD

See for yourself

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: My First Iqra’

This application will teach you the phonics of Arabic letters when written with diacritic signs, namely signs which are written either above or below the letter. The corresponding short vowels are known as fatha, damma and kasra. This is fundamental in learning how to read the Quran verses.

Recent changes:
Major bugs fixed.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Mirror Galaxy S


This is a special version of Mirror made compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S.
Mirror is one of the most useful apps that you can get on your android phone.
It turns your screen into a mirror so that you can make that last check before starting the important meeting or showing at your girlfriend.
No need to take a real mirror in your bang anymore your android phone is there for you and maybe can save your life ( or new work ;)
Just start Mirror app and watch your screen turning into a mirror and showing your face.

If your phone has a front facing camera then most probably this app will work however you can see the tested devices at the bottom.Works best on Samsung Galaxy S.

For Bug reports please contact us.

Thank You!

Tested on :
Samsing Galaxy S

Recent changes:

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: معاني الأسماء العربية

معاني الأسماء العربية يقدم مجموعة مختارة من الأسماء العربية

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Adele Ringtones and Lyrics

If you’re looking for Adele Ringtones and Lyrics, download this app right now for the most updated Adele Ringtones and Lyrics!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Colorful Touch

Colorful Touch is a very simple, fun and addicting game ! Tap the buttons as fast as you can and see how good are your reflexes !!

- 3 levels of difficulty
- Online Leaderboard (Scoreloop Ranking)
- 2 Game Mode :
** Normal Mode : Touch the buttons once they lost their color
** Memory Mode: You have a few seconds to memorize all the colors and find them back. Remember the position of each color to get a high score!

** KeyWords ** : Tap, Touch, Fast, speed, Color, Reflex, brain, memorizing, Scoreloop

Recent changes:
- UI Optimization

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Flashlight Fastest

The only Flashlight app with a large battery display!

It instantly turns your Phone into a real flashlight to illuminate your path so that you can open the door, or find your keys in your bag.

Uses the camera flash in a constant on position for a fast and great flashlight.

As bright as bright can be and as fast as fast can be.

Very easy to use and FAST to load. Hit the icon and the flashlight is on. There is a button on the screen to turn on and off so you don’t need to exit the APP.

The app displays the available battery life of your device at all times

Sp your phone by your bed for instant light in the middle of the night!

No more stubbing your toes!

Try it now and see for yourself …

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Flashlight Fastest Pro

The only Flashlight app with a large battery display!

It instantly turns your Phone into a real flashlight to illuminate your path so that you can open the door, or find your keys in your bag.

Uses the camera flash in a constant on position for a fast and great flashlight.

As bright as bright can be and as fast as fast can be.

Very easy to use and FAST to load. Hit the icon and the flashlight is on. There is a button on the screen to turn on and off so you don’t need to exit the APP.

The app displays the available battery life of your device at all times

Sp your phone by your bed for instant light in the middle of the night!

No more stubbing your toes!

Try it now and see for yourself …

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: ★ Lucky Leprechaun Slots

Try your luck with this Leprechaun themed slot machine! Based on real LAs Vegas odds with exciting sounds and music.
Get 3 Pots O’ Gold for the super jackpot!!

Recent changes:
Works on tablets and phones

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Dazzle Ball

Dazzle Ball is a 2d casual game. It has beautyful picture and lost of effect.
Many of dazzling balls are waiting for you. Any of balls has specific attributes and effect.
And the game provided several of background that some collocating beatify effect.
When you got a good score, you can sumit your mark to the net ranking. Okey! Can you enter the
list on the net? There have two ranking list, today and history. Let’s go, mark your name on it.
How to play:
Every time it will generate a ball, then move you finger, confirm the power and the direction,
make the ball in the net.
Notice: Do not let the ball touch the board and net, you will get more score.

Recent changes:
adjust some effets

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Rage Face Tap

Find out how many Rage faces you can tap !!! RageFace Tap is a addicting and simple game. You just have to touch all the rage faces as fast as you can before they invade your screen !! The game is over when the progress bar turns red. Aim for the top ranking !!!
Free updates to come with more Bonus Items and Rage Faces !!!!

Game Features:
– 4 Difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane
– Scoreloop Online Ranking
- Bonus Items
– Many RageFaces Available

Keywords :
Touch, Rage Face, rage comics, memes, f7u12, Tap, Reflex, Speed, Scoreloop, Fun,Peripheral vision, reflexes

Recent changes:
*** Release Notes v1.0.9c ***

– UI Optimization
– Minor Bug Fix

AppBrain Link:

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: CloudMagic and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: CloudMagic and Other Apps

Latest Android App: CloudMagic

"really, really, really, fast" – TechCrunch

Search across Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps, Docs, Calendar and Contacts from desktop or mobile.

