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Cute Android: Cute Android Apps for Users: Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout is the #1 Security App for Android.

Get Lookout for FREE:
* Security
* Find My Phone
* Backup and Restore

Lookout’s free product is absolutely free of charge. It is not a trial and you can use it for as long as you want.

Just as you protect your PC with antivirus, you need to protect your phone from malware and spyware. But unlike traditional PC virus protection, Lookout is lightweight, battery-friendly and only consumes as much power in one day as a 33 second phone call.

Millions of users worldwide trust Lookout to protect their phone. Get Lookout’s award winning app to protect against malware and spyware. Rated 5 stars by CNET and PCWorld.

Lookout protects against the recently discovered DroidDream malware that was found in over 50 apps.

If you think you may have been infected, download the Lookout DroidDream Cleaner app as well.


More detail on what’s included in Lookout Mobile Security Free:

* Block malware, spyware, and phishing apps
* Scan every app you download to ensure they’re safe
* Schedule daily or weekly security scans
* Receive automatic protection against the latest threats
* Prevent viruses from being transferred from your phone to your PC
* Unlike other antivirus apps, Lookout is super simple to use yet lightweight and battery efficient

* Find your lost or stolen phone by locating it on a Google map
* Activate a loud alarm to find your phone nearby, even if it is on silent
* Locate your phone by remotely enabling GPS, so you can find your phone even if GPS is turned off
* Log in to from any web browser to locate your phone

* Securely back up your contacts
* Restore data to an existing phone
* Access all your backed up data securely, online at
* Lookout is certified by TRUSTe so you can rest assured your privacy and your data is protected

… all these features are completely FREE

Recent Praise for Lookout Mobile Security:
* “Must-have app!” – CNET
* “5 out of 5 Stars!” – PCWorld, Top 100 Products
* Named one of the top 25 Hottest Mobile Companies


Upgrade to Lookout Premium (optional) for:
* All the great features in Lookout Free
* Complete security and privacy protection for your Android!
* Remote Lock to prevent others from accessing your phone
* Remote Wipe to delete personal data from accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube accounts that are connected to your phone. Deletes contacts, text messages, photos, call log, browser history, calendar, sync settings, SD card data and more. With enhanced protection, can also do a factory reset.
* Privacy Advisor to identify which apps can access your personal data such as contacts, location, text messages and identity information
* Premium Support for priority response
* Optional one month free trial for all users

Learn more about the latest security threats including recently reported malware like DroidDream, HongTouTou (Adrd), Geinimi Trojan, Tapsnake spyware, SMS Trojan, phishing apps and more on our blog at Unlike traditional virus protection that slows down your PC, Lookout is a security app that is lightweight, battery efficient and uniquely designed for your Android. It’s simple to use and protects your phone against malware and spyware.

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Lookout is security and privacy certified by Verisign and TRUSTe. Standard text and data rates apply.

Recent changes:
Version 5.6
- *NEW: Widget now available! Add it to your home screen by long-pressing on an empty space and selecting Widgets
- *NEW: Privacy Advisor can now show you what apps can access your Contacts (Premium feature)
- Automatically run a scan as soon as malware definitions are updated
- Added device administrator support – Enable advanced wipe from the Missing Device module on 2.2+ devices

Std text & data rates apply.

Latest version: 5.6 (for all Android versions)

App on AppBrain Page

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