Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Fare Calculator and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Fare Calculator and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Fare Calculator

Calculate the price (per person) of your last ride. Share the result fast and easy with your friends via mail, whatsapp, facebook etc. Furthermore this app calculates the distance of your trip. As a point to start the route you are able to obtain your own location with GPS (etc.).

costs * per person * per 100km * additional expenses (road charge etc.) * total costs for the given distance.

Units to choose: * Currencies * Distances in kilometers (km), miles (mi) * Use in liters (l), gallons (gal), kilowatt hours (kWh) or kilogram (kg).

Supported Languages:
* English * German * French

Used Permissions:
* Network (Calculate distance, show map) * GPS (Startposition for route)

Tags: Roadtrip, drivingcommunity, tramping, travel expenses, price, fare, fuel, diesel, gas, LPG, CNG, car, motorbike, bus.

Recent changes:
* Different units and currencies (Press menu)
* Added extracost field for additional shared expenses
* Custom Icons
* New Resultpage
* Get own Position as startposition
* English and Frensh support

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Latest Android App: 性知识大全



关键词:性知识 性教育 大全 性 报告 指南 幸福 计划 观止 感情
qq 鬼吹灯 明朝那些事 盗墓笔记 臧地密码 福尔摩斯 安全 杀毒 电子书 小说 360 游戏 步步惊心 穿越
女人 恋爱 交友 百度 输入法 搜狗 安全 卫士 村上春树 挪威的森林 卡耐基 成功 人性 优点 弱点 男人
女人 美女 图片 歌词 音乐 FBReader 苹果 apple android jobs 乔布斯 茅山 后裔 男人 壁纸

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Latest Android App: Me and Culture

- Encyclopedia of cultural containing a huge range of questions, which enrich you with valuable information.
- You receive a group of different types of questions to test your culture.
- It is web app.
- It is easy and free.
- The questions you receive is in Arabic or In English as wish.
- We accept your notes and recommendations on
[email protected] or

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Latest Android App: Stock Futures

I made a habit of checking Bloomberg and CNBC stock futures, pre-market and after market quite frequently. At one point it became very tedious to go through the browser, zoom in and out etc… This app will give you a nice look and feel of pre-market, after market and futures data.

More stuff coming up, energy, other equity, breaking news and charts.

Recent changes:
In this version the following features have been added:

Menu – Reload/Exit
CNBC Themes Black/White
Smoother UI

More stuff coming up, energy, other equity, breaking news and charts.

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Latest Android App: Exacta Weather

Exacta Weather is a totally Free weather service. Our first phone app will bring you all the latest UK weather news and FREE long range weather forecasts.

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Latest Android App: Karaoke – Sing Me (Free)

Ready to sing?
Karaoke – Sing Me! The pocket-karaoke!

You want absolutely to keep a song in mind or just to have fun with your favourite song…
Karaoke – Sing Me allows you to play most of the common Karaoke formats!

Download it to your device along with your audio files, add them to the library and…don’t hesitate to sing!!!

You don’t know how to find Karaoke files? No problem! Integrated within the app, there are various tools useful to find on the web the Karaoke files you are looking for!

Karaoke Sing Me supports:
- MIDI e Kar, that are the most common karaoke files, and they are files containing both audio and lyrics!
- MP3+G: the graphical Karaoke format which includes a CD+G file (usually extracted from special Karaoke CDs) and an associated MP3.
- MP3+LRC: the lyrics are stored in a LRC file, associated to an MP3 file, like the MP3+G. It supports the "Enhanced LRC format", too!

This version is limited to MIDI and Kar and playback of the first 30 seconds for the other formats.

Buy the full version to have the other Karaoke formats without limitations!

Tags: Karaoke, MP3+G, CDG, CD+G, LRC, MIDI, KAR, Karaoke player, Lyrics.

Recent changes:
First release.

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Latest Android App: Famous Coca Cola Recipes

Famous coca cola recipes is an app with loads of ways to cook a deliscious dinner, lunch, brunch, evening food. Make a starter, dessert or aperitif with coke as the secret ingredient and impress your friends and family. The app also has lot os crazy but useful tip, again, with Coke as the main ingredient. Read facts you didnt know about this classic drink…

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Latest Android App: Sight on ME

"Sight on Me", is a GPS tracking service through the use of the latest generation smartphone devices such as Android or iPhone/IPAD. It uses your mobile device GPS connections – UMTS/GPRS to keep track of your movements.

After installing the app on your smartphone, to start using "Sight on Me", you need to create an account. The credentials of this account will give you access to the web based consultation of all movements made during your daily sessions.

After setting up the configuration parameters, using "Sight on Me" is very simple, just press the "start button" to start and stop tracking session. Accessing to your account from Web, will allow you to search by date and/or time range, do a real-time tracking, examining in detail every single session of movements displaying them on the map.

You will see the path divided into markers on it. Clicking on each marker, an information window will display: an instance of Street View, approximate address, date, time and speed in km/h. You’ll be also provided with other useful information regarding the traveled route as a spatial distance in kilometers, average speed and various statistics.

Please note, the application uses your phone’s internet connection for the transmission of geographical data, we recommend using "Sight on Me" only if you have a data plan or some flat fee dedicated to internet browsing.

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Latest Android App: Best Rastafari Weed Apps

Here are the best Rastafari Weed Apps on the Google Android Market, assembled in one awesome collection. Included are only the best Rastafari Weed games and apps, making it easy for you to download and install them all on your device. This collection will be updated and you will be alerted whenever new great Rastafari Weed apps are made available.