Super Fast Search
- Lists relevant tweets, emails, docs, calendar events and contacts instantly as you type. Saves hours each week.

Multiple Accounts
- Search across all your Gmail, Google Apps and Twitter accounts in a single place.

Voice Search
- Supports voice search from the app and the home screen widget

Multiple Devices
- Works across desktop and smartphones

Quick Preview
- Allows you to quickly preview and take common actions like Reply, Retweet, etc.

Partial Search
- You can find the right tweet, email, doc, calendar event or contact even if you know just the first few letters of what you are looking for.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: About Pottery

If you are looking for one sensible hobby, pottery is definitely one of your best choices. It will make you feel relaxed for some reason. As you focus on making perfect pots, you are making your leisure time more effective.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Easy App Manager

Do you feel annoying by so many apps?
Do you lose some apps after updating your device?
Do you want to keep your private apps confidential?
Want to find a perfect solution?
Now is your answer!

Easy App Manager, deals with all the app things for you in one app. It will manage your apps intelligently and considerably.

One-stop manager to sort out massive apps and speed up phone-
√ Easy to use
Just one click to check your phone quickly
Just one click to speed up your phone
√ Considerable
Protect your privacy
Classify your apps as you like
√ Free
It’s free!

Features List:
1.Quick Scan
Show real-time phone status instantly and notify you how to optimize your phone.
2.Desktop Folder
Classify massive apps into different category folders and help you search the app instantly and accurately.
3.App Lock
Set password to keep your app confidential.
Kill redundant apps when starting up your phone to gain a higher speed. (It needs root permission)
5.Cache clear
Clear selected caches generated by apps or clear all caches with just one click.
Remove apps with just one click, easier than System Uninstaller.
7.APK manage
Install or delete the selected APK.
8.App to SD
Move apps to SD card with multiple options provided.
Back up your apps in your SD card to keep vital apps with double insurance

Enjoy easy mobile life with Easy App Manager!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: [흑룡사주]2012 임진년 흑룡의해 사주 운세 팔자!

2012 임전년 최고의 무료 사주 운세 보기
흑룡의 해를 맞이하여 흑룡신이 직접 맞춰보는 사주를 볼 기회가 왔다!!

2012년 사주, 운세를 확인하세요!!
실제 역술가의 분석을 통한 정확한 사주정보!!!
‘흑룡사주’를 통해 2012년도 자신의 운명을 확인해보세요!!
최고의 사주 어플, 찰떡사주! 2012년 명품흑룡사주가 왔다!
★★★★★ 2012 흑룡사주 ★★★★★

★ 2012년 사주를 미리 확인하세요!
★ 사주정보가 더욱더 강력해졌습니다!
★ 서버 증설로 더욱 안정적인 서비스를 제공합니다!

2012년 한 해를 새롭게 살아가는 이정표가 되시길 기원합니다.
무료로 확인하실 수 있습니다.

사용방법은 간단히 자신의 생년월일을 입력후 사주를 보시면 됩니다.

"흑룡사주"를 통해 자신의 사주를 보고 열심히 노력하면 올해의 위기를 극복하고 좋은 결실을 얻을 수 있습니다!!!

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Latest Android App: Cool Text SMS

A large text message collection of cool sms mobile phone sms txt messages. Send these cute cool sms, cool sms jokes, cool cute funny sms messages to your …Friends

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Latest Android App: Hypnotherapy

Don´t take a pill to sleep!!
Hypnotherapy induces hypnotic state to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns.
Prepare to enter in hypnotic state.
Induces hypnotic state using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of lights
sounds and music.

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Latest Android App: Amazing Princess Dress Up

Charm your way into your prince’s heart with your amazing princess look. Choose a beautiful dress that shows your natural beauty, and accessorize it with your favorite jewelries. There are many dazzling earrings, necklaces and tiaras to choose from.

This game develops imagination and creativity, and helps the kids learn about fashion items, accessories and colors combination.

- hairstyles
- dresses
- tiaras
- earrings
- necklaces
- shoes

- Tap "Play" to start dressing up the princess
- Tap the category buttons to choose the items
- Tap "Show" to see your princess
- Tap “Save” to save to Gallery
- Tap “Replay” to restart the game
- Tap “More Games” to play many other princess dress up games online

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Save your Model!
The saved image can be:
- emailed to your fiends!
- shared on Facebook!
- used as wallpaper or avatar

Feel free to Contact us on Facebook or by email for requests, question or suggestions.
Like us on Facebook:

This app is FREE and SAFE to use!

