Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Bein verdreht and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Bein verdreht and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Bein verdreht

Witzige Sound-Zusammenstellung aus Antoines Traum, Gedicht an den Vater und viele mehr.
Die Sounds sind aus den Videos des Komikers Tedros Teclebrhan alias TeddyComedy. Er ist ein aufstrebender Komiker, welcher wohl vermutlich schon bald auf den großen Comedy-Bühnen zu sehen sein wird.
Genießt die Sounds und damit auch die genialen Kommentare des Komikers :D

Viel Spaß beim Hören!


tags: bein verdreht, angelo merte, antoine, was labersch du, integrationstest, traum

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Latest Android App: Relationship Status

Facebook Relationship Status

Not sure if your friend that you call to leave this dear is single? You no longer need to hunt for each friend on Facebook, know who is single in the list of friends using the Relationship Status for Facebook, which lists all your friends from Facebook his relationship status.

Relationship Status for Facebook offers filters or her friends by type of relationship (single, in a relationship, engaged, widowed, married, relationship wound, open relationship, separated, divorced, stable in a domestic partnership, not informed ) and gender (male and female).

Guaranteed enjoyment!

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Latest Android App: Daily VOA(天天VOA)

Daily VOA-the best VOA listen app for Android!

Listen VOA(Voice Of America) is not only the best way to improve English skills, but also let you know the latest current events and American culture.

What is the Android app set Translation, Listen, Download VOA audio all in one?Of course the Daily VOA.

What can you do use Daily VOA?
1, choose your favorite VOA channel, update the articles to the local, the maximum saving your net traffic.
2, download mp3 audio file, and save to the SDcard. Listen VOA anytime, anywhere.
3, Powerful online translate function, translate support over 15 languages​​.
4, Friendly alert, do not let your mobile traffic accident losses.

Daily VOA developed by DEV-EYE, sincerely thank you for useful suggestions!

收听VOA(Voice Of America-美国之声 )不仅是提高英语能力的最佳途径,还能让你了解最新时事和美国文化。

集翻译、收听、下载VOA音频于一体的Android应用,当然选择天天VOA(Daily VOA)。
你能使用天天VOA(Daily VOA)做什么?

天天VOA(Daily VOA)由DEV-EYE开发,真诚感谢大家提出有用的建议!

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Latest Android App: 猴子动态壁纸(新年祝福)


可以多種免費方式獲取積分,如果您不想看到廣告也不想免費賺取積分,請不要下載安裝,也不要因此故意惡評! O(∩_∩)O謝謝!
If you don’t like it, you can easily delete it (drag it into the trash.) It won’t affect the operation of this live wallpaper in any way.
If you do use it, I get a few cents – so thanks! If you don’t want it, no worries either.

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Latest Android App: Rhythm Action TAP SONIC by Neo

★★ Tap Sonic wins App Award Korea 2011 "The Best Entertainment App of the Year" ★★

*/ Launch Sweepstakes *
1. Free 300 MP to everyone!
We are giving away 300 Music Points to all new users until January 30th.
(Music Points are used to play paid songs.)
2. Rate and Get Rewarded!Download and Rate TapSonic on the Android Market by January 30th. We’ll pick best 100 reviewers and reward 1,000MP to them. Please include your email address in your review to be considered.

Tap, tap, tap and slide your fingers to the beat with TAP SONIC!
TAP SONIC by Neowiz is the newest and most exciting way to enjoy the latest tunes on your Android device. Don’t just listen to the music, tap the beat and slide the rhythm with TAP SONIC!
You can play games with popular American hit pops, the hottest K-pops and all time classic music.

*/ Please read this first */
- Free songs are constantly being added.
- Level, leaderboard and multi-play features will be added soon.
- After first download and playback of a song, you can play it instantly afterward.
- Enjoy more variety of songs with your Music Points.

*/ Features */
- A variety of dynamic gaming options (Speed/Random/Fade) to suit different levels and preferences.
- Star Points are earned every time you play TAP SONIC, and you can use the points for Score Bonus and/or Energy Up items!
- Choices of difficulty levels to suit everyone’s gaming level (4, 5, or 6 line; Basic, Pro, Legend levels)
- The Non-Stop play mode allows you to select up to 3 songs to loop so that you can enjoy playing without pausing.

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Latest Android App: eZ Locker

eZ Locker is developed by ACCESS. It’s a screen locker. eZ locker can change background automatically according time. You can get unread SMS, missing call, and you can read weather forecast, and you can read latest hot news in screen locked state. You can launch related application like SMS, when you unlock screen.

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Latest Android App: Stats 4 FIFA 12 Pro Clubs

If you play in Pro Clubs in FIFA 12 on the XBOX or the Playstation 3, this app is for you. Follow your club on your phone, including two beautiful widgets.


