Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Copter It! – Adfree and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Copter It! – Adfree and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Copter It! – Adfree

The best helicopter flying game on Android! Do you have the skills for it? Now is your chance to try! Steer the helicopter inside a tunnel, but do not hit the cave or obstacles, like a toxic waste barrel, or you will be smashed into million pieces. How far can you fly? Do you have the guts to fly two copters simultaneously in challenge mode? You can also challenge your friend in 2 player mode! Try it out now and send your score to the global high score list to see your rank! Have fun!

Game Features:
- Normal and fast copters
- Casual, Challenge, and Two player game modes
- Global high scores
- Beautiful graphics and superb gameplay!

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Latest Android App: Shagai Mongolian bone game

Shagai is a traditional Mongolian ankle bone game. In Mongolian: shagai means ankle bone. It has been played for generation to generation by nomadic people of the steppe.
The ankle bone comes from sheep and it has 5 possible outcomes when tossed.

Recent changes:
Version 1. There will be more features added in the future.

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Latest Android App: Hedgewars (Alpha version)

Hedgewars for Android. This is the Android port for the opensource project Hedgewars. Please be advised this is only an Alpha version and still need a lot of work.

Because of an error caused by me I needed to upload a new app to the market. If after installing this version you have TWO Hedgeroids on your Android device, simple uninstall the other one (

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Latest Android App: Hangman 2

The classic word-guessing game, more challenging and more fun.

brings a fun way to learn and test general knowledge to kids and families.

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Latest Android App: Spelling Bees Free

Think back on your first memory of your elementary school computer lab, where learning just happened because of an amazing experience. Remember the WOW factor of sitting in front of that computer and the freedom you gained with every click of the mouse? You can give that experience to your child! With 37 unique puzzles in 4 different categories, your child will learn to spell without effort. This game will be a success for all ages.


Game Info:

- Drag the bee with your finger to aim and let go to shoot at current letters.
- Each level you will receive 3 lives to correctly spell each word.
- Hitting letters out of order will cause a loss of life.
- Hitting multiple letters with one turn will result in bonus points.

spelling, bee, bees, learn, learning, words, word, letters, spell, game, child, kid, puzzle, puzzles, games, shapes, animals, veggies, birthday

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Latest Android App: Categories… KABOOM | 2-8 pl

★★★ NEW – the video tutor @ YouTube for this game ★★★

★★★ Attention ★★★
This application is not a gaming app in the common way but, like an actual boardgame, supports you with the material to be able to play “Categories… KABOOM!”
Therefore please read the rules which are explained by the Tutor once you start playing to understand the mechanism.

★ Features ★
▷ up to 8 players on one device
▷ 18 categories
▷ 3 games modes
▷ 3 player orders
▷ Communication- and Mindgame
▷ No advertisements

Place your device in the middle of the table. Now, like in the classical game “Scattergories”, you need to find a word, which is matching one of the categories and starts with a certain initial letter. Instead of writing the word down, say it out loud. Do this as fast as possible and touch the display of your device to pass on to the next player, so you are not the one getting hit by the bomb. With the basic settings, the game will end as soon as a player has suffered 5 bomb hits.

★★★ Attention ★★★
The players and NOT the device will control the given answers! They may correct them with the BACK button if necessary.

★ GAMEMODE – Burn MF Burn ★
The game lasts until a player has received 5 explosions. The player with the least explosions at that time wins the game.

★ GAMEMODE – Point Collector ★
You play for as long as you want, while you are collecting points. Right answer +1, wrong answer (back button) -2, explosion -3.

★ GAMEMODE – Last man standing ★
Players get kicked once they explode. The last player standing wins the game.

▷ Picture order – The order of the players is like the order of the pictures.
▷ Random picture order – The order of the players is randomly decided upon the order of the pictures.
▷ Total chaos – Order? What was that again?

★ Available categories ★
stars, food, countries, drinks, jobs, sports, brands and companies, movies & series (titles), music (musicians and songs), instruments, art, plants, literature (writer and book title), medicine (illness and medicines), animals, cities

★ Just in case: scattergories scatergories scater scatter gories category categories catgories cat boom kabom ka … booom english englisch 4 1 2 3 play player kid kids kidz multiplayer droid multiple choice brain quisr boardgame iq reflex quizmaster 2player 6player 4player 8player 5 6 7 8 bom tablet tabletgames

★ Additional Links ★
▷ Become a Fan on Facebook!!/pages/Categories-Kaboom/133302423404824

★ Please email us ([email protected]) if you have any questions or issues – we will solve them together! :)

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Latest Android App: Strip Poker Texas Holdem Jemma

Strip Poker – Jemma (Texas Hold’em)

If you have our other apps, please get the latest update(s).

Click on the Girl to
see FULL SCREEN images
Swipe left & right to
change the unlocked images

In this 3D STRIP Heads Up Texas Hold’em app you can play a sexy lady for her cloths. As she loses chips she will also lose articles of clothing.

The app will save your chip count but will not save your current hand so please only quit the app after a hand is finished. If you would like to reset the current game, please go to app setting and clear the app data. The app will then start over with the original chip counts.

