Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Bendigo Bank Telco Usage App and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Bendigo Bank Telco Usage App and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Bendigo Bank Telco Usage App

Bendigo Bank Telco understands the importance of staying in control of your service usage and spend. An extension of our MyServiceCentre application, Bendigo Bank Telco’s BBTelco app lets you monitor your handset, ADSL and mobile broadband usage on the go.

The app lets you monitor the usage of each plan component individually which gives you complete control. This means that if your plan has an included data limit and included calls – you can monitor your usage for both.

Whether you’re a business owner who wants visibility of all of your Bendigo Bank Telco services or a parent who wants visibility of your (or your child’s) mobile usage, this app is for you.


* View usage information for your handset, ADSL and mobile broadband services
* Monthly Usage Summary – See how you are tracking against your included value
* Daily Usage Breakdown –Identify abnormal usage in the current month
* Last 7 month usage – Understand your usage patterns and be sure you are on the right plan
* View usage for all of your business and home Bendigo Bank Telco accounts with one login
* Call us feature – Call our Friendly contact centre at the click of a button
* Frequently Asked Questions – Get the most of the mobile app.


* Bendigo Bank Telco MyServiceCentre account
* 3G or Wifi Connection.

Don’t have an account? – Give our friendly Customer Centre a call to register (see our website ‘’ for your local Bendigo Bank Telco’s contact details).

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Latest Android App: Arsenal FC – Gunners Updates

Latest news and views about the Arsenal. Watch latest news, Twitter chat and view Videos and pictures and check out the fixtures related to Arsenal. The purpose of this FREE app is to put as much info about the Gunners in one convenient place. If you love it or hate it please leave a comment. I do intend to provide free updates so any ideas for extra content or features are much appreciated.

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Latest Android App: Android HIFI

Android HIFI is an AirPlay server for audio playback. You can stream music to your Android device with it, from AirPlay clients, such as iTunes, iOS, etc.

- stream audio from AirPlay clients (itunes, iOS, …)
- be able to adjust the delay, so that it is possible to play in sync with other AirPlay receivers, or sync with the video
- auto mute when there is an incoming call
- auto turn down the volume if your headset unplugged, or your Bluetooth device disconnected, to avoid noisy surprise
- run in the background as a service

Recent changes:
- 1.1 (Beta):
minor bug fix

- 1.0 (Beta):
1.0 is the first version. Please let me know your suggestions by clicking the _feedback_ menu, thanks.

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Latest Android App: Justin Bieber Soundboard

The fun app for all you Justin Bieber Fans. Play Pranks with this app. Prank call or just use it to have fun.

THe Young Develoepr
Chris Wong

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Liga MXicana de Futbol

Sigue la liga mexina de futbol con esta simple pero util apliacsion, te ofrece los resultados, el calendario y noticias de la recien creada liga MX

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Latest Android App: BrotherMarcus

Brother Marcus Mobile App! Keep up with me on your Droid Phone or Tablet

It’s easy to download and get the latest updates from Brother Marcus

Get the "Elements Of Inspiration", the latest pics, news and events!
Stay Tuned!! Be sure to listen in

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Latest Android App: 무료애니 실시간감상-최신 일본판완결편 무제한감상

★ 본 영상물은 저작권보호를 받는 영상물입니다

저작권자의 허가없이 배포되는 영상물이용은 범죄행위입니다.

본비디오의 내용은 저작권법 및 기타 관련법률에 의해 보호되면,가정에서 사적인 용도로만 시청하실 수 있습니다.

저작권자의 허가없이 온라인에서 불법 복제, 배포, 전송을 하거나 공공장소에서 상영하는 등의 불법적인 이용행위는 처벌대상이 되는 범죄행위로 위반 시, 민사상 책음은 물론 형사상 처벌을 받게 됩니다.

우리 문화산업이 건강하게 발전하려면 불법영상물 유통을 근절시켜야 합니다.

고객센터 0505-720-3350

근무시간 평일 오전10시~오후7시

본 애니매이션은 일본애니 위주로 업데이트되며

매달 2편씩 신규 전편 무료 업데이트됩니다.

애니타운,투니랜드,무료애니,성인만화,미소녀애니,극장판애니메이션,섹시한애니,신작애니,일본만화,키스시스,야애니,사랑과 선거와 초콜릿
,미연시,칸피오네,에스테티카,소스아트온라인,박앵귀,에비텐,미야자키 하야오,일본음악,올드애니,징벌지도,퍼스트러브,우방연가,흑수,꽃가루소녀

무료 애니티비는 100%무료 무제한입니다. 아낌없이 이용하시고 추천많이해주세요.

