Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Celebrity Genius and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Celebrity Genius and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Celebrity Genius

★★★ Are you a Celebrity Genius? ★★★

Celebrity Genius is the ultimate quiz about your favorite celebrities, movies and TV Shows. Test your knowledge by answering questions and identifying celebrities from photographs.

★ Featuring hundreds of Celebrity trivia questions
★ Photo questions of your favorite celebrities
★ Online leaderboards and achievements
★ Celebrity Genius is OpenFeint enabled
★ Free question updates

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Latest Android App: LifeLogMeasure

Simple app for measuring time.

1. Measured by running the application
2. To stop the second execution of the application

I think everyone can use and intuitive.
Measurement result is "Sharing" can be reproduced in Evernote and Twitter.

Icons string are meant "measuring" in Japanese.

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Latest Android App: Yahoo Mobile Guide

Yahoo Mobile Guide is a web Navigation and Guide app.
You can access the Yahoo Mobile Service in full version
quickly and directly by this app.
This app has many good functions.

The features for this
1.Chat with yahoo messenger friends
2.Guide to all yahoo mobile service
3.Go to Yahoo mobile site by just a click
4.Get Yahoo News directly
5.Send And Receive Yahoo Mail
6.Share via Mail or Social NetWork

yahoo,yahoo mail,yahoo messenger,yahoo mobile guide,
yahoo messenger,yahoo messenger pro,yahoo mobile,
all yahoo site,Mail,Live,Im,qq,facebook,hotmail

The app is a web guide application,and has nothing to do with the official site.If there are some infringements, please contact us and we will immediately delete this app.
Because of this, the owners of this app,we don’t take responsibility, if there are some infringements, you can inform us to remove it.

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Latest Android App: 野球,野球.

野球,MLBの最新ニュース、写真など …

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Latest Android App: 학교생활의달인

학교생활을 하다 보면 다음 수업이 무엇이고 강의실이 어디인지 교수님은 누구인지 까먹을 때가 있습니다. 과제나 아르바이트 등 할 일이 늘어나 언제까지 해야 하는 헷갈려 일정에 차질이 일어나기도 하구요.
그리고 아르바이트로 번 돈이나 용돈을 관리도 해야 합니다. 저희는 이런 문제들을 현대인의 필수품인 휴대폰 어플로 제작하여 한번에 관리할 수 있게 하고 싶었고 학교생활 관리 어플을 제작하기로 하였습니다.

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Latest Android App: 曼聯 球迷之家及資訊速遞


- 最新曼聯新聞

- 最新曼聯賽況

- 曼迷平台

Recent changes:
VersionName: 1.0

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Latest Android App: Seri(음성명령)-Tab

소개 영상입니다.
요즘 아이폰4S의 Siri가 이슈입니다.

그래서 저는 Siri 짝퉁! Seri(세리)를 만들어보았습니다.
짝퉁이 컨셉인 만큼 Siri처럼 동작하는것을 만들어 봤는데요ㅎ
참고로 Siri는 미국인에게 최적화 된 기능이라고 합니다 ㅎ
저는 한국인에게 최적화 된 Seri를 여러분께 선보이게 되었네요 ㅎ

음성으로 검색
음성으로 위치찾기
음성으로 경로찾기
음성으로 유튜브에서 동영상 찾기
음성으로 마켓에서 앱 찾기
음성으로 전화걸기

등의 기능을 지원하고 있습니다.

명령은 자연스럽게 하시면 됩니다.
(안드로이드에 대해서 찾아봐)
(선유도는 어디에 있니?)
(여기에서 신촌까지 가는 길 알려줘)
(합정역에서 강남역까지 가는길 알려줘)
(홍길동에게 전화해)
(유튜브에서 아이유의 좋은날 찾아봐)
(마켓에서 하지마 어플 찾아봐)
(01012345678로 전화해)

등등 자연스럽게 이야기 하시면 됩니다.

아직 한국어 음성명령어플이 안드로이드는 물론 아이폰에도 없다는 점이 가장 큰 장점입니다.
초기모델이지만 높은 인식률을 자랑합니다.

써보시면 좋습니다. ㅎ

제공되는 기능은 인기도에 따라 점차 늘려가도록 하겠습니다.
인식률도 점차 올려가도록 하겠습니다 ㅎ.

Recent changes:
v1.0 – 4 : 인식률을 높이는 작업을 했고, 작은 버그들도 수정했습니다.

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Latest Android App: Halloween Spooky Sounds

Halloween Spooky Sounds Free By Seven Leaf
One of the best Halloween Night apps on the market! Scare your friends (or yourself!) with this popular Free Halloween sounds application. Additional frightful features include saving any of the halloween sounds as a ringtone, using a fright filled motion detector ,and a countdown timer.

Choose from over ten + different scary sounds all with a halloween season theme. Choose the sound by selecting the drop down menu at the top.

