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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: iSports 2 and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: iSports 2 and Other Apps

Latest Android App: iSports 2

HTGSports provides online tournament management for soccer events around the USA. iSports 2 provides realtime tournament brackets, standings, schedules, results and venue maps for all HTGSports events.

Redesigned to make it easier to use.
- The division picker is integrated into the event viewer.
- Swipe to view different pages within the event viewer
- Add game to your calendar
- Venues include touch to driving directions
- Contact page now lets you submit information directly from the app

Learn more on

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: MASHA AND BEAR2

Simple and amusing game. For children of any age. The puzzle is solved, when all parts are correctly assembled in the correct picture. Test Your reaction and combinatory skills with this game. Game expands knowledge of the child of world around. Persevere and You will prevail. Ideal for casual gaming in the Metro, Taxi, tram or while waiting for your lunch.

Choose any picture by means of arrows "to the right" or "to the left".
Choose level of complexity from 1 to 5 by means of the button «setting».
Cut and mix a picture on pieces button "MIX".
Gamer should slide and place pieces in correct picture.
Finish the game by pressing the "EXIT".
With advertisements. Support App2SD.

Game, educational, child games, kids, baby, school, kid, toy, fun, beautiful, entertainment, pretty, children, baby games, kid game, learning, nice, puzzle, shapes, kid games, teach, baby game, Tactile Skills, preschool, gorgeous, toys, kindergarten, Cognitive Skills, preschool-aged, Shape Recognition, Visual Spatial Skills, Fine Motor Skills, education, Girl, bear, history, amusing, unusual.

Recent changes:
Dear gamers! The first part of game is called: Masha and a bear. Play with pleasure!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Tap Tap War Free

Hit lighting squares a soon as you can and win the game. Bonus cases can help you at any time to win the game !

4 Game nodes :
– alone against the phone
– alone against the clock
– 2 players on the same phone
– 2 player with two phones connected on bluetooth

Recent changes:
First version of the game.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: PassportImageDecoder

This library can decode various image formats used in electronic machine readable travel documents (eMRTD) / electronic passports (ePassport).

This open-source library is used by NFC TagInfo to decode images from ePassports.

Visit for more information.

While we test our app prior to releases, there might still be some errors that cause unexpected behavior and functional interruptions. If you happen to find such misbehavior please help us by providing a so-called "crash report". You can also file bug reports or feature requests using our issue tracker:

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Classificados do Rio

Com o Classificados do Rio, você tem acesso a todas as ofertas do Classificados dos Jornais O Globo, Extra e Expresso. É para ler, compartilhar e ligar direto para o anunciante.

O que você encontra no Classificados do Rio:

- Histórico dos últimos 7 dias de anúncios de palavra dos Jornais O Globo, Extra e Expresso.
- Busca segmentada e por palavras chaves.
- Com apenas 1 clique você pode entrar em contato com os anunciantes.
- Compartilhamento de ofertas por e-mail
- Você ainda pode armazenar os anúncios do seu interesses no campo Favoritos.

Este aplicativo só funciona com conexão a internet.

E ainda, se precisar de ajuda, quiser enviar sugestões ou fazer comentários, mande um e-mail para [email protected]

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Mariana

GALINHA PINTADINHA E SUA TURMA! Entertain your children with musical animations from the brazilian popular culture.

Galinha Pintadinha, or Spotted Chicken and Her Crew is a brazilian production that brings culture and fun to the whole family.

Enjoy it and lots of cluck cluck clucks for everyone!

Visit our website at:

• Created by: Bromélia Filminhos

• App Publisher: 01 Digital

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Dirty Window

Dirty Window application is the second generation of a screen cleaning applications.

Easy to use:
- start a Dirty Window app.
- get soft and thin screen cleaning cloth.
- start carefully cleaning the screen and see the effect instantly!

1. 7 different windows to clean.
2. Supports all screens and resolutions.
3. Unique cleaning experience.

Recent changes:
14 January, 2011

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: IOS Folder

Feel no vexation about the messed-up apps in your device! Now you can group them into your own personalized folder on the desktop in your device. Sort your apps and make your management more efficient!
Android phone can also create iphone-style folders that show the number of apps on its upper righter corner!
Simple to operate and easy to use! A helpful app for Android phone! Try it now!
"Steps for creating an IOS Folder:
1. Press-hold on the desktop to active Widget.
2. Select IOS Folder in the Widget list and click it.
You can add at most 12 icons in one folder. Click “Settings” button below to personalize the apps, colors and etc.
Your suggestions and commands are welcome. Please contact us through Android Market comment and e-mail.

Keywords: Free, Folder, Iphone, Style, Widget, Application Procedures, IOS Folder, App Folder, Widget, Application Folder, Management application, Personalize, Free

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Latest Android App: MyQuiz -Lite

Presenting MyQuiz –Lite, an awesome application for Android

******** Try the Application for Free ********

*Are you fed up of quiz apps that run out of steam after the first few rounds of play?*

*Are you looking for an application that gives learning as well as entertainment?*

*Are you looking for an application that gets updated every now and then*

Then try MyQuiz -Lite, an application so vast you’ll need a steamer to cross its ocean of challenges!

MyQuiz -Lite is your never-ending, adaptive companion to discovering the world around you – its geography, history, events, places . . . every nook and corner you can think of.

Here’s why MyQuiz -Lite is so awesome:

** Thousands of questions to grapple with **
** More themes than you can count on your fingers **
** Performance graphs to let you be your own taskmaster **
** Strict timings controls force your brain cells into action **
** Two-player mode: play with friends, play on a date (but make sure you lose!) **
** Instantly compare scores with the rest of the world **
** Check out the daily winner and pine for the pedestal **
** Make and Play your own Quiz with the MyQuiz Function **

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating.

Try MyQuiz -Lite now!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Gambling News

Free Gambling Application is offering free gambling related news on daily basis.
with our app you’ll get updated on everything even news about regulation worldwide.
We also offering free reviews about most of the platforms, (Casino, poker, sports betting, bingo) ect..
And last with our tips & Strategy section you’ll be able to learn before playing!.

We hope you’ll like us and that you will help us by sharing our app to your friends of familly.

The FreeGambling Team.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Android java editor

You can use this application to work on his project on the road, get a file from svn, to quickly change them and upload to the repository. You can use this tool to quickly implement an idea that came to your mind when you do not have a computer. And over time, this application is likely to become fully integrated developer environment that can replace traditional IDE at the same time, the tablet and smartphone will replace him a regular computer.
This is still only beta-version, and we plan to significantly expand the functionality of the application in the near future. Therefore, we will be very helpful comments and suggestions, which will give us the options that should be implemented in the next update.

Recent changes:
Fixed some bugs in the module for syntax highlighting code editor

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: English Level Checker

What is your English level? Take the test.

Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Int, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advance and Near Native.

Using this software will save you time and money. Find study materials for your level.

1. Quick test is free. Quickly finds your level.

2. Full Report: Tells you your strengths and weaknesses. Gives you an idea of exam level. For example TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS.

This is EFL/ESL Language Learning Software.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Women’s Council of REALTORS

Plan for upcoming or current Women’s Council of REALTORS (WCR) Events. Browse floor plans, view speaker biographies, and view upcoming events.

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Latest Android App: BeejiveIM for Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo IM & Yahoo chat. BeejiveIM for Yahoo Messenger allows you to instant message on Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo instant messenger, & Yahoo chat.

BeejiveIM for Yahoo lets you chat on Yahoo’s messenger service on the go with the proven reliability of BeejiveIM. Now you can chat with your Yahoo Messenger friends anywhere you go!

Beejive’s reliable and efficient networking has been tested and proven on multiple platforms. Now it is available in a dedicated Android app just for Yahoo Messenger’s chat service. Move from cellular and wifi connections seamlessly. Stay connected after you close the application and be notified when you get a new message through push notifications (OS 2.2+). After being out of coverage BeejiveIM automatically reconnects and picks up where you left off.

