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Cute Android: Cute Android Apps for Users: Best Apps Market

We reorganized the Market to give you the best way to find new apps & games. Best App Market is like the editorial lists in iTunes for the Android Market. It is the best way to find a new apps & games without wasting time in the market searching through junk!!

** My Apps section: the best way to Uninstall, Move to SD & Share your apps & games **

Our editors review many apps & games and then create useful lists of only the BEST apps & games for you. We are different than any other markets because we actually install each app & find the app you’d like best for each type. So you’ll only see one “solitaire” app. Not many same ones. We do the hard work for you. Then they are put into useful lists to solve real use cases like “Best Wallpapers”.

Top app selection is done by our team of avid android lovers. Also you’ll get notifications when we add new lists, games or apps. You’ll be ahead of everyone!


•Facebook for Android
•Twitter: Share what you are doing all the time and see what’s up.
•Google Maps: Never get lost again, why waste brain cells on maps any more?
•Wheres My Droid: Don’t worry about losing your phone
•Multicon Widget: Get more icon on a screen, be more efficient.
•Skype:The IM client for your PC is mobile. Start making free calls.
•Sweet Dreams:Will turn off all beeping,vibrating, etc all night.
•QuickPic: Easiest way to look through all your pics
•Pandora Radio: Personalized radio on your phone. A must have.
•Ringdroid: Get ringtones from your music library!
•Barcode Scanner: See the price before you buy it!
•SMS Backup & Restore: Don’t lose those text messages in case you lose your phone.
•Alarm Clock Plus:Ultimate alarm clock with lots of features.
•WeatherBug: Don’t get rained on ever again, be prepared!
•Foursquare: Let your friends know where you go & join the community
•Camera360 Free: Variety of camera effects not offered in the stock shooter
•Layar: See the future of augmented reality
•Shazam: Hear a song, use this to know everything about it

•Bartender: good drinks
•Find Differences: Everyone’s favorite bar game
•Talking Tom Cat Free: Repeats what you say in a fun way
•FMyLife: Funny stuff happening, share it and you’ll be the center of attention
•Hypnotic Spiral: Hypnotize that special someone or at least have a conversation starter
•PicSay: Add word balloons to pics and share!
•Moron Test
•Talking Roby Celik Free: Like Tom Cat, a little geekier
•Jager: Game: We all have stories with Jager…start a new one tonight!
•Smoke A Bowl: You’ll make friends when you smoke a bowl, but you phone may get a little sloppy

·ORGANIZING APPS – app list that’ll help organize your life. Save time
·SAVE MONEY APPS- pick an app from this list to keep track of your money and not waste
·WALLPAPER APPS GALORE – the best wallpaper apps to personalize your phone, some are alive!
·FIRST GAMES YOUR SHOULD INSTALL – the best & most popular games. Be warned you’ll be addicted
·BLOW, SHOOT, DICE – best apps to release tension & destroy things
·GAMES FOR KIDS – games that’ll distract your kids & give you a moment of silence


·Apps Manager: Move apps to SD / Move apps to the phone
·Powerful App Search Engine of the Market
·Each App is Reviewed by Experts
·My Apps: list recently installed apps. Quick Uninstaller: Uninstall with 1 click. Share/Send with friends or post on Facebook.
·Top Apps / Top Free Apps
·Real Categories that get you best app lists
·New list,app & category notifications
·App screenshots
·Share Apps easily

Try appbrain, iphone top apps, appaware, droid of the day, or share my apps, but you’ll come back to us. Trust real people!

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Recent changes:
Better help section!
Try out the My Apps Section!
Fixed FC bug on some phones, thanks for your helping us!

Content rating: Everyone

Latest version: 1.6.2 (for all Android versions)

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Best Apps Market

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