Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Chinese Talking Cat and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Chinese Talking Cat and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Chinese Talking Cat

Chinese Talking Cat

He will repeat what you say in a funny voice and make you laugh.

It’s free and it works on all android devices.

International Users:

Spainish: hablando del gato
Russian: говорящий кот
French: parler chat
Filipino: Pakikipag-usap Cat Chat
Japan: トーキングキャットチャット
Ukraine: Говорячи Cat Чат
Chinese: 演讲者猫聊天
Brazil: Bate-papo falando Cat
Italy: Gatto Chat parlando

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Latest Android App: The Verge Notifications

This isn’t The Verge app it is a Verge app. Comment reply and recommendation notifications for The Verge as they happen.

If you want to view the reply on your desktop Chrome browser instead of your device install phone2chrome or android2cloud and select the appropriate display in settings.

This application is unofficial. All you need to provide is your profile name. Please pick a refresh interval that is respectful of The Verge servers and mindful of your own data usage.

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Latest Android App: ImmoScout24 Switzerland

The personal Swiss property App with all the properties from All it takes is a touch to see immediately what properties are available nearby to rent or buy.

Special features:
•QuickSearch: with just a touch you can see immediately what’s available nearby to rent or buy.
•Shortcuts: each search can be saved as a link on the home page, so it can be accessed even faster.
•Entire selection can be searched: access to the entire selection of properties on
•Search history: all searches carried out are saved and can be called up again at any time.
•Personal property evaluation: evaluate individual properties and make a note of your own impressions.

Needless to say, all of the features from ImmoScout24 with which you are familiar are also available on the App: create a list of favourites, show property on map, recommend property ("Send to a friend"), search order and ImmoScout24 code for each property.

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Latest Android App: نكت جامدة جدا

اخترنا لكم مجموعة نكت مصرية مضحكة وجامدة جدا ونكت محششين ونكت مساطيل سترسم الابتسامة على وجهك وتجعلك تضحك.

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Latest Android App: Main Line Health

Looking for directions to the nearest MLH Emergency Room? Or maybe a quick and easy physician referral? Download the FREE Main Line Health Android app
to take our hospitals and services wherever you go.
• Find the closest Main Line Health ER or hospital
• Get one-click access to our phone directory
• Research our doctor database
• Find nearby conveniences when you’re visiting our hospitals
• Free Health Tip of the Day sent right to your phone
• Get turn-by-turn driving directions to any of our facilities.
• Get additional information on all our services right in your pocket.

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Latest Android App: Ayat al Kursi (Throne Verse)

The Throne Verse (آية الكرسي) or Ayatul Kursi, is the 255th verse of the second Surah Al-Baqara.

It is the most famous verse of the Quran.

This application contains the verse with translation and transcription (you can disable in the preferences). To facilitate memorization, the verse is divided into several parts that you can listen several times.
Also, the ayat can be recited by two reciters (Saad Al-Ghamidi and Mishary Al-Afasy).

Currently the application supports English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Turkish.

For adding new languages ​​or additional features, please contact me by e-mail.

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Latest Android App: 给力小说(1)

满足男人欲望的激情小说,免费下载! Free download for all !!

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Latest Android App: About 2012

Do you have questions about 2012 and want to learn the truth. "About 2012" is the App for you. What will happen in 2012? Do you believe the world will come to an end on 12/21/2012? Is doomsday and apocalypse upon us.

Some of the features are:
1. Latest informational videos about 2012.
2. Exclusive content about 2012.

Some of what you will learn inside:
1. What so special about 2012?
2. Is the world really coming to an end?
3. The Mayan calendar.
4. About 2012 predictions.
5. Scientific facts about 2012.
6. The truth about 2012.

and much more…

This App will educate and make you more aware of 2012. Watch the latest videos and read the latest articles to learn the truth about 2012 and how to approach it.

Grab the FREE copy of the App today!