This app has all the major features of BeejiveIM, including:
- Reliable and efficient networking: be connected 24/7. Session timeout of up to 7 days.
- Be connected even after you close the application. Get notified instantly when you get a new message with Push Notifications (OS 2.2+).
- Send and receive files, including pictures and voice notes. View and forward received documents.
- Desktop-like instant messaging with all of your Windows Live Messenger / MSN Messenger friends from an intuitive and proven interface.
- Real-time chats: quick switch between multiple simultaneous chats.
- Full Unicode support, chat in any language supported by your Android smartphone.
- Landscape option, type with a larger keyboard.
- Chat history: Email chat logs to save chat history.
- Hyperlink support, automatically parses links for web pages, YouTube videos, email addresses, twitter usernames, and phone numbers.
- Emoticons support.
- Sort/group/search your buddy list.
- Buddy icon support.
- Configurable alerts & customizable sound settings.
- Highly configurable settings inside the application.

* Yahoo Messenger and logo are registered trademarks of Yahoo! Inc.
* BeejiveIM for Yahoo Messenger is not affiliated with nor sponsored by Yahoo! Inc.

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Pokemon Millennium App – 1.5 and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Pokemon Millennium App – 1.5 and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Pokemon Millennium App – 1.5

The Official Pokémon Millennium App for Android Devices!
Surf the biggest Italian Pokémon website!

Recent changes:
-Added some personal settings (name, gender, vocal welcome)
-High qualità App icon
-Buttons pictures in 40×40 format (before: 25×25)
-New logo

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Silence Scheduler

Silence Scheduler allows you to schedule when your cell phone will enter and quit from silent/vibrate mode.

It is suitable for situations when it is not allowed to produce noises, or situations when you do not want to be disturbed, for example, meetings, school, gym, library, etc.

Important features of Silence Scheduler:

- SAVE BATTERY: this app does not run as a service in background. So, it is not necessary to maintain Silence Scheduler running (check running services by yourself). This feature SAVES the BATTERY of your cell phone.

- INTERFACE EASY TO USE: the interface of this app is similar to the Android Alarm. So you can easily create and manage your schedules.

- MOTOROLA SMART ACTIONS: this app is one functionality present in the Motorola Smart Actions (schedule the phone for silent and normal mode). The difference here, is that Silence Scheduler can be installed on ANY device that uses ANDROID system not only on Motorola devices.

- TUTORIAL: this app has a brief tutorial in the help section. Instead of the other applications, you do not need to guess how to use Silence Scheduler.

- MULTI-LANGUAGE: Silence Schedule is available for both English and Portuguese languages. Just change the language of your cell phone and Silence Scheduler language will be upgraded automatically.

Keywords: silent mode, vibrate mode, schedule profile, silence scheduler, vibrate scheduler

Recent changes:
- Cell phone emits vibrate alert when the schedule is executed.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Yankees Live Wallpapers

This application was created by a Hooo Brazilian design studio in partnership with the developer Ulisses Cappato. The studio consists of two members: Marcos Rodriguez and Douglas Soares. The purpose of this project is to popularize the studio and show people a little work as they are free from the studio.

Recent changes:
Version 1.0.0

- Three wallpapers added.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: NXT Control – Button

This cute program can control your LEGO NXT robot via any kind of Android device. Simply press buttons on the screen, the robot will go forward/backward and turn left/right.

Please email us if you are interested with the source code, we are happy to share with you.

Please visit our website for more infomation:

Recent changes:
First released on Jan 17th, 2012. Please first pair your Android Device with LEGO NXT robot via Bluetooth.

Simply control your robot by tapping the button on the screen, enjoy!!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 烟花易冷贺新年

欢度龍年,在龍年里,步步高升,吉祥如意,龙腾虎跃,龙马精神,四季平安。该动态动态壁纸,就是是一款以新年喜庆氛围,多种可爱卡通那个形象为题材的壁纸,有雪花,星星效果,还有【- 新年舞狮子,放鞭炮,拜年,发红包 -】等多种可爱动作,也含有多种背景选择,下载该动态壁纸,度过一个快乐的新年,快乐的龍年。祝福您万事如意,大吉大利,龙马精神…
Wish you and your family happy new year !!
如果您不想看到廣告也不想免費賺取積分,請不要下載安裝,也不要因此故意惡評! O(∩_∩)O謝謝!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Apzine

아모레퍼시픽은 "APzine"(AmorePacific Magazine 또는 APpication magazine)이라는 통합 매거진 어플리케이션을 통하여, 오프라인으로 서비스 되는 아모레퍼시픽의 매거진을 한눈에 볼 수 있는 어플리케이션을 출시 하였습니다. 또한 1953년도부터 출간한 향장 매거진을 서비스하여 아모레퍼시픽의 역사와 한국여성들의 미의 변천사를 볼 수 있는 어플리케이션 입니다.

1. 향장, 아리따움, 리리코스, 설화수, 헤라, 오설록 6종의 무료 매거진 다운로드 제공 및 동영상, 사진, 이벤트 정보를 추가로 제공
2. 정기구독 기능으로 신규 매거진 배포를 실시간으로 알림 기능 제공
3. 스크랩 기능으로 원하는 Page를 저장하여 볼 수 있는 기능 제공
4. 1953년부터의 제공된 클래식 향장 매거진 보기 기능 제공
5. 기타기능으로 이벤트 정보보기, TV-CF보기, 매장찾기, SNS기능 등을 제공 한다.

Recent changes:
프로요(2.2)버전의 버그로 인한 bug fix
– 이미지 변환 오류(Bitmap.getConfig())

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: F1 World

At a glance, F1 World is a sport app designed for Android. It provides the user with the instant News updates regarding all the latest happening in Formula One. News related to your favorite F1 teams, drivers and circuits all can be viewed from F1 World. F1 World is incorporated with built-in browser, graphical map presentation, RSS News feeds related to F1 industry, which can be automatically updated and much more. User can browse and view any News of his/ her choice of any date and can also view the photo gallery of his/ her favorite cars, drivers, teams and circuit in our future update.

• Latest News of Formula 1
• News related to your favorite F1 drivers, teams, race tracks, race schedules etc.
• Racetrack along with graphical presentation.
• Mark/ Unmark the RSS feed from where you would like to read the News.
• Preview window for each News along with the picture.
• Scroll to jump to next News.
• Facility to read each News in F1 World with integrated browser support. Means no need to open a separate browser to read the complete story.
• Scroll again to directly jump to next News story, without pressing the back key.
• Option to choose from automatic updates, timely updates or scheduled updates for News.
• And much more…

Choice of News Feeds from
• BBC f1

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: (Lite)Memory Card (단어 암기 카드)

메모리 카드를 통해 암기하는 시간을 절약해보세요!!
모바일 최적화 단어암기 어플리케이션
(영어, 일본어, 한자 지원)

★★★★ 간단 소개 ★★★★

- 메모리 카드는 실제 암기카드처럼 앞면은 단어 뒷면은 단어로
이루어져있어 카드를 넘겨서 앞뒤를 확인할수 있습니다.

- 등하교, 출퇴근 시간등 이동하면서 간편하게 학습할수 있도록
최적화된 UI를 제공합니다.

- 풍부한 단어장이 제공되기 때문에 암기카드를 만들면서 소비
하는 시간을 절약해 다른 곳에 투자할수 있습니다.

★★★★ 주요 기능소개 ★★★★

○ 풍부한 단어량 (단어 학습 앱중 최다) ○

– 영어 ( 31800단어 & 문장 10900문장 )
– 일본어 ( 18900단어 & 문장 1300 & 상용한자 1500 )
– 한자 ( 10560 字 & 사자성어 1000 字 )
★ 단어장 리스트는 밑에서 확인 가능합니다. ★

○ 다양한 기능 지원 ○

– 발음 지원 (영어 단어장만 지원합니다.)

