Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Call of Duty Community and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Call of Duty Community and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Call of Duty Community

This app is meant to bring together all players of CoD Black Ops as a social community. Gamers can chat, create a profile, follow other gamers and earn points. The chat is community wide. No matter which whether you play on console or pc.

Gamers come together chat and interact with other black ops gamers.

Keywords: Call of Duty, Gamers, Chat, Social, Black Ops

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Latest Android App: Ice Cream Go Launcher EX Theme

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Theme for Go Launcher EX
If you like this theme please rate it.

1. You must have GO Launcher installed.
2. To apply the theme within GO Launcher EX : MENU >preferences >theme preferences

Please check out my other themes.

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Latest Android App: 조금야한 연애실력 심리테스트


애들은 가라!!

당신의 연애실력은 얼마나 되는지 한번 테스트 해보세요.

당신이 모르고 있던 당신의 심리까지 알 수 있습니다.

심심할때 한번씩 테스트하고 지인들과도 가볍게 즐겨주세요.

버스, 지하철에서 간단히 사용하시면 좋습니다.

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Latest Android App: Tibia Character Lookup

Tibia Character Lookup shows you character information for all characters in the famous MMORPG Tibia.

This is just a first release! More features comming soon…

Please note that the only official website is and from there part of statistical information as well as other information is gathered. Tibia is copyrighted by CipSoft GmbH.

Recent changes:
-Fixed a bug in which character names containing spaces are chopped and only the first part of the total name is used as character name.

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Latest Android App: iDigMobi

iDigMobi is a barcode-scanning application for comparison shopping that makes finding and sharing product information anywhere anytime easy using a mobile device. Scan UPC/EAN barcodes to get information on millions of products. You may read product descriptions, save it to favorite lists, share it with friends on social networks, and more…

iDigMobi has the most advanced barcode scanning technology. It works even on devices without advanced optic hardware such as a macro lens or auto-focus.

Recent changes:
Initial release.

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Latest Android App: Numbers

Do you know the "Numbers" game?
Try it if you haven’t!
You should love it!

Choose "3×3", "4×4" or "5×5".
Tap 1 to "9", "16" or "25"(this depends on which num you chose)in order.

Beat the world champion and be it yourself!!

Another Simple App.

Recent changes:
bug fix
report world ranking
add another app

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Latest Android App: BestPuzzle No.2503 (54pieces)

BestPuzzle No.2503 – 54 pieces (9×6)
We like to present the best, most realistic jigsaw puzzle games yet!
Unlike other plain and boring square shaped puzzle games, cutting style used in our games looks exactly like what you have with a real jigsaw. Not only they look like real jigsaw pieces, they play like one! You can move, rotate, interlock, and just like in a real jigsaw puzzle game, you can move partially assembled pieces as a whole!
A timer is provided to keep track of time spent. You can save the state of your game and resume playing when you are ready.
We will be releasing series of puzzle games. We make sure each game we released has the most appealing graphic. You can choose to download and play only the ones you like most. To save internal phone storage, BestPuzzle supports APP2SD on Android 2.2 or better systems.
Once you play our BestPuzzle app, you will never want to go back to the boring old puzzle games currently on the market again!

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Music! ! Traning Local

Music data in the terminal (mp3) using the
You can create your own rhythm game.

How to play:
Please register first on the Edit MP3 files.
Select the file you created
Record (red circle) button
The creation of data begins.
Please touch to the rhythm in the frame.
Once you have created the MENU
You can play with the data you just created.

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Latest Android App: Vanishing Tic-Tac-Toe

This game is similar to well-known game, Tic-Tac-Toe: that two players put mark by turns and make a line consisting of three own marks.
But in this game, when you put the fourth mark, the first mark vanishes. And when the fifth, the second does.
So players should put mark by thinking well.
You can play with both computer and man.

sound effect :

Recent changes:
Nothing in particular.

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Latest Android App: Toggler

The goal of the game is to turn all red buttons to green.
When a button is clicked, its state is toggeled, but so is the state of 4 buttons around it.

