Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Christmas Mistletoe Kisses and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Christmas Mistletoe Kisses and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Christmas Mistletoe Kisses

Catch the magic of Christmas! Share the moment of memorable Xmas kisses with your beloved ones! Convenient, handy, funny and original, this app fosters the creation of great opportunities for getting kissed by anyone you like!

Look inside for an interactive, full featured live wallpaper on devices running Android 2.1+! A beautiful, animated snowy wallpaper promptly providing you with a decent mistletoe picture and engaging jingle bells once you face your phone screen down :)

Disclaimer: “This application is brought to you free in partnership with “StartApp”. When you download this application please note that the following will be created on your device:
A search icon on your home screen.
A bookmark link on your browser bookmarks.
A search homepage
The required permissions are added accordingly.”

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Latest Android App: Boliga

Søg efter boliger i nærheden af dig. Boligas Android applikation giver dig muligheden for at holde overblikket over boligmarkedet direkte fra din Android-telefon. Brug den til at få stillet din nysgerrighed når du går rundt i et hyggeligt kvarter og vil vide om der er noget til salg eller tag den med ud og se på Åbent hus så du altid har oplysningerne om boligen lige ved hånden.

Se hvad boligerne koster i det område du befinder dig i.

Se hvor længe boligen har været til salg.

Her kan du se om der har været nogen prisændringer på boligen, i den tid boligen har været til salg i.

Se boligerne der er til salg i nærheden af dig direkte på et kort.

Gem de boliger du er interesseret i så du kan finde dem nemt igen.

Indstil selv de kriterier du har feks om det er sommerhuse eller lejligheder du vil se, hvor meget de må koste og flere andre.

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Latest Android App: Switch +

Switch + removes the adverts from the free version of Switch and also gives you a starting bonus of +5000 which gets you right into the action.

Switch is an insanely addictive fast paced distance game with gorgeous visuals and high quality sound coupled with white-knuckle ride gameplay. It’s the latest game from Atomicom, the makers of Bang Bang Racing THD named as one of the best looking games on Android.

Welcome to one of the fastest gaming experiences on Android, Switch sets you against obstacles and opponents as you weave your way through space and time. Your goal is to travel as far as possible avoiding the energy beams that will destroy your ship, time your switches correctly to also avoid the enemy ships. If you need some help collect the shield power-ups that will let you smash through your opponents and achieve top scores.

You will be amazed by the incredible graphics, high quality sounds and the sheer speed of the game, how long can you last?

• Simple and addictive gameplay.
• Console quality visuals and sounds.
• Original sound and music.
• Online leaderboards using OpenFeint.

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Latest Android App: GnarBike Trials Pro

Gnar Bike Trials an awesome free Motorbike game.
Race on your motorbike through 50 levels in this physics based motorcycle game! Build your own levels and share them with your friends! And best of all, its completely FREE!

Pro Features:
More Levels with new physics objects!
No Adverts!

40 challenging levels.
Expert Mode – Super Addictive!
Level Sharing!
Control your rider with 3 different choices of controls.
Beat your friends by getting the best time on the OpenFeint leader boards.
Build and Upload your own levels in the in-game level builder.

Game hints:
Lean back to get a faster top speed.

Level Builder Instructions:
Top Left – "Repeat button" – creates whatever item you were last touching.
2nd Top Left – Saw & Hammer – "Build Button" – opens a list of items to build the level with.
Middle Left – "X-Drag/Rotate" – Switches between rotating and moving the object away/towards you.
2nd Bottom Left – "Gravity Button" – When touching an object, touch this to add physics/gravity.
Bottom Left – "Bin" – When touching an object, touch this to delete it.
Top Right – "Background" – Puts it into background mode, click a background block to delete it, click empty(blue) space to bring up the background menu and select background.
2nd Top Right – "GridLock" – Turns object grid lock On/Off.
Plus/Minus – Changes the object size/type.
Menu – Save – Saves current Level.
Menu – Load – Loads previously saved Level.
Menu – TestTrack – Changes to Test/Play mode.
Whilst touching an object, use a second finger to rotate it by sliding your second finger up/down. By moving your second finger left/right you can drag the object out from under you finger making it easier to see.

Xperia Play Controls: Left-Lean Back, Right-Lean Forward, x-Accelerate, o-Brake, Start-Pause Game, Select-Reset To Checkpoint. You can hide the Arrows in the options menu.

If you find the game is lagging a bit, try turning off the scaffolding in the options.