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Latest Android App: Zombie Hunter! Free

★ Story:
The end of the world is coming! You are the only one survival citizen who can deal with the zombies, kill the
endless zombies with your weapon, such as heavy machine gun, laser gun, rifle…

What’s new:
- Boss!
- Health and POWER UP!
- Support Tablets and More resolution
- New Weapons

- Heavy machine gun
- Large caliber Rifle
- Laser Gun
- Shield

- Press fire button to kill zombies
- Jump over the cliffs
- Support multi-touch
- Kill enemies to POWER UP!
- Get props to change weapons, such as airecraft, armor, laser gun

Game Includes:
- Global score & ranking
- Game speed choose

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Latest Android App: Kijiji Free Local Classifieds

Take Canada’s #1 classifieds site with you wherever you go! With the new Kijiji application, users can now search local classified ads, reply to listings, and post ads with just a few simple taps.

Kijiji for Android makes it easier than ever before to buy and sell items ranging from baby toys and supplies to clothes and electronics. Use Canada’s most popular free local classifieds site to find a job, adopt a pet, rent an apartment, find a local plumber, and so much more – right from your Android device!

Kijiji is also an environmentally friendly way to recycle things you no longer use, without leaving your neighborhood. Because Kijiji connections are between people who live near each other, you can always see and touch an item before you buy. With an easy-to-use format and an amazing variety of local ads, Kijiji is a unique community where everyone is committed to sharing more and wasting less. Plus, Kijiji is completely free.

Kijiji offers a convenient, fun, and easy way for people in the same city to buy, sell, trade, and help each other out in categories such as goods, cars, services, housing, and jobs.

- Post an ad in just a few taps while adding pictures right from your Android device
- Find local ads based on your preferences in all your favorite categories
- View full ad descriptions with photos
- Reply to ads from within the app
- Track ads on your personal watchlist
- Share ads with your friends and social networks
- Support for both English and French speaking users

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Latest Android App: Mi-Forms

Seamlessly Connect your Android device to the Enterprise!

Is your organization interested in using the Android device for business purposes? Struggling with how to bridge the Android device to your back-end Enterprise infrastructure without diverting already limited IT personnel resources and incurring undue costs?

Mi-Co’s proven Mi-Forms technology acts as the bridge between your Android devices and your enterprise infrastructure, removing the traditional barriers to enterprise-level Android device usage. Physicians, Nurses, and Field Service personnel regularly approach Mi-Co to deploy these cost-effective, user-friendly devices in order to more efficiently collect data electronically while on-the-go.

Mi-Co has helped enterprises such as the IRS, USDA, major healthcare organizations and more to implement mobile data collection solutions on a variety of mobile devices including Android devices, Tablet PCs, Digital Pens, Notebooks and Smartphones. Mi-Co’s proven technology will bring the power of enterprise mobility to your Android device deployment.

Finally, Use your Existing Microsoft Technology on the Android device!

Mi-Co builds sleek custom forms that leverage its Mi-Forms platform to deliver the data from the Android device to traditional back-end Enterprise software. The Mi-Forms Server Android device solution not only enables enterprise use of the Android device but also eliminates significant development costs for IT departments. Mi-Co fully supports enterprise server technologies from Microsoft like Windows Server, SQL Server and SharePoint.

The Mi-Forms Android device solution features:

- Text field customization (dates, masks, validation)
- Checkboxes and drop down lists
- Photo capture
- Inking support for photo annotations and signatures
- Real time form rules
- Online and offline data capture support
- Customizable workflow
- Centralized and flexible exporting to back-end systems
- Reviewable audit trails
- Active Directory Support

Recent changes:
* Enhanced welcome screen for new users

* Improved form handling

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Latest Android App: RoadAid

RoadAid, developed by Danish entrepreneurs, brings real-time traffic insight based on crowdsourcing.

Have you ever received a traffic update over the radio as you are pulling into a traffic jam? If only you could have known about it 30 seconds ago.

With RoadAid you can interact with other people on the road.
It’s a social networking application for traffic related insight.
Early, continuous and relevant traffic insights provided by people on the road, help prevent traffic jams and congestions, or at least help you avoid getting caught in one.

By using RoadAid, you’ll be able to:

- Report different types of incidents, such as Traffic, Police, Caution and more.
- Receive audio and visual alerts when in proximity of reported incidents.
- Receive continuous live traffic updates.
- View details about incidents by tapping on the map markers.
- Follow traffic situation elsewhere by searching other locations.
- See the driving direction of every report.
- Report incidents observed in different travel directions.
- Share traffic insight with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.
- Confirm or dismiss reported incidents by tapping map markers or icons in list.
- Choose between map and list view.
- Get dynamic zoom, based on your driving speed.
- Option for dynamic alert distance, based on your driving speed.
- Automatic version check, to ensure you have the latest RoadAid version available.

