Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Acer Iconia Battery Saver and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Acer Iconia Battery Saver and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Acer Iconia Battery Saver

a.k.a. Acer Iconia Phone Disabler

** Requires root access **

A "Must Have" Battery Extender for every WiFi Acer Iconia A500 tablet.

Extend the battery life of your WiFi Acer Iconia A500 tablet with this handy utility that will disable the processes that constantly look for a 3G data connection. Acer uses the exact same firmware on both wifi and 3g models, which leads to needless battery drain on the wifi version. There’s no 3G radio, so why have a process running that’s constantly checking on it? This utility effectively disables those processes leading to longer battery life per charge.

In the screen shots below, you can see how "Cell Standby" uses a significant amount of battery power. After using this utility to disable the "Phone", that process no longer uses any battery power, resulting in longer run time.

NOTE: When you disable services, you’ll see a Force Close message just before the device reboots. That’s the phone.apk that us Force Closing, not this app.

DISCLAIMER: This utility is only for the Acer Iconia A500 Wifi version. Although it would probably work on the 3G if you just wanted to completely disable the 3G data connection. This utility requires root access.


Interphaze solutions is not responsible for any damange to your device due to using this software.

Q: Why does it say "Force Closed" as soon as I click "Disable Services"?
A: It’s not this app that’s Force Closing, it’s the phone.apk that’s throwing the Force Close. Then the app will reboot the device. This is perfectly normal.

Q: My tablet fails to install the acer update properly.
A: If any system files are changed (including these), the update will not work. However, that’s what makes this app so convenient. Just run this app again and click "Enable Services". Then you can do the Acer update. Once the update is finished, run GingerBreak again to get root access, then run this app again and click "Disable Services".
Q: The "Cell-Standby" is still showing in my battery stats after disabling these services.
A: It will disappear after a full recharge cycle.

Recent changes:
Lincense tweaks

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Latest Android App: Kaywa Reader

Get the Kaywa Reader, the most likeable mobile Reader for NFC tags, QR Codes, Datamatrix and Barcodes. The Kaywa Reader makes sharing data very easy, is fast and comfortable to handle: generate a code and let your friends scan it! It gives you additional benefits to keep you save, like showing you the final URL behind a code when there has been redirecting. Download it now and be ready to read those NFC tags. With updating on 2.3.3 we will let you store URLs, contacts, Bookmarks and much more to NFC-enabled tag and -electronics.

Key Features include:
- Reading NFC Tags, QR Codes and Barcodes (EAN 8/13)
- Shares URLs, ME-Card Contacts, Phone numbers, Email addresses, SMS, Bookmarks, Apps, or simple text
- Saves decoded items in History
- Lets you favorite decoded content
- Reader options: Scanning upon start, Auto open content, Sound, Vibrate, Copy to Clipboard, Retrieve more info or Remember duplicates
- NFC / Barcode options: Choose which standards to decode, Redirect URLs or Product Search

Will be available for 2.2 shortly.

This application reads the following NFC-Tags: MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire and many others.

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Latest Android App: Piano Trainer

A simple piano roller that will help those who have trouble reading sheet music to play the piano.

Recommended for larger android tablets. I had to lower the window height to compensate because my tablet considers the menu’s as part of window and doesn’t let you go over them. So sorry if it isn’t "full screen."

Recent changes:
Supports pinch to zoom.
Supports sliding to move keyboard.
Restored the working toasts.
Cleaned up design quite a bit.

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Latest Android App: Honeycomb Arabic Keyboard

كيبورد اندرويد عربي لقرص العسل
متوافق فقط مع الاجهزة التي تعمل على اندرويد 3.0 فما فوق

لتفعيل لوحة المفاتيح:
Settings > Language&Input > Configure input methods
ثم اختيار "لوحة مفاتيح Android"

لتغيير اللغات:
Settings > Language&Input > Configure input methods > Active input methods

اذا اعجبتك لوحة المفاتيح فلا تنسى ان تقدم قليل من الدعم للمطور

Recent changes:
حل مشاكل Force Close في 3.0.1

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Latest Android App: Taser Gun

Have you ever used a taser gun if answer is no this is the time to convert your mobile phone to a strong taser gun. Give high electric shock to your friends and enjoy there fear. Give shock by your phone as now you can use your phone as a taser gun to give anyone a high power electric shock as a real taser gun or a police taser gun can do.

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Latest Android App: Pocket Pirates

Set sail for adventure on the high seas! Battle sea monsters and scurvy dogs as you swashbuckle your way to infamy and riches!

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Latest Android App: Super Keyboard

Super Keyboard is a better keyboard for your android phones and tablets! We are dedicated in making Super Keyboard the best keyboard for android.