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Latest Android App: The Best Underwater Fishes

In this gallery of images:
-The photos can be setted as wallpaper.
-The photos can be saved on memory card.
-The photos can be sended via mail and through others apps.
-The photos can be enlarged by zoom.
-The app can be moved on memory card.

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Latest Android App: Luz de Angeles

Un Mensaje de los angeles para cada momento del Libro Luz de Angeles de Cristina del Solar. ¡Que lo disfrutes!

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Latest Android App: Blue Keyboard Color Keyboard

Blue Keyboard is easy to type and comfortable
because this keyboard is wider than most keyboards around.

- How to use

1) Settings -> Languages & Keyboard
-> Select ‘Blue Keyboard’

2) Hold ‘?123′ for 2~3 seconds on Android Keyboard
(default) -> Select ‘Input Method’ -> Select ‘Blue

3) That’s it. And enjoy texts with your friends
and family.

Tag : keyboard,color keyboard,simple keyboard,big keyboard,smart keyboard,better keyboard,keyboard skin,keyboards

(apps recommended)
keyboard,color keyboard,simple keyboard,big keyboard,smart keyboard,better keyboard,keyboard skin,keyboards
,asphalt,tap,mp,sex,music box,tap sonic,tap tap,CardioTrainer,Voca Voca,StudyMaste,SMS,Uninstaller,Ringdroid,FxCamera,PhotoWonde,Google Sky Map,twitte,Skype,LightSMS,Minnie Mouse,Kungfu Panda,Mickey Mouse,FingerPrint Screensave,Crazy Snowboard,Pool Maste,little photo,photofunia,photo magic,3D digital weather clock,BathingCat,Jewels,Robo Defense,lightSMS,angry bird,talking tom cat,camcard,LauncherPro Plus Unlocker,DicePlayer,WolframAlpha,Moon Phase Pro,iQuran Pro,Aldiko Book Reader,NIV Bible,TerraTime,LDS Scriptures App,Hanping Chinese Dictionary,Sundroid Pro Sunrise Sunset,XDA Premium,Torque,EasyTether,Anti-Virus Pro,Dolphin Browser License,Backup to Gmail,GrooVe IP,gPhoneBookPro,ChromeMarks,SyncSMS,xScope Browser Pro,SlingPlayer Mobile,Akinator,FPse for android,Geocaching,Scanner Radio Pro,Spark 360,Solo,Ghost Radar,WireGoggles,XBOX Live Statistics,DroidTV Primetime,Pageonce Pro – Money & Bills,Checkbook,EasyMoney,RpnCalc Financial,anMoney,Office Calculator,S-Banking,Spendroid – Finance Manager,Mileage Tracker,Debt Payoff Planner,Budget Book,Endomondo Sports Tracker,JEFIT Pro,CardioTrainer,Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary,White Noise,Alarm Clock Plus,Baby ESP,Pink Pad Pro (Period Tracker),Instant Heart Rate ,Insight Timer Meditation Timer,Sleep as an Droid Unlock,12 Steps AA Companion,Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals,Deluxe Moon,X3Watch Accountability,Sleepy Time,My Movies Pro,Galaxy Tarot Pro,My Coffee Card Pro,In the Kitchen: Recipes, Chefs,Open Home – Unlock key,Beautiful Widgets,WeatherBug Elite,My Beach HD,Thunderstorm Donation,Moon Phase Pro,Light Grid Pro Live Wallpaper,Blue Skies Donation Wallpaper,FlightTrack,Snowfall Full Live Wallpaper,Seeds of Life Live Wallpaper,Car Locator,Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper,iSyncr for PC,SketchBook Mobile,Hide Pictures in Stocks App,iSyncr WiFi Add-On,AudioManager Pro,DoggCatcher Podcast Player,VPlayer Unlocker,Act 1 Video Player,Roku Remote,PowerAMP unlocker,SoundHound,TuneIn Radio Pro,doubleTwist AirSync,PlayerPro Music Player,Ultimate Guitar Tabs,Voodoo Control Plus,Remote for iTunes,Squeeze Commander,Ringtone Maker Pro,PicSay Pro – Photo Editor,Vignette,Camera ZOOM FX,Camera360 Ultimate,Camera Fun Pro,Retro Camera Plus,TouchRetouch,Photaf 3D Panorama,Photography Trainer,Root Explorer (File Manager),JuiceDefender Ultimate,ezPDF Reader,ADWLauncher EX,ASTRO File Mgr Pro,Thinking Space Pro,LauncherPro Plus Unlocker,Business Calendar,WidgetLocker Lockscreen,Advanced Task Killer,Mighty Grocery Shopping List,Out of Milk Pro Unlocker,Grocery King,CraigsNotifica Contribution,ToMarket Grocery Shopping List,Tapatalk Forum App,Plume Premium for Twitter,TweetCaster,FriendCaster Pro for Facebook,SymbolsKeyboard & TextArt Pro,Chandroid,iCorps: Pocket Reference,RomeoLive,TWIDROYD PRO,CheckIn for Facebook Places,Titanium Backup PRO Key,ROM Manager,MyBackup Pro,SetCPU for Root Users,SystemPanel App / Task Manager,Tasker,App 2 SD Pro,Gentle Alarm,Tuner – gStrings,SeekDroid,Battery Indicator,Tegrak Overclock Ultimate,Locus Pro,MobileNavigator Europe,GPS Status,Flightradar24 Pro,Shazam Encore,Folder Organizer,3G Watchdog Pro,smart app protector

