Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Droid Anime V2 and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Droid Anime V2 and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Droid Anime V2

Droid Anime is an app that lets you watch Anime on your Android Device. We currently only have a small offering, but we are updating every week. Once installed, you will automatically see new anime on your Droid Anime 2 application without having to upgrade the application.

Currently Low Resolution Devices like Wildfire, Tattoo cannot stream our videos.

Recommended Android Version : 2.3 and above

We cannot add heavily licensed anime like Naruto, Bleach to the Droid Anime V2. Consider buying Droid Anime Pro through our website if you want to get those shows. Please do not leave low ratings due to the absence of these anime.

Anime requests can be made through the support section of our website or by emailing us directly.

Recent changes:
More Anime added

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Latest Android App: WEB.DE Online-Speicher

Dateien sicher online speichern und jederzeit darauf zugreifen.
- Ihre virtuelle Festplatte im Internet
- Dateien hochladen und speichern
- Jederzeit und überall Zugriff auf Ihre Dateien
- Sichere Speicherung im deutschen Rechenzentrum
- Kostenlos für alle WEB.DE Nutzer
Mit der WEB.DE Online-Speicher App haben Sie Ihre virtuelle Festplatte im Internet immer dabei. Speichern Sie Dokumente, Videos, Musik oder andere Dateien einfach in Ihrem WEB.DE Online-Speicher und greifen Sie mit der App jederzeit darauf zu. Natürlich können Sie mit der App auch unterwegs Dateien in Ihren Online-Speicher hochladen und diese speichern und verwalten.

Der WEB.DE Online-Speicher ist kostenloser Bestandteil jedes WEB.DE E-Mail-Kontos und Ihre virtuelle Festplatte für Fotos, Musik, Videos und Dokumente. Mit der App lassen sich zudem Dokumente, Videos, Musik und andere Dateien unterwegs hochladen und synchronisieren.
Der Schutz sowie die Sicherheit und Verfügbarkeit Ihrer Daten sind uns wichtig: Der WEB.DE Online-Speicher wird ausschließlich in unseren Hochsicherheits-Rechenzentren in Deutschland und unter Anwendung deutscher Datenschutz- und Sicherheitsbestimmungen betrieben.

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Latest Android App: Ordspråk

Det finns otaliga ordspråkssamlingar utgivna i alla språk och kulturer. Vi känner allt till minst ett par stycken som vi använder utan att reflektera över dess historia och ursprung.

Avsikten med appen Ordspråk är att på ett enkelt sätt förmedla ett ordspråk om dagen som ska förmedla ett budskap, en värdering eller visdom, som de flesta människor i världen kan ställa sig bakom, oberoende av kulturella skillnader.

Kanske känner du igen en del ordspråk medans andra är några du aldrig hört. Förhoppningsvis är denna app till nytta och nöje för dig.

Recent changes:
Update: Removed the Read Phone State and Location Data.

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Latest Android App: Flashlight Notifier

Use your Flashlight LED for notifications for ANY application!

If this app does not work for you please send me an email with your device model and i will do my best to add support!

Recent changes:
V1.0 – Initial Release

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Latest Android App: LG Audio & Video

This application lets you get all information easily about Audio & Video products of LG Electronics which are lined-up in CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)
Join in the world of LG A/V.

[Main Features & Benefits]
1. Product Information
- Overview / Image Gallery / Specification
- Product category
▪ Audio: Blu-ray Home Theater System / DVD Home Theater System / Sound Bar / Micro System / Mini System / Portable CD Player
▪ Video: Blu-ray Disc Player / DVD Player / Portable Player
2. Unique Functions of LG Audio & Video Products
- Blu-ray 3D Playback / LG Smart TV / NetCast™ / Full HD 1080p Up-scaling / Wi-Fi Direct / DLNA / CIFS / SIMPLINK / Magic Motion Remote / LG Remote
- LG Sound Gallery / Karaoke / Wireless Subwoofer / Multi format Playback / External HDD Playback / USB Direct Recording / iPod, iPhone Docking Station
- ARC / 2 HDMI Input and more
3. A/V Terminology Dictionary
- You can get answers easily about LG A/V terminology.
4. Searching LG Service Centers and Electronic Retail Shops (AR)
- You can search easily LG service centers and electronic goods shops on the map via this function.
- This function is created based on augmented reality (AR) and GPS technology.
- You can find the best way to go to LG service centers and electronic goods shop from your current location where is received by GPS.
5. QR-Code Scanner
- You can scan any QR code from your device’s camera and get information connected with that QR code.

1. This app is optimized for WVGA(800*480) resolution screen.
2. The app may not display properly in other resolutions screens.

