Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: BestPuzzle No.2778 (48pieces) and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: BestPuzzle No.2778 (48pieces) and Other Apps

Latest Android App: BestPuzzle No.2778 (48pieces)

BestPuzzle No.2778 – 48 pieces (8×6)
We like to present the best, most realistic jigsaw puzzle games yet!
Unlike other plain and boring square shaped puzzle games, cutting style used in our games looks exactly like what you have with a real jigsaw. Not only they look like real jigsaw pieces, they play like one! You can move, rotate, interlock, and just like in a real jigsaw puzzle game, you can move partially assembled pieces as a whole!
A timer is provided to keep track of time spent. You can save the state of your game and resume playing when you are ready.
We will be releasing series of puzzle games. We make sure each game we released has the most appealing graphic. You can choose to download and play only the ones you like most. To save internal phone storage, BestPuzzle supports APP2SD on Android 2.2 or better systems.
Once you play our BestPuzzle app, you will never want to go back to the boring old puzzle games currently on the market again!

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Latest Android App: Girl’s無料デコメ20000









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Latest Android App: OilChange-Sticker Preferred

Keep your car in good health – never miss a scheduled maintenance again.
OilChange-Sticker Preferred can be unlocked with a code from participating Service Centers.

We all know it is important to keep our car in top shape with regular maintenance but a modern person’s life is so busy it can be easy to forget. Whether it is rushing to and from work, shuttling the kids around, a hectic social life or all three – often the car maintenance is the last thing on our minds. But just imagine managing that schedule if your car breaks down – OilChange-Sticker is revolutionary smartphone app that makes sure you never forget your maintenance and keep your car on the road.
Features of OilChange-Sticker
•Track all maintenance and repairs on multiple vehicles.
•Editable so you can add or delete maintenance items that apply to your vehicle.
•Sends a clear reminder to phone in time to schedule service.
•Offers easy appointment setting via phone or web-appointment with your service center.
•Keeps complete record of service history. (Exportable)
•At a glance screen displays when all future services are due – the only app that tracks your personal mileage history to accurately predict service due dates.
•Provides Roadside Assistance with one touch dialing.
•Offers service coupon access to your preferred Service Center.
•Accommodates miles or Kilometers units.
•Provides a “Notes” feature for each vehicle, maintenance or repair items.

Never Miss an Appointment
For most of us the idea of trying to run our lives without our car is horrifying. Once your car breaks down you could be without it for days, perhaps even weeks. It is far better to never miss a maintenance appointment and keep your car in top shape. OilChange-Sticker not only reminds you to make an appointment – OilChange-Sticker keeps things running smoothly.
OilChange-Sticker Preferred has all the same feature of the lite version plus it allows you add multiple vehicles, edit or add services, add preferred Service Center information, log repairs, export service records, schedule appointments with preferred Service Center, Contact Roadside assistance and GPS mapping to preferred Service Center.
OilChange-Sticker Preferred can be unlocked with a code from participating Service Centers.

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Latest Android App: 49ers Radio

Never miss 49ers scores, action, and play by play ever again with 49ers Radio! Stream 49ers football games live as well as radio stations of the opposing team. 49ers Radio also provides a complete schedule so you can listen to all San Francisco games! Go Niners!

49ers Radio Features:

* San Francisco 49ers live!

* Stream live 49ers football games directly to your Android device.

* Complete 49ers schedule so you can instantly listen to streaming San Francisco 49ers games.

* Never miss 49ers scores again!

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Latest Android App: Route66%

Graphical Battery Widget showing the exact battery level in 1×1 space.
When your phone’s battery is 66%, You meet Route66!!

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Latest Android App: 网秦通讯录-男人专属通讯录


5.“云”生活:利用“云”备份功能,让您在Symbian/Android/iOS/Windows Mobile 手机间自由备份/恢复。让您的联系人从此“永不丢失”


QQ通讯录、UC 浏览器、微博、搜狗输入法、新浪微博、腾讯微博、手机QQ、友录、米聊、微信、KIK、火种、QQ空间、1616通讯录、开心网、人人网、GO短信、 GO联系人、 GO聊、 盘丝短信、 WhatsApp Kik、 飞信、 Viber Handcent SMS、 瓦力短信、 触宝拨号、 QC归属地、 Kakao Talk Yahoo!Messenger、 eBuddy、 aQQ、 Youni短信

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Latest Android App: video connector

Check out our facebook page also.

Combine Your Videos to Make Your Own Movie

video connector is a simple tool to put together multiple videos you’ve taken with your smartphone and turn them into one movie.
This app is developed by Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc. (SDNA)

-Key information at a glance
Important information such as total file size, total duration, and connectivity of each video clips can be checked at a glance on the screen.
-Simple operation
Operations such as adding, deleting, and changing the order of videos can be done simply by moving the circular button at the center.
-Quick processing
The actual concatenation process is done speedily.
Note: The videos with different picture resolution cannot be connected.