Live traffic informations can also be viewed on the "Live Map" @

Stop wasting time in traffic and get to your destinations – quicker!

Description of RoadAid’s use of the application permissions:
Your location – is used to retrieve traffic incidents in proximity of the user.
Network communication – uses the Internet to communicate with RoadAid services.
Phone calls- used to deactivate audio alerts by RoadAid while in call.
System tools – used to verify RoadAid’s foreground/background application state.

RoadAid Traffic Insight, Road Aid, Road-Aid

Tags: radar, road traffic, live traffic, copilot, speed traps, police, Google Maps navigation, police radar, route info, road info

Recent changes:
!!! RoadAid now supports several new countries !!!

- Simpler signup process
- Improved location and proximity detection
- Various performance tweaks

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Latest Android App: Noticias sobre o Sao Paulo FC

Este aplicativo manterá você atualizado sobre as últimas noticias do São Paulo Futebol Clube

As noticias são captadas periodicamente dos principais jornais do pais.

Você terá a classificação, calendario de jogos, resultados, videos, musicas e outra informações sobre o seu time.

Esta versão ainda é Beta.

Envie sugestões para o nosso email.

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Latest Android App: Animal Vet Game – Free

Let your kids try the FREE version of the fun and interactive Dr. Panda’s Hospital! Play 3 of the mini games included in the full version. Get the full version to unlock more mini games, more animals and more FUN!


Dr. Panda’s Hospital – Fun Educational Vet App for Kids
What kid doesn’t think about being a vet or doctor?
Here’s their chance to help Dr. Panda take care of animals at Dr. Panda’s Hospital. Your kid will greet 8 different animals in the waiting room, help them to their hospital beds, discover and treat their ailments – all while learning sequencing!

- 10 – fun mini games allow kids to treat stomachs, connect broken bones, measure blood pressure, and many more activities that engage your child in educational role-play.
Dr. Panda’s Hospital is ideal for kids ages 2 – 6 that are naturally curious about basic medical procedures and anatomy.

They will enjoy play as a vet and treat the many animals that come to the hospital and the following varied activities:
• Treat stomachs, eyes, ears, mouth/teeth
• Measure blood pressure
• Apply ointment to treat chicken pox
• Adjust broken bones
• Retrieve swallowed items
• Deliver injections
• Sort equipment into Dr. Panda’s medical carrying case
• Keep waiting room and patient rooms clean

Fun animations and sounds are similar to the Dr. Panda, Teach Me! effects that have made so many kids giggle with delight. Your kid is also rewarded with animal stickers as they complete the games. With so many animals and games, children can play however they want, for as long as they want, and stay engaged.

We are dedicated to kids, so we do NOT use any in-app purchases or third-party advertising:
Dr. Panda’s Hospital is certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program. To learn more, click on the seal or go to

A great educational app for kids!

Check out “Dr. Panda, Teach Me!”, an interactive game for kids ages 2 to 5 with cute animations, wacky sounds and 10 educational mini games which engage your kids in a range of languages and fundamental skills such as recognizing colors, shapes, sizes, differences as well as matching, memory, counting and logic.

If you have any further questions or are interested in how we designed the app together with kids, feel free to contact us any time. Just drop an email to [email protected] or become a fan on Facebook

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Latest Android App: Stay with Facebook

Stay with Facebook allows you to sign into Facebook where ever you go. It is safe,fast and easy to use.
You can read posts and even write posts.

Recent changes:
First version

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Latest Android App: GraciePowerDiet

What is Gracie Power Diet?
It is your Personal Meal Planner. You basically have a dietician working for you 24/7.
It uses the rules of combination from the Gracie Diet.
As a sports dietitian it also gives you the right amount of food you should eat to reach your personal goal.
You should always follow the combinations to avoid acidity in your digestion.
Like the professional athletes, we eat high protein, high fat and very low carbohydrates. This way your body will use the fats as energy source and gives you much more power and speed.
If you want to get rid of all the unnecessary body fat, you should follow the quantities 5 days on and 2 days off.
*Please note that during the first or second week you may feel a bit weak and some people also could have a few headaches but it just means your body is adjusting to the new diet.
Don’t worry about that, from the second week onwards, your body will get used to the change and you will feel better then ever.


How to use your Personal Meal Planner?
First you select your weight (pick kg or lb) and your goal (for loosing weight chose “Cut Weight”). You should do it by spinning the selector and tapping on top of your choice.
Now you can choose the foods to make your meal.
Use the Green + bottom to add a choice of food
Use the Red – bottom to erase a choice of food
Spin the selector until you reach the desired food. Then you should tap on top of your selection.
After selecting your foods, you will see the amount to be eaten on the right side.
If you want to change it just erase and select the new one.
The quantities are a suggestion. You can follow if you like.

