Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Electronics Student Reference and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Electronics Student Reference and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Electronics Student Reference

Reference material for students in the electronics field.

Ohm’s law calculator- enter any two variables
Parallel resistance calculator – enter any number of resistors
Reactance calculator
Resistor color codes
4 and 5 Band Resistance calculators
Full zoom-able circuit examples- Series, Parallel, Series-Parallel, RL, RC, RLC
Formula sheet with Ohm’s law wheel
Circuit Symbols sheet

Don’t see a feature you’d like? Request it. This will be an evolving reference guide.

ohm’s law

Recent changes:
code cleanup and optimization
ui tweaks

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Latest Android App: Christmas Origami

Christmas is coming . What will you give your friends and family for christmas present? And what will you choose as your christmas present ?

Here we show you how to make some unique christmas present ( Origami Paper Christmas Tree , Christmas Hat, Christmas kid, Santa Claus, Christmas Flower, Christmas Wreath, Christmas Star )!

For android system version 2.2 or above , you can install this application to SD card (App 2 SD, APP2SD, APP TO SD) .

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Latest Android App: Smart Security DEMO

Monitor and control security system from any place, at any time.

Eldes Smart Security it’s security system controlled remotely from web or mobile applications.

This application demonstrates how Eldes ESIM264 Security Control Panel and Remote Control System (GSM Caller) can be controlled with mobile application.
It can be used for the security of premises and control or management of electronic devices through GSM network.

With Smart Security you can:
PGM control
Security status
Zones status

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Latest Android App: QR Code TAM

With the augmented reality QR Code TAM Application, our passengers will be able to enjoy a unique experience.
On our aircraft, the inflight service packaging, the VIP rooms, our magazines: wherever you find a sticker with the words QR Code TAM, there will be something beyond what the eyes can see. And the key to this secret is your cell phone or tablet with the App installed in it.

This Christmas, magic has taken over our aircraft. Look for the QR Code sticker on one of the plane’s windows, point your cell phone or tablet at the code, and check out the surprise that we have in store for you.

The App also lets you take a photo of this moment and share it with all your friends.

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Latest Android App: Trial Xtreme 2 SE Xperia Play

#1 Racing game in USA
#1 Racing game in UK
#1 Racing game in Israel
#1 Racing game in Germany
#1 Racing game in India
#1 Racing game in Russia
#1 Racing game in Italy
#1 Racing game in Spain
#1 Racing game in France
#1 Racing game in Sweden
#1 Racing game in Denmark
#1 Racing game in Australia
#1 Racing game in Mexico
#1 Racing game in Argentina
#1 Racing game in Singapore
#1 Racing game in South Africa
#1 Racing game in Ireland
#1 Racing game in Hong Kong
#1 Racing game in Belgium
#1 Racing game in Indonesia

The wait is over.
Trial Xtreme 2 is the sequel to multi-million selling hit Trial Xtreme, packed with more levels, amazing new graphics and more blistering motorcycle stunt action than ever.
Crank up the throttle, rev your engine and negotiate your way across 32 new action-packed levels.
Trial Xtreme 2 uses the cutting edge NVIDIA® PhysX® engine to give you the most realistic ride of your life, demanding skill and concentration to take to take your bike riding skills to the max!

Game Features

●Much anticipated sequel to the blockbuster hit Trial Xtreme – downloaded 4million times and counting!

●36 brand new levels set across 5 challenging environments

●Negotiate hundreds of obstacles including ramps, jumbo tires, rocks, planks and more

●Super detailed new Unity-powered graphics engine brings your rider and the game world to life

●Intuitive tilt control system using the phone’s accelerometer. Use precision control like never before

●Ultra-realistic rider and bike physics built on the NVIDIA® PhysX® engine lets you feel it all as you flip, jump, bump and crash your way to victory

●Max out your score and play the world through Openfeint highscores and social features

●XPERIA PLAY Optimized

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Latest Android App: Christmas Bunny

Christmas Bunny used to be known as a very interesting flash game online. Since christmas is closer, we rewrite the game for android market, hope you enjoy the game.

This game is very simple, control the bunny, jumping from bell to bell. Try to get higher, the more bells you jumped, the more score you gain. Watch out for the birds, they can double your scores. Currently we only keeping the highest score, next release will give you a worldwide competition.

Control: Click to start, touch the screen to change the direction.

Tags: Free games, Fun games, Free entertainment, Casual games, Sports games

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This is another gift for our Turkish friends.

Recent changes:
V1.1 some errors are reported, please send us your Device Name and bug reports. Contact main coder. This version can installed ExternalStorage.

V1.0 Initial release, tested on XperiaX10i.

