Great Choice of Browser for Android Phones: Opera’s Mini 5

According to the official report of Opera Software, the newest beta version of browser for mobile pones, Opera Mini 5, has been launched for the Android plat form. As the word’s most popular browser for mobile phones, Opera Mini 5 beta may bring a fast and cost-efficient Web experience to mobile phones which built with the Android platform.

Opera Mini 5 for Android phones

The new features of the Opera Mini 5 include:
1. Tabbed browsing:You can browse several Web sites at the same time, while easily jumping from one to another.
2. Speed Dial: With the help from a set of visual bookmarks, you can go to you favorite web page with just one click.
3. Opera Link: You can synchronize your bookmarks and Speed Dial between your Android mobile phone and desktop computer.
4. Download manager: You can manage downloads right from the browser, and if you need, you can also pause and resume downloads anytime.

If you want to download Opera Mini 5 beta, two methods are provided: one is using your phone’s default Web browser to visit the address; another is download it to your computer firstly, then install it to your mobile phone, the address is:

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