– 카드 앞뒤 바꾸기 기능 지원

– 자동 책갈피 기능 지원

– 간편한 카드 서치바 지원

– 네 마음데로 디자인 (글자색, 크기, 폰트, 배경화면 선택가능)

○ 만족할 때 까지 무한 AS 지원!! ○

– 지속적인 업데이트(버그수정,성능개선)

– 컨텐츠 확장(단어장 추가 등등)

– 기능 확장

★★★★ 단어장 리스트 ★★★★

★ 영어 ★

기초영어단어(2000 단어) 중학생 필수 단어(1000단어)
고등학생필수단어(1000 단어) 수능 출제단어 총정리( 9000단어)
토익 종합 단어( 4000 단어) 토익 핵심단어(300단어)
토플단어(1000단어) 토플 종합단어(4500단어)
GRE 단어장 (4000 단어) Idiom (5000 단어)

※처음 보는 단어도 알 수 있는※
영어 어근 정리(100단어)

※문장으로 공부하자!!※
기초영어회화 (1200 문장) 기본회화 (3000 문장)
영어 숙어(500 문장) 토익 빈출 어휘 정리 (1200 문장)
토익 LC 어휘(5000 문장)

★ 일본어 ★

※입문자를 위한※
히라가나, 카타가나 ( 150단어 ) 기초&기본단어( 4000단어)
기초회화(1200문장) 일상단어(5000단어)
실용어구 (100문장)

※JLPT & JPT 시험대비 시리즈※
시험 대비 어휘편(2500단어)
시험 대비 종합편(1600단어)
(동사&형용사 포함)
JLPT&JPT(고급) 카타가나 단어편 (500단어)
JLPT&JPT(고급) 빈칸채우기&다의어편 (300단어)
JLPT&JPT(고급) 동사편 (400단어)
JLPT&JPT(고급) 부사편 (100단어)
JLPT&JPT(고급) 필수단어 (4000단어)

※일본어 공부에서 가장 중요한!!※
일본어 한자(1500 자)
의성어 의태어 (350단어)

★ 한자 ★

한자 1급 (2100字) 한자 2급 (1440字)
한자 3급 (1080字) 한자 4급 (780字)
한자 5급 (330字) 한자 6급 (340字)
한자 7급 (190字) 한자 8급 (100字)
한자 9급 (50字) 한자 10급 (50字)
생활한자 (1200 字) 사자성어 (800 字)
천자문 (1000 字) 고교 필수 한자 (900字)
수능사자성어 (200字) 대학한자 시험 (1000字)

■ 교육
영어 단어 단어장 깜빡이 영어학습 토익 수능 영어 english study toeic toefl ets word wordbook 영어공부 영어 깜박이 암기 단어 학습 공부 토익 토플 영어학습 단어장 찍찍이 어학 보카 보카 토익 토플 필수 회화 단어장 깜빡이 영어학습 리핏 리피트 repeat 필수 추천 무료 전자사전 중국어 일본어 한자 한문 암기
일본어 단어 단어장 깜빡이 일본어 일본어 japaness study jpt word wordbook 일본어 공부 일어 깜박이 암기 단어 학습 공부 토익 일본어 학습 단어장 찍찍이 어학 보카 보카 필수 회화 단어장 깜빡이 리핏 리피트 repeat 필수 추천 무료 전자사전 중국어 일본어 한자 한문 암기 외국어 어학 중국어 HSK 대학 수능

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Accenture myExpenses

The Accenture MyExpenses application is for Accenture staff that wish to manage their expense recording while on the move.

With MyExpenses you can capture & record expenses as soon as the expenses is incurred.

Expenses can even be recorded when offline (e.g. while on a plane) and then synced with your online expenses when a connection is available.

Other features include:

Support for Tablets (Android Honeycomb or above) and handsets
Simple, intuitive UI
View expense report history
Offline and online use
Expense records created offline can be selectively synced with online report prior to submission

NOTE:- Use of this application requires a valid Accenture Enterprise ID and Password. Anyone can use the application in demo mode.

Explanation of Android Permissions –

Network communication permission is required to connect to Accenture myExpenses Server

Permissions –

Your personal information
Phone calls
System tools

Are required to read system information only if the application crashes, in other cases these permissions are not used.

If the application crashes the user is prompted whether they would like to send a crash report. Only if the user selects yes are these permissions used to access phone information. This is then sent to a secure server to aid diagnosis of any application problems. Personal information is not captured, phone model type & OS version are captured but not IMEI or any personally identifiable information.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Max Payne

Collector’s Max Payne 3 wallpapers.

Supports every screen.

Optimized for tablets too.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Full Movie Downloads

#1: Full Movies Downloads
Download and Watch unlimited full movies directly on your mobile, computer, or TV. This simple application will display the full movie downloads website. All you need is a movie membership to an online download site, and a mobile phone, computer, or TV.

Requires Android Version: 2.1 and up

Keywords: download movies, download full movies, full movies download, full movie downloads, unlimited movie downloads, unlimited movies download, movies to watch, watch movies, movies on demand, movies on android, movies on hand, movies online, movies on phone, online movies, watch movies on phone, watch movies on droid, download movie, watch movies on mobile, movie for mobile, movies for mobile, movies on mobile, movie on mobile, movie downloader

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Super Plumber Free

1.Any questions/requests please email us.
2.Email:[email protected], will reply in 24 hours.

This Game only support devices has:
Touch Screen with resolution of: 480X800, 480X854, 540X960, 720X1280, 600X1024(Example:Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch). 800X1280(Example Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch).

This is a funny little game but need much more strategy! You will play as a super plumber, you will get calls from your boss who need you fix lots of challenging works from his clients!!! If you like to play the strategic games, such as the most popular strategic game plants vs zombies, then you should have a try of this super plumber, try and see how far you can go…

1. Place pipes on the field, to connect the sewer and drain the sewage.
2. Pipes can not put on the obstacles(flower,stone etc…)
3. Pipes not fit can throw into the bin or just put on the ground for spare.
4. If there are flags on the filed, your pipes’ route must go through that area.
5. After you take a pipe from the box, the next one come out at a random rate.
6. The timer alarm start to tick when there’s 15 seconds left.

Any questions just feel free to contact us. (^0^)

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Latest Android App: Calendar & Schedule

How about manage your schedule and arrangement in the year 2012?
It can notify you important affairs like meetings, dates and birthdays beforehand.
It is really a cute and useful app for your schedule management.

①Tap-hold on the date you want in calendar to input schedule reminder in it.
②Input schedule content, time and memo.
③Log in and tap on the calendar to show the all content you’ve noted down.
※All Japanese holidays are shown in the calendar.
Press on the menu button:
Help: How to use the app.
More apps: introduce more apps from the product development group.
Feedback: Bug report and suggestions of the app.

★Set the beginning of week
In the order of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

★Other related keywords:

In order to improve our apps, please feel free to contact us anytime by sending an email at \"[email protected]\".
Please let us know the problem, your phone model and version of Android you use. We are trying our best to solve the problems of our products and services to further improve it. Thank you for your support.

■When the various communication permissions can be used?

They can be used in ad display and effect tests.

It will be used in setting ad display and collecting related information of download regions (states).

Internet access
It will be used in setting ad display and collecting related information of download regions .

Communication (Phone information)
It will be used in collecting Android versions of phones which downloaded the app.

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Latest Android App: 나만의 역사책

미래를 준비하기 위해서는 역사를 보라는 말이 있습니다.
우리의 역사는 외국의 횡포, 신하들의 싸움때문에 왜곡 되어있습니다.
그 역사를 바로잡기 위하여 이 애플리케이션을 제작하였습니다.

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Latest Android App: Buenos Aires Map

Buenos Aires Map is useful and powerful app that can help you to search place in map, guide you to destination, obtain daily-life information around you and book worthwhile hotel online. This app is especially for users who travel or live in Buenos Aires.

Key features:
√ Online and offline map supported by OpenStreetMap.
√ Obtain and mark your current position in map.
√ Buenos Aires subway map.
√ Professional level navigation with routing offline from point to point supported by Osmand.
√ Booking hotel online, help you to search worthwhile hotel in Buenos Aires from different sources, compare their prices in one page, and tap your selected one to book it online.
√ Local search in Buenos Aires powered by viewtravel ( includes restaurant, hotel, attraction, nightlife, shopping, tour, etc which location can be shown in map.
√ POI in Buenos Aires, support searching POI around you.
√ Indicate your direction.
√ GPS real-time tracking with built-in compass
√ Search point by name, type, distance or type+name, type+distance
√ Voice guidance

User Guide:

★Local Search:
Tap "Local Search" to enter it. This channel provide the information of restaurant, hotel, attraction, nightlife, shopping, tour, etc around your current location. You can filter the result by distance, relevance, ratings. Tap the item on result list, then tap "map" to see its location in map view. You can use navigation function to guide you to there.

