Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Flirting Mobile and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Flirting Mobile and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Flirting Mobile

Fliritng mobile gives you access to the hottest singles who are looking to flirt! Have some innocent fun and some not so innocent encounters with over a million singles! Create your free profile and start chatting today! Do simple area searches or advanced searches like body (and body part) sizes, locations, ages, gender, races, sexual orientations, and more, for straight, gay, bisexual, lesbians, and transgendered people alike, this is an app for ALL people from ALL walks of life to flirt and have some fun!

Huge communities in alberta, toronto, new york, florida, california, oregon, washington, san diego, sacramento, texas, san antonio, austin, dallas, miami, orlando, oklahoma city, topeka, seattle, spokane, portland, sydney, Melbourne, New Zeland, Scotland, London, Sussex, and more!

Create your free profile now to get started!

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Latest Android App: Metal BDay

Mornings are the last time for metal. Except if you haven’t slept all night and you are drinking the Jack straight from the bottle.
Metal B-Day is an app for true metalheads. Check out birthdays of musicians from all genres of metal. Browse, watch clips, add your own heroes, discover new ones!
Check out all metal-geniuses birthdays. Get your dose of metal every morning!

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Latest Android App: The Midnight Rambler

The brand new official Mobile App for "The Midnight Rambler" is now available! Stream our music, see pictures, check out our bio, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected for the latest updates from The Midnight Rambler on your mobile device with our free Mobile App.

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Latest Android App: Tori Black Strip Blackjack

Tori Black photo gallery with a great game of Blackjack. try to get 21 with Tori distracting you.

Some of the pictures for Tori Black are too hot for minors. 18+ with the App. Although the pictures are hot, there is no Tori Black nudity.

This app is blackjack, the more you win the more you see of Tori Black!

This is the Paid version. Double the pictures that are in the Free Version NO sneaky Permissions and NO Ads.

Celebrity Blackjack is a basic game of blackjack with pictures of celebrities rotating in the background. A fun game that is easy to play.

Try to get 21 with these celebrities distracting you.

Always taking suggestions

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Latest Android App: Frog Raider

In short, Frog Raider is a tactical action RPG game. The player needs to raid through dark forest, swamp, and dungeons. The game can be as simple as just slashing frog army under your fingertip, but you won’t move too far without building up the talents of your player correctly and tactically. Frog Raider uses a cool-down timer battling system, and adopts a special game reward talent building mechanism. The players may enjoy this game in the relax mode, or scratch their heads to calculate all game mechanics. (To learn more about this game, please download this game, and read the in-game user help.)

Hope everyone likes this game. Thanks.

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Latest Android App: NHL 12 Tracker


If you like this, please support further development by donating. You can do so by getting the NHL 12 Tracker donate/unlocker.

NHL 12 Tracker is a tool which makes it possible to track you and your friends results, statistics and standings for ranked online matches in the excellent game NHL 12 from Electronic Arts.

* Recent match list with team logos.
* Leaderboard for you and your friends, who is the best?
* Detailed statistics for each player.
* Compare your own statistics against other players.
* What is the current form (last 10 matches) for a player?
* Notifications – Get notified when your friends have played (this feature is only active in the donate/unlocked version).

The ads in the app can be removed by buying the donate/unlocker for NHL 12 Tracker.

Please note that we’re not affilated with EA in any way. This is a game made by a NHL 12 freak for other NHL 12 freaks.

Also notice that EA doesn’t provide a stable API to get matches and statistics. Therefore NHL 12 Tracker might not work properly if something changes at the EA servers. In that case please be patient while we try to catch up with the changes.

Explanation of required permissions:

Needed to be able to download latest NHL 12 data.

Used for caching of avatars and team logos.

Needed to be able to check whether internet is available or not.

Required by the MobClix advertisement API to work.

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Latest Android App: FuTiLE

Test and show off your skills by unscrambling these colorful 6 x 6 tile puzzles.