1) Two Widgets, displaying your overall standing and your season standings.
2) Quick Search, this allows you to quickly find any other club by typing in their club name. The result will display their records and League they are in.
3)Club Home page shows your season and overall stats on the same page!
4) Quick links to your EAFOOTBALLWORLD website, using your phone’s browser, including a quick members page for all your FIFA12 stats.

– We are not affiliated with EA, EA Sports, FIFA, or any other organization you may find in this app. We are fans of the product and game.
– This app uses data posted publicly by EA. If they make any changes to their servers, we will react as soon as we can to get things working again.
– The stability of this application relies on the stability of the EAFOOTBALLWORLD servers. If they are down, this app will not be able to pull data.
–This application will display information from EAFOOTBALLWORLD and we do not own, imply to own, or attempt to own any rights to the graphics, symbols, and names you will see.

Feel free to email us with any concerns, criticism, compliments, or any other reason. We appreciate your purchase and look forward to your feedback.

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Latest Android App: Pocket Chemdata

Chemdata® – the most reliable interactive database of over 42,500 substances and more than 134,000 different chemical names, including pure and trade-name chemicals and now available for Android! Chemdata® is used by major Fire and Emergency services across the world to provide invaluable and timely advice in the event of chemical spillages, fires and contamination incidents.

This app provides you with a 14 day free trial of our ever popular Pocket Chemdata® version of the full database. Existing subscribers can unlock continued access by obtaining an activation key directly from NCEC. Contact us by email, [email protected] or via our website

Product Benefits:
• Provides the same clear concise advice as the standard Chemdata®
• Helps to identify chemicals and their hazards
• Helps to mitigate the consequences of incidents
• Mobile: Incident Commanders can access information in the field

Designed and continuously maintained by emergency responders from one of the world’s leading chemical emergency centres NCEC, Chemdata® is one of the most trusted sources of information in its sector.
• Simple and easy to use
• Regularly updated
• Includes trade name substances and is constantly growing as well as existing content being regularly reviewed
• Brings together all the key information needed by emergency responders for an incident involving chemicals
• Comprehensive search facility

If your organisation handles chemicals and you need to know their risks, Chemdata® is simply a ‘must have’.
Don’t waste valuable time trawling the net – trust Chemdata® for clear and concise information on more than 42,500 substances, at your fingertips.

Chemdata® and Pocket Chemdata® have been developed for NCEC by Ark Software. (

Recent changes:
Release 2011.1/R6 [Data version: EU.2011.01.0037 Program version: 1.1.33 (bugfix/enhance)]

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Latest Android App: [무료] 밀어야 산다

★★★ 리뷰어 평가 ★★★

- 배경음악이 너무 좋네요~! 오랜만에 이런 게임을 보니까 반갑고 또 재밌어요! -panicjr

- 이런겜 조아라 하는데 역시 재밌네요. 시간가는줄 모르고 하게되네. – hamj1001

★★★ 게임 스토리 ★★★

신의 외동딸인 나비는 하늘에서 소문난 말썽꾸러기이다.

매일 말썽을 부리는 나비 때문에 골치가 아프긴 신도 마찬가지!

고민을 하던 신은 결국 자신의 딸인 나비를 이상한 나라로 보내게 된다.

어느날 심심해 하던 나비 앞에 말하는 토끼 인형이 나타나 신에게 드릴 별들을 모두 잃어버렸다며 나비에게 도움을 청하게 되는데…

마침 심심해 하던 나비.

토끼를 돕게 되며 이상한 나라의 모험이 시작된다.

★★★ 게임특징 ★★★

▶ 128개의 스테이지 & 45개 이상의 코스튬!!!!

▶ 쭉쭉 밀고 당기면서 머리도 쓰고 화끈하게 액션도 하는 퍼즐게임.

▶ 답은 없다! 스스로 만들어가는 답지. 가는 길은 모두 다르다~

남녀노소(男女老少) 누구나 쉽게 즐기고, 화끈하게 스트레스도 풀 수 있는 ‘밀어야 산다’의 세계로 여러분을 초대합니다^^

짜요짜요타이쿤5 – 대한민국 타이쿤게임의 전설 최신판!!!
창세기전3ep4 – 대한민국 정통 RPG의 자존심 최종 에피소드!!!
창세기전3ep3 – 대한민국 정통 RPG의 자존심 세번째 에피소드!!!
귀혼 자객편 – 귀혼 온라인의 스마트폰 상륙!!!
창세기전 낭천 – 국산RPG의 자존심! 창세기전의 외도?
메이저오일컴퍼니 – 경제위기가 설마? 새로운 코드의 타이쿤!!!
감성RPG 엘핀 – 빠른 속도감과 통괘한 타격감의 감성RPG!!!
월드사커히어로(World Soccer Hero)- 축구게임의 절정!!!
아이스이스케이프 – 무려 230 스테이지? 꼭 깨고 말겠어!!!

