Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Arab News- English and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Arab News- English and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Arab News- English

Keep Updated with Arab News in English

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Latest Android App: BIG! Caller ID Theme Dragon

***Theme for BIG! Caller ID***
This app only works with BIG! caller ID premium version.
Install a theme
Go to the program BIG! Caller ID
Go to themes
Choose Style Dragon
Keywords: BIG! caller, theme, ID, full screen caller Glass Ios IosGlass classic

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Latest Android App: SWTOR Datacron Lite

SWTOR Datacron Lite is a guide containing maps and videos on how to get each Datacron in SWTOR.
17 planets including the Empire and Republic exclusive planets.
Instructions: Zoom in on a Datacron before selecting it, Watch the Video, and collect yer shiny new stats!
Datacron Lite is one section of SWTOR Players Handbook ($2.99).

Recent changes:
Version 1.1: Optimized Zoom Features, Fixed Video Positioning, Adjusted Change Log format.

Version 1.0: Changed name to SWTOR Datacron Lite, Added Instructions to description, Added Instructions in App, on every page.

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Latest Android App: Talking Princess

All the magic you could wish and so much more with "TALKING PRINCESS”


★ ★ ★ TALKING PRINCESS can do so much more than just talk, she not only responds to your touch and repeats what you say, she’ll also: sing with the birds and dance with the flowers! You’ll feel like a princess when you choose her dresses, and then color in your Princess! You can record a video, upload it to YouTube, Facebook or send it to your friend’s ★ ★ ★

TALKING PRINCESS has everything your children wants, beautiful melodic music, a cute design and it’s guarantees fun with touch sensitive interactivity, quality content and loads of child-friendly features.


"I love it, it’s gorgeous, it’s very stylish and so much fun"
"My daughter loves playing dress up with the princess"
"The music box melodies help my daughter sleep"

* Talk to her and she’ll repeat everything you say.
* Discover all her movements.
* Have fun singing with the birds.
* She’ll sing surrounded by beautiful flowers.
* Dress- up your princess.
* Listen to the classical melodies in the music box.
* Feel like a real princess and share it with your friends.

AND THAT’S NOT ALL…. Two high quality musical instruments

TALKING PRINCESS includes two fun musical instruments:
2. DANCING FLOWERS: Click on the flowers and play your own tunes

Fun mini-games two:
PRINCESS PLAYING includes two super fun mini-games.
1. DRESS-UP YOUR PRINCESS: Change her dress, hairstyles, necklaces, and share your personally styled Princess with your friends.

DREAM MODE: (sleep mode)
While the princess dances, classical melodies will play from a music box. Your children can fall fast asleep accompanied by the sweet sound of the music box.

Your Android needs a microphone or a connected headset, otherwise you will not be able to record your voice and TALKING PRINCESS will not repeat what you say.

talking,playing,princesa,niña,bebe,vestir,colorear,gratis,hadas,musica,divertido, muñeca, juguete,nanas,


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Latest Android App: Bonjour Monsieur FREE

Do not miss the Gentlemen of the day directly on Android
- Photos are in full screen
- Optimized loading time

No frills, it goes straight to the Ladies! With one click, the Gentlemen of the day on your Smartphone. Share it, display it as wallpaper, see the last 20 men! :

It’s easy, and free!

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Latest Android App: Karamabox РLa cit̩ de la peur

Just THE Famous French movie with Les NULS
The best quotes !
- more 70 quotes
- sing on the carioca with French lyrics
- no ads

you want to learn French, these quotes will help you on your next trip to France :)

The application is available for a nominal fee to help me repay the Nespresso capsules purchased during the development of the application (I am a student), but also to contribute to future up-to-day application. Thank you so much !

Recent changes:
- more 70 quotes
- La Carioca song with lyrics

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Latest Android App: Karamabox FREE Cité de la peur

Best quotes from THE best French movie La Cité de la Peur
it’s free, enjoy

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Latest Android App: LOL Annonces

2012 : This is the crisis … It is shit, you’ve lost your job, your wife left you for another (more wealthy!) …. But you have a smartphone Android?!
All is not lost !!!

Find the latest LOL ADS straight to your phone in a mobile application. Program, LOL announcement day, Archives, sharing on social networks ….

it’s in French but have fun !

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Latest Android App: SMS Fail

Find the best of the worst SMS FAIL sent to Mama, Tata or your boss. Up-to-day and daily in real time directly on your smartphone.
- Find the latest SMS Fail in one click
- Access to archives
- Share on social networks


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Latest Android App: 3D Summer Beach

3D Summer Beach Wallpaper app. 32 HD Summer Beach wallpaper . The most beautiful Summer Beach wallpaper ,very beautiful and exciting!Is your best choice.
You can share with your friends and family. Enjoy!If you like it,please set as wallpaper.
Tags:3D Summer,Summer Beach,Beach,Wallpaper,landscape,Beautiful landscape.

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Latest Android App: GHOST! Word Game FREE

GHOST! Is a strategic word game for up to 4 players where the object is NOT to spell words! It’s fun for the whole family and a great way to pass time on long trips. Players take turns selecting letters to form a word. The player who selects a letter that spells a word loses the round, but dont get too cocky, you need to be able to state a REAL word if you are challenged! Put on your best poker face because in GHOST! you can bluff your opponents! The GHOST! app comes with a full dictionary so there will be no disputes over what is or is not a word.