For more information, please refer to:

<Use with video trimmer>
Simple video editing can be done if you use video connector along with video trimmer. Extract the good scenes out from the original videos using video trimmer first, and then use video connector to combine those scenes. The two apps allow you to enjoy cut-editing of your videos.
video trimmer :

<Photo and Video Solution From SDNA>
Don’t miss out other SDNA apps if you’d want to make the most out of your photo and video.

-frame grabber
A New Easy Way to Shoot a Still Picture of a Moving Object
-photo movie creator
Photo Sharing App That Turns Your Photos into a Heart-Touching Movie
-picture manager
Organize Your Photo and Video with Your Fingertip

SDNA facebook page:

Recent changes:
Fixed Minor Bugs.

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Latest Android App: 1000+ Ringtones

Welcome to the largest collection of high-quality ringtones on Android Market!

You get over 1000 (and growing) high-quality and unique ringtones for one price. What do we mean by "one price?" Simple, after you buy the app, you can download as many ringtones as you want for NO CHARGE! Zip, zero.




Assign custom ringtones and notifications for your friends, family and co-workers. Have fun listening to the huge variety of sounds. All tones install with just a click of a button.


- Unlimited downloads!
- Pay once! No Subscriptions!
- Lifetime access!
- Tones work as ringtones and Android notifications!

Some sounds you will receive:

- Classic old-phone ringtones (10)
- Christmas Songs
- Background Beat ringtones(50+)
- Classical Song ringtones (50)
- Dance Beat ringtones (20)
- Soothing Sound ringtones (15)
- Lounge Style ringtones (25)
- Calm Sound ringtones (15)
- Smooth Funk ringtones (15)
- Techno Beat ringtones (40)
- International Music ringtones (30)
- And hundreds and hundreds of others (alarms, animal sounds, funny sounds, annoying sounds, interesting sound effects, national anthems for the USA and other nations, etc…)

Stop paying for each ringtone you download! We took extra care to select only the best tones and are happy to offer them ALL to you for one price!

Just touch a ringtone name to listen to an 8-second preview. If you like what you hear, download the full tone — up to 30 seconds long — by selecting the tone and clicking "Download Selections" from the menu.

Note: To download ringtones, you must have access to your wireless provider’s data network, or Wi-Fi, or another Internet connection source. You also must have a media memory card.


Here’s a few ringtones you get:

Alien Encounter
Amazing Grace
Anchors Away
Army Song
Ass Whooped
Auto Siren
Bell Cathedral
Boogie Time
Boss Hittin You Up
Call From Loser
Calm Bells
Clock Cuckoo
Come All Ye Faithful
Devil Laugh
Drum Beat
Eighties Workout
Electro Groove
Evil Annoying Laugh
Farm Yard
Fart Ringer
Fart Song
Fart Warning
Feliz Navidad
First Noel
Funky Music
Giggling Psycho
Girlfriend Hittin You Up
God Bless America
Greatest Lover
Gun AK47
Hark The Herald Angels
Hey Beautiful
Hip Hop Beat
Holiday Fart
Idiot Is Calling
Joy To The World
Jungle Beat
Love Bells
Machine Gun
Marines Cadence
Mexican Jumping Bean
Music Box
Naughty Words
Out To The Ballgame
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Pick Up The Phone
Please Pickup
Police Bullhorn
Police Radio
Race Car
Rain Forest
Rocky Road To Dublin
Scary Sounds
Scotland The Brave Remix
Screaming Woman
Sexy Goodlooking
Shadow Dancing
Silent Night
Soft Chimes
Soft Happy
Space Ships
Spanish Dancing
Stars And Stripes
Tarzan Yell
Twelve Days of X-Mas
Ultra Goove
Upbeat Bells
Vintage Cell Phone
Waa Waa Waaaaa
Wife Calling
Wild West
Wish You A Merry
Wont You Pick Up

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Latest Android App: Dr PC & Android Help

Get completly free help from a qualified computer technician with any PC problems you have, completely free of charge!

Also can help with android problems! just press chat!

Typical problems we can help with:
androind problems, phone problems
Fix Bad Sectors, Blue Screen Of Death, DLL Errors, Viruses, spyware, Fix A Slow PC, PC Error Codes, PC Screen Freeze, Program Not Responding, Slow Windows Shutdown, Windows Installer Errors, Windows Stop Errors and so many more problems!

Recent changes:
1.2 now supports android help

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Latest Android App: MP3 Music Download Pro v3

MP3 Music Download Pro v3 is the fastest mp3 downloader app in the market. Search, Download and Play music from anywhere anytime
MP3 Music Download Pro v3 app let you search, download and play free music & lyric from anywhere at anytime
* Album Cover save to your sdcard from public search engine.
*search and downlaod music & lyric & Album cover.
*manage music: play | delete | set as Ringtone notification.
*multi-thread download, you can download 3 songs at the same time.
Tags: mp3 music download android gratuit contact ringtone alarm notification.

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