FuTiLE is a sliding tile game where the object is to assemble like colors and get letters and numbers in their proper order. FuTiLE shuffles four nine-tile color quadrants and counts the number of moves it takes you to collect the colors back into quadrants. Slide the tiles around until you get all four colors separated.

FuTiLE has four levels of play: Pretty Easy, Kinda Hard, Brain Buster and FuTiLE. Each level increases the difficulty of the puzzle by adding patterns of numbers and letters to the color quadrants, making the solutions more exclusive. If tiles have numbers or letters they must be arranged in a certain order to solve the puzzle.

The Pretty Easy level only has colored tiles.

The Kinda Hard level has colored tiles with the numbers 1, 2, or 3 on them.

The Brain Buster level has each tile of a given color with a number 1 thru 9 on it.

Finally, the FuTiLE level has a unique number or letter on each tile.

By requiring the letters and numbers be put in order, the FuTiLE level is 36 times more difficult than the Pretty Easy level. And, because the initial shuffle is random, every game is a new challenge.

The game keeps up with the 15 best (lowest) scores in each level category and displays the lowest score to date for the level being played on the game board. The current game can be saved at any point during the game without interrupting the game and retrieved later to resume play from that point. This allows a player to explore multiple solution strategies from a given point in the puzzle. If the initial scramble is saved, it can be retrieved repeatedly to allow multiple players to take turns competing to see who is best at solving the puzzle.

FuTiLE is a great and fun way to pass time and is a challenging alternative to games like Solitaire.

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Latest Android App: Christmas Memory

The goal of this game is to turn over pairs of matching cards.Touch the card to flip it. When you find matching pair they disappear.You must be as fast as possible.We have integrated global scoring.When the game is being loaded first time please press "Enable and start playing" so you could use global scoring after that.

Game futures.
*Easy and Hard levels
*Challenge mode for very easy 3×3 easy 4×4 and hard 5×5 grids
*Nice and colorful graphics.
*flipping animation
*Local best score
*GLOBAL Scoring (open feint integrated).
*Achievements you will get feint scores for each unlocked achievement.

keywords: memory,Christmas, Xmas ,santa , gift, gifts, gift list, Santa Claus ,toys, Christmas tree ,Xmas memory,snow, snowfall.

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Latest Android App: EuropaWar

Pas een testapplicatie

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Latest Android App: Universios

Teste Deleted

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Latest Android App: Addis Ababa

The Technical Operations Safety Action Program is working to foster a voluntary, cooperative, non-punitive environment for open and confidential reporting of aviation-related safety concerns. At T-SAP Online, the Air Traffic Organization’s Technical Operations Services employees can report safety-related events or issues pertaining to operations, equipment, personnel, or anything that they think affects safety in the NAS. In the report that they submit online, employees have an opportunity to provide valuable safety information to the T-SAP Event Review Committee.

Recent changes:
Hotline: 1-877-360-6961

Option1 – For assistance registering or logging on , other technical support, or to request time extension.

Option2 – To speak with someone in the T-SAP Program Office.

Option3 – To Contact a PASS Representative.

Email: [email protected]

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Latest Android App: Mountains4All

- Verwalte ganz einfach Deine gemachten Bergtouren.
- Lese den aktuellen oder gespeicherte Lawinenlageberichte.
- Frage Wetterinformatioen ab.
- Offline Karten für viele Regionen (integrierter Kartendownload!)
- und noch viels mehr…

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Latest Android App: Eye Candy Free

Interactive abstract art.

Bored? Can’t sleep? Start up EyeCandy and create beautiful animations! Soothes the eyes, calms the spirit!

Tap to create each expanding/contracting object. Long press to create a "magnet", then drag to collect objects. Use two fingers, then one, to corral a group of objects and then move them. Use gravity. Take snapshots. Save them, share them with your friends.

Setting for size, speed, transparency, edge behavior, shapes.

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Latest Android App: PBase Uploader

Upload photos directly to

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