★Hotel Booking:
Tap "Hotel Booking" to enter hotel booking channel, here you can obtain lowest price of specified hotel. Hotel from different sources will be listed, you can compare their price in one page. Booking the hotel just by tapping the button aligned after your desired source

Online map need network connection, but without any additional settings. You can tap "Map" to enter map view to use it immediately.
Offline map need no network connection. Before first using offline map, some settings should be specified.
1.Download map data first. Tap the "Map" to enter map view, then go to menu->Settings->Offline data, tap the "Download" button, then enable each item in the list checked, tap "Download" again to download map data.
2.After the map data has been downloaded, go to menu->Settings->Maps, tap the "Offline vector maps" to enable it checked.
3.Now,offline map can be used normally.

Make sure your GPS Status is on which your location can be obtained by GPS and shown in map.
1.Drag the map to your desired location, long press and hold your finger on the map a few seconds to set start point or target point, then tap on the point to pop up context menu to perform following actions: navigate to point, route from, search POI, Search transport, add to favorites, share location, create POI, etc. Routes will be shown in map with colored line.
2.You can specify location by many ways, such as address, latitude, longitude, etc. Go to menu->Specify point to specify location.
3.More navigation settings refers to menu->Settings->Navigation.

Wish you a good trip!

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Latest Android App: Club Music Buzz

Club Music Buzz brings you all latest news, videos, tweets, photos, and more about Club music in one convenient app. By keeping you up to date with the latest Clubbing news, Clubbing tracks, Clubbing videos and giving you a collection of the best Clubbing apps, Club Music Buzz provides you with a sleek way to access content about your favorite music!

Here at Buzzed Studio, our goal is to give you the best content on the Android Market and beyond, letting you access breaking stories about your favorite interests anytime, anywhere. The latest videos, photos, tweets and more, are with you wherever you carry your phone.

Share your favorite Buzzed Studio apps with friends by simply hitting the Share button inside the app.

Looking for more awesome party apps from Buzzed? We’ve created lots of great collections, including Best Beer Apps, Best Drinking Apps, Best Beer Brewing Apps, Best Drinking Games, Best Cocktail Apps, Best Cigar Smoking Apps, Best Wine Apps, and much more! We’ve also got you covered when it comes to Trance, House, Ibizia, Miami and Vegas parties!

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Latest Android App: The Rental Show 2012

The official attendee app for The Rental Show 2012, ConnectME Mobile is designed to help you create the ultimate show experience. In addition to an electronic show guide, this app connects you with exhibitors via an automatic matching component, provides a searchable database of exhibitors, sessions and speakers, lets you create an appointment agenda and receive show organizer updates. It’s never been more convenient to plan a course of action for the show.

Show Guide – A searchable, up-to-date directory of all exhibiting companies, available sessions and speakers.

Automated Matching – A listing of exhibiting companies the attendee was matched with during the registration process, based upon registration demographic information. Attendees can also search exhibitors and expand their list of matches.

Appointment Scheduling – Attendees can send and manage appointments with exhibitors.

Agenda Builder – A complete itinerary of session and exhibitor appointments currently scheduled for the attendee.

Literature – Attendees can download and view exhibitor’s electronic literature.

Messaging Service – Attendees can receive important and informative messages sent out by the organizer.

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-Cricket League HD for TAB is an Interactive and Entertaining Game developed by YFT Team.
-In this Game player can access 20 questions to play at a time.
-Player can Won the Game by Scoring More than 15 points
-Each Wrong Answer will Decrease Score by One Point
-Get Ready for More and More Mobile Applications and Games by YASH FUTURE TECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD ( ULTIMATE SPOT FOR IT SOLUTIONS )

Ratings/comments appreciated! Thank you

For any Support Click below

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Latest Android App: Water and Palm Live Wallpaper

Try our beautiful Live Wallpapers,always FREE, set it as live wallpaper.
All resolutions supported from 240×320 to tablet resolution.
Contains push notification ads, so I can offer always new live wallpaper.
This app is free and contains push notification ads.

Tags : Live Wallpaper Water Palm

Recent changes:
06 jan : Push notification Ads added.

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Klick Todo | Task List and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Klick Todo | Task List and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Klick Todo | Task List

A very simple to use Todo App with philosophy – Keep It Simple !

Its one of a kind todo/task app that makes all controls available on a single activity page !

Klick Todo Features:
- All properties of the todo just a single click away and on a single Screen ! ( no browsing away from your tasks list )
- Single click Reminder
- Set Date and Time for Alarm in one go
- Fast and user friendly UI

Recent changes:
Release v1.5

-Fixed Font rendering issue on todo/task properties
-Fixed Alarm notification issues
-Checkbox alignment for better touch response

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Latest Android App: Jbak Keyboard

Экранная клавиатура для Android.
Внимание! В программе нет словаря и Т9. Если вам это необходимо для набора текста – то дальше можно не читать.
Клавиатура содержит английский, русский, белорусский и украинский языки.
На каждой буквенной клавише есть дополнительный символ, который вводится по удержанию этой клавиши.
По удержанию клавиши Shift выводится специальная клавиатура для операций с текстом, позволяющая легко выделять, копировать, вставлять текст.
На этой клавиатуре расположены стрелки для перемещения курсора, клавиши HOME и END, позволяющие быстро перейти в начало и конец абзаца. Кроме того здесь есть кнопка Select, позволяющая включить и отключить режим выделения при использовании стрелок и HOME/END

По удержанию клавиши Enter выводится клавиатура для ввода смайликов.
Удерживая клавишу 123 – вызываем дополнительное меню, содержащее мультибуфер обмена и шаблоны. Мультибуфер обмена хранит 20 последних скопированных текстов с возможностью вставки в поля ввода. Шаблоны настраиваются пользователем, они могут содержать произвольный текст для вставки в поля ввода и некоторые специальные инструкции.

Есть настройка высоты клавиш, отдельно для портретного и ландшафтного ввода. Можно настроить автоматический переход в верхний регистр и вставку пробелов после знаков препинания.
Настраивается шрифт для полноэкранного редактора, что позволяет увеличить количество строк на экране при наборе с использованием полноэкранного редактора.
Встроенно 6 разнообразных вариантов оформления клавиатуры.

После установки клавиатуры необходимо проделать такие шаги:
1. Заходим в Настройки > Язык и клавиатура, включаем Jbak Keyboard.
2. Нажимаем ОК на появившемся подтверждении о возможности кражи паролей.
3. В любом поле ввода вызываем контекстное меню, нажимаем Способ ввода > Jbak Keyboard.
Это стандартная процедура для использования любой сторонней клавиатуры.

Recent changes:
(+) Можно менять шрифты подписей на кнопках
(+) Настройка клавиши Shift
(+) Автоматическая смена языка на английский в полях ввода e-mail и url
(*) Заменены иконки, автор Али Гамидов
(*) Переделана вибрация, она больше не зависит от системных настроек
(*) Вместо скина RGB – скин Псевдо HTC, напоминающий клавиатуру на смартфонах HTC
(!) В некоторых полях не срабатывала автоматическая смена регистра
(!) Исправления в отрисовке клавиш
(!) Исправлены вылеты согласно полученным отчетам

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Latest Android App: Future Weather

weather forecast application

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Latest Android App: Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy Calculator estimates due date by last menstrual period. Add very cute Widget to track your weeks and days progress.
- Days, weeks and months to go and which have passed
- Estimated day of the week
- Estimated season and zodiac
- Current trimester
- Historical events of estimated due date
- Cute daily WIDGET :)
- Share the date by Facebook or by Email

Have fun :)

Recent changes:
Added cute widget for tracking weeks and days progress.
Few fixes

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Latest Android App: 天天漫画

2.即时更新 火影、海贼王、死神等热门漫画,与日本同步第一时间更新,让你天天有“新”看。
Software name: shuqi reader
Application type: reading software
Software version: v1.0
Software size:
The application language: the simplified Chinese
Application: free authorized
Operation platform: Android mobile platform, Android tablet computer.

