Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: English Lessons by Smartphon and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: English Lessons by Smartphon and Other Apps

Latest Android App: English Lessons by Smartphon

Starting English Conversation using your smart phone.
Just download this application, and have a 10 minute English lessons in the morning, free of charge.
Our English Teachers will give you a Skype Call on your preferred time. Reservations can be done a day before.
Topics are NEWS from all over the world.
Try it now and enjoy the fun of English conversation.

How to get started
・Register as a Free trial user.
・You must have a Skype account. Input your skype name. Teachers will call you thru skype.
・Lessons are on a “first come-first served” basis. Each lessons are for 10 minutes from 06:00 – 13:00
・Free Trial Users should make reservations a day before the scheduled lesson.
・Make sure your skype is online before scheduled lesson time.
・Click “Help” for more information.

Other Information
・Reservations for Free Trial users are reset at 1pm everyday. Free trial users need to make a lesson reservation of the next day.
・No Lessons on weekends
・You may take the lessons thru your smart phone or computer by activating skype.
・For a minimal fee, you can register as a member and will be provided a fix schedule. Therefore, no need to reserve everytime you do skype lessons.

Practice in pronunciation
・Basic vocabulary will be asked at random.
・The percentage of correct answers decides your level.

Recent changes:
2012.03.19 Just released.

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Latest Android App: Son Cubano NJ

Our restaurant, Son Cubano is dedicated to a continued exploration of Cuban heritage, art, music, flavors and traditions. The open-air setting, vintage décor, live music and full view of the Manhattan skyline along with a menu of modern Cuban influenced dishes and traditional favorites leave a lasting impression.

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Latest Android App: PE Plus

Ever been stuck for a game to play outside? Ever get sick and tired of playing the same old game all the time? Then PE Plus is the perfect app for you!

PE Plus contains over 100 minor games for you to take that bland old PE lesson into a creative and enjoyable action packed class!

Whether you’re a primary teacher, secondary teacher, coach or youth worker, PE Plus will go a long way to improving your student/player skill level, enjoyment and fulfillment with the vast array of suggested minor games on offer.

PE Plus contains over 100 games from more than 10 areas including chasing games, reaction games, relay games, co-operative games and lots, lots more.

PE Plus includes ideas and lesson plans for physical education games that require little preparation and cater for specific skills. The games and activities range from shorter physical education activities to full sport classes. Every post includes details on the activity including equipment needed and instructions for the game.

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Latest Android App: AppBrain Ad Detector

Detect potential concerns of apps installed on your phone, such as Push Notifications, Desktop icon spam or privacy concerns.

Helps you to get rid of annoying notifications and bookmarks on your desktop.

This app detects over 70 different aspects of apps, including:

- Concerns such as Push Notifications, putting spam icons on your desktop, and privacy related concerns such as the ability to access your location, contacts, messages or accounts.

- Ad Networks; this app tells you which ad networks are embedded in apps, such as Admob, Millennial Media, MobClix, Tapjoy, AdWhirl, Greystripe, InMobi, Airpush, Startapp, Pontiflex and more.

- Social SDKs; detect whether apps have SDKs like Facebook, Twitter4j, OpenFeint, HeyZap and more.
- Developer Tools; detect libraries like Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics, Google Play in-app billing, Google Licensing Service, ViewPager indicator, ACRA, Paypal and more.

Recent changes:
- initial release!

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Latest Android App: App to You

L’applicazione del Credito Trevigiano.
Gestisci il tuo conto corrente, effettua bonifici , ricarica la carta prepagata Tasca, la nuova carta Ricarica EVO e il cellulare direttamente dal tuo Smartphone.

Per utilizzare il mobile banking da APP TO YOU basta essere cliente del Credito Trevigiano ed aver sottoscritto il contratto di Internet Banking. Ti verranno consegnate le credenziali unite al dispositivo One Time Password per effettuare l’accesso ai tuoi dati personali.

SERVIZI SMS. Permette di effettuare le ricariche telefoniche, visualizzare il saldo e gli ultimi movimenti del conto corrente con un semplice SMS e senza necessità di login. Il servizio deve essere abilitato presso le filiali e consente la ricarica fino ad un massimo di 4 numeri all’attivazione.
Il servizio non prevede alcun costo di attivazione, mentre il costo di ogni SMS inviato dipende dal proprio operatore di telefonia mobile.

