Five Android Logcat Related Open Source Apps for Developers

Android Logcat is very useful for Android developers, which provides a mechanism for collecting and viewing system debug output. By logcat, logs from various applications and portions of the android system are collected in a series of circular buffers, which then can be viewed and filtered. Here is five Android Logcat Related Open Source Apps.

1. Android-logger: Android logcat viewer

Android-logger is a way for you to view the logcat output on your phone. Each type of log message is displayed with a different color. You also have the ability to filter the output to only show you debug, info, warn, error and verbose. You can switch back to seeing all messages by selecting the filter menu option and choosing All from the list. Below are a few screenshots of the application, it is available under the GPLv2 and available to the right, in the Downloads section and in the Android Market.

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For more details about android-logger, you can find by the previous post in Cute Android: android-logger

2. aLogcat: Android Log Viewer (logcat) Application

aLogcat is the well-known developer tool logcat, in the form of an Android application.

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3. Android-log-collector: Collects the log and sends to a developer

Collects output of logcat and sends it to a developer using email or messaging. Can be used as a standalone application or invoked through the intent API by another application. Usage example is provided for developers who would like to integrate with the Log Collector through the intent API.

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4. LogcatActivity in android-random

LogcatActivity is a sub-project of android-random, which is a predecesor to RemoteLogcat, allowing you to view the Logcat output on the handset, and optionally save a limited history to a file on the device.

Android-random is a collection of extended examples for Android developers.

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5. Android-logcat-reader: An app for Android phones to view Logcat

Based on LogcatActivity in android-random, this application adds a few extra, essential changes.

The main difference is this project has support for filtering and writes the log to an accessible location for non-rooted phone users.

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