Please rate our game and feel free the share it with your friends!

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Latest Android App: Live Cam Chat

Live chat application with live video streams. Meet and chat with real people or just watch them live!

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Latest Android App: ESPN News

Get the latest sports news, live sports results and information on sporting events. Stay connected to ESPN on your phone. Get the latest news, standings and much more about your favorite teams and players.

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Latest Android App: Amazon UK Discounts

Use this cool online shopping app to find discounts of up to 75 % on products. Amazon UK is one of the largest retailers in the world so start hunting bargains now.

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Latest Android App: Search Engines

Use Google , Yahoo! , Microsoft , , , , MIT Search

All in one application !

Have fun ;)

محركات بحث جوجل , ياهو , بنج والمزيد.. في تطبيق واحد

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Latest Android App: KIA Tennis

Celebrating KIA’s partnership with the Australian Open, Kia present the Kia Tennis App.

As well as a tool to enter for a chance to win instant prizes and the all new KIA RIO, Kia Tennis App presents player statistics and information, a map of the Australian Open, Australian Open history and exclusive interviews with players and personalities with KIA Open Drive videos.

Competition entry:

Kia Motors is giving you the chance to win an all-new Kia Rio Si. For a chance to win, just download Kia Tennis App. on your phone, and then watch the telecast to scan the specially marked logos, or scan at car dealers and Australian Open KIA locations.

Please note Google is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way with this promotion.



Recent changes:
Initial Release

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Latest Android App: Boot Animation Shuffle


THIS APP IS IN BETA. Please email me with suggestions and comments. I would LOVE to get feedback.

Randomizes your boot animation or can be used to set one after ROM flash.

App info is backed up to external data (sdcard) to preserve between ROM flashes

Copies boot animations from /sdcard/BootAnimations/ to /system/media/

Recent changes:
-Added options to choose:
+only one animation that is ever chosen
+turn off notification option

-Added backup option for current boot animation (default to true)

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Latest Android App: Caynax Eskimo Battery Widget

This is beautiful Caynax Eskimo Battery Widget.

This beautiful battery widget available for free shows:
- battery level
- battery temperature
- battery voltage
- battery status
- battery health
- battery technology

You can set battery temperature unit shown on widget.

This is widget so to use it:
1. On home screen long click on free space.
2. From pop-up menu select ‘Widget’
3. Select ‘Caynax Eskimo Battery (1×1/2×2)’ to use this beautiful battery widget for free.

Widget contains one small standard ad banner in widget configuration activity.

Recent changes:
Improved widget refresh after on widget click.

You will have to place widget on home screen again after update.

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Latest Android App: Crazy Animal Sound

Animal Crazy Sound – funny animal sounds! Let kids sounds like a cat, dog, pig, etc.

Sounds amazing animals. Some crazy and some talkative!

To stop the sound, click on the image a second time.

Animals sounds include:
-Crazy cow, or something funny
-A cat that is bad for the mouse!
-Hen, and its golden eggs
-Donkey, and their whining
-Delphin, wonderful sounds recorded in Sydney!
-Pig, pig, and her wonderful children
-Duck, quack quack and her quiet time
-A dog that is twisted and happy because of the bone

Pictures and sounds are also for children

keywords: cow, cat, chicken, donkey, dolphin, pig, duck, dog, sound, crazy, cool, tom, hello kitty, talking animals, sounds, ninja, fliper, birds, angry birds,

The applications are located AirPush advertising (which is not a virus!)
Please do not place a 1 if you do not like it simply uninstall it!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Android4 Theme GO Launcher EX

===Brief introduction:
Covers icons, wallpaper, folders

interface and app drawer. Get it and have a completely new makeover

of your smartphone with android OS at once!

===Important tips:
***This app only works with GO Launcher EX.
***Install GO Launcher free from the market first.

***How to Apply the Theme:
1.Please Do Not open directly after it’s installed.
2.Back to GO Launcher EX: MENU > theme preferences.
3.Choose and apply the theme.

***Change icons:
Some devices may not change the icons automatically.
1.Tab and hold an app in desk screens.(Not available in app list.)
2.Replace > Choose the theme’s icons.

***Circle Effect:
1.Only works in App list, MENU > Settings > Icon effect > Chariot

Thanks for your support!

Android Theme;samskl;YQ;Classic;Cool;Black;Dark;Simple;

AppBrain Link:

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