【Software is introduced】
shuqi comic is a cartoon phone client software,At the same time support Android tablet computer system application,Software provide lots of high-quality goods comic download reading,Real-time updates,Support breakpoint continuingly multi-tasking download,Size automatically adapt to the screen.
【Software features】
1:Comic detailed classification, rich in content, covering Japan, Europe and the United States and the domestic mainstream cartoons.
2:Real-time updates:NARUTO,ONE PIECE,BLEACH,and other popular cartoon.With those of Japan updated the first time.Let every day you have the "new" look.
3:Content strong:No you can’t see,Only you unexpected!
【Software functions】
1:New products on the market:Here you can quickly inquires the favorite cartoons.
2:Ranking: in the hot list: lists the current way of the most popular comic for your reference.
3:Read free: the way to list list all free comic chapters, you can easily download free of reading
4:Local comics: you all have successfully the cartoons in here will download list, it is to belong to your little stacks. You can also download here management has the cartoons, because the mobile phone memory is limited in time, Delete watched cartoons.
5:Superior performance:Supports most mobile phone, watching convenient
6:Offline reading: mobile Internet can also offline reading without.
7:Perfect operation:Hd comic,The operation is simple easy to use.
8:Intelligent bookmarks: read automatically save bookmarks, keep reading schedule,Stop at any time, at any time to watch.
9: totally free:Free software to download and use.

Recent changes:
shuqi comic is a cartoon phone client software,At the same time support Android tablet computer system application,Software provide lots of high-quality goods comic download reading,Real-time updates,Support breakpoint continuingly multi-tasking download,Size automatically adapt to the screen.

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Latest Android App: Car Games

Get a wide variety of games on your mobile devices on the go, just a click away

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Latest Android App: 3D Can Knockdown

You have to shoot down all cans to gain access to the next level. Use the joystiq on the right side to turn the camera. Click the throw button on the left to shoot a ball.
the game has 9 levels now, but it will be updated weekly!

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Latest Android App: iVaccine

Baby immunization tracker with vaccine descriptions and custom reminders for upcoming vaccinations.
iVaccine is the first child vaccine reminder application of its kind, designed to ensure you don’t forget or lose track of your child’s shots, iVaccine uses your regions immunization schedule to automatically send out reminders for any upcoming vaccination!



All you need to do is select your region and add your baby’s name and date of birth to begin tracking and receiving notifications!

Legal disclaimer: The content on this application is presented for informational purposes only. Never disregard professional medical advice from your child’s pediatrician or health care provider or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this application. This application offers vaccine information for informational purposes only. It is not the intention of this application to provide specific medical recommendation or professional advice. You should always consult with your child’s pediatrician or health care provider before making any decisions regarding your child’s immunization. You should not use this information to self-schedule vaccines for your child. Always use your child’s pediatricians recommended schedule and use this application as an aid in remembering when you need to take your child in for a shot. You should never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have seen or read in this application. This application provides the information content on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. No warranty is expressed or implied that this application is a comprehensive source of information on any topic of health or otherwise. In no event shall the creator of this application be liable in any manner for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of your access, use or inability to use this application, or any errors or omissions in the information on this application. The creator of this application reserves the right at any time and from time to time to add, change, modify, update, or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this application (or any part thereof) with or without notice. The creator of this application shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any addition, modification, suspension or discontinuation of this application.

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Latest Android App: MH3G




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Latest Android App: Dream High movie-book

The drama was created by Bae Yong Joon and a music producer J.Y.Park who produced Rain and Wonder Girls.
"The contents of this App is written in Japanese"

The movie-book is not a book or a movie, but a whole new media which entertains you by "Watch, Listen, Touch".

1)Special movies only available on the movie-book!!
You can watch unreleased scenes of Dream High and director’s cut that have never been shown even in Korea.
Enjoy the special director’s cut that is filled with his love and passion.
Plus, it includes a story behind the set of Dream High taken with enthusiasm, and NG scenes of the casts who continued acting with energy even on a tight schedule.

The all 16 episodes are reedited into Vol.1 to Vol.3.
The best scenes and performance scenes are included with videos.
Fun of Dream High is condensed.
You can read vol.1 sample free.

The performance scenes are all collected with videos, such as the original soundtracks by Suzy of Miss A and IU, the dance scenes of Taec Yeon and Woo Young of 2PM, and the famous songs like Girls’ Generation’s sung by the cast in the drama.

Touch the icons when you find them.
A video or music starts and various actions will happen such as changes of page contents.

Difference between the movie-book and other e-books
- High entertainment contents combined with music, videos and images.
- 3D effect and smooth usability by OpenGL.

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Latest Android App: SBS radio listening again

SBS Radio’s Power FM, Love FM to hear again is a service that can be downloaded.

★ Channel Information
 -Power FM
 Love FM
 - Power FM (jongyoung)
 Love FM (jongyoung)

★ Functions
 - Download and listen (multi-downloadable)
 Real-time just listening (streaming service).
 - Playlist Management (add / remove)

★ Keyword
SBS Radio, keoltusyo dasideutgi, SBS radio listening, the radio re-listening,
The GNP of the night like tonight, Kim Hyung Joon’s music high, yisuk Young’s Power FM, beautiful this morning, Kim Chang-wan, gonghyeongjin the Cine City, choehwajeong the power of the time, escaped untouched keoltusyo, gimchangryeol of the Old School, baksohyeon love of the game, the boom youngseuteuriteu , Ten Ten Club of yiseokhun

Recent changes:
Amended to be moved to SDCard
When network conditions are not good bug fixes that occurred

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Latest Android App: She Story

She Story is Photo of the characters or what’s app such as applications came from the offer Massage is the application This application is a network version of the app as much of the database holds 3D sound pretty little cute moment is an application consisting of Thank you a lot of love and attention And can be used as ring tones Now when I got the phone and when I got the notification that the characters do not hesitate when setting the Try the sound of this application

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Latest Android App: Battery Life Saver

<h1>Battery Life Saver</h1>

Battery Life Saver helps you easily save precious battery life with just one click (enable battery saving mode) by disabling some of the most consuming modules in Android Operating System such as sounds, vibrations, wireless, Bluetooth, auto-sync/background data, and much more. Also, it displays quick battery information in a nice user interface.
Battery Life Saver displays CPU/Processor usage statistics and also gives the possibility to monitor running background tasks (with CPU/RAM usage), users being able to kill unwanted or useless applications.

<u>Minimum requirements</u>
Android API Level 8 (Android 2.2 and above).
It works fine on Android phones and tablets as well.

1. Battery information at glance
2. CPU/Processor usage chart
3. Manage running tasks
4. Kill running tasks
5. Configure your own battery saving profile
6. Automatically enter power saving mode when battery is low (<30%)
7. Automatically enter air-plane mode between sleeping hours (0 – 6 AM)
8. Restore old settings when leaving battery mode.
9. Possibility to move application to SD card.
10.Semi-transparent widget with battery status.

* English


used to retrieve running background tasks

used to kill specified background tasks

used to automatically start main application service at boot-time

used to enable/disable wireless networks in order to save precious battery power

used to enable/disable Bluetooth connections in order to save battery life

used to enable/disable auto-sync settings

used to enable/disable various settings like sound, haptic feedback, auto-rotate, brightness, screen timeout, etc.


Since this is version 1.x your feedback will be highly appreciated so please send us your opinion and suggestions. We will gladly take it into consideration for our further releases, since we want you to happily use this application.
If you want to submit a bug, please let us know your Android version along with your device name. Thank you !
For questions, bug reports, feedback please e-mail us at [email protected]

Recent changes:
* Added the battery widget.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 생활 발지압

생활 발지압 은 생활지압 시리즈 두번째 버전 입니다.

