Digg Android App has been launched

I have received a letter from Digg just now, which announcing their iPhone and Android Apps. I’m very interesting the Digg Android App, below is the details about Digg Andriod App from their letter:

Digg Android App

For those of you using Android devices, we’ve got something for you too! We just launched the Digg Android app that also gives you the power of Digg even when you’re away from your computer. Just like the iPhone app, you can Digg and bury stories, read the top comments, and unique to Android phones, it also supports landscape mode. Because it works with an in-app browser, you can easily pan around and zoom in and out of content.

Download the Android App

These are just a few of the things we’re working on in the mobile space. If you don’t have an iPhone or Android device, you can always use our current mobile site – m.digg.com – which is optimized to work on any mobile browser. We’re also making quite a few improvements and iterations to both the iPhone and Android apps in the coming weeks, many drawing off some of the changes we’re working on for Digg.com, so stay tuned and be sure to let us know what you think!


The Digg Team

The Digg Android app has been designed for an ideal mobile Digg browsing experience on an Android phone. The application allows you to participate on Digg through the digging and burying of stories and comments, while allowing you to flip back and forth between viewing story pages and comments.

Some highlights:
* Designed specifically for Android devices – a great experience on Android for browsing Digg
* Browse stories in list view and view story details along with comments when you tap through
* After logging in, Digg and bury both stories and comments from the app
* Browse stories in list view in landscape mode
* Search for any story on Digg
* View story pages in the in-app Android browser in landscape mode as well
* Use the in-app browser to pan around and zoom in and out of content
* Both medium and high resolution sized screens are supported
* Best of all, login to link the app to your Digg.com account

I love this cute android app verymuch!

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