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Latest Android App: Ultimate Team Selector Free

The Ultimate Team Selector! Will allow you to manage your football, soccer, or other sports teams.

Create your squad of players, either by adding player from your contacts, or create them in the app. Give each of the players ratings for key attributes, pace, passing, tackling, shooting and stamina.

Have teams randomly picked for you, for either 4, 5, 6 or 7 a side games.

Contact your squad in one go, either by email or SMS, notifying them of an up coming match, or to notify them of the team line ups.

Recent changes:
Create your squad from contacts.
Give each player ratings for pace, passing, tackling, shooting and stamina.
Randomly picks teams from the players you have selected for the match.
Picks teams for, 4, 5, 6, or 7 a-side matches.
Email or SMS squad notifications for team line-ups.
Email or SMS squad notifications for up coming matches.

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Latest Android App: Daily Live Wallpaper FREE

Daily Live Wallpaper is a Live Wallpaper that updates your phone’s background to the latest submission on You can save your favourite wallpapers and set them as your wallpaper at any time. You can also browse the wallpapers on to add them to your favourites! has stunning collection of photographs that are updated almost daily with a hand picked selection each day.

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Latest Android App: 국민내비 김기사

★★ 2011 방통위 대한민국 모바일앱 어워드 대상 수상 ★★
★★ 2011 지경부 신소프트웨어 상품 대상 수상 ★★

★ 아이폰에서의 돌풍과 감동 그대로 ★
★ 실시간 교통정보와 가장 빠른 길을 세상에 하나뿐인 벌집 UI와 함께 ★
★ 국민내비 김기사가 안드로이드에서 100% 완전 무료로 제공됩니다 ★
(1차 지원 단말은 갤럭시S, 갤럭시S2, 넥서스S이며, 이후 단계적으로 추가할 예정입니다)

■ SKT 고객? 무료, KT 고객? LGU+ 고객? 무료, 무제한 요금제 미가입 고객? 무료, 3G 인증? 필요없어요!