82가지 증상별로 발지압 지점을 한눈에 볼 수 있습니다.

발과 관련된 지압점을 특화시켜 발지압 만을 위한 지압점을 그림을 통해 설명합니다.

1.발지압이란 ?

-인체의 축소판 발
-발을 보면 건강이 보인다.
-발 맛사지 잘 하려면?
-발지압을 피해야 하는 사람
-반신욕 보다 간편한 족욕

2. 전신발지압 30분 ( 발지압을 10단계에 걸쳐서 30분 동안 할수 있도록 구성하였습니다 )

-소독과 발 전용 크림으로 맛사지 하기
-근육 풀어주기
-기본 반사구
-머리 반사구
-발바닥 상단 반사구
-발바닥 하단 반사구
-발 안쪽 반사구
-발 바깥쪽 반사구
-발 등 반사구
-기본 반사구 다시 반복하기

3. 증상별

각 테마별로 총 82가지 증상별 지압점을 설명합니다.
예를들어) 고혈압, 감기, 기침, 심장질환, 비염, 불면증, 야윔, 갑상선 과다 등등

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Latest Android App: Paper Pinball – Lite

Optimized for Tablets!

Paper Pinball is BitsAlive’s new arcarde/action/doodle game that guarantees endless pinball fun… literally!

The mission is simple… don’t drop the ball!
But things will get harder as you reach higher regions – be prepared for new obstacles and new combinations that will keep you challenged for hours!

All obstacles and bonus objects are generated while you’re playing – so playing Paper Pinball is always a new experience!

Compete with people all over the world and compare your score online!

Our online highscore system makes it possible to check how good you are in comparison to iOS users!

Who will win the Android/iOS battle? Check out the highscore on

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Hurricane Eye Free Live Wallpa

Hurricane Eye Free Live Wallpaper
Living in the south.. this is NOT something I love to see but looking at it on the phone as a live wallpaper.. I gotta say its pretty cool

setting for size and frames per second

hurricane, storm, live wallpaper, wallpaper, background

Recent changes:

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: NewsFlash! 香港 & 新聞跑馬燈小部件

NewsFlash! 是集全球 350 個以上的中文新聞資源。

- 12新聞類別: 焦點新聞, 國際, 香港, 兩岸, 政治, 財經, 社會, 體育, 娛樂, 科技, 健康, 發燒新聞。
- 平滑滾動新聞跑馬燈小部件部件與14個不同的設計變化。
- 新聞跑馬燈小部件的前幾的新聞故事的句子。
- 容易分享新聞。
- 收集300個新聞來源,包括以下的新聞網站的新聞。

香港新浪網, 商業電台, 聯合新聞網, 新報, 中時電子報, 鉅亨網, 香港電台, 自由時報, 新城電台, 新華網, 臺灣新浪網, 成報, NOWnews, 壹蘋果專題, 香港文匯報, 中央通訊社, 中國經濟網, BBC中文網, 經濟通, 蘋果日報, 阿斯達克財經網, yam天空新聞, 香港新浪財經, 中央廣播電台, 中國評論, AM730, 雅虎香港, 信報財經新聞, 中央日報, 國際日報, 中廣新聞網, 國際在綫, 香港都市日報, 世界日報, 財華網, 加拿大星島日報, 公視新聞, 財經知識庫,, 星洲日報, NTDTV, 華爾街日報, 台灣英文新聞, AFP, ESPNSTAR中文網, 香港商報, Google News, 有線新聞, iThome Online, uho優活健康網, 希望之聲電台, 新華網雲南頻道, 朝鮮日報, 科技網, 華視新聞, 軍事新聞網, 香港政府新聞網, 自立晚報, 新華網江蘇頻道, 新華網北京頻道, 人間福報, 台視新聞, 南華早報, 麗台運動報, 數位時代

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: SMS Alarm Pager BOS Notruf

SMS Alarm ist ein Tool für alle Einsatzkräfte von Feuerwehr, Rettung, Notarzt, Tierrettung, Rttungshundebrigaden, Wasserrettung, usw. die im Ernstfall per SMS alarmiert werden. SMS Alarm filtert die Einsatz SMS aus dem "normalen" SMS Datenverkehr aus.

Sobald ein Einsatz SMS eingeht wird der entsprechende Text auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt und ein Alarmton abgepielt bis dieser quittiert wird. Die Funktionalität gleicht damit der eines Pagers.

SMS Alarm speichert eine Liste der eingegangenen Alarme. Diese können jederzeit wieder abgerufen werden. Die eingegangen Alarm SMS werden aus dem "normalen" SMS Verkehr komplett herausgefiltert, das heißt sie werden auch nicht mehr in der normalen SMS Applikation angezeigt.

Die Festlegung welche SMS als Alarm SMS zu qualifizieren sind kann über die Absenderkennung oder einen bestimmten Textinhalt festgelegt werden.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Stick War

You lead the last clan of free-thinking stick peoples. Huzzah! Mine for resources, build armies, and fight for freedom. Each enemy you defeat gives you a new power to exploit, you sneaky leader, you!

AppBrain Link:

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Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: [Free]PolkaDotsFlow ! LiveWall and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: [Free]PolkaDotsFlow ! LiveWall and Other Apps

Latest Android App: [Free]PolkaDotsFlow ! LiveWall

Extremely customizable and will bring a flashy, colorful cute background. Some of the options include various colors,shapes, flow directions,love,clock,etc. Tapping the screen will cause an explosion of dots or other girly shapes you have chosen. Play around with the different settings and find what you like best!

**Free version is limited functionality**

Polka Dots Flow! Customize:
*Shapes:Polka Dots/Diamond etc
*Free customize color(effect/background)
*Date/Clock(Analog / Digital)
*Flow Direction
*Amount of dots

*Stripe background
*Horizontal Stripe background

All Color & Shapres customizable:pink,blue,red,yellow,black,white,green,

Phones & Live Wallpapers

Note: Live wallpapers do NOT work on following devices: ● HTC(Hero, Legend, Wildfire, Liberty, Magic, Eris, Aria, Bee, Sapphire), ● Samsung(Moment, Spica, Teos, Acclaim, Intercept, Apollo, Captivate, Gem, Transform), ● T-Mobile(MyTouch 3G Slide, Garminfone), ● Motorola(Backflip, WX445, Cliq), ● LG(GW620, LU2300), ● Other devices: ZTE Racer, Garmin-Asus A50, Apad / Epad tablet, Kyocera Zio, Alcatel OT-980, i-mobile i858, Orange San Francisco, SKY Vega…

Recent changes:
Bug fix.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: StickMan Dan

** Requires Flash

A block jumping game where you require both skill and patience. Jump on the blocks to reach the top and move on to the next level.

Reminds me of super mario bros hah.

< Move Left
>Move Right
_ Jump

Enjoyed this game? Checkout more great free games by searching "adisaapps" on the market.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Fortinet for Android

Fortinet customers and channel partners can search the entire Fortinet solutions portfolio at the touch of a button.

Search among all of Fortinet’s security solutions to match products with your current security needs. The Fortinet Android app enables you to configure your next FortiGates based on a range of security criteria.

Find our FortiPartners’ contact details or use the ‘Around Me’ search to find the Fortinet office closest to your actual location. Get comprehensive global and regional threat updates in real time.

The new Fortinet Android app offers the ultimate security tool for Fortinet customers and partners.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Dexter Trivia Game

Dexter fans, enjoy this awesome Unofficial Dexter Trivia Game. It features over 600+ questions about the Dexter TV show. The difficulty ranges from easy to difficult at random.

Like all good things, we start from the beginning. This first release focuses on the first few seasons of the show. If there is enough demand we will keep updating with more great Dexter seasons.

The game is timer based. You start with 30 seconds to answer a question. The quicker you answer right, the more points you get. A game lasts for 15 rounds. At the end of the game you may enter your name into a global score board.

Challenge your friends to see who the more hard core Dexter Morgan fan is among your friends. Test your knowledge on Dexter trivia. There are many different types of questions including true or false, who said what, finish the quotes and true or false questions.