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Latest Android App: Hanging w/ Cheaters Dictionary

Okay admit it, you are reading this because you are tired of losing to that guy or girl who keeps beating you at Words With Friends or Hanging With Friends. Well look no further, The "Hanging With Cheaters Dictionary" will not only show you word matches against a 130,000 word dictionary based on only a few letters and wildcard characters, but it will also allow you to see their definitions thus making this a full service dictionary. Dont worry, we wont tell! ;)

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Un guide écrit pour les enfants à Florence, dans un langage abordable, avec un aspect ludique et un ton complice. Bref, en plus de la documentation qu’il apporte sur les principaux pôles d’intérêt historiques, artistiques ou culturels de Florence, ce guide se veut ludique et complice.
AUTRE AVANTAGE : Ce guide fonctionne en autonome, sans connexion internet ou téléphonique. Utilisation de l’application entièrement gratuite sur site !

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Latest Android App: Guide de Naples, Pompéi

Guide de Naples, Pompéi, Herculanum, la Côte amalfitaine et toute la Campanie par
Ce guide contient une très importante documentation sur Naples, ses musées, ses sites religieux, historiques ou artistiques, avec les informations pratiques s’y rapportant : métro, funiculaire, horaires, etc.
C’est donc un guide complet sur Naples, Pompéi et sa région, avec descriptif détaillé.
AUTRE AVANTAGE : Ce guide fonctionne en autonome, sans connexion internet ou téléphonique. Utilisation de l’application entièrement gratuite sur site !

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Latest Android App: Guide de Rome

Ce guide de Rome est réalisé par à partir de ses 10 ans d’expérience de l’échange culturel. Il présente les principaux monuments romains, les palais, les églises, les places, les fontaines, les jardins publics, les musées, sans oublier d’apporter les indispensables informations pratiques sur le métro, les cartes-Pass, les réservations obligatoires, etc.
Bref, vous avez un guide complet et parfaitement documenté entre les mains.
AUTRE AVANTAGE : Ce guide fonctionne en autonome, sans connexion internet ou téléphonique. Utilisation de l’application entièrement gratuite sur site !

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Latest Android App: Rome pour les enfants

Guide de Rome pour les enfants par
Ce guide est conçu à partir des années d’expérience du site web et présente les principaux monuments, sites archéologiques, musées et palais de Rome.
Sans oublier les fontaines, les espaces de détente ou les parcs de loisirs, etc.
Il invite le jeune visiteur à découvrir Rome à sa hauteur, sur un ton complice et amusé, mais toujours précis et documenté.
AUTRE AVANTAGE : Ce guide fonctionne en autonome, sans connexion internet ou téléphonique. Utilisation de l’application entièrement gratuite sur site !

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Latest Android App: Guide de Venise

Depuis plus de 10 ans, et son site web spécialisé sur Venise renseignent les visiteurs sur le vaporetto, les musées, les restaurants, les cartes-pass et autres informations historiques, artistiques ou pratiques.
C’est cet ensemble complet d’informations que vous retrouvez dans cette application, avec en plus des itinéraires proposés et un petit lexique français-italien.
L’application elle-même est conçue pour n’activer aucun lien internet. Elle tourne de façon totalement autonome sur votre smartphone, donc une utilisation entièrement gratuite.

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Latest Android App: Ranger

– World Wide Rangers

What you see is the result of year of hard work focused in the construction of a tool able to canalize our force through the mobile technology and the geopositioning system for the protection of our environment.

We’ve created a system which allow us to transmit the beauty of our environment to the members and and is able to transmit any incidence from the Scouts Rangers, with the location and the image, to the ones in charge to solve, paliate and prevent it, the Guardian and Professional Rangers.

Thanks to this hard work, the incidence can transmit en less than a second to the authority and the exact agent either are professionals of the protection, veterinarian forces, or even fire extintion…

– A global brotherhood …

of Nature Defenders. We’ve used science and technollogy to create a machine capable of canalizing our collective intelligence creating a network of defenders of the environment connected to the professionals of every zone in a global level.

We think that now more than ever it is necessary the union of citizens who feel that protect our legacy is a task to share between everyone. What is asked to every Ranger of our Brotherhood that everyday has to develop his/her appreciation for the environment that involves him/her, that daily evolves himself to achieve higher levels of understanding and perception of the beauty of his environment and promptly shares a part of the nature in his area by sending photos of moments, places and people who take part is his life and enjoy the nature in the same way. If the Ranger can act as a Scout sending incidences or as a Guardian or Professional solving them, the sinergy will be higher.

We’ve already solved almost every part of the elements that we needed for allow our Brotherhood work from every place
in the world towards the same objective. The tasks of engineering are almost completed in their first phase. The tools required for Rangers and Professionals have been created. At economic level we’ve solved the regular income by adding special sponsorship that allows every Ranger to contribute by just keeping installed the app. We prefer that every Ranger takes conscience of their environment rather than donating funds, the real stregth of the Brotherhood is the power of every Ranger coordinated and

Long time ago, a chinese proverb said that before embarking the task of changing the world you should turn around three times by your own house. Through World Wide Rangers we are synchorinizing the three turns of every man, woman and child in order to make possible that manking united follows the same objective. Without special efforts, just by enjoying and caring your environment. We will make the house of everyone, our World, becomes increasingly the welcoming and pleasant that has always been.

We believe that evolution of humanity passes through its ability to work together for the enjoyment of what is our legacy and what will be the heritage of our children. We are willing to give until the last bit of our art and capacity to contribute to this finality.

Join our cause and gives us wings to impact with a higher power and probe that together we are unstoppable. If you have reached here and have understood the depth of the initiative and it’s potential you are welcome as a Sister of Brother Ranger…

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