Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Caynax Orchid Battery Widget and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Caynax Orchid Battery Widget and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Caynax Orchid Battery Widget

This is beautiful Caynax Orchid Flower Battery Widget.

This beautiful flower battery widget available for free shows:
- battery level
- battery temperature
- battery voltage
- battery status
- battery health
- battery technology

You can set battery temperature unit shown on widget.

This is widget so to use it:
1. On home screen long click on free space.
2. From pop-up menu select ‘Widget’
3. Select ‘Caynax Orchid Battery (1×1/2×2/3×3/4×4)’ to use this beautiful flower battery widget for free.

Widget contains one small standard ad banner in widget configuration activity.

Recent changes:
First version.

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Latest Android App: XXL2 Go launcher theme hd

Theme name XXL 2
More than 260 BIG icon HD

To use Large icon go to :menu/preferences/ visual settings/ icons/ icons size.

our theme : Diamond, Winter Snow, Fall, My Window, XXL2, call of duty theme,
Theme Style: colored, classic, gloss, nature, design, class.

Theme Name: XXL2
Designed by: Premium Theme

->Main features:

-260 Big-Icons 112x112px
-3 Personalized Wallpaper
-New Folder Interface
-Personalized Dock and App Drawer



-First, you must have instaled Go launcher EX for free.
-This app only works with GO Launcher EX


->How it works?

->Change Theme:

1.Download and install our Premium theme.
2.Back to GO Launcher home screen, click settings button and choose "Themes"
3.Choose your Theme!

->Change others icons:

1.Click on the icon until the bubble appears
2.Click on "Replace" – "Theme´s icon"
3.Choose an icon Then click on it!

More details on :


->Contact us: [email protected]

->More informations, more screenshots visit our website.

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Latest Android App: Go Locker Red Four Key Theme

GO Locker Fourkey Theme Kang

The Go Launcher Dev team made this. I just kanged it to my color liking and figured others might like to use it also.

1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above and GO Locker v1.0 have been installed;
2. Click “MENU—->Preferences—->Theme Settings—->GO Locker—->My locker” to choose the theme;

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Latest Android App: Heimtextil Navigator

Heimtextil Navigator is the orientation guide for visitors of Messe Frankfurt’s Heimtextil exhibition. Navigate over the fairgrounds, through the exhibitor directory or receive inspiration through news and twitter messages. The App consists of the following elements:

Exhibitor and product search
The full-text search finds all Heimtextil exhibitors and products with names and descriptions. An overview of the hits is displayed with logo and stand number. By clicking on an exhibitor’s name, details including contact information, an extensive description of the company and a product list are displayed. The list provides both images and a written description and offers a good overview of the portfolios of both the event and exhibitors. Another click allows the user to identify the exhibitor’s location on the map of the grounds.

Thanks to news and Twitter, industry visitors and journalists stay apprised of all the latest Heimtextil developments. All the current press releases and social media messages from Twitter can be directly viewed without any additional settings. News is updated in real-time and can be quickly and easily perused. A click then reveals a longer excerpt and a link in a press release then allows users to switch to the Heimtextil website where the entire text is available.

Map of the grounds
The grounds and hall layout offers an outline of the entire trade fair grounds from a schematic overview. Users can control the zoom factor freely with their fingers on the touchscreen. By clicking on a hall, a level can be selected to reveal all the stands in the hall on the screen. An additional click on the trade fair stand displays the exhibitor’s name, logo and stand number. A further step makes it possible to open up the exhibitor’s details in the exhibitor search where the user can view the company’s contact information and products. Switching between the exhibitor search and a map of the grounds is fast and easy because both are closely interlinked. It is even possible for users to display their own location with GPS. As such, all visitors can easily see on the screen if they have the right hall and what direction to go to see the next person they want to meet with. Features: Vector map display with user-friendly pinch and zoom Selection of the individual hall levels and detailed display of the stands Brief information by clicking on a stand (name, cross link, logo, stand number) Link from and to the exhibitor search to display the exhibitor’s details Display of the visitor’s own location Display a buddy’s location (see next point)

Buddy finder
In addition to its general meaning of acquaintance or friend, the word ‘buddy’ is often used in internet parlance to denote online acquaintances. The Heimtextil app has a Buddy finder feature to link into a network of friends, colleagues, exhibitors or customers that the user wants to stay in contact with during the trade fair. The appeal of the key functionality is the ability to communicate one’s current location to the network at all times. The user clicks on a button to access the current GPS position and then makes it visible on a map only to the connected buddies. This makes it easier for visitors to coordinate with one another and, for example, indicate a restaurant at the trade fair where they could meet each other.

