Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Excusas y pretextos and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Excusas y pretextos and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Excusas y pretextos

Excusas y pretextos por el móvil es una divertida aplicación que contiene 29 excusas originales que te salvarán de más de un compromiso incómodo con un toque de humor.

El autor de estas excusas es don Javier Tapia Rodríguez, autor de los famosos "Chistes del Lepe" y "Gimnasia para perezosos".

¡A partir de ahora ya no se te acabarán las excusas!

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Latest Android App: Cirugía Plástica y Estética

La aplicación del Dr. Yoon, cirujano plástico del Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Con esta aplicación podrás consultar su currículo médico y concertar una visita.

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Latest Android App: Benson

L’app de la novel·la "Benson, un agent especial" de l’escritor David Barceló i editat per BOOKAD.

Amb aquesta aplicació pots conèixer l’autor de més a prop i contactar amb ell.

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Latest Android App: deals2buy Rss Feeds

This app provides the daily updates from Deals2Buy website using the RSS feeds.

Tags: Deals2Buy,Deals 2 Buy,best deals,American deals,best offers,clearance sale,low price,coupons,deals2buy

Recent changes:
This is the initial version

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Latest Android App: Testy z Unii Europejskiej

Zdobądź wiedzę o Unii Europejskiej. Rozwiązuj testy i ucz się w wolnym czasie. Przygotuj się na zajęcia w szkole i na uczelni.

Aplikacja zawiera:
- tryb nauki
- tryb testów
- zapamiętane wyniki
- bonus dla najlepszych

Dostępne języki: POLSKI

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Latest Android App: Santos SoundBoard

As locuções de importantes Gols do SantosFC.
A maioria dos gols são narrados por Milton Leite.
A primeira versão contem apenas alguns gols do Neymar, um do Borges e o milésimo gol do Pelé.

O Santos Futebol Clube é um clube de futebol brasileiro, fundado em 1912, com sede em Santos. Eleito pela FIFA como o melhor clube das Américas do século XX, é o único clube brasileiro a conquistar, num mesmo ano (1962), um título estadual, um nacional, um continental e uma Taça Intercontinental.
Em 2012, o clube comemora 100 anos de glórias.
"100 Anos Meninos para sempre"
"100 Anos de Futebol Arte"

Recent changes:
Versão 1.0:
Criação da App.

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Latest Android App: UO CAR CHASE

You operate MY CAR by a controller, looking at CAR NAVIGATION,
and you pass through a CHECKPOINT so that it may not hit an ENEMY CARS and BOMBS.
If its car passes through all the CHECKPOINTS, a GOAL FLAG will come out.
When MY CAR passes along a GOAL FLAG, it finished 1 stage.
It is game over when all MY CARS are lost.

Although MY CAR moves automatically, if you tap the arrow button continuously, MY CAR will move quickly more for that.

The regular version can carry out 20 stages in all.
The DEMO version can carry out 5 stages.

A LEVEL, the number of MY CARS, the number of ENEMY CARS, the number of CHECKPOINTS,
the number of BOMBS, and ON/OF of VIVRATOR can be set up.

If you press the back key of a smart phone, it will return from a setting screen to a title screen.

You can do various methods of play by changing SETTINGS.
(1) You set up LEVEL 5, MY CARS 1, ENEMY CARS 1,CHECK POINTS 1 and BOMS 1, and you play the game.
Probably, it will also be difficult for you to finish the 5 STAGES because the speed is very quick.

(2) Make LEVEL low, increase ENEMY CARS, FLAGS, and BOMS, and you play the game.

(3) When you set up STAGES by "RONDOM STAGES", since you do not know to be able to play by which STAGE next, you are interesting.

A push on the [CLEAR THE HI-SCORE] button of a title screen will clear the HI-SCORE.

I have uploaded to YouTube the movie which is actually playing the game.

Recent changes:
It is able to set up the LEVEL of the DEMO version.

It is able to set up the MY CARS of the DEMO version.

It is able to set up the ENEMY CARS of the DEMO version.

It is able to set up the CHECK POINTS of the DEMO version.

The name of the DEMO version was changed into the LITE version.
It is able to set up the BOMBS of the LITE version.

The five numbers of STAGES were increased.

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Latest Android App: GG Win Horse Racing System App


The purpose of GG Win is to help you to manage a Martingale, or "doubling up" betting session. It will handle all the maths, all you have to do is enter the odds of the next horse, and tell the program whether you won or lost.

People using the Martingale system very often bet on favourites, so let’s say the first horse has odds of 3 to 1 on. You would enter 1 to the left of "to" and 3 to the right of "to".

You would then click on the "Calculate Stake" button". Your stake would appear in the box to the right of the button. You then place your bet.

If you win, simply click on the "Start New Session" and the program resets, and you can start again from the beginning.

If you lose, click on the "No" button, and enter the odds of the next horse.


This time, when you click the "Calculate Stake" button, the program takes into account the money you have lost during the session, and the stake is adjusted so that if your next horse wins, not only do you achieve your target winnings, but you also win your stake(s) back that you have lost during the session.

A friend of mine recently won over £600 using this program!


Works on QVGA (320 x 240 e.g. HTC Tattoo) screens upward.

Tested up to Android v2.3.3.

Easy to use – everything you need is on one screen.

Built in help screen.

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Latest Android App: TimeSheet v1.0 Adds HRs:MINs!


This is a handy little app for adding times together in hr:min format – this can be quite time-consuming to do manually or with a standard calculator.

Brilliant for adding times on standard timesheets.