Choose as many foods as you like
The selector only shows the foods that combine between them.
If they are not there it is because they don’t combine with your prior choice or with anything else.
For example orange only combines with oranges. So once you choose orange, nothing else will appear on your selector.

What is Gracie Diet?
Developed by the Great Master Carlos Gracie Sr. on the early 1900’s to treat his illness of Gout.
It aims to produce alkaline digestion by eating the foods that chemically match with each other.
Alkaline blood prevents your body from many Illnesses.

The Gracie Family
Is the biggest family devoted for one sport in the world.
They create and develop the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (or Gracie Jiu-jitsu) and Mixed Martial Arts.
There are more than 300 members of this family nowadays. Majority of them, live by teaching and competing in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.
The longest fight in the history of humanity was a battle that last for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Between Helio Gracie (42 y.o./60kg) X Waldemar Santana (28 y.o./93 kg). It was only possible for Helio Gracie to resist to such a challenge against a much larger and younger opponent with the health benefits of the Gracie Diet.
Carlos Gracie passed away in the age of 94 and Helio Gracie has passed aging 95 y.o. Both had physical activities till the end of their days.


Royler Gracie words
“I have always followed the Gracie Diet as I was taught by my family. The only problem I faced was: – how much should I eat and in which proportions?
To answer that, I have visited the best dietitians and followed many different options.
What we offer here to you is the proportions that worked the best way for exchanging body fat for lean muscle. Gaining, keeping or cutting weight, I always felt stronger and faster.

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Latest Android App: Yellow Theme Go/Apex/Nova


Custom, Original Design Work
2 Wallpapers w/ Wallpaper Picker
1 Dock Bar

★ This Theme will work for the following Launchers ★
- Go Launcher EX 2.0
- Go Launcher EX 3.0
- Nova Launcher
- Apex Launcher

This theme will "open" on its own. It has many functions to control how theme is applied and allows user to provide feedback and communicate with me. You will still need to have GoLauncher or LauncherPro installed to use all aspects of theme.





Search for GO LAUNCHER EX on Market.
Install/Run GO LAUNCHER EX, press Menu-Themes.
Select "Gloss Blue GoEX" and Apply!

*To customize icons on dockbar or homescreens
Press/hold the icon, select replace->theme’s icon

* To Choose different wallpapers
Just press and hold home screen
Select wallpaper and choose Go Wallpaper

* To Change dockbar, Press Menu->Prefrences->Visual Settings->Backgrounds->Dock Background->Go Theme Background…->Select the Dock you would like to use… Press Set Dock Background


Recent changes:
→ Added Multi Language Support

** Initial Release **

→ What’s Coming ←

Multi Language, More Custom Color Changes

★ What would you like done ★
Contact me to make requests

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Latest Android App: Gujarat Darshan

Gujarat Darshan app is the easy way to search for Gujarat tourist place, which shows some favorites tourists places with map of the place, description and how to reach that places. App has below features,

- Search places by keyword
- Browse the places by city wise
- Browse the popular places
- Browse the heritage hotels.
- Add to favorites places.

We would like to get some suggestions, new features request or about any issues, please drop us mail on [email protected]

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Latest Android App: Peace Draw Free

Love peace symbols? Love drawing? Try Peace Draw!

♦ Draw, sketch, and doodle with nothing but peace symbols
♦ Share your drawings on for everyone to see

With Peace Draw you can also:

✎ E-mail your drawings to your friends
✎ Share your drawings with your Facebook friends
✎ Share your drawings with your Twitter followers
✎ Save your drawings to your device

Have a question, comment, issue, or a new idea for Peace Draw? Let us know at

Helpful tips:

✎ Clear the drawing by shaking your device
✎ Press and hold anywhere on the drawing to bring up the menu

Note: This is the free version of Peace Draw which includes advertising. For an ad-free experience look for the paid version of Peace Draw.

Keywords: peace draw paint doodle kids girls art rainbow free

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Latest Android App: Peace Draw

Love peace symbols? Love drawing? Try Peace Draw!

♦ Draw, sketch, and doodle with nothing but peace symbols
♦ Share your drawings on for everyone to see

With Peace Draw you can also:

✎ E-mail your drawings to your friends
✎ Share your drawings with your Facebook friends
✎ Share your drawings with your Twitter followers
✎ Save your drawings to your device

Have a question, comment, issue, or a new idea for Peace Draw? Let us know at

Helpful tips:

✎ Clear the drawing by shaking your device
✎ Press and hold anywhere on the drawing to bring up the menu

Keywords: peace draw paint doodle kids girls art rainbow

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