Heads Up Texas Holdem Poker
Strip Poker

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Latest Android App: Quit With Me

The first social app to help smokers quit!

It’s no secret that smoking is harmful. You hear it all the time from friends, family, your doctors. Every day you see Surgeon General’s warnings and anti-smoking commercials. You read news stories about the latest studies implicating tobacco in emphysema, asthma, heart disease, cancer. These are things you already know — you don’t need to hear them again. You don’t need to be scolded, "Why can’t you just quit?" You don’t need to be yelled at, lectured, hypnotized or brainwashed. You need support — not from people who run anti-smoking campaigns, and not from people who don’t smoke. To really quit, you need support from people who have successfully quit or are trying to quit just like you. We believe Quit With Me can deliver that support.

Quit With Me is the first social app to help smokers quit. By inviting buddies to quit with you, you can build a network of support as you chart your own progress towards being smoke-free. Log your daily cigarette use, and then check in on your buddies’ progress. Your friend cut back by 3 cigarettes yesterday? Congratulate them with a free gift! And then try to match their success — hey, a little healthy competition never hurt, especially when it comes to quitting! We believe what goes around comes around. Day by day, the encouragement and support you give your friends will come back to you, and your success will inspire your friends. And in the end, these are the things that matter the most. If you’re ready to quit, you don’t need to go it alone. Try out Quit With Me, and bring some friends along.

Recent changes:
Initial Release

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Latest Android App: Hot Bikini Girls Puzzle 3IN1

This is a 3 in 1 Puzzle game include 3 modes:
- Jigsaw puzzle
- Slice puzzle
- Get your own puzzle from your gallery
The puzzle contains of 60 HIGH quality images from hot bikini babes.

Tag: puzzle, hot bikini, bikini, hottie, adult, babes, sexy, blondes

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Latest Android App: My Yahoo Messenger

If you have ever wanted a quick and easy way to access the Yahoo Messenger from your android phone.then this app can realize it.The UI is simple and easy to operate.You can chat with your friends,scan the latest news and your mails.When you quit,it can also clear cache.This app also has a notification,you can click it quick to this app.Come on,have a try.You must like it.

key words:
- Yahoo mail
- Mail
- Yahoo Messenger
- Messenger
- Yahoo
- easy
- quick
- Free

- Clear cache.
- Refresh
- Favorites.
- Share via SMS,Mail,FaceBook and so on.
- Touch to scroll.
- the web can zoom out and zoom in.

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Latest Android App: Morning Mantras

Times Music presents a collection of divine morning mantras, that are sure to set a beautiful tone for a great day ahead. Carry these along and make your day memorable. Get clarity of thought and inner peace.

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Latest Android App: Tagesgeld-News

Mit der kostenlosen App für Android bekommen Sie immer die aktuellsten News zum Tagesgeld, Festgeld und aktuelle Finanzmeldungen auf Ihr mobiles Endgerät geliefert.

Vorteil: Durch unseren Push Service benachrichtigen wir Sie sofort, wenn es neue News oder Zinsänderungen gibt – ideal also für Tagesgeld Hopper oder Leser, die einfach keine Änderung verpassen wollen.

Seit 2008 informiert Sie täglich über die aktuellen Finanzmeldungen zum Tagesgeld, Festgeld und Girokonto und versucht durch umfangreiche Vergleiche und Rechner Ihnen als Kunden und Interessenten die besten Zinsen am Markt bieten zu können.

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Latest Android App: オーバークロックマニュアルAMD FX編 (無料版)

AMDの最新CPU、AMD FXのオーバークロックマニュアルです。オーバークロックとは通常のCPU動作クロックより高速に動作させるための設定を行い、PCをより快適に使う方法です。無料版ではオーバークロックの初歩的な導入部分を解説しています。具体的な設定や、安定して動作させる方法は有料版にて配信する予定です。

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Talking Tina Tooth Free

Keep brushing! Tina, the Talking Tooth is a lovable character to play with, who knew a tooth would be so fun to have around? Talk to her, and she talks back to you. The perfect talking children’s app for all ages, available for FREE without in-app ads!

Download the Talking Tina Tooth app today and start the fun! NOTE: opening the app for the first-time ONLY requires a one-time download for the 3d graphics.

★ talk to Tina Tooth and hear her repeat your words back to you
★ slap her face touching your finger on her head
★ tap to her eyes make her mad!
★ tap her right hand to make her happy!
★ tap her left hand to make her sleepy!
★ slide your finger on her stomach to make her giggle
★ press a button to give food!
★ press a button to see a dance!
★ press a button to see a cool tooth!
★ shake the app!

She interacts with you!
★ She has a hungry meter that goes down over time and if it does, you can make her eat to raise the meter

★ She has a love meter which goes up or down based on giggling or actions that make her mad like tapping

We are committed to improving the quality of our apps, if you are experiencing issues, please email us directly at [email protected] and please tell us which phone you have.

★ App2Sd installation
★ On-The-Go 11MB Video Download
★ Help the Family! Download the App!

★ 3D Modeling and Animation by Magic Spangle Studios Pvt. Ltd.

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