Please email/facebook message if you have any problems.

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Latest Android App: Nose Dose

50% Off Christmas Offert until new year´s eve.

Nose Dose: The BEST Cocaine Drug Simulator finally comes to android, the snort coke app that you were looking for.
Show iPhone users an app that they will never have.

This app is perfect for sharing some laughs together with your friends at the bar or the club.

Test your ability to make the perfect cocaine line and simulate snort a line by detecting your nose touching the screen.

Razor, bill and unlimited coke lines included!!
Fx sound for snorting and line making
Eye-catcher Nose candy images
High precision particles system, it feels like real coke!

Weet Time is coding some "stoned" apps about weed, marihuana bongs and other drugs comming soon, check out out facebook page and follow us to keep informed for dope apps!

Contact us if you have any problem purchasing or downloading the app, if you dont like and the refund time has expired, ask for it and we will refund your money back.

Caution: This is a simulator and it looks and feels like
real cocaine, look out with the Police xD

Remember, this is for enternaiment purposes, do not mess with real drugs.

Recent changes:
Initial Release

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Latest Android App: Genesega

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO 1ST TO SEE HOW IT WORKS. THIS APP HAS A LICENSE KEY AND YOU MUST EMAIL THE DEVELOPER AT [email protected] TO GET YOUR KEY RELEASED. IF YOU DON’T IT WILL FORCE CLOSE UNTIL YOU DO. I WILL CHECK THE ORDER AND RELEASE YOUR LICENSE KEY WITHIN 5 TO 10 MINUTES AFTER YOU EMAIL ME SAYING RELEASE KEY. Genesega is a Sega Genesis Emulator that lets you play over 10,000 Sega Genesis Games and packed with a Virtual Touch Screen Controller. It includes a Rom Gripper that lets you download ANY AND EVERY Sega Genesis Game (ROM) to your phone and saves to your SD Card instantly. Sega Genesis Games (Rom) is only like 50 Kilobytes a piece which is very small file to save to Sd Card and takes up really no space. So You can download 100 or more Sega Games and it won’t take up much space.

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Latest Android App: Space Fleet Command 2

Create a fleet of pre-made and custom fighters. Control the aspects of the look of custom ships by piecing together moveable sets of wings cockpits and engines. Define ship stats and place unique weapon systems on ship designs. Ships and upgrades are purchased with credits. Credits are acquired by conquering and occupying worlds. All battles are fully automated leaving the player free to focus on their fleet construction and deployment options.

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Latest Android App: Couch QB

Test your football knowledge and BE THE QUARTERBACK on game day. This app puts you into 25 different situations on the grid iron. You have the power to make the tough decisions needed to lead the team to victory. Each situation offers a multiple choice of four different plays. Each play could result in a positive or a negative result. Which play will you run?

This is not a video game, but a decision making test of your football expertise.

It’s easy to sit back on the sofa and criticize the decisions of professionals. This app was written by a football expert. The results of each decision are based on statistical historical data and common football sense.

Just remember, you can’t control everything. Sometimes you can make the right decision and still watch your team drop the ball.

Good luck, and enjoy being the Couch QB!

Recent changes:
No changes as of yet, this is version 1.0

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Latest Android App: Horse Stable Tycoon

Horse Stable Tycoon is a huge, exciting and progressive game that’ll keep the user entertained for months. First you buy a horse and like a pet you must look after it. Horses have personalities, so they will have particular likes and dislikes. A dynamic set of AI emotions and sounds will let you know exactly how your horse is feeling. You will have a rich variety of food items to choose from and a hands on approach to hygiene. You must manually sweep the stables with your finger and stroke your horses to relax and keep them clean. If your horse becomes ill you’ll have access to the local Veterinarian that will give you an educated check up and medicine. You’ll even get to customize your horses at the local animal salon.

Next you’ll want to buy and collect yourself some of the hundreds of rich and realistic horse tack (accessories) so you’re ready for training. You can either level your horse as a Race Horse, Show Horse or even both. With a maximum Level of 60 for both Race and Show skill you’ll have a game that’ll keep you happy for a very long time. Both types have their own unique attributes and skills to train in that’ll help you when you go up against other horses in Competitions. This is where your horse really gets to shine as you unlock special prizes, money, achievements and trophies. Achievements provide you with little challenges which enable you to get some interesting and useful rewards that can improve your game-play. Trophies will go towards unlocking many increasingly spectacular new breeds. You can buy up to 25 stables which means you could have up to 25 unique horses playing simultaneously.