Hit Menu button for the Share feature, to share a random trivia question with a friend.

If you enjoyed this app please rate and review.

- The question area is scrollable, in case the question is too big to fit.
- Installs straight to SD card (app2sd).
- Internet global scoreboard.

–[ If you like trivia, check out our other trivia titles:

- Futurama Trivia Game
- The Simpsons Trivia Game
- South Park Trivia Game
- Family Guy Trivia Game
- Big Bang Theory Trivia Game
- Star Wars Trivia Quiz
- House Trivia Quiz
- Dexter Trivia Game
- NFL Super Bowl Trivia

Note: if your phone’s system time changes (auto synchronization) during game play, the timer will be set to 0. It’s just our anti-cheating system kicking in.

If you think we are missing something or would like us to add a feature to our apps, please send us an email. We will be glad to assist you with any problems or questions you may have.

The content of the trivia is user submitted. If you find typos or errors in the trivia please email me and we’ll fix ‘em up.

Recent changes:
Fixed the Timer Clock issue for the people with auto synchronization problems. If you’re still having problems email me.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Aprende Inglés paso a paso

Aprende Inglés Paso a Paso

Aprende Inglés Paso a Paso

Libro de libre distribución.
Totalmente funcional sin necesidad de lector extra.

Busqueda de páginas, busqueda por texto, zoom auto-ajustable.

Las capturas de pantalla muestran un ejemplo de visualización del contenido.
Totalmente válido para distintas plataformas moviles y adaptable a diferentes resoluciones. Compatible con todos los móviles y Tablets Android existentes.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 친구놀리기

친구와 함께해보세요..재미있습니다. 저희 뉴앱에서는 친구놀리기 외에 그림심리테스트 1,2 와 재미로하는 심리테스트1,2 도 올라와있습니다. 한꺼번에 다운받으실려면 "뉴앱"이라고 검색해주세요.

뉴앱, 심리, 재미, 사랑, 생활, 바람둥이, 카사노바, 연애, 짝사랑, 이별, 슬픔, 우울, 연상, 연하, 애인, 바람, 이성, 결혼, 재혼, 이혼, 신데렐라, 의자, 키스, 친구. 첫키스, 혈액형, A형, B형, 0형, AB형, 자존심, 이기주의, 재미로 하는, 심리테스트2, 심리테스트, 테스트, 뇌구조, 재미로 보는, 거짓말, 연애, 성격진단, 속마음, 이상형, 연애심리, 무의식, 성향, 귀차니즘, 연애심리, 외모성격, 카카오톡, 겜순이, 틱톡, 배경화면, 스마트, 네이버, 다음, 네이트온, 배터리, 페이스북, 플래시, 앱순이, 도돌, 아스트로, 푸딩, 마이피플, 푸딩카메라, 싸이월드, 한게임, 손전등, 지하철, 쿠팡, 버스, 유행어, 말하는 고양이, 티켓몬스터, 스마트폰, 색깔, 타로, 타로점, 그림, NewApp, simly, psychological, love, fun, funny, enjoy, lover, marry, kiss, firstkiss, friend, blood, bloodtest, test, brain, kakaotalk, game, tiktok, battery, smart, naver, daum, nate, nateon, facebook, flash, app, application, name, life, color, color therapy, taro card, picture, 친구, 유머, 위트, 놀리기, 바보, 메롱, friend

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Crucigramas Gratis
"Ahora, desde las páginas de diarios y revistas, han dado el paso hacia la digitalización y la movilidad de la mano de la app Crucigramas que los lleva a los dispositivos Android. "

CRUCIGRAMAS by NEXTAR© es una manera original y transformadora de resolver crucigramas ahora también desde tu Android, el juego de siempre desde una alternativa simple e innovadora. De eso se trata, todo lo que tiene que tener un crucigrama, sin sus partes engorrosas y con características que lo facilitan y mejoran, en un nuevo entorno visual y auditivamente placentero.
Aficionados a los crucigramas y curiosos aspirantes se verán atraídos por igual a este original modo de presentación. Si disfrutas de hacer crucigramas, ¡definitivamente tienes que darle una oportunidad!
Cuenta con una interfaz completa, fácil de usar y diseñada en alta resolución especialmente para las resoluciones de Android desde 320*480 en adelante. Además cuenta con 48 crucigramas para este pack, siendo este comienzo, el lanzamiento de una nueva serie con nuevos pack de publicación periódica.

CRUCIGRAMAS by NEXTAR© le dará un estado de confort al resolver los crucigramas escuchando la música de nuestra banda sonora o también podrá de escuchar su música preferida almacenada en el Android al resolverlos.

• Excelente y dinámica jugabilidad con una interfaz completamente intuitiva aprovechando la pantalla táctil al máximo.
• Máxima visualización del crucigrama COMPLETO.
• 5 temas diferentes que permiten a cada usuario disfrutar de este pasatiempo, con música e imágenes únicas.
• 3 diferentes usuarios: el progreso dentro del juego para cada uno ellos será guardado de manera independiente.
• Ayudas que le permitirán desde obtener una letra o palabra, hasta verificar si éstas se encuentran correctas o incorrectas.
• Teclado hecho a la medida perfecta y con un diseño ergonómico para el Android.
• Opción de escribir en lápiz o lapicera, a gusto de cada usuario.
• Dos vistas para el crucigrama, la tradicional y la vista por palabra, donde podrá elegir la que le sea más cómoda.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Skyrim HD Wallpapers

Great collection of Skyrim HD wallpapers, more than 40 high quality wallpapers of the awesome Skyrim world.

A selection of more than 40 wallpapers of Skyrim for your Android mobile. This is an UNOFFICIAL fanmade product. Feraran is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Bethesda or Bethesda distribution. All other trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: FC Chelsea Widget

Nice looking widget with emblem of FC Chelsea.
Support your favorite football club!

To install a widget: Long press on your home screen and choose Widgets. Then choose FC Chelsea widget!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: MySoMa Family Guy Brian

This is a MySoMa Soundboard featuring 40 high-quality sound clips for Brian Griffin from Seasons 1-4 of the hit TV series Family Guy starring the voice talents of Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Mike Henry, Adam West, Jennifer Tilly, Patrick Warburton and others.

This release only includes clips from seasons 1-4. I will be pulling clips from Seasons 5-9 as soon as I can.

What is MySoMa? MySoMa allows you to access and manage multiple soundboards all from one app. Read more about it here:

For each soundclip you can perform the following:
- Add to Favorites (access sounds from different soundboards on the same tab)
- Set as default ringtone
- Set as default notification
- Set as contact ringtone
- Set as default alarm
- Remove the button from displaying

If there is a sound clip missing that you want added, just use Menu > Suggest SoundClip from within MySoMa and I will get it added as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: This soundboard will only work with My Soundboard Manager (MySoMa) installed. Don’t worry, if you launch this app without MySoMa installed, you will be sent directly to it in the Android Market to download and install it.

This soundboard is rated "Medium maturity" solely for the content of some of the soundclips. I do not collect any user location data. There are no social features or simulated gambling is this app or My Soundboard Manager (MySoMa).

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Agriturismo On Line

Più di 5000 Agriturismo, Resort, Ville e Casali di Campagna, Country House, AgriHotel e soluzioni di Turismo Rurale in tutta Italia con descrizione, fotografie e recapiti visualizzabili su mappa.

L’applicazione mostra tutte le strutture nel raggio di alcuni chilometri dalla tua posizione, ti dà tutte le informazioni necessarie per ogni struttura e ti guida con la mappa verso quello che scegli.

Puoi ricercare le strutture anche per città.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: HK GO Launcher EX Theme


Free lock screen images for our themes (included this one) and our premium themes are here:

Do you want the best theme for your phone? Do you need detailed, high quality designs? We made them for you! And we’re working on new themes every week/month!