- Smart proximity error detection and correction, help you type faster than using any other keyboards, **TRY IT OUT YOURSELF**

- True multi-touch capable

- Enhanced layouts for both phones and tablet devices: includes compact and T9 layouts for phones and split layout for tablets. **Press and hold ?123 key to quickly switch between layouts**

- Themes! Compatible with many keyboard theme format: GO Keyboard, Better Keyboard, Smart Keyboard, Ultra Keyboard, etc

- Customizable keyboard background, set your keyboard background to any image you like

- Support many languages, more are coming soon

- Customizable fonts and color, compatible with all font packs on the android market. You can also load fonts from your sd card.

- Alien Text: find it under ‘General Setting’ -> ‘Alien Text’

- Enhanced setting, customize your keyboard the way you like it: gesture, keyboard size, user dictionary and sound


- This is a FULL FEATURED public Beta of the Super Keyboard. We will release a Pro version soon, when it’s polished and meets our quality standard. When the Pro version is released, some features in this free version will be locked. In the mean time, ALL FEATURES are available for free.

Supports Languages:
Czech, Danish, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italiano, Korean, Netherlands, Norwegian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish

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Latest Android App: Aestheticism Mood Photography

Here we show you these wonderful Aestheticism Mood Photography .

Aestheticism (or the Aesthetic Movement) was a 19th century European art movement that emphasized aesthetic values more than socio-political themes for literature, fine art, the decorative arts, and interior design. Generally, it represents the same tendencies that symbolism or decadence represented in France, or decadentismo represented in Italy, and may be considered the British version of the same style. It was part of the anti-19th century reaction and had post-Romantic origins, and as such anticipates modernism. It was a feature of the late 19th century from about 1868 to about 1900.

Menu option:
- Set as Wallpaper ,
- Full Screen ,
- Save to SD .

KeyWords: photo gallery , wallpaper , Photography , popular, fashion , App 2 SD, APP2SD, APP TO SD.

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Latest Android App: Kina Grannis

Unofficial Kina Grannis application, created for the singer by her street team. The app provides the ability to follow the latest Kina news, it also lets you browse through her Youtube videos, sample some of her music and admire her beauty thanks to a photo gallery.

[Biography] Kina Granis started playing shows at the age of 4 in front of her stuffed animals. Now she plays in front of people. In 2007, Kina joined YouTube, made a music video and entered herself into a contest. A few months later, her video for "Message From Your Heart" aired during the Superbowl and its 97 million viewers (or 194 million eyeballs, depending on how you’re keeping track) and she walked away with a record deal. Since then, Kina has regularly posted her songs on YouTube, amassing many millions of views, and toured throughout North America. She self-released her debut full-length Stairwells in February of 2010 debuting on Billboard’s Top 200 and #5 on iTunes’ Pop Chart. In April of 2011 Kina will re-release a remixed and remastered version of Stairwells, which will feature 4 brand new tracks. Her music is both sweet and melancholy, but always filled with hope. She’d want you to know that she saves drowning honeybees from pools whenever she gets the chance.

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Latest Android App: PandIn – Pandora® Plugin

Not affiliated with Pandora®

Want to create a Pandora® station from tagged/discovered music? Got Shazam or SoundHound? Hate typing and flipping back and forth between the apps? This app eliminates the need to do that. You can now share your tagged/discovered songs with Pandora® using the PandIn plugin. By sharing a song and selecting the PandIn app it will connect Pandora® with your discovered music.

Please email me if you have questions or suggestions. I cannot reply to market comments.

Requirements: Pandora® Android App

Supports: (All support English)
- SoundHound (Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese)
- Hound
- YouTube (Spanish)
- Shazam (Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese)
- TuneIn Radio
- musiXmatch
- Google Shopper

Will continue to add more sharing support

Permissions explained:

- If the app encounters an exception or an error it will log this information to a Flurry server, to help improve the app.
- android.permission.INTERNET
- Used to detect if the network is available to connect to the server.
- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE

The app is supported by ads and the following are required:

- android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
- android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
- android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION

Recent changes:
- Fixed info menu

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Latest Android App: 一鍵爽報(台灣) 適合ver 2.3或以上

新聞 sharpdaily
1) 你的Android機必須支援mp4格式播放才可觀看影片。
2) 一鍵….不間斷播放功能
3) 適合 Android TV ,做GYM 或眼看手不動之應用
P.S. 瀏覽需要3G/Wifi網路連線
tags: tw hk apple daily appledaily sharpdaily newspaper 爽報 蘋果 日報 動新聞

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