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Latest Android App: The Straits Times

The Straits Times

The Straits Times Android Smartphone App features the
Print Edition and latest News, Stocks, Weather and Photos
now available in your hands with just a touch of your finger.

The Straits Times Android Smartphone App is designed and
developed for the Android OS.

Subscribers get full access to:
- The Straits Times as published every morning (6.30am Singapore Time)
- Updated news throughout the day with the "Breaking News" section
- 7 day archive
- Push Notifications for the "Breaking News" based on users keywords

Recent changes:
- New read article feature
- Add missing weather icon
- fix thumbnail flickering bug

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Latest Android App: Valentine’s Love

Love is in the air!
Watch cupids and chocolates fly across your home screen in a live wallpaper that you can customize by adding your own pictures!
The cupids are hard at work this Valentines season shooting arrows wherever they see fit. You can make them shoot more by touching them.
Place pictures of your special someone or of anything you like in the customizable picture frames and then cover them with kisses, complete with lip prints and smooching sounds!

Works great on tablets too!
Upgrade to the full version from within the live wallpaper’s settings to unlock all features.

You can customize this live wallpaper as follows:
- Choose from different Valentines background frames
- Adjust the speed of the Valentines live wallpaper
- Choose to show cupids flying across the screen, shooting arrows
- Choose to show heart-shaped chocolates flowing across the Valentines live wallpaper
- Customize the direction of flow for the Valentines chocolates
- Adjust the number of Valentines chocolates on the screen at one time
- Adjust the size of the Valentine chocolates
- Choose to randomly angle the Valentines chocolates
- Adjust how long the Valentines chocolates stay on the home screen (full version)
- Choose to randomly size the Valentines chocolates and then set the smallest and largest you prefer (full version)
- Choose to allow the cupids to shoot arrows each time they are touched (full version)
- Choose to play sounds when cupids shoot arrows upon touch: WHOOOSH! (full version)
- Allow lip prints when touching the home screen (full version)
- Choose to play kissing sounds along with the lip prints when the home screen is touched (full version)
- Select your own images of loved ones to place inside the Valentines frames (full version)

Enjoy this live wallpaper and have a Happy Valentines Day!
To install the Valentines Love live wallpaper press menu > Wallpaper > Live wallpapers > Valentines Love

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Latest Android App: Valentine Rally

Use arrows to race your moto against the other valentines in the city.

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Latest Android App: Acrobatic Rider of Darkness

This is a dark series of Acrobatic Rider, the best bike game with burning fire and darkness.

The Acrobatic Rider plans to conquer the dark city by driving the burning wheels.

It is no doubt to be to a good chance to show your superior driving skills.

20 amazing maps are waiting for challenges. Please never give up and Good Luck!

Recent changes:
first release

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Latest Android App: 台南民宿旅遊趣


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Latest Android App: FlagStatus

Do you ever wish you could easily find out when or why the US flag was at half-staff? FlagStatus takes care of that for you by allowing you to find flag-related news items from the President of the United States and from each state’s Governor’s office. Look at each state individually or get a feed of recent events nationally.

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Latest Android App: Scare your friends ZOMBIES

Want to scare your friends with zombies?
It is very simple follow the instructions.

How to use:

*Go to options

* Select the desired image

*Place your preferred time (the shock will occur after this time)

*Give the phone to the "victim" (the unit will function normally and after the appointed time … SURPRISE!

Have fun!

This application is ideal for those who want to play a trick on your friends! We all have fears of zombies, ghosts, aliens, monsters, devil halloween so we’ll use that fear to make a funny joke.
It’s all very simple and the best application is free. Your colleagues will be frightened by this little surprise! We will troll all your friends, be careful not to get caught. From now on you will have to be suspicious of all, after all everyone is a suspect … Be wary whenever someone comes to show the phone can be a trap! This app is a weapon, and through it you will "shots" of fear in his friends. In the end he also thought it very funny. This prank is awesome!
Show the love that exists within your heart …. Scare all your friends!

Keywords: Prank, scare, friends, Zombie, Scare Prank, Scary prank, prank ghost, Halloween prank, novelty, fake, Scary, Zombies, sound scary, ghost, your Surprise, risk, Popup’s up, Halloween, Hell,terror,scareface,demon,troll,blood,walking dead, dead.terrifying,horrifying,amazed,terrified,ugly and creepy.

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