Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: CPU Tweaker and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: CPU Tweaker and Other Apps

Latest Android App: CPU Tweaker


Created following popular requests for standalone features from System Tuner!

Control single and dual-core CPU settings, including: frequencies, governor and voltages.

Support depends on phone’s kernel and requires a rooted phone!

Recent changes:
Fix crash after being killed by task killer

Fix tablet support

Option to disable ads
Fix settings at boot

Initial beta version

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Latest Android App: Citibank IN

Manage your Citibank Accounts and Credit Cards on your iPhone! Just install the app and sign-in with your Card number and Internet Password (IPIN). Citi Mobile offers you the same level of security as Citibank Online.

Smart Banking Features

•Locate the nearest Citibank ATM, branches and retailers offering Citibank Privileges

•Transfer funds, pay your bills or recharge your mobile

•Instant money transfers to other Bank’s accounts (through IMPS)

•Request for Statement on E-mail and much more

Get started
You can login to your account with your Citibank Debit or Credit Card and your confidential IPIN (Internet PIN).

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Latest Android App: Maya Cars Picture Puzzle

You will like it and your kids will love it!


Play with Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Chick Hicks and the rest of the gang. Complete their picture puzzle and hear their favorite slogan!

Image puzzles can help you kids enhance their concentration and mind skills. You can let them start with the "EASY" level and then test their skills by switching to "Medium" or "Hard".

The game is available for all android phones and honeycomb tablets.

The game will be continuously updated with new images and sounds.

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Latest Android App: Hockey MVP

Best first person Hockey game at the market.

Try to become Most Valuable Player of Hockey match or even of Hockey World Cup for your national team!
Feel what it like when destiny of match and gold medals depends only on you. Like Crosby, Jagr, Nash, Kovalchuk before you become national hero and bring Hockey World Cup to your country! The only thing you need to do for this – score more than your enemy.

- forget about controls, concentrate on shooting and scoring. Choose the best position and score a goal.
- choose your national team and help them to win matches.
- choose game mode from free practice and exhibition game to ice hockey world championship tournament.
- choose difficulty options and try to win on "Legend" level.
- choose duration of games.
- compete with best players from all over the world, try to become Scoring leader.*
- watch for your statistics after every game and improve your skills.

*Comming soon in updates. Please, give your feedback to improve game.

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Follow Friday Assistant

Easily post your twitter Follow Friday (or other #hashtags) each week.

This app will generate a list from people who have interacted with you in the last week, day or month and give you the option to post a Follow Friday including all those users.

You can choose to select all users or just individual users, the app will also automatically split the tweet if its more than 140 characters.

Recent changes:
First release.

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Latest Android App: Lady Gaga Social Network Fans

Lady Gaga social network on Android. A place for fans to chat, make new friends, find tour dates, create profiles, discuss their favorite Lady Gaga music. Earn points, badges and titles for the more active you are in the community.

Created for Lady Gaga fans by Lady Gaga fans. The unofficial social network for Lady Gaga.

Keywords: Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga music, Lady Gaga Tour, Lady Gaga fans, social network, Lady Gaga chat

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Latest Android App: Appysnap

Receive missions at any time of day. Use the camera to complete the mission before time runs out – take a photo of a place, a theme or an item to win points and prizes.


Gift certificates, Amazon Kindles and this month, a MacBook Air! Prize missions can appear at any time, so watch out.


Some missions reward players with points – top the leaderboard on the last day of the month to win.


Search through mission galleries and ‘like’ the snaps you love. There are special prizes for the most popular players.

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Latest Android App: Halloween Pumpkin Smash Lite

Halloween is near and a pesky ghost is dropping pumpkin bombs to ruin the holiday. Your job is to stop the bombs at all costs and save Halloween.

* Ever Increasing Challenging Waves
* OpenFeint for Achievements and High Scores
* Touch, Slide, and Tilt Controls
* Made with Unity

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Latest Android App: Alphabet Coloring Free

Alphabet Coloring Free is a coloring tool for kids. Kids use their finger to paint on touch screen.
They can zoom the picture, long press on the screen to zoom the picture.
A educational game for your toddler or preschooler.
It helps kids to learn, recognize and pronounce letters of the alphabet in a kid-friendly way.

- Coloring mode: tap on ‘bird’ button to choose a picture to start coloring, tap on picture to start painting
- Sharing option: email, facebook, MMS …
- Save to sdcard
kw: kid coloring, coloring, alphabet, alphabet coloring, baby, toddler, kid, kids, children, game, kid coloring, kidpaint
,coloring book, kid games, castle coloring, animal coloring, princess coloring.

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Latest Android App: About Business & Finance

Follow up all things about Business such as Business Practices,Industry,Personal Finance,Small Business

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Latest Android App: NCMHCE 01

100 DSM Case studies in multiple choice format. Explanation provided. Creates a subset of missed case studies for you to retest.

Recent changes:
Now for Android!

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Latest Android App: Ms. Pacman

Play a different version of the popular arcade game. Ms Pacman has new ghosts and moves about the maze slightly faster than the original Pac-Man. Find more great games at: Instructions: Use the arrow keys to move her around the maze. Run away from the ghosts and eat them when they are blue and white.

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Latest Android App: Lowrider Car Game Deluxe

Build your own custom car from your mobile phone.

Deluxe Version Features:
10 garage slots for your cars.
Max bet amount 10,000.
User wins 1,000 if they don’t bet.

We also have smaller versions for cheaper prices in the market. Search for "Lowrider Car Game" to see the rest.

Create a custom lowrider car from your mobile phone or tablet. Play one of the 3 different game modes to earn money and unlock more cars and parts to customize any way you want.

With over 180 different upgrades on any of the 5 in game cars the possibilities are endless. We will also be adding more cars and features with future updates.

Some of the features we have available include:
Car Hopping
Car Dancing
Custom wheels and your choice of Knock Offs
Bumper Kits
Euro Lights
Shaved Door Handles
Convertible Tops
Billet Grills
Plus 180 More parts available to upgrade your cars performance and look.

A computer web player version is also available at

Recent changes:
New Cars Added.
Future Update: I plan on redoing the main screen buttons so that they are easier to hit. ( I just have to think of a better way to do it without taking away functionality )
Future Update: More Cars and Upgrades.

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Latest Android App: Squares – Halloween!

Logical game for kids. From 3×4 to 8×10 boardsize. Puzzle for kids (3 years old and above). Nice Halloween drawings.

keywords: kids game puzzle hallowen pictures preschool children

Recent changes:
initial relase

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