The Halloween Sounds Include The Following:
Bats : The sound of bats flying and making noises
Chainsaw : Sound effects of chainsaw cutting a tree
Death : Well.. You know.. It will be scary trust us
Haunting : The sound of ghosts humming and flies buzzing
Zombie and Zombie Fat : A zombie groaning and a more deep zombie voice groaning.
Ghost Child : Creepiest ghost child voice ever!
Psycho : Woman screaming in an insane assylum
Scream : Woman screams from a scary event
Saw : A Saw’s sound affects from chopping away at a tree
Zombie Horde : A horde of zombies just waiting to attack
Eerie : An unusual halloween creepy noise

Many more creepy sounds to come!

Sounds / Noises are appropriate for all ages, but it doesn’t hurt to listen to them before giving to younger people.

Play the sounds in three ways, which include
- Hitting Play
- Using unsuspecting countdown timer
- Starting the motion detector ( Scare those trick or treators as they come to your door ! )
- Play a prank noise continuously by selecting the loop feature on the top right.
- Save any sound option as a ringtone. This way when people call you they will be frightened

Hit Stop at any time to stop the halloween noises from playing.

Let us know which sound is the scariest of all! If you have a sound suggestion let us know!

Great app to use on a first date prank! Make a good impression by scaring the color out of your date’s face. Who wouldn’t want to hear the sound of a scary chainsaw at dinner or a ghost moaning because he didn’t get any food? The shriek of death or sound of a zombie will no doubt leave a good impression. Although doing this after halloweens days have past may leave your popularity suspect..

How to use the Halloween Motion detector and eerie count down timer :
The Motion Detector will arm itself once the countdown you have specified ends. It uses the accelerometer to detect motion with the phone. Once motion is detected the halloween spooky sound you selected will play.

Count Down Timer : Initiate a countdown timer that will play Halloween sound you selected after it finishes! Adjust seconds by hitting the up and down arrows. Great for pranks and funny moments

** Please note all of the sounds on the top menu list will play with the motion detector and count down timer feature. This also includes the Halloween Ringtone save option. Saving the halloween ringtones is free of charge **

A suggested great use for the app is to scare trick or treators! Place the halloween motion detector on an object that will trigger motion on your phone. When they walk by a sound will be fired off that will scare and spook them!

Start the spooky count down timer and hand the phone off to an unsuspecting user! They will shriek in terror at your prank as it plays your scary selections!

Become the life of the halloween party as you unleash terror on unsuspecting guests. Place the phone with the motion detector activated on the drink tray.

Spooky Sounds app also includes option to adjust the brightness of the phone. Adjusting the brightness to a low level can save battery life. This will be essential for those long halloween nights

You will find app under name = Spooky Sounds

Feel free to email us or drop a comment. We are always looking to improve our apps for users. We will do our best to implement your ideas into the application. If you like the app, feel free to check out other apps from Seven Leaf!

Enjoy your halloween holiday and we hope you get some great scares from the free app

Recent changes:
New Additions :
We listened to your feedback and added a motion detector and count down timer to maker your halloween night that much more fun!

Motion detector fires a scary sound once the timer you specified finished. The phone will say ‘ARMED’ when it is ready. Any motion after that will trigger the halloween noise you selected. All sounds will work with this feature.

Count Down Timer : Will fire off the halloween noise you selected after the timer finishes.

Added a new sound

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Latest Android App: 阿仙奴 球迷之家及資訊速遞


- 最新阿仙奴新聞

- 最新阿仙奴賽況

- 阿迷平台

Recent changes:
VersionName: 1.0

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Latest Android App: Talking Browser

This is Lite/Demo version of real application and reads out only 200 first characters. The full version you can find on

The application operates like standard mobile web browser, however, was enhanced by an innovative mechanism for reading text of articles by using speech synthesis technology. The mechanism reads the content downloaded by the user from Internet. The application has been created for people who frequently move with mobile phone or carry out activities which prevent them from reading Internet news or for whom reading the content of Internet on the phone is difficult due to the small size of the display and navigation difficulties hampered by the small dimensions of the device. Talking Browser gives users free access to information in any situation.

Program is simple and convenient to use. It is used as a typical web browser. Application has options such as entering of internet address, navigation etc. You can also set how the application behaves e.g. you can choose voice (male / female), voice speed, echo, etc. What differentiates this from typical browsers is to use speech synthesis mechanism by which it is possible read the contents of the article currently being viewed. The mechanism starts by clicking on the Read button which starts reading of an entire article. User can also focus on a selected part of the article, by allowing selection a piece of text of the article and then listen to it. Besides these two basic options, our application allows you to change the parameters of synthetic voice generation.

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Latest Android App: My first puzzles: Toys Lite

Kids from 2 to 6 will have fun solving their first puzzles.

With 4 (12 in full version) different puzzles, nice sound effects, beautiful graphics, this game will entertain your children while improving their motor skills.

This game is part of your "Learning is fun" educational game collection. Visit our website for more educative games:

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Latest Android App: 3Letter

3Letter is a puzzle game to find words those are consist of three letter. You can easily learn all three letter word in a dictionary with fun.

- Physic animation by G-sensor.
- English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, China, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Taiwan, Russian and arabic explanation supported.
- 9 items to play with fun.
- Login with your Facebok account to play with Facebook friends.
- The more combo you achieve, the more score you get.
- Local ranking showing high scores and max combos.
- Sound On/Off.

Recent changes:
First release!

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