Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Doodle Scratch! Ad-Free KIDS and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Doodle Scratch! Ad-Free KIDS and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Doodle Scratch! Ad-Free KIDS

Ages 7 and younger, older kids and adults should download DoodleText! (search DoodleText on Market or
This app Includes Audio Sound effects so turn up the volume.
This paid version is FULLSCREEN with no access permissions to anything so you can rest assured of 100% phone security, the free version needs internet access due to the Ads.

This is the First Version 1.0, more to come :)
Also, pictures will be updated every week or so.

NEW FEATURES coming very soon! Which will make it more interesting for older kids also :)

Hope your kids have fun with it. You can preview/check all the images before handing to them, they cycle through at each click of the button. Kids can doodle on the phone to reveal the pictures underneath, audio effects are volume controlled from the usual phone hardware buttons.

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Recent changes:
First version released, 1.0

1. This paid version works better than the FREE version because the google Ad Banner code has some bugs which affect older phones.

2. Due to no-ads, this version does not ask for any access permissions at all, meaning ‘guaranteed’ 100% peace of mind for you knowing that unauthorized access to anything on your phone is impossible. Please note though that our free version ONLY uses internet to display ads. Stay away from apps wanting access to your PHONE Number!

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Latest Android App: Mig Hunt

Fly your F-35 over Russian skys and combat Mig-29 Falcrums.

You have 3 aircraft to get to 1000 points.
If you let a Mig pass they get faster.
Every Mig you destroy makes them faster.
If you lose an aircraft you lose 25 points and they get even faster.
All your stats will show on the final scene.

Good luck

Updates will be up to all of you..

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Latest Android App: Quiz Fubol ES

With this NEW game you have the possibility to prove yourself knowledge about SPANISH football players. Different game modes every one of them more funny than the others. Try the Guess All game mode and let see what is your score!! Enjoy

Keywords: futbol, football, soccer, calcio, balon, pelota, gol, jugador, player, match, goal,españa, spain, spanish, selección, roja, nacional, campeones

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Latest Android App: The Last Stand 2

Requires Adobe Flash 10.1 or Greater

This game is done as well if not better than the first. I hope you all enjoy it as much as the original Last Stand.

It was meant to be over. As it turns out, it’s far from it.

Make your way to Union City to escape the mainland within 40 days and nights while fighting off the hordes from your make shift barricades once again.

Arrows – Movement
R – Reload
Space – Switch Weapons
Tap Screen – Aim / Fire

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Latest Android App: PU Coloring for Kids

This application is enjoyable way to improve child’s hand-to-eye coordination skills. Mix for start.

Drag the pieces to the right place to create the image.

Set difficulty level in Setting.
Support APP2SD

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Latest Android App: Kids Memory Match

This is complete timepass memory game for your kids which could help to improve your child memory power.

Your job is to find the exact second picture from the closed picture box as per the first picture shown. You get points for finding a match and lose points when you miss one.

Application records yout best time everytime you better your previous record. You can choose to play easy or difficult.

Happy Gaming…………….

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Latest Android App: Kids Puzzle Game

This is a image scramble game for kids.

Pictures are scrambled into different part. You have to arrange to make the picture into the correct one.

There are different levels to play.

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Latest Android App: Talking Planet Earth Free

The Earth is looking fancy these days! Get to your planet just a little more! He’s a fun-loving planet that talks back to you when you talk to him! The perfect talking children’s app for all ages, available for FREE without in-app ads!

Download the Talking Planet Earth app today and start the fun! NOTE: opening the app for the first-time ONLY requires a one-time download for the 3d graphics.

★ talk to Planet Earth and hear him repeat your words back to you
★ slap his face touching your finger on his head
★ tap his hat to make it fall down!
★ tap his right hand to see him greeting!
★ tap his left hand to make him mad!
★ slide your finger on his stomach to make him giggle
★ press a button to give food!
★ press a button to see a hat shaker!
★ shake the app!

He interacts with you!
★ He has a hungry meter that goes down over time and if it does, you can make him eat to raise the meter

★ He has a love meter which goes up or down based on giggling or actions that make him mad like tapping

We are committed to improving the quality of our apps, if you are experiencing issues, please email us directly at [email protected] and please tell us which phone you have.

★ App2Sd installation
★ On-The-Go 11MB Video Download
★ Help the Family! Download the App!

★ 3D Modeling and Animation by Magic Spangle Studios Pvt. Ltd.

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Latest Android App: makes it easy to connect and contact people in your circles!

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Latest Android App: SironECD

SironECD for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch allows fast and immediate access to your management cockpits and other analytical applications on the SironECD server.

Benefit from the full cockpit functionality ‘on the go’ and stay tuned to the latest development.

Statistical filters that detect data flow changes and trigger alerts, visualizations for intuitive pattern recognition, and reliable short-term forecasts are the key elements of professional management cockpits in this age of increasing complexity and rapid change.

This App includes free access to our public demo server.
Experience the new dimension in management reporting!

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Latest Android App: Folsom Music Festivals

Folsom Music Festivals

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