L’applicazione include alcune funzioni disponibili a tutti senza la necessità di login:

LA BANCA – per scoprire la realtà e la storia del Credito Trevigiano, Banca di Credito Cooperativo.
DOVE SIAMO – per trovare lo sportello più vicino e tutti i riferimenti e gli orari di apertura.
CONTATTI – per parlare con il personale della filiale con un semplice click.
BLOCCO CARTE – i numeri utili al blocco di sicurezza delle carte di credito, bancomat ed altri mezzi di pagamento.
NEGOZI AMICI (Ct Club) – l’elenco delle attività commerciali che offrono trattamenti preferenziali e sconti ai SOCI del Credito Trevigiano.

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Latest Android App: Astraeus

A turn based artillery game. Soon to have networked multi-player.

Beta only at this time; download to test only.

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Latest Android App: SmsWeb

Do you type on your phone to send an SMS?

How about to manage your SMS’es from PC?

The solution is SmsWeb.

In the free version, the session expire every 10 minutes.

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Latest Android App: Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Special promotional pricing in effect! Easy Voice Recorder Pro is a great audio & voice recorder that lets you capture important moments without getting in your way. Emphasis is placed on simplicity and ease of use, and with no time limits or ads!

Try before you buy: A free version is available here:

<b>Pro features</b>
★ No ads!
★ No scary permissions — does not call home nor send you spammy SMSes.
★ No time limits on recordings!
★ Resume recording any supported wave file in your file list.
★ Exclude your recordings from Android’s media scan.
★ Change your audio input source.
★ Use a proximity sensor to turn off the screen, when something is in close proximity.
★ Change your recordings folder.
❋ Supports AMR (.3gp), AAC (.mp4)*, and WAVE (.wav).
❋ Record in the background, while you do other things.
❋ Files are saved to "EasyVoiceRecorder" on your external storage and remain accessible even after uninstalling the app.
❋ Supports a widget that can be added to your home screen.
❋ Playback, share, and delete your recordings.
❋ Supports internal playback and external playback using the audio player(s) on your device.
❋ Recovery of files in case the application was stopped.
❋ Support forcing the screen on during recording.
❋ Widget available in 2×1, 3×1, and 4×1 sizes; resizeable on Honeycomb and above.
❋ Supports the Holo theme for Ice Cream Sandwich.

* AAC (.mp4) support on Gingerbread 2.3.3 and higher only.


Easy Voice Recorder Pro supports the following formats:

<b>AMR (.3gp) for space saving.</b>
❋ Most space-efficent format; record hundreds of hours on your phone.

<b>AAC (.mp4) for good quality and reasonable space usage.</b>
❋ Available on Gingerbread 2.3.3 and later.
❋ Select from low, medium, and high quality.

<b>WAVE (.wav) for uncompromised quality.</b>
❋ Record from voice quality to CD quality (44.1Khz), and in 8 or 16-bit sampling.</i>
❋ Downmixing done via software linear interpolation for maximum compatibility across all devices.
❋ Pause & resume.
❋ Auto-recovery of unfinished wavefiles if the application was unexpectedly terminated.
❋ Click reduction on start/end (some noise can still occur from the noise of tapping the phone).

<b>Explanation of the permissions</b>

android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO – This is to record audio from your microphone.
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Recordings are saved on your external storage.
android.permission.WAKE_LOCK – This allows recordings to continue even with the screen turned off.

Recent changes:
- (Pro) Can now resume recording any wave file in your file list.
- (Pro) Exclude recordings from media scan.
- (Pro) Configure the audio input source.
- (Pro) Support a proximity sensor to turn off the screen when something is close.
- (Pro) Rename the base recordings folder.
- Added a seek bar.
- Plus many more updates and improvements behind the scenes.

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Latest Android App: polaroid Gallery

Depending on the type of widget, 1 or 3 pieces can be displayed,
Each photo can be set a picture or specify the folder.

Decorate your home, notification bar lovely through polaroid Gallery.
(English, Korean and Japanese language support (depending on the phone)).

================= Features =================
1. Widgets provide a variety of sizes
– 1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 3×2, 4×2
– 1×1, 2×2 1 photos / 2×1, 3×2, 4×2 photos simultaneously displayed three
2. Can be written for each photo message
– At the bottom of each Polaroid can write a message that you want.
3. A photo or folder can be specified
– Fixed photo or specifying a folder within the folder can be viewed as a random photo.
– Each photo can be set a picture or specify the folder.
4. Can change photo update cycle (when you specify a folder)
– 30 seconds, 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours can be set
5. Provides Photo Detail window
– You can see details photo when touch the widget and notification gallery (Multi-touch zoom available)
6. Easy to edit setting
– You can edit the setting for the widget and notification gallery easily.

