Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Find the Word and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Find the Word and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Find the Word

Fun educational question game for children and adults.

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: The DreamScape – Awareness…

Travel into New Realms of Awareness, Adventure, and Insight
The DreamScape – A Portal Into Creative Dreaming by Leigh Spusta – internationally recognized brainwave audio entrainment expert and hypnotherapist.

Would you like to tap into your innate resources and expand the power of your mind, explore the vastness of imagination and creativity, develop spiritual insight, embark on adventure? This audio program guides you into a very resourceful state of awareness, much like the rich quality of lucid dreaming, and in fact can aid in having more lucid dreams.

Allow yourself to be gently guided into a state of body-asleep / mind-awake, a twilight state of awareness that is marked by an expanded consciousness, much like that of a lucid dream. After bringing you into a very deep relaxation, you will find yourself conjuring up the very feeling of being in a dream as you navigate through a beautiful environment. At the end of the imagery journey, you are invited to explore this realm for yourself, and discover the insight and adventure that is available to you in The DreamScape.

This program utilizes advanced hypnosis and imagery techniques to effortlessly guide you into this wonderful state of awareness. Targets a low alpha and theta brainwave state. Utilizing PsimatiX™ proprietary audio technology. This recording is one continuous 40 minute track.The bonus 20 minute music track can be used alone for self hypnosis, meditation, and to unwind.

Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

Leigh Spusta is a behavioral scientist, hypnotherapist, and Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator specializing in the use of sound frequencies to produce deep, relaxing trance states. He has worked with several therapists in Los Angeles, producing a variety of therapeutic audio cds. Leigh combines his talents as a musician and his knowledge of hypnosis and related states, in an effort to pioneer new approaches in creating rich, resonant sound-scapes for greater efficacy in healing and meditative products. Leigh is the developer of the proprietary PsimatiX™ therapeutic approaches and technologies.

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Barcoder HEB – Barcode scanner

Barcoder (Hebrew Version) – Social Tagging barcode scanner / barcode reader

Barcoder is a social based service which aims to Tag all “Taggable” products in one place, generating a community based products database. The Service is free and will always be free.
This tool will enable you to scan products’ barcodes and find information about those products, where to buy, what prices and more.
In case the product you have scanned doesn’t have any updated details, you can be the first to add it to the Database. You can also add the price in the store that you are currently at.
This is a community based service and tool. We keep updating and adding features on a daily basis. The product is mostly web based which enables us to provide new functionality instantly without the need for frequently updating the installed application.
This application works together with the web site. Registered users will benefit enhanced functionality. Oh yes… and it’s all free and will always be.

Example of future features:
- My shopping history and statistics
- My Shopping list
- Shopping list price comparison at nearby stores
- Adding my neighborhood store
- Support for Android 2.1
- Search for additional information
- Enable additional 1D and 2D Barcode services
- Additional languages
- And much more…

Please Note: Currently supports Android 2.2 and above

For more information, visit:

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: 8TrackMP3!

I’m old enough to remember having many such cassette tapes. I would collect them all in a big box, and pop them in and out of … my boom-box, my walkman (a brick in those days), or in later years.. my car.

Nowadays, with the advent of MP3 files and players, the days of tape players are all but forgotten.. and that’s mostly a good thing. MP3s are great. You can drag them onto one device and off of another. You can store them, email them, copy them (oops!). And most of all you can store thousands in a chip no bigger than your fingernail.

But even with all the advantages.. there are moments when I look at my MP3 player with disgust and aggravation, and wonder why I can’t do some of the simple things I wouldn’t think twice about with my good-ol’ cassettes.

Let me give you an example… In the old days, when listened to music I would often grab a handful of tapes, and play a few songs…when I got sick of it, I would pop in another, and so on. In this way I would play several tapes all day long. Because it was a physical tape, the position of where you were on the tape would never get lost (unless you took a pencil and started spinning the spool!). I have often longed to have that same experience with MP3 players… but I have found nothing that done it for me. Yes I can pick an Artist, and play away… but as soon as I pick another Artist, Playlist, Song, etc. I can’t easily get back to where I was with the first Artist.

Armed with dreams of a better playing experience, and the desire to alleviate my MP3 frustration, I have endeavored to create an MP3 player with a simple and straightforward means of selecting music, creating lists, and easily switching back and forth between them… just like cassettes!!.. all with a minimum of fingerprint smudges on that shiny new phone.


Music selection is all done from one single multi-tiered list organized by Artists, Albums, and Songs.
Upon selecting any combination of music, this becomes a ‘playlist’, that is saved and becomes part of your listening ‘history’.
Once you have one or more ‘playlists’ you can listen, edit, delete, rename, etc.
Your position in a playlist is never lost, so you can switch back and forth between them with a single press.
While viewing your music.. you can play any track (so you can remember what it is!).
What 8TrackMP3 does not have…
Album Art… yes I know album art is cool and nice to look at… but there are drawbacks… image files fill up your phone, they take time to download, and MP3 Player design is such that the album art is often covering the whole screen and confusing to look at when you are just trying to pick music. I will find a way to get the art in there..but not yet.
Fancy screen visuals…. yes I know its fun to stare at the screen and watch the little lines become circles and back again and .. have another tok… ha ha. but seriously .. does anyone look at that stuff? Do we know that it is using up valuable processor cycles? No.. I think we can do without it.
Pick songs based on location on SD card…. I was thinking that this would be a very nice feature, and I know some MP3 Players have it… to allow the user to organize thier music by directories on the SD Card, and be able to choose music based on those directories, instead of being presented with one enormous list of songs. I would like to include this eventually.
Without further ado… please try the player and enjoy.

This is a BETA.. which in this case means..
it’s new.
it’s ugly.
it will probably break
and .. I would love to hear your feedback!!

Sam Matthews
[email protected]

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Rate My Bikini

Bikini models from around the world want to know who’s bikini is better. Vote wether a bikini is HOT or NOT! Find out which of these girls has the best bikini.

Content rating: High Maturity

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