Cute Android Apps for Users: 2x Battery – Battery Saver

Cute Android: Cute Android Apps for Users: 2x Battery – Battery Saver

Are you running out of battery? This app extends many extra hours to your battery life by intelligently and transparently managing Mobile data connection.

You don’t need to manually toggle Mobile data anymore. Using this app, it saves the power consumption and reduces your data plan expense by periodically toggling Mobile data in standby mode.

To prevent disrupting the active data transmission, this app monitors the data traffic and won’t disable the connection until no more data is transmitted over the connection.

With this app, you can extends the battery life easily, and still keep the background data synchronization occur.

★ Manage data connection intelligently when device is in standby/sleep mode
★ Won’t disable the data connection when background data sync or data transmission is active
★ Option to keep connection when charging
★ User settings always have priority
★ Home screen widgets
★ Support most phone types and carriers

To toggle the Mobile data connection by changing APN name may mess your APN settings. We use a different technology to manage your Mobile data. It’s a better approach than APNdroid, BatteryFu, Green Power, APN OnOff, Quick Settings and other similar apps.

Android has already done a good job on managing WiFi connection when device is in sleep mode, so we only manage Mobile data for now. This app won’t toggle wireless connection when WiFi connection is active.

Don’t install this app on SD card. If you have task kill app installed, please add this app to task killer’s ignore list.

Keywords: battery saver, battery booster, data switcher, toggle data, power scheduler, juice defender, battery manager, battery widget, data on demand

Content rating: Everyone

Latest version: 1.10 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

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2x Battery - Battery Saver for Android on AppBrain

2x Battery - Battery Saver

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