This game can really be whatever you want it to be and can be played many different ways. Whether its focusing on looking after your pet, training for competitions, having many many horses, making money fast or unlocking the challenging achievements. So come join in the fun today as there are many exciting surprises to unlock!

Suitable for all ages

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Latest Android App: Odd One Out: Candytilt

Nobody likes vanilla, and some extra work may be in order to get the tasty ones. If you’re going to pay for the gumballs, at least get the ones you want.

The world of Odd One Out: Candytilt twists and turns every time you add or remove ground due to the centre of mass shifting – creating pathways or blocking existing ones will shift the balance which you either have to correct, or take advantage of. Just touch the screen and get things rolling.

Odd One Out: Candytilt is physics based puzzle game where you empty gum ball machines.

Puzzles in Odd One Out: Candytilt are solved by adding or removing ground to create pathways for the gum balls. The levels rotate based on where you place the ground – try to keep the balance or just bring the whole mess around and let gravity sort the gum balls out. Rotating blades, bubbles, ropes and other objects either aid or hinder you in your attempts to get the odd one out and make every level different.

Level completions are ranked with one to three stars. Getting 3 stars from each of the 168 levels is quite a challenge.

Odd One Out: Candytilt also supports OpenFeint achievements (OF requires the used permissions).

Find out more!

Keywords: Kid, Puzzle, Rope, Physics, Rotate, Candy, Tilt, Drop, Gumball, Balance, Child, Twist, Dig, Add, Cut, Ground, Children, Sweet

Recent changes:
Minor bug fixes.

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Latest Android App: Rádio Atlântida

A Rede Atlântida já tem uma nova versão de seu aplicativo para Android para as emissoras de Porto Alegre e Florianópolis. Entre as novas funcionalidades, estão:

1. Opção de escolha do sinal ao vivo ATL de POA ou Floripa.
2. Opção de play/stop do sinal ao vivo.
3. Playlist das rádios.
4. Áudios dos principais programas da ATL em cada cidade.
5. Twitts dos comunicadores da ATL.
6. Calendário de eventos promovidos pela ATL em cada cidade.
7. Lista das estações da ATL no RS e SC, que terão seus streamings disponibilizados em breve.

Em breve, as emissoras do interior do RS e de SC também estarão no aplicativo.

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Latest Android App: Target Mobile Lite

This application gives users access to Target services in a lightweight app designed to run on phones with low memory that frequently lag or crash the official Target app.

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Latest Android App: EasyWords – angličtina

Demoverze inteligentní aplikace na učení anglických slovíček – učení hrou. Vyberte si svoji oblíbenou lekci a nechte pracovat aplikaci tak, aby vás postupně slovíčka naučila.

Hlavní algoritmus zkoušení lekce sám pozná, jak dobře jste zobrazené slovo odpověděli a podle toho se rozhodne, zda ho bude dále opakovat a také jak často a v jakou chvíli. Popřípadě ho zařadí do "problémových slov".

Uživatel si může ukládat tato problémová slova, ve kterých má mezery (ty aplikace tedy sama pozná) a ta pak třeba dodatečně přezkoušet.

Samozřejmostí je ke každému slovíčku náhledový obrázek a také zvuková stopa, která uživatele naučí správné výslovnosti.

Mezi další možnosti aplikace patří například tvorba vlastních lekcí dle libosti, přehledný slovník všech slov v aplikaci nebo statistika, která uchovává předešlé výsledky jednotlivých testů.

Dostupné jazyky:
a další jsou chystané

Zkuste demo verzi zdarma se zkušebníma 3 lekcema. Plná verze se již chystá a bude k dostání zde na marketu.

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Latest Android App: X-Ray Scan Pro

X-Ray Scan Pro app helps you impress and trick your friends to think that you have an awesome X-Ray vision application that can xray their left hand.

This X-Ray Scanner app can display fake xray skeletal left hand.

You can control the movement of XRay display by touching your phone screen, drag your finger on the screen will scroll the xray display, retouching will reverse the scroll movement.

This is not a real X-ray vision or Xray scanner, it’s a prank xray app with moving xray skeletal left hand, it does not use any camera or video devices. This X-Ray scanner Pro is only for entertainment. Have Fun!

Chelle’s Note:
To support the development of X-Ray Scan Pro project, we have included (Airpush) push notification ad in the app.

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