Key features:
- Uniquely designed icons or icon holders
- Custom dock bar
- Unique tab bar
- Eye-catching background
- Unique folder design
- And some other cool things what you can discover

===>Important tips:
1. Make sure the latest version of GO Launcher EX has been installed! (Search “GO Launcher EX” to download)
2. Apply the Theme: MENU->Themes->Choose your currently downloaded theme.
3. Search “GO Launcher EX Theme” in the Android Market to get more fantastic themes.
4. This theme is developed by GLEX Themes Team!!! Recommended download!
Want an extreme makeover for your phone? Action now!

For updates, new themes and other cool things please follow us on Twitter and like us Facebook.
Twitter: @GlexThemes

If you have any question or you want to share a theme idea with us, don’t hesitate! [email protected]

Check out our other themes!

PWR Design Theme, owner of Glex Themes.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Kids Numbers, Colors & Shapes

Great counting and coloring games for kids!

Kids Numbers, Colors and Shapes brings you ten animated, kid-friendly apps and games designed to help your children learn about numbers, colors and shapes!

These amazing learning apps for kids will keep your children entertained while teaching them basic skills.

The first three titles in the collection are free. When you’re ready, unlock the rest of the enchanting collection (10 titles in all) for just $2.99!

Here at Brain Books, we are committed to finding only the best kids apps and the best kids games with high-quality educational content for children right on your Android Device. Our talking and singing stories encourage reading by highlighting words on the page as they are spoken.

See all of our amazing kids apps collections, featuring content that has been carefully selected and approved for kids. You don’t want to miss these essential kid-safe apps!

When you download a Brain Books collection, you always have three titles for free. Unlock the rest of the collection for just $2.99. Collections range in size from 10 to 28 volumes!

This app requires FLASH to be installed on your device. Android Platform 2.3 and higher recommended.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Valentine Quotes Live Wallpapr

Happy holidays, Happy Valentine Day and Happy New Year for 2012.
Since the season of love is not far away, Love can be felt in the air. We bring you this Valentine’s pretty nice live and colorful wallpaper full of lovely quotes to give a romantic look to your mobile. A stunning live wallpaper of shining and falling hearts and ensures that you and your lover is full of sweet and romance.
The wallpaper shows two lovely kids creating the symbol of heart and writing love inside it to dedicate that our hearts should always be filled with love. The customizable hearts falling in the background gives it even more romantic look as it symbolizes a sweet and romantic love for the one close to heart.
This is a special gift for lovers of every age, every person they love. Happiness is never far behind when thoughts of your Valentine come into mind! It is Lovely wallpaper full of hearts for the romantic ones. This wallpaper application is for those of you who are in love or have their hearts full of love
Perfect wallpaper based on the theme of love as one celebrates love. Valentine live Desktop wallpaper will make you very close to the heart of your loved one. This one is the best way to show your love to someone as along with the quotes, the name of your loved one will also be displayed, thus it clearly reflects to whom you want to dedicate the given quote and for someone who means a lot to your life..
Do not forget to choose this wallpaper application when you are shopping for Android Market applications.
If you like this wallpaper, so you should install other similar backgrounds of our company as well. We will soon release more winter wallpapers for live celebration of various seasons like winter, Valentine’s Day (the season of love), the fall season, summer season, etc.
1. Good amount of quotes specifically dedicated to your loved ones.
2. Can select the font in which the quote is displayed.
3. How the quote is displayed keep on changing to make it look prettier.
4. Set the color of the falling heart according to your and your loved ones choice.
5. Your loved one’s name will be displayed at the end of the quote.
** Live wallpapers are set in a same manner to a background. Please search for "Set Live Wallpaper" in your phone.
Tags: Valentine day, February, Love, Sweetheart, gift, Rose, Kiss, Be my valentine, flowers, valentine day flowers, season of love, Valentine, heart, propose.

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Fingerprint Security Pro

Fool your friends by making them think your device is an advanced security tool from the future which can scan & verify fingerprints. They will never be able to unlock your phone ever.

Please read the instructions before you go ahead.

Unlock your android by your fingerprint.

How to Customize the App:

1. Click on "Unlock Times" to Select the number of Beeps after which you have to remove the finger to unlock it. (by default it is set to 3)
2. Uncheck "Show Hint"
3. Check "Disable Home Key" (follow the instructions: click next, next, choose launcher and you’re done)
4. Enter Your name

Note: If the new lock screen doesn’t appear at once, click on lock button again and it will appear.

How to Use:

1. Install the App.
2. Open it
3. Click on "APP SETTINGS"
5. Exit the App and you’re done

How it Works:
You can control the outcome of a scan easily. When the FingerPrint screen pops up, touch your finger to the screen to be "scanned" for your identity(as your thumbprint), there will be vibration and beep sounds during the scan. You can pre-set the number of beeps(or vibrations) which will be heard before the phone gets unlocked.

If a user keeps his finger on the scanning interface for more or lesser number of beeps then the phone is not unlocked and a message saying “Access Denied” is displayed. Which will make the other person feel that his finger print has not been recognized.

The number of beeps after which the phone will be unlocked can be easily modified by the user in the settings menu.

NOTE: that pressing the home button will unlock the phone, this has been done intentionally to ensure that even if you have forgotten the Key to unlocking the phone you do not land up in trouble. You can disable this by Checking the "Disable Home Key" option

If you are locked out of your phone try the following:

a) Click on the home button on the phone

b) Keep your finger till 3 beeps and then remove it

c) If the above two methods do not work, it means you have 1. disabled the home button 2. Changed/reset the number of beeps to unlock 3. And have forgotten the number to which you set it to. So fortunately for you, the app has only 11 possible cases, varying from 0 beeps to 10 beeps to unlock. try each of the case one by one.

d) Switch off the phone and then switch it on again.

If none of the above methods work, write to us at [email protected]

The ultimate biometric phone security app for your android!

Please note that Finger print Security Scanner is for entertainment purposes and does not actually scan your fingerprint. This is a prank application to have fun with your friends. It is not like the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) lockscreen widget which is a real face scanner.

Stay tuned for a series of similar lock screensavers and Live wallpapers

Have loads of fun with finger scanner lock free and enjoy finger security free by fooling people in thinking this to be a real phone security biometric scanner.

Read our testimonials :

"it looks like some kind of super sci-fi metal or ammunition detector of the future FBI or police"

"Love it, I fooled a friend into believing that it was scanning classified documents and barcodes of a secret service. ha ha ha"

"Really awesome, just that it asks for wifi permissions, shouldn’t be so"

"Everytime I am in bad mood, I use it to fool somebody and laugh a lot"

"Extremely Cool graphics, like some x-ray scanning machine gone wrong and emitting all kinds of radio frequency waves and scanning things. really funny prank"

"The best lockscreen replacement theme on the entire android market. Better than pattern lock"

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Popular Hip Hop Music

Popular Hip Hop Music Ringtones
Hip hop is a type of urban music with a heavy beat.
It includes rap,DJing,Graffiti and Street Dance.
Hip-hop is the best way for the young people to let out their anger and sadness. So,many teenagers like hip-hop music.

Plus enjoy 1,000+ ringtone on our site!

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: 7 Kelime

7 Kelime, verilen ipuçlarını kullanarak kelimeleri bulmaya yarayan bir bulmaca oyunudur. Kare bulmaca veya anagram oyunlarını andırır. İpucu verilen kelimeler 2 şerli yada 3 erli hecelere ayrılıp ipuçlarının altındaki düğmeler üzerine yerleştirilmiştir. Amaç bu heceleri birleştirerek ipuçlarının işaret ettiği kelimeleri tahmin etmektir.

Bölümlerde 7 kelime bulunur. Her biri 30′ar bölümden oluşan, 3 bulmaca seti mevcuttur. Ek setler zamanla eklenecektir.

Etiketler: yedi kelime, kelime bulmaca, kelime oyunu

Recent changes:
Versiyon 1.2:
– Bulutlar seti, 12. bölüm fazla düğme hatası düzeltildi.
– Gereksiz uygulama izinleri kaldırıldı.

Versiyon 1.1:
– Oyun içerisinde seçili heceleri iptal düğmesi eklendi.
– İpuçları büyük harfle başlamalı.
– Ana menudeki reklam kaldırıldı, oyun sırasındaki reklam aşağıya alındı.

AppBrain Link:

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