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Latest Android App: Christmas SMS

Are you ready for next Christmas? Do you know what message are you going to send to your friends?

Here you have a lot of messages, which you can easily take a look and send it to your friends with just a click!!

You can send it via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, eMail and some other options provided by your android phone.

Here you have more than 800 different messages in English, Italian and Spanish!! Try to take a look to all of them and choose the most appropiate one for your friends: funny, lovely, friendly and many, many more…

Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!!!

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Latest Android App: Hot talking girl

This app is a text to speech which allows you to type in text and read it out loud with a sexy computer voice.

Lucy says whatever you want. Just type in a sentence and press the speak button.
You can also use this app for pranks!

Selectable languages:
- English (UK & US accent supported)
- Spanish
- German
- French
- Italian

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Latest Android App: 【FREE】Decoration Frame NewYear

☆*:.。. .。.:*・☆*:.。. .。.:*・☆*:.。. .。.:*・☆*:.。. .。.:*・☆
Decorate the New Year with Decoration Frame!!
☆*:.。. .。.:*・☆*:.。. .。.:*・☆*:.。. .。.:*・☆*:.。. .。.:*・☆

The first picture of 2012 is determined by using Decoration Frame! !
This application can take the most beautiful New Year pictures.
Please use this application to seed New Year Greetings♪

≪How to use≫

★When you take new picture
①Select the photo frame which you like
②Photography to fit the frame
③Graffiti on the picture you like

★When you use the exists picture
①Select the picture you want
②・Select the photo frame which you like
 ・Adjust the photo size to match the frame
③Graffiti on the picture you like

≪When will you use Decoration Frame?≫

★To send New Year Greetings to friends and family
★To remeber the wonderful Hatsumode
★To remeber children’s growth record
★To remeber New Year with your family
★To make your cute pet turns into Santa Claus
★To share the photos in your sns for example facebook, myspace etc.
More and more!

≪Introducing to the full version of Decoration Frame NewYear≫

・ You can use all of the photo frames.
・ You can use landscape version photo frames.
・ You can select the paint color and pen size.


・ If you choose to Frame Pictures exsist in the mobile phone, pictures may not fit the frame very well.
・ Please be sure SD card mouted.
・ In order to process the pictures, the quality may fall.

≪Supported OS≫

Android OS 2.1 or later(lastest OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was checked).

≪Checked Android smartphone≫


≪Tag & Keyword≫

Smartphone, Android Application, Picture, Photo Frame, Camera, New Year, Decoration, Cute, Beautiful, New Year’s card, 2012, Dragon, Finger Paint.


If you find any issues please contract us at:

TEL. +81-3-5774-6660
MAIL. [email protected]

Recent changes:
Ver.1.0.0 New Release.

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Latest Android App: HoN SoundBoard

Heroes Of Newerth Announcer Sound Effects!

This is a High Audio Quality SoundBoard for HoN Fans and Enthusiasts!

Includes Announcer sounds like: Ultimate Warrior ,Domination, Legendary!

Will be updated with hero sounds in the future if there is interest!

Created for personal entertainment!

Might not display correctly on tablets!

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Latest Android App: 鬼故事


Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: AOSP oICS NS4G ROM Toolbox

AOSP oICS NS4G ROM Toolbox Application


Get notification updates, change logs, and links to support links for AOSP’s oICS NS4G ROM Application.

**** When you first open the App hit Menu -> Refresh to ensure the latest content! ****

Get notifications when the latest version of oICS is released!

To Enable/Disable Notifications Use the Menu!

I am NOT the Developer of the ROM, I simply developed this Application. AOSP is the Dev for the oICS ROM.

***Note, the Android Notification Push APK uses Location/GPS Permissions, but I have disabled all the Location calls in the Application I found. I am not "tracking" you and this is not TechJeeperIQ. I am working on getting rid of the Location permissions but it might take some time.***

Recent changes:
V1.3 Cleaned/Optimized Code and Edited Graphics/Icons

V1.2 Fixed forced closes when updated on Android 4.0 – Sorry about that!

V1.1 Notification Push Added!

V1 Initial Release

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Latest Android App: 最強化妝分享

下載 「最強化妝分享」讓你隨時隨地學化妝,不美也難~

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Latest Android App: Mobi Manga – Manga Reader

MobiManga is a lightweight manga reader application. Thousands of mangas are free for you, including Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball and many more. MobiManga support two reading mode:
- Online Mode: you can access to the largest collection of manga with over 10,000 series, updated daily.
- Offline Mode: allow you to download mangas to sd card to read without internet connection.

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Latest Android App: 激情小说(24)

满足男人欲望的激情小说,免费下载! Free download for all !!


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