Additional Keywords:
LGE, LG Electronics Inc., Life’s Good, life is good, USP, M-Video, mvideo, Media Makt, Technosila, LBS, location based service, Moscow, Kiev, Alamty, QR codes,
quick response, reader, decoder

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Latest Android App: Naughty Christmas Theme

Maybe you’re going to have a Naughty Christmas this year…

Follow me on Twitter @mommadeuce1106 -I will keep everyone updated of new releases, updates, etc. I’m going to be having some special app promotions coming up, so stay tuned! I also have a Facebook set up for MommaDeuce Themes to showcase new releases & for special previews of upcoming releases.

This theme works with the following home replacement apps (launchers), although different elements may/may not be applied through some:
Crazy Home (Pro & Lite)
ADW.Launcher (not EX)
OpenHome 6
91PandaHome (1&2)
PandaHome EX
PandaHome Pro
LauncherPro (the wallpapers & icons must be set separately)

You must have one of the home replacement apps listed in order to use this theme.


This theme has 12 wallpapers from which to choose (not all home replacement apps support multiple wallpapers). It also has custom icons, custom app tray background, custom dock & custom font.

**NOTE: All of the listed home replacement apps may apply all/part of the theme elements.**

There is also a coordinating Naughty Christmas Icon Pack on the Market.

MommaDeuce Recommendation:
Crazy Home is the best home replacement app on the Market. It has the following customization options:
*3 separate desktops, each with it’s own theme & each desktop contains 5 screens
*Easily switch desktops with a swipe up/down
*NEW-Desktop & app drawer transitions
*Full icon customization through the Icon Configurator
*Hide apps from the app drawer
*Change app titles
*Scrollable widget support
*Widget resizing
*Supports multiple wallpapers
*Supports live wallpapers
*Hide/Unhide the top notification bar
*Backup & restore your settings
*Custom font support
*Outstanding customer support

Give Crazy Home a try-you’ll love it!

I also recommend checking out FlaGirl for more great Themes, GO Themes & Icon Packs & my buddy over at VeSo Apps for some great Clock Widgets & GO Themes too!

Any questions or issues, please email me at the address listed-I always respond promptly.

Recent changes:
Initial Release

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Latest Android App: Tangram

Tangram is a and addictive puzzle game consisting of dissected forms which are put together to form original shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form very specific shape using all seven pieces, which may not overlap. It was originally invented in China.

You can easily learn to master Tangram through the Arcade mode and then move on to the challenge mode which features 1000 uniques puzzles. Once you feel you have become a master at this game, you can also try to perform as many puzzles as possible in a limited amount of time. Hours of Fun ahead of you.

HD graphics included which make the game very enjoyable on tablets !

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Latest Android App:

Met de android app kun je nog sneller berichten uitwisselen met leuke jongens en meiden, zoeken naar profielen, zien wie er in de buurt is en het laatste nieuws volgen!

Recent changes:
-Kleine bugfix

-Bugs gefixt in "In de buurt" en "Berichten".

-Attachments in berichten kunnen nu bekeken worden. Ze worden als thumbnail in het bericht geladen. Door er op te klikken kan je ze op volledige grootte bekijken.
-Er zijn verschillende bugs gefixt waardoor de app soms bleef hangen.

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Latest Android App: Proxy Browser Beta

If you’re wondering how to browse blocked Websites at school, work, or the library, or anywhere protected by a firewall then you’ve come to the right App.

-Unblock sites and surf anonymously.
-hide your IP Address.

Keywords&tags: Proxy Browser,Droid Proxy, Facebook Proxy, unblock, proxydroid,Proxy Browser,free proxy,by proxy,proxy server,proxy facebook.

Proxy Browser Beta is not responsible for how you use this application

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Latest Android App: ComicBricks

ComicBricks is a powerful image/comic reader and web browser!!

* Powerful zooming control
* Smooth page flip

* This app only acts as an image reader and a web browser. It does not provide any image resources. All the image resources are from users themselves or the web sites users visited. We do not take responsibility for any user behavior.
* This program requires SD card or other system external storage to execute.
* Executing this program requires lots of memory. It may fore close if there is an out of memory error. If it happens frequently, please report to me, thank you.

Recent changes:
Whole new User Interface

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Latest Android App: Towngas

By the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

At Towngas, we aim to provide you with total-solution gas services. With our Towngas app, use your iPhone to enjoy even greater convenience and more benefits.

Our Towngas app features:

- Recipes: Looking for new ideas for your daily meals? With over 1,000 FREE recipes from both Chinese and Western cuisines, soups, desserts, dim sum and more, you’ll never be short of ideas again! Just SMS your chosen ingredients to your mobile phone and you’ll have a ready-made shopping list!

- Towngas eServices : Report meter readings easily – no fuss, no bother. We also provide meter reading reminder service. You can also get push alerts once your ebills have been delivered and new special offers are available.