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Latest Android App: The Hunter Ringtones

The Hunter x Hunter Ringtones is an application that features The Hunter x Hunter songs that can be use as ringtones. There are 20 sounds with more to come.

1:Soul of the Requiem
2:Hunter x hunter
5:Believe in tomorrow
6:Wind Song
7:Carry on
8:Good morning
9:Wind Song
11:Do you feel like i feel
12:Do you feel like i feel
13:Under the big apple
14:Innocent challenger
16:Sinister angel
17:The sorrow of the wind
18:Hypnotic butterfly
19:Pale ale

– set phone ringtones
– set notification ringtones
– save to sd card or Internal phone storage

Enjoy these ringtongs.

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Latest Android App: Anatronica – Human Anatomy 3d

Visit for free complete online web version of interactive anatomy with all human anatomy systems!

Available for phones (800×480) and tablets (10 or 7 inch screens)

A free educational guide to the human skeletal anatomy featuring an
advanced interactive 3D touch interface. This tablet app allows for
easy navigation of the skeletal system. The intricate connections and
alignments amongst various organs such as the bones of the skull are
much easier to understand and remember with the anatomically correct
and detailed 3D model. Human body is a complicated three dimensional
structure and different means of navigating and selecting objects are
provided in order to make it easier to view the organs of interest
from the preferred vantage point. In order to speed up the learning
experience organs are grouped into a hierarchical and medically known
sets. A hierarchy browser allows for quick highlighting and
navigation of these sets, subsets and finally organs themselves. The
tablet touch interface is perfectly integrated into the browsing and
navigation experience and allows for intuitive manipulation of objects
within the view. Once an organ has been selected a single touch of a
button can increase or decrease the number of surrounding organs.
Entering the name of an organ into the search bar allows for fast
selection and view focus on that organ. Other buttons are available
for increasing and decreasing the number of surrounding organs
according to their level in the medical hierarchy. Individual organs
can also be hidden or made transparent. Multiple interface options
allow for easy and fast organ selection and visibility settings while
the intuitive touch interface allows for quick adjustment of the
viewing angle. We hope that you enjoy and spread the word about our
free educational anatomy offering. With your support we can offer
more body systems in the future. Built with Unity3D. Please feel free to forward any
suggestions or complaints to [email protected]

Recent changes:
v1.16 various bug fixes and optimizations
v1.14 Optimized model, it runs much faster now
-various bug fixes
v1.12 Added Wikipedia and Gray’s Anatomy data for all bones
-No more partial download, complete skeleton is available
-Available for phones now!

v1.11 Added Wikipedia data (Skull only)
v1.01 Suitable for tablets with at least 900px width

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Latest Android App: City Fireworks FREE

Fireworks over the skyline of New York, London or Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Snow falls, clouds rush in different altitudes, colors and light changes dynamically and seamless during the day, and fireworks sparkle in the sky.

Activate this live wallpaper from home -> menu -> background -> live wallpapers

In this free version most settings are locked. In the full version you can customize:

- change city between New York (Manhattan), London and Stockholm
- number of rockets
- particle count of explosions
- length of trails (from zero to infinite)
- explosion flash intensity (or no flash)
- moon size and position
- snowflake count and color
- any time of day or dynamic time (real time)
- speed of clouds
- turn on/off high and low clouds
- true color (24 bit) option

Photo credits
Riddarholmen: gesternumdiesezeit
London: Karen Roe
Manhattan: Eva Abreu
Moon: Luis Argerich

fyrverkerier, nyårsraketer, raketer, nyårsafton, nyår, snö, snöfall, stockholm, sverige, natt, dag, kväll, morgon, skymning, gryning, 2011, 2012, gott nytt år, stadshuset, riddarholmen, riddarholmskyrkan, silhuett, skyline, fireworks, rockets, explosions, explosion, day, night, evening, morning, dusk, dawn, clouds, wind, snow, snowfall, customize, customizable, opengl, manhattan, big ben, westminster, london, new york, empire state building, chrysler building

Recent changes:
- new stockholm picture (riddarholmen & old town)
- added new york (manhattan)
- added london

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Latest Android App: Pizza Hut

Get Your Local Pizza Hut App on Your Phone.
Anderson, SC; Easley, SC; Gaffney, SC; Greenville, SC; Greer, SC; Mauldin, SC; Simpsonville, SC.