The app couldn’t really be easier to use. Simply enter the number of hours in the "Enter hours" box, and then the number of minutes in the "Enter minutes" box. Then click the ADD button.

The app reflects your input in the column to the right under Hrs:Mins, which is in effect a paperless tape showing the history of the time quantities you want to add. This column will show a fixed number of times (depending on the size of your screen). If and when the column is filled a scrollbar appears to let you view the times that have scrolled off the screen.

Under the ADD button, the sum of the times you have added is shown as "Total Hrs" and "Total Minutes".

Tapping the RESET button clears all the data from the screen and lets you start again.

Pressing the info button on the bottom of the screen takes you to this information.

That’s about it really, a handy little timesaver!

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Latest Android App: Kalkulator NWD Euklides

Kalkulator NWD
Największy Wspólny Dzielnik.

Programem tym obliczysz NWD dla podanych liczb, oraz zobaczysz w punktach jak działa algorytm Euklidesa wykorzystujący resztę z dzielenia

Recent changes:
Dodanie Aplikacji

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Latest Android App: Roadside Mate UK

What would you do if you had a ‘prang’ today whilst out in the car? Would you know what to do? What information you would need? what the correct procedure was? Would you be able to produce essential details on the spot, such as insurance policy details?

Most people wouldn’t, which is why we designed this app.

An indispensable tool for every motorist, this fantastic new app from Ringoo software is your perfect travelling companion.

Having this app on your phone means you will be ready at all times for that inevitable "bump", which can only give you peace of mind.


1. Keep all your motoring documentation details right with you at all times.

Roadside Mate enables you to store and quickly retrieve all the following information:

Insurance company name.
Insurance policy number.
Insurance expiry date.
Insurance account number.
Insurance company contact number.
Insurance email address.
Driving license number.
Driving license expiry date
Driving license groups.
MOT certificate number.
MOT expiry date.
Road tax expiry date.
Vehicle registration number.
Vehicle VIN number.
Vehicle date purchased.
Breakdown sevice phone number.
Breakdown service account number.
Breakdown cover expiry date.

2. Roadside incident procedure.

Who really knows what you should or shouldn’t do in the event of an unfortunate motoring mishap? Armed with Roadside Mate, at the touch of a button you will have all the information you need to deal with any motoring incident. This even covers ‘Hit & Run’ and uninsured driver scenarios.

3. Geographic location (mapping services).

Lots of apps provide mapping services these days, but we have tailored this function so that it is perfect for a motorist who quickly needs to know where he or she is. The street view screen shows exactly where you are, at exactly the right level of zoom to identify the surrounding street names. Tapping on this screen gives you not only the street name and postcode, but also the geo co-ordinates.

Roadside Mate UK needs only two permissions – the Internet and the GPS function.

Buy this great app today and never go out on the road unprepared again!

Happy and safe motoring!

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Latest Android App: ¡EEEXITOOO!

Instant Button dedicado a ¡EEEXITOOO!
(Spot de TV de Open English)

Impresiona a tus amigos deseándoles "éxito" donde y cuando quieras a través de tu Android.

*Requiere Adobe Air para funcionar.

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Latest Android App:

Oficijelna Android aplikacija

Ispunili smo našu misiju, postali centralno kupoprodajno mjesto u BiH, te je konačno došao čas da budemo i mobilni.
S ponosom vam predstavljamo našu prvu android aplikaciju i iskreno se nadamo da ćemo uz vaše komentare i korištenje naše aplikacije vremenom bivati sve bolji.

Trenutna verzija vam omogućava:

- Jednostavno objavljivanje artikala na prodaju;
- Fotografisanje ili pridruživanje postojećih slika s vašeg telefona;
- Editovanje i brisanje postojećih oglasa;
- Odgovaranje na javna i privatna pitanja;
- Dodavanje omiljenih artikala u favorite
- Pretraživanje i kupovina na Piku sa vašeg dlana

Ocijenite i pišite nam šta biste voljeli vidjeti u narednoj verziji?


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Latest Android App: 瓦力短信火影忍者

瓦力短信“火影忍者”主题是一款应用于"瓦力短信"中的主题类应用, “只要有树叶飞舞的地方,火就会燃烧……小小的火种有一天会变成熊熊烈火,会成为新的火影,继续照耀着这个村子….."
应用主题:下载并安装完“火影忍者 ”后,进入瓦力短信—菜单—换肤—选择已安装的“火影忍者 ”,点击应用。


关键字:瓦力 语音 聊天 交友 可爱 短信 流量 主题 皮肤 动态 表情 编辑 美化 群发 归属地 资费通 彩信 收藏夹 草稿 通讯录 联系人 优惠资讯 位置共享 网络 资费管家 SMS 彩信 优惠 文字信息 免费 拦截 骚扰 VIP联系人 会话置顶 换肤 搜索 智能识别联系人 会话 批量删除 动态表情 表情符 娃娃字体 卡通字体 铃声 即显窗口 屏幕点亮 短信播报 字号大小 字体颜色 头像 归属地 黑名单 白名单 锁定短信 分享 语音输入 表情 emoji 符号画 图片 照片 常用短语 语音短信 名片 鲸鱼表情 语音输入 桌面小部件 桌面小工具 群组 动作感应 重力感应

Recent changes:
瓦力短信“火影忍者”主题是一款应用于"瓦力短信"中的主题类应用, “只要有树叶飞舞的地方,火就会燃烧……小小的火种有一天会变成熊熊烈火,会成为新的火影,继续照耀着这个村子….."

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