(notification gallery and each widget is set aside to be applied.
notification gallery can be set in program or detail view of notification gallery,
each widget can be set when create each widget or detail view of each widget.)

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Latest Android App: Nokia maps on Android

Nokia Maps help you to feel like a local wherever you go. Find out where to visit, get a feel for the place before you set off, and see it even better at

Whether you’re walking, driving or using public transport, free Maps will guide you to your destination using the quickest route.

Use your phone to find places easily, and see in a snap what there is to do. Then just get on with the business of enjoying yourself…

Start exploring now – at

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Latest Android App: Bad Guys

Here is the dynamic criminal game about the biggest heists ever!

Rob different banks, casinos and other interesting places with a lot of cash! Crack their safes! Capture hostages while your friend packs your “easy money”! And be careful: there could be ambushes waiting for you outside! Shoot those dexterous cops and try to escape in your car.
Feel the taste of danger and adventure! Hear the singing of bullets near your head! And you’ll see how easy it is!

A criminal adventure which can make you rich…or prisoner. Are you sure you ready for it? Well, go ahead! The heist has begun!


• Addictive gameplay
• 7 missions with 4 stages in each
• Safe cracking levels
• Street gunfights vs cops & SWAT
• Capture hostages
• Hot car pursuits and ambushes

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Latest Android App: Transcent Go Launcher Ex Theme

You must have Go Launcher Ex Installed! After installed, press Menu button, Themes then click on Transcent and click apply to apply the theme.
Features 2 Wallpapers

Don’t be afraid to request icon’s, either through email or under comments and I will upgrade them as soon as possible.

Android Theme;GO launcher Theme;GO Launcher EX;Transparent;Transcent;Baby Blue Theme;Glow;Minimalistic;Simple;Simplistic

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Latest Android App: – أخبارك.نت

موقع أخبارك تم تأسيسه في عام 2003 لجمع الأخبار المصرية كلها. الموقع يعمل ببرنامج خاص يجمع الاخبار من المصادر المختلفة دون اي تدخل من اي افراد ويرتبها حسب اهميتها ويجمع الاخبار المتشابهة,
مما يعطي القارئ الفرصة للتعرف علي أخر الأخبار من مصادر مختلفة

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Latest Android App: Pigs Can Fly Site Monitor

The Pigs Can Fly Site Monitor monitors your websites to ensure they are up. In addition to this task, it also checks to see if they are on either slashdot or reddit, as these sites can deliver large amounts of traffic and sysadmins often need to be prepared. Runs on your phone, with no external dependencies.

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Latest Android App: HexCalc Programmers Calculator

HexCalc is a fully featured number base/radix conversion calculator for programmers and embedded software engineers.

Simultaneous display of Decimal, Hex, Octal and Binary.
8, 16 and 32 bit modes for easy fixed width calculations.
Signed and Unsigned in all three bit modes, including Negate function.
Delete function to delete last number entered.
Photo realistic display and keypad.

On screen display of:
Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal and Binary.
Current mode (Dec, Hex, Oct, Bin)
Current bit mode (8, 16, 32)
Signed/Unsigned setting (Sg/Us)
Memory Contents (M)
Current operator (+, -, /, *, OR, NOR, AND, NAND, XOR, XNOR)
Shift Setting

Bitwise operators:
Left Shift – Right Shift by one binary digit.

Memory functions:


Programmer Tool DEC HEX BIN BINARY Convertor Converter Dev Tools Development Fully Functional BEST Calculator

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Latest Android App: Happy Poo for 2

Even Happy Poo has friends, now we can all play with our cheerful friend together.

Happy Poo always dreamed of being shiny, and you can make those dreams come true. Rub the screen as fast as you can to polish Happy Poo.

With Happy Poo for 2, you and a friend can polish Happy Poo together, and race to see who can make Happy Poo happy first.

Everyone loves Happy Poo.

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Latest Android App: eggster!

Create and share unique and personal Easter greeting cards for your friends and family. Slide between premade backgrounds, coloured eggs, embellishments, and create a card to your liking. You can add personalized text to your cards and save them for future use and editing. Share cards via facebook, twitter, e-mail, mms etc. Your friends and family will love it.

Become a fan of eggster! on Facebook:

Your experiences can play a major role in the creation of even better products – quality solutions that make life easier, not just for you but for many others too. Please feel free to let us know what you think about eggster!

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