Android books for developers: Unlocking Android

I love this Android book so much, it covers a lot of Android knowledge which I want to know, include Android basics, Android SDK cores and Android applications. Especially, I’m very interesting the chapter 7 and chap 8, which tell about Android Telephony and Notifictions. But I have met a strange thing when I practice with the SMSNotifyExample, everything is OK but it does not work in Android SDK 2.1. I didn’t know what happened and how can I fix the examples? And finally, I found the reason in Manning Forums:

“The android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED Intent action was removed from the documentation prior to v1.5 release but at the same time continues to function. It also seems that this reference is required when setting up a BroadcastReceiver for SMS Messaging.”

That’s the problem of Android Fragmentation, and you can find the Android platform versions distributions here. For Unlocking Android, the update book will come and the problem may be resolved. And for Android developers, if you need the complete codes of the Android book, you can download or browse them here:

Below is the Sample Code by Chapter:

1. Targeting Android

2. Development Environment

3. User Interfaces

4. Intents and Services
WeatherReporter ServiceBinderExample

5. Storing and Retrieving Data
SharedPreferencesTester SharedPreferencesOtherPackageTester FileStorage ProviderExplorer ProviderWidgets

6. Networking
NetworkExplorer NetworkSocketServer

7. Telephony

8. Notifications and Alarms
SimpleAlarm NotifyAlarm SMSNotifyExample SMSNotifyExample2

9. Graphics and Animation

BounceyBall OpenGLSquare XMLAnimate XMLDraw

10. Multimedia
SimpleVideo SimpleCamera SoundRecordingDemo MediaPlayerExample

11. Location Based Services

WindWaves GeocodeExample

12. Putting it all together 1: A Field Service Application
Android Client Server

13. Hacking Android
DaytimeClient Native C Code

Unlocking Android: A Developer’s Guide

Product Description

Android is a free, open source, Java-based mobile platform developed by Google. Unlocking Android prepares the reader to embrace the Android mobile platform in easy-to-understand language and builds on this foundation with reusable Java code examples. It’s ideal for corporate developers and hobbyists who have an interest, or a mandate, to deliver mobile software.

The book first covers the big picture so the reader can get comfortable with the Android approach to the mobile applications. Then the reader learns to apply Android by following the many practical examples. The book concludes with two deep and hands-on examples.

Unlocking Android addresses the Android application framework, its graphical capabilities and media support, data storage, communications capabilities, phone interactions, and notifications.

Unlocking Android covers Android SDK 1.x

About the Author

Frank Ableson is active in the mobile software marketplace, working with leading mobile companies including Handango, Airtime Management, and UnwiredTools.

Charlie Collins is a JEE developer with over 10 years of experience. Charlie is currently a contributor to the Android-Maven project, the GWT-Maven project, the Gwittir GWT framework, and the FeedPod text-to-speech podcasting system.

Robi Sen is a Managing Partner at Twin Technologies LLC, where he spends most of his time helping deliver next-generation Rich Internet Applications to Twin Technologies customers.

Product Details

* Paperback: 416 pages
* Publisher: Manning Publications; 1 edition (April 21, 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1933988673
* ISBN-13: 978-1933988672

Amazon: Unlocking Android: A Developer’s Guide

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