HTC Vs. Apple: New Changes On The Horizon Review

There is a rivalry taking place amongst smartphones. Apple’s iPhone has always ranked #1 with the others trailing behind, but with changes and improvements being made, Androids such as the HTC One X is quickly catching up.

There is good reason the iPhone has been so popular. It has always been easy to navigate. Downloading music and apps is easy, it is virtually safe from viruses, and Apple has a great marketing strategy. Its iOS operating system is by far the easiest, but with that said the gap between the iPhone, Androids, and Windows is narrowing.

The Gap Narrows

Changes and upgrades are constantly being made to improve mobile devices. The iPhone 5, Apples newest version, and Androids are now very comparable, especially the HTC One X Smartphone. The iPhone 5 still comes in at #1 with the HTC One X following behind as #2 by many reports. Both of these phones are LTE and 4G making them fast. They both have large screens, both are fairly easy to use (though the iPhone is still the easiest), and both offer 16G.

Though both the iPhone and the HTC One X are similar in what they offer, there are a couple of things definitely worth mentioning:

Google Maps

Google Maps have been a part of the iPhone since their conception; however, Apple will not be launching Google Maps on the iPhone 5’s newest mobile operating system iOS6. It is Apple that dropped Google Maps and has opted for its own map application. Many iPhone users, who have already updated their phone to the iOS6, have complained about the loss of the Google Maps.

What is available is Apple Maps, which has not gotten rave reviews. Apples map application has, by many, been called a flop.

Except for the iPhone, Google Maps is still available on other smartphones.

Google Now and Siri

Both Siri and Goggle Now are voice action systems. They are comparable to each other; both their software records and interprets the voice then acts upon the command. Siri, which is featured on the iPhone, can prove to be a fun app and a barrel of laughs. Apple has improved upon it, but you may find searching for yourself proves to be faster and more accurate than using Siri.

As for Google Now, again it is very similar to Siri with the exception that it also gives the option of typing the command. Other than that they work about the same, though Google Now may be a tad bit better.


The HTC One X and the iPhone 5 are both exceptional Smartphones; they are much more than a phone but also tools for personal and small business ecommerce use, each of them having limitations and good and bad points of their own. Each has its trade offs. Will the loss of Google Maps prompt iPhone users to convert to Android? The question is hard to answer except with: maybe, maybe not. Time will tell on that one.

The iPhone 5 is still ranked as #1, but with Androids improving as they are, it’ll be fun to see just how this rivalry plays out. And unless one is a die hard Apple user, it’s hard to choose between the two.