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Latest Android App: Hoopers Free

The most addictive line drawing puzzle game on Android for Free.Download now
Hoop the Hobbits, catch a star, and feed them blob to disappear in this award-winning free puzzle game!
If you like games like Nano Panda, Angry birds, Aqua glob, Unblock me, puzzle games and other line drawing games, then you will definitely love this game.
Hooper is unfortunate story of Angry Hobbits that belong to an underground magical world but unluckily the fate dragged them out of earth. Now they are alone and they have to get back to their world that’s why they are angry. Let them hoop and disappear so eat blob but pick one star atleast to feed ANGRY HOBBITS with blob. To pick a star and feed them with blob both hobbits must be connected together through a line passing through blob. This is the only way to make them hoop, else they would just roam around all alone.
But don’t forget to collect the stars and connect the hobbits along the way – easier said than done when enemies and obstacles await!

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Latest Android App: Sumosumo


Three fat men fight it out for your amusement!

Sumosumo is the perfect game to play with your buddies.

A violent game of Tag upon a breakaway piece of ice, the time-honoured sport of Shove-Your-Enemy-Off-The-Ring: duke it out in a variety of modes!

Play as Barbarian Sumo and muscle your friend into submission; let your friend “teach you the Way” (code for “own you”) as Monk Sumo; or enter the fray for Lord and Land as the high and mighty Knight Sumo.

Yes, these fat men are going to do nasty, nasty stuff to each other, and just for kicks and giggles!

Please contact [email protected] for any inquiry or feedback. It’s our first ever, so thanks for helping us out!

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Latest Android App: Bird Hunting Shooter Free

Bird hunting can be award winning hunting game, top Android app with cool and addictive feature and full of fun, its an adrenaline rush 2D shooting game. The original tight controls, several levels, and fast, smooth, addictive game play with different modes and selection of guns makes it a highly indulging game on Android.

Free n Full shooting game. Shoot the birds with accuracy and precision to score more points four different game play modes to enjoy. classic, touch, sensor and smash modes with each mode having multiples levels. Unlock multiple guns to add more fun.

**** Features ****
-> great graphics Physics.
-> 10 insane levels of each mode. Each mode offers something new.
-> Multiple play modes.
-> Online leaderboards and achievements.
-> Four Modes
-> Different Shooting Arenas
-> Different options for selection
-> Multiple birds hunting
-> Integrated with Open Feint
-> Menu for turning volume on/off
-> Vibration on/off
-> Fun cool game for everyone.
-> Supports multiple resolutions Best result for 854 * 480.

Bird Hunting is free to download, to install and to play.

we value your opinion and want you to write to us at [email protected]

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Latest Android App: Squishy Halloween – FREE

From the makers of Squishy Fruit, Happy Halloween! Great Fun, Try it!
Now you can squish Pumpkins, Ghosts, Witches and Bats. Be careful, they may not like being squished! Leave them alone for too long and they will show you their displeasure and smash your screen.

Squishy Halloween? Everybody is talking about it:
** "I’m addicted to Squishy Fruit, can I please have my life back?" – R. Mulliss (Master squisher). Well, now you can play Squishy Halloween!
** "Cool game – it’s a blast" – D. Martin (Screen poker).

Compete against your friends! Are you better than they are? Tap, whack, smash & poke your way to being numero uno.

+ Best game for all ages – kids, adults, boys & girls.
+ Cool, fun game! – Guaranteed to rope you in
+ Facebook Leaderboard – Can you be the World Master Squisher?
+ Taunt your friends with your scores on FaceBook & Twitter.
+ Discrete scoring methods that take into account Accuracy & Speed.
+ Easy to play… Hard to Master
+ HD graphics.
+ Advanced 2.5d scaling graphics
+ No Ads

We have Angry Pumkins, Angry Ghosts, Angry Witches & Angry Bats. Are you good enough to take them on? Can you move as fast as a Ninja?

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Latest Android App: Shut The Box 2 Free

A Variation of the classic board game.
Now with more levels and bonus round!
1 Player, cards are added at higher levels.
Roll Dice to remove any amount of cards totalling roll.

*Save to SD card option for 2.2+ (Froyo)
Integrated Scoreloop (Online scores & Achievements)
supports 2.3+

Recent changes:
free version

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Latest Android App: Wicked World 無料体験版 [RPG]

画面 解像度480×800、または480×854対応。


<製品版 Wicked World ダウンロードページ>


Homage to Wiz.



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