At Buzzed Studio, we search the marketplace for high-quality apps that fit your particular interests. Inside the app you will find a selection of the best apps in a category, which have been hand-selected, tested, and verified. We also make it easier for you to share great apps with your friends with a simple "Share with Friends" button.

Want to roll a joint, smoke a bong, or play weed farmer? This great app collection is packed with the best stoner, pot, chronic, kush and reefer apps!

Looking for more awesome party apps from Buzzed? We’ve created lots of great collections, including Best Beer Brewing Apps, Best Drinking Games, Best Cocktail Apps, Best Cigar Smoking Apps, Best Wine Apps, and much more!

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Latest Android App: 给里小说(3)

满足男人欲望的激情小说,免费下载! Free download for all !!

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Latest Android App: 小惡魔之眼

這是一個非官方的 Mobile01 貼圖區的瀏覽工具


1. 可快速瀏覽新進及熱門圖片
2. 可載入外部圖片 (但會比較慢, 如果網路不順的話)
3. 支援標準及展開的檢視模式

因為外部圖片是來自於不同的網站圖床, 故有不小的機率會掉圖, 或者是因為某些原因造成連結失效. 在連結失效的情況下, 就會出現驚嘆號的提示.
外部圖片因為沒有預覽縮圖, 因此一旦進行載入動作, 就是將完整的圖片下載至裝置內, 如果網路頻寬足夠時, 則不會有什麼問題發生; 如果不足時, 可能會發生載入失敗的情況.

若使用上有任何問題, 請 email 給我 [email protected]

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Angry Ghost

So, you end-up being a ghost! That’s a Bummer !

Naturally, as any respectable ghost, you can go through walls.
However, you hate two things, wooden beams and family portraits.
Long story… upcoming game updates will clarify…

Anyway. Go through the center of a beam or portrait to knock them down and get points.
And, find the pyramid, go through it, get back your soul.
Hurry to find it because as time goes by, you loose points.

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Latest Android App: Megamind puzzles

Megamindpuzzles (supports Simplified / Traditional / English /Japanese ) A total of 43 levels, 4 difficulty levels, easy operation.
Keywords: puzzle, casual, App 2 SD, APP2SD, APP TO SD, Jigsaw, Jigsaw Puzzle The Megamind

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Latest Android App: Flute Dots Lite

This app is a fun twist on the traditional flute… maybe it’s a magic flute!

This program features 60 playable notes, in dot form. It’s like having a bass flute, flute, and piccolo all in one! The normal metal keys spring to life with bursts of color as each of the notes are played.

Multitouch enabled. Drag your fingers around the screen, no need to lift and replace your finger to activate the notes.

Loads of fun for kids and adults!

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Latest Android App: 9候選字注音輸入法





依開發者本身所持有的Android Phone來說,Nexus one勉強可用,Galaxy Nexus會有更好的表現。

Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Documentales MegaVídeo

Ahora es posible ver en tu dispositivo móvil los documentales que más te gustan, sin tener que buscarlos, perfectamente organizados por categorías y con una sección de NOVEDADES donde podrás ver siempre la lista de documentales más recientes totalmente actualizados.

Contiene las siguientes categorías:

* Cine/arte
* Naturaleza
* Biografías
* Ciencia
* Deportes
* Guerra
* Historia
* Misterio
* Política
* Religión
* Sociedad
* Astronomía
* Tecnología
* Música
* Variedades

No busques más. Has encontrado la aplicación que contiene todos los documentales que siempre quisiste ver.

Con una cuidada interfaz gráfica a modo de librería, el acceso a las distintas categorías es realmente sencillo.

Podrás añadir a tu lista de Favoritos aquellos documentales que siempre quieras tener a mano.

No dejes pasar esta magnífica oportunidad de completar tu cultura con Documentales MegaVídeo.

Es necesaria una conexión WIFI para la visualización y descarga.

Es necesario el PlugIn de Flash Player instalado en su dispositivo. Flash Player es gratis y puede ser descargado desde el Android Market.

Esta aplicación enlaza con MEGAVIDEO. Los contenidos están alojados en ese portal y han sido subidos por personas ajenas a esta aplicación. Esta aplicación simplemente enlaza con dichos contenidos.

Recent changes:
Arreglado bug en la lista de NOVEDADES que provocaba que no se pudiera acceder a los contenidos desde ésta sección.

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Latest Android App: GOKeyboard Chinese Blessing

More cool more free
##### Attention ##################
this theme only run at GO Keyboard 0.3.1 or later.
##### Attention ##################
GO Keyboard Chinese Blessing theme the designed by GO Keyboard Dev Team.
GO Keyboard Chinese Blessing theme for GO Keyboard, designed by GO Keyboard Dev Team; Sunshine, sunshade, beach, get this COOL theme to make you GO Keyboard Pro more lovely and colorful.
1. This is not a standalone app, you need to download the LATEST version of GO Keyboard app in order to apply this theme. (Search “GO Keyboard” to download)
2. To apply the theme within GO Keyboard Pro,download it from GOKeyboard->Theme Setting->Select Theme. After downloaded, it will displayed in "Theme" Tab, click and apply it.
GO Keyboard theme gokeyboardtheme

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Latest Android App: اهم الجمل الفرنسية و نطقها

الفرنسية هي ثاني اهم لغة بعد اللغة الانجليزية , هل تريد ان تتعلم وتقوي نفسك باللغة الفرنسية ؟ هل تحلم بالسفر لفرنسا؟ نقدم لك في هذا التطبيق اهم الجمل المستعملة في اللغة الفرنسية ومعناها بالعربية وكيفية نطقها نتمنى ان يحوز على رضاكم.

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