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Watch TV on your phone in full HD-480p resolution with DroidTV. Choose from hundreds of episodes of the most popular shows from the major TV networks. Watch whenever you want, wherever you want. It’s TV the way you want it. It’s DroidTV.

DroidTV turns your phone into a DVR and video player. Record and watch your favorite TV shows right on your phone. Episodes are played from your phone’s Secure Digital memory card, not streamed, so they are available anytime, even when you don’t have Internet access. Episodes play immediately, without buffering delays or reduced quality.

With DroidTV, you can record and watch individual episodes or automatically record every episode for a show as they become available. Episodes are recorded from the Internet, stored on your own dedicated virtual DVR in our data center, and then transferred to your phone for viewing.

You can store any number of episodes on the virtual DVR. The number of episodes on your phone is limited only by available memory on your SD card.

This free version of DroidTV gives you access to about 100 episodes from a limited number of popular network shows. It is intended to show you how great DroidTV can be. You can optionally add a subscription to over 50 of the best prime-time TV shows for one low price of $5.99 for six months. That’s less than a dollar a month. Download “Subscription for DroidTV Primetime” from the Android Market.

NOTICE: The price of the DroidTV Primetime subscription is changing to $8.99 on April 15. Subscribe now at $5.99 and receive 7 months for the price of six. That just 86¢ per month if you act now.

DroidTV supports most Android phones and tablets with a screen resolution of at least 480×800, a 1GHz processor, Android OS v2.1 and later, and an external Secure Digital (SD) memory card with at least 2GB of free space.


Acclaim • Archos tablets • Aria • Behold II • Charm • Droid Eris • Droid Pro • Hero • Intercept • Moment • Moto i1 • myTouch • myTouch 3G • Optimus • Transform

Recent changes:
• Fix for error that video can’t be played on some phones
• Fix for incorrectly reporting low battery, primarily on Samsung Fascinate
• Remove support for Archos tablets that don’t meet Android standards

• Display ads on free version to allow support of more free shows in the future
• Faster downloads after recording episodes
• Can select desired battery-saver level in 10% increments

Latest version: 2.1.37 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)

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