- Low Carbon Action! : Get a wide range of green tips. Use the diary to keep track of your low carbon actions!

- Photo Frame: Take photo with "Towngas Boy" and Maggiemarket! Let’s learn how to live GREEN!

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Latest Android App: Perfil de Consumo Flex

Tem carro FLEX?
Não sabe a melhor opção na hora de abastecer?
O preço do combustivel varia muito?
Com este programa você sabera facilmente qual o melhor combustivel usar, baseado no perfil do motorista e não no calculo padrão de 30% de consumo a mais do etanol.
O calculo é feito sobre o consumo de quilometros rodados por litro de cada tipo de combustivel, podendo variar de acordo com cada motorista.
Caso encontre algum Bug ou não funcione em algum dispositivo, mande um email !!!

Recent changes:
Correções de Layout para Landscape.
Correções de Layout para aparelhos Low-Dpi.

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Latest Android App: Gun Game

Essentially the age-old game ‘Dope Wars’ or ‘Drug Wars’ or the other 1000 variations – except with weapons rather than drugs. It’s immature and possibly offensive but a great time-killer.

You travel country to country, buying and selling weapons in an attempt to make as much cash as possible within a specified time period. The countries chosen are all currently under arms embargo by the UN. I thought it added a nice touch of realism to the game.

Some important points:
- Please leave feedback on difficulty (should you start with more/less cash, prices too low/high e.t.c).
- Use your phones menu button to access travel, bank and shop.
- You can have 1 high score for each mode. Your deviceID is used to identify you. There is only internet scoreboards, no local.
- The shop gets restocked half-way through the game.
- It is essentially a game of luck. The crazy low/high prices are completely random.
- If your debt > cash by the end of the last day it’s game over.
- Your game is automatically saved when you exit via any means.

Permissions explanation:
android.permission.INTERNET – to upload/retrieve highscores
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – check you have an internet connection
android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE – get your deviceID to identify you in the leaderboards (used only to upload and retrieve your scores. It is never displayed)

Keywords: fun, game, gun, dope, wars, drug, dopewars, drugwars, trading, arms, trade, weapons, shoot

Recent changes:
First version!

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Latest Android App: CamSam PLUS

CamSam PLUS – The speed and red light camera warning system!

★★★★★ Protect your driver’s license! ★★★★★

With CamSam PLUS you receive editorially verified speedcam alerts in real time. More than 5 million participants worldwide report daily on newly discovered speedcams worldwide.

★★★★★ Advantages of the PLUS version ★★★★★

[✔]Verified speedcam alerts, therefore more relaxed traveling
[✔]Landscape mode, simply turn your smartphone 90°
[✔]Even faster updates in case of software bugs
[✔]New features will always be available in the PLUS version first
[✔]Still in 2011: A map showing all speedcams within the app

This exclusive service is only available to users of the PLUS version. Any questions? Ask us at [email protected]



+ Real time alerts of mobile radar traps
+ More than 47,000 fixed speedcams worldwide from
+ Directional alerts for all fixed speedcams
+ Automatic updates every 5 minutes
+ Visual and acoustic warnings
+ Indication of device type and of legal speed limit
+ Simple alert function
+ Online/offline mode
+ Locations of fixed speedcams checked on site
+ Listening and radar view
+ Landscape mode
+ Background mode*
+ Distance and direction of speedcam indicated

*Ask our support team ([email protected]) about background mode functionality!


System requirements:
- Android operating system 2.x or higher
- Internet access for online updates (flat rate recommended)
- Internal GPS

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Latest Android App: Deejay Callen

Deejay Callen is know world wide for is unique and talented music video editing and mixing skills.

Download this free app to stream all his video mixes straight to your iPhone; keep up with his appearances and events; and, stay connected with tweets, Facebook, photos, and more.

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Latest Android App: Android Android is the best way to browse your social tv, seriesly , and enjoy the movies and series shared by the network users, since it is a native application, specifically designed for Android devices.

Being a native application for Android, it is able to make a more efficient use of your mobile data bandwidth.

These are some advantages:

- Native application
- Efficient use of mobile data bandwidth
- Secure: it access throught interface and does not store your password
- Video playing integrated into the application, thus improving navegability and avoiding annoying advertisement pop-ups (although it gives the possibility of open the links in an external browser)
- Developed by a professional geek team that will try to give the best service to the users
- Multiple languages

Note: if you cannot view the videos, check if you have installed the Flash plugin in your device first

The best way to browse your social tv,, from Android!!

More info here:

Recent changes:
Fixed an issue that could provide continuous connection failure errors on some devices.

If you experience this problem, log off in the application menu and re-enter your username and password.

AppBrain Link:

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