■ 궁금하시거나 불편하신 사항은 김기사 공식 카페(를 방문해 주세요

■ 처음 구동 시 지도 데이터(약 130MB)를 받으셔야 하니 반드시 와이파이 지역에서 다운로드 받으세요

[[이번 휴가때 남들은 다 막히는 길로 내려갈때 by twilight]]
저는 김기사가 안내해주는 길로 숑숑 엄청빨리 내려갔어요^^ 아 완전 사랑합니다^^
[[김기사를 만난 건 저에게 큰 행운입니다 by yjshin8545]]
차량구입과 함께 내비게이션을 구입할 생각을 가지고 있다가.. 우연히 한번 사용해보고는 깜짝 놀랐습니다 최고입니다
[[스마트폰에 이런 환상적인 네비가 by 벙커샷달인]]
여러가지 네비게이션을 사용하고 있지만 김기사는 참 독특하고 사용하기 편리하군요 도착시간도 정확하고 막히는 길 피해서 안내도 잘 되고… 아주 좋습니다

■ 국민내비 김기사는?
복잡한 내비게이션은 이제 그만! 앨범에 담긴 음악을 듣듯이, 책꽂이에 꽂힌 책을 읽듯이, 벌집에 담긴 장소를 터치만 하면 그곳까지의 길안내를 바로 시작합니다 실시간 교통정보를 이용한 정확하고 빠른 길을 안내하여 여러분의 소중한 시간을 절약해 드리기 위해 국내 휴대폰 내비게이션계 최고의 경험과 노하우를 가진 장인들이 모여 개발하였습니다

■ 서비스 특징
1) 기존 내비게이션 UI와는 전혀 다른 신개념의 내비게이션 UI로 쉽고 편하게 누구나 사용하실 수 있습니다
2) 실시간 교통정보를 이용하여 별다른 조작 없이도 가장 빠른 길을 안내합니다
3) 트위터 쪽지를 이용하여 도착 예정 시간을 원하는 분에게 자동으로 보내주므로 기다리시는 분을 안심시켜 드릴 수 있습니다
4) 단말기에서 찍은 사진을 바로 목적지로 활용 가능합니다
5) 다른 분께 특정 위치를 SMS나 메일로 전송하여 김기사로 길안내 받게 하실 수 있습니다
6) 운전에 방해가 되지 않는 김기사만의 특별한 광고 기법 (김기사 스폰서)
=> 국민내비 김기사 무료 제공에 도움을 주는 후원기업에 많은 관심과 지지를 부탁드립니다

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Latest Android App: Golf Plus France

Golf Plus innove et met à votre disposition 5 fonctions gratuites sur Android.
les News : retrouvez chaque semaine, en partenariat avec le site Golf Zone, les dernières infos du circuit…
Le guide des Golfs : simple et pratique cet annuaire vous communique l’ensemble des coordonnées des golfs français et vous indique l’itinéraire pour vous y rendre. Grâce à la fonction Golfs à proximité, visualisez facilement les golfs autour de vous.
Golf Plus : trouvez le magasin Golf Plus le plus proche de chez vous, les avantages uniques qui vous sont offerts, le
calendrier des journées démo en partenariat avec les plus grandes marques…
La boutique : découvrez chaque semaine les promos et bonnes affaires exclusives Golf Plus !
Vidéos : découvrez les dernières nouveautés matériels testés en avant première pour vous…

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Latest Android App: Hippy Bee FREE Live Wallpaper



Hey man! I’m Hippy Bee. My head’s always in the clouds! When I’m not cruising around in my camper van or chilling out at a festival, I love to get creative. Give me some paint and a paintbrush and I’ll paint you a masterpiece. Gaze in wonder at my gallery of words! Peace out!

***Spellathon is the biggest digital spelling competition ever! Open to all ages, over 90 countries are already playing! You can even compete live against STEPHEN FRY in reverse spelling!***

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Latest Android App: Element Converter

This application allows you to convert from grams, moles, or atoms, into both of the other two. For example: you can choose 2 moles of Oxygen. After pressing convert, you will have 2 moles of Oxygen converted in grams and atoms.

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