Ordering pizza is only a tap away for calling and online ordering. Let us know if you want delivery or just drop by for carryout. You may also contact us to find out about our catering services for your next big event. Become a Mobile "Insider" Today It’s FREE!…for Instant Local Savings! Get the Hottest Deals and Steals sent directly to your cell phone that aren’t available anyplace else!!!! You’ll Receive Our Exclusive "Insider" Discounts from your local Pizza Hut Store.

How it works:
Step One: Once you download this app you’ll receive VIP APP SPECIALS
Step Two: Look for deals and steals on your VIP APP
Step Three: There is no step three it’s that easy! This is a FREE Service!

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Latest Android App: DS Ukulele

DS Ukulele Chord is a simple and functional guitar chord finder.
This App is useful at beginner ukulele players.

When you press play button, you can hear chord sound.

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Latest Android App: SONGS PK

The Fully Featured

Music Section
Singles / Mp3 Tracks
Bollywood Movie Songs
Pakistani Songs
Indian Pop And Remix
Bhangra/Punjabi Songs
Revival / Old Is Gold
Wedding Songs

Bollywood Reviews
Music Reviews
Movie Reviews

Image Hosting
Upload Images
Free Ringtones
MP3 Ringtones Free
Free MP3 Ringtones
Technology News
Earn $$$ Online


Recent changes:
New Version 1.0.0

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Latest Android App: Talking Wheelie Lite

Talking Wheelie TransFormers lite repeats everything you say with a funny voice.

Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Wheelie. He is especially fun for children of all ages.

Play with Wheelie Transformers:
- Talk to Wheelie and He will repeat everything you say with a funny voice.
- Toy car deformation ,so cool!
- Make the car back to original shape.
- Poke his head,chest,belly, shoulder,Arm or feet.

Keywords: Talking Wheelie TransFormers, Talking TransFormers, car, gun, toy, deformation, glass, kids, dance, joy, smile, laugh, kid, baby, funny, cat, dog, santa, giraffe, panda

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Latest Android App: Notification Enhancer

With today’s fast-paced world, we find ourselves to be pre-occupied with single or usually a lot of tasks at hand. This situation often prevents us from having a glimpse on our phone especially when we are expecting an important call or message. It is then time to have this application at hand to grab our attention. Through this application, it is guaranteed that you will be reminded of incoming messages or calls as often as you want it.
Trust us when we say that you will be hearing it over and over and over again!

-Set either in calls or texts for notification.
-Assign a sound notification
-Set the recurrences of notifications and how long it should run.
-Application runs in the background for added convenience.

Recent changes:
-Fixed minor bug that prevented notification from firing up on some phones.

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Latest Android App: Royal Flush Live Wallpaper (F)

This is a live wallpaper app with present Royal Flush of Spades in cool 3D style!

Pro version with more style, effect and without advert:

Cool features listed below:

✔ Select 3 card
✔ Multiple box layout
✔ Multiple light source which you can change color
✔ Set light source as static or moving (spot light)
✔ Change viewing angle
✔ Change background color
✔ Set box to move across screen or stay put
✔ Rotate box with touch
✔ Settable auto rotation speed
✔ Best of all, it is FREE!

We hope all poker fans will like it !

All images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners.

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Latest Android App: SocialFlok

SocialFlok is the easiest way to share pictures, video and text with your friends on Twitter & facebook.

SocialFlok gives you the freedom to express on spur of the moment, right from your phone. Instantly update your status in the most illustrative manner with pictures, video. Viewing multimedia tweets from other twitter & facebook users is a breeze with SocialFlok native support for multimedia.

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Latest Android App: Weer & Verkeer praatje

Praat mee en bepaal het weer- en verkeergevoel in Nederland!

Weer en verkeer zijn zonder twijfel de meest besproken gespreksonderwerpen in ons dagelijkse leven. Of het nu vriest of dooit, we hebben er allemaal een mening over. De ene keer is het genieten en fluitend op pad, de andere keer is balen en zou je je het liefst nog een keer omdraaien in bed.

Met deze app kun je meepraten over het weer en verkeer:

- Bekijk het actuele weer en verkeer in Nederland en bij jou in de buurt.
- Stem met een duimpje omhoog of een duimpje omlaag en bepaal zo het weer- en verkeergevoel in Nederland en je regio.
- Deel via Hyves, Twitter en Facebook.

En er is meer:

- Het actuele weerbericht en weerkaarten.
- De lokale weervoorspelling van vandaag en de komende 7 dagen.
- Een overzichtskaart van het weergevoel bepaald door het stemmen.
- File informatie van TomTom, met behalve hoofdwegen ook secundaire wegen en binnenwegen!

Op korte termijn wordt de app verder uitgebreid met meer functionaliteiten. We zijn benieuwd naar jullie reviews. Suggesties zijn welkom op [email protected]

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Latest Android App: Watch Naruto Episodes FREE !

Watch naruto episodes, naruto shippuuden episodes and naruto MOVIES for FREE!
This app is easy to use and all the episodes and movies are right at your finger tips, watch while your on the train, taking a break or connect your device to your TV and watch episodes and movies right from the comfort of your home.

Faster loading time
Less lagg
Better quality
high res movies!

Recent changes:
Faster loading time
Less lagg
Better quality
high res movies!

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Latest Android App: Chalk n’ Talk

Chalk it out, Talk it up! Sketch and guess together to win!



How about a more modernized style of your favorite, classic Pictionary. With a large database of words, online play so you can play anywhere, a content-packed shop and an allure so irresistible, Chalk n’ Talk is the game that you don’t want to miss!
- Nkatti97

The saying, "just another round" really shines through in Chalk n’ Talk as you become fully immersed in this friendly bout of charades with family and friends.
- ChocoVanilla

You draw, people guess. Others draw, you guess. Chalk n’ Talk is the game where you can share your creative arts to others in VERY FUN WAY!
- Bdragonst



Incredibly simple to play. Draw the word and guess to win!

Log in from anywhere to compete live against users from all over the planet.

Create stunning sketches with 29 illustrative artwork brushes and 15 colorful canvases.

Post your best pictures onto your own gallery and show-off the display board to claim your 15 minutes of fame!

Make new friends or invite close friends! Create private rooms to chat and play all night long.



Air Penguin
Cartoon Wars: Gunner+
Colosseum Heroes
Baseball Superstars® II
Baseball Superstars® 2011
Soccer Superstars(TM)




Recent changes:
- Minor bug fixed

Your 5 star rating keeps us motivated to produce upcoming updates to make Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ even better!

Contact GAMEVIL Inc. @

Tips & Tricks @
Tweet us @
Facebook @
YouTube @
Email @ [email protected]

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Latest Android App: 金山隐私保险箱


Recent changes:

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Bird Flock Live Wallpaper

A flock of birds flying over the sea in a beautiful sunset. Live on your phone screen.

After install, press long on the phone screen, tap the live wallpaper section and choose Bird Flock Live Wallpaper to set it on your screen.

Please note that this live wallpaper is ad supported.

This live wallpaper contains royalty free images from used under the terms of use found here:

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Trafic 974

Accidents, travaux, la Direction Régionale des Routes de la Réunion nous informe de ces moindres petit tracas pouvant empêcher une circulation fluide.

Trafic 974, vous donne ses informations accessible à bout de doigt. Un petit coup d’oeil, pour mieux organiser vos déplacement et éviter de possible embouteillages.

La mise à jour se fait encore manuellement (un simple clic) mais une version automatique est en route.

Les données affichées sont founies par la Direction Régionale des Routes de la Réunion.

Recent changes:
– Liste les informations du trafic de la Réunion
– Mise à jour manuel

AppBrain Link:

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