Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Hello Kitty Beauty Salon Seaso and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Hello Kitty Beauty Salon Seaso and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Hello Kitty Beauty Salon Seaso

Celebrate the seasons with this special edition of the popular Hello Kitty Beauty Salon! Enjoy the same challenging yet addictive gameplay as the original, spiced up with delightful new themes for each season!

Hello Kitty Beauty Salon Seasons kicks off in Easter with a festive theme fit for the season. See Hello Kitty and other popular Sanrio characters such as My Melody, Badtz-Maru, Kerokerokeroppi and Cinnamoroll in cute bunny costumes! Give the beauty salon a makeover of its own with Easter designs full of candy, Easter eggs and other colorful decorations!

Help Hello Kitty manage her beauty salon and keep things running smoothly using quick moves and clever judgment. As Hello Kitty serves, snips and styles away, your job is to get each customer seated without keeping them waiting for too long. Each customer may want more than one service, so pay attention, act fast, and don’t forget to watch the cash register!

When the time comes, hire and train more staff to help out, and purchase valuable upgrades so you can keep up with increasing demands. More customers means more money, but don’t be caught off-guard!

Prepare to test your management skills and give the good residents of Sanrio Land get the quality service they deserve! Have fun, and stay tuned for more seasonal themes coming up!

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Latest Android App: Bones Wallpapers

Enjoy Over ~400 nice wallpapers for your mobile phone!!!!
All wallpapers are resized for a perfect fit!!! You be able to set wallpaper as your main wallpaper or to save it on your external card. Use as Portrait as Landscape mode for viewing your favorite BONES.

Vote For the best Wallpaper and later it will be reviewed at the top menu!!!
Also check out our paid solution for Gossip Girl


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Latest Android App: Phobias

Are you
afraid of Strangers?? Xenophobic
afraid of Darkness?? Achluphobic

This application features a comprehensive list of all phobias.

Check out the way these fears are named.. Don’t be scared!!

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Latest Android App: Deutscher Kalender-Vollversion

Dies ist der deutschsprachige Kalender, den Sie für die Verwaltung Ihrer Termine verwenden können und der Ihnen außerdem Feiertage und Wochennummern anzeigt. Aussehen und Funktionen des Kalenders ähneln einem normalen Wandkalender. Unsere Anwendung ist auf Deutschland zugeschnitten und zeigt deutsche Feiertage und Wochennummern an. Die Sprache der Anwendung ist selbstverständlich Deutsch.

Dies alles ist für die Jahre 2011 bis 2022 bereits in der Anwendung enthalten und wird wie in einem normalen Kalender angezeigt, also die Feiertage in Rot und die Informationen zu Feiertagen sowie die Wochennummern erscheinen gesondert von den Terminen, die der Anwender selbst in den Kalender einträgt.

Die Anwendung funktioniert mit denselben Konten wie der Standardkalender, also Google/Exchange usw. Darüber hinaus enthält sie eine leistungsstarke Suchfunktion.

Bevor Sie dieses Produkt kaufen, sollten Sie die kostenfreie Testversion ausprobieren. Lesen Sie auch unsere Informationen auf (in Englisch), um eine etwas ausführlichere Beschreibung der Anwendung zu erhalten und mehr über deren Tests und Beschränkungen zu erfahren.

Liste der Funktionen/Eigenschaften:

1. Feiertage in Deutschland werden wie in einem gewöhnlichen Kalender angezeigt. Feiertage erscheinen in Rot und die Informationen zu den Feiertagen sowie die Wochennummern erscheinen gesondert von anderen Terminen. Diese Informationen erscheinen für die Jahre 2011 bis 2022.

2 . Die Anwendung ist in deutscher Sprache.

3. Das Programm funktioniert zusammen mit dem Standardkalender. Termine des Standardkalenders können angezeigt und bearbeitet werden.

4. Termine können mit den persönlichen Farbeinstellungen des jeweiligen Kalenderkontos angezeigt werden So können Sie einfach Ihre eigenen Termine von denen eines Kalenderkontos eines Partners unterscheiden.

5. Sie können schnell auf ein anderes Datum, einen anderen Tag oder eine andere Woche zugreifen.

6 . Suche im Kalender nach Feiertagen oder Termine der Jahre 2011 bis 2022.

7. Die normale Monatsansicht zeigt deutlich Feiertage, Termine usw. an.

8. Die Monatsübersicht zeigt auf einer Displayseite einen komprimierten vollen Monat an.

9 . Mit einfachen Fingerbewegungen können Sie schnell einen anderen Monat wählen.

10. Wählen Sie zwischen drei verschiedenen Schriftgrößen für Ihre Termine.

11. Es gibt zwei Widgets: Ein großes Widget , das alle Informationen des heutigen Tages anzeigt und ein Miniwidget mit den drei nächsten Terminen.

12. Sie können selbst die Hintergründe für die Widgets auswählen.

Bitte beachten Sie: Support ist ausschließlich auf Englisch erhältlich.

Recent changes:
Some titles in the settings have been shortened to make them fit both in portrait and landscape mode.

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Latest Android App: Mp3 Ringtone Maker

A high quality Mp3 Ringtone Maker app.
The most popular Mp3 Ringtone. It contains 18 very cool Mp3 Ringtone.You can also edit your own ringtone, recorded sounds.To maker your favorite ringtones。
Enjoy these cool ringtones!
Tags:Mp3 Ringtone,Popular ringtone,Ringtone,SMS ringtone,3D ringtone,Cool ringtone,Mp3 Ringtone Maker,
1. Can set as ringtone, notification, alarm sounds or your friend’s ringtone.
2. You can also edit your own ringtone from mp3 sound files or your favorite sounds as a ringtone.
Add recorder, the recorded sound can be set as ringtone.
You can access to thousands of popular MP3 on web site for free in.

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Latest Android App: US States & Capitals Quiz

Do you know all the states of the United States??? Here is the chance to test your knowledge of states, state capitals, cities and famous sights in the US. Try this quiz / trivia and see if you’re as good as you think or actually learn something…

Please note that questions are in English.

The quiz / trivia game features a single player and a thrilling two player heads-up mode.
- Sharpen your skills in the single player mode and reach the top of the high score list.
- In the heads-up mode you can challenge your friends on the same phone and see who is best at geography.
- Question on USA states (Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming), , their capitals, cities and famous sights (Las Vegas, Disneyland, the White House, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Hollywood, Yellowstone)

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Latest Android App: Tuyen tap trang quynh

"Trạng chết Chúa cũng băng hà
Dưa gang đỏ đít thì cà đỏ trôn"
- Tuyển tập truyện cười Trạng Quỳnh
- Mời các bạn thưởng thức tuyển tập truyện Trạng Quỳnh.

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Latest Android App: India PIN Code Directory Pro


*Paid version is a ad-free version; and that is the only difference. You can alternately download the free version which is fully functional but displays advertisements.


As name suggests, it is an application to search Indian PIN Codes. Application is connected to our online repository and hence requires active internet connection.

We keep updating our online repository to reflect the new/updated information very often. Currently we are having 150,000+ records in our repository which allows our users to search almost every single location within India.

Take a look at attached screen shots to get some idea.

Recent changes:
*Paid version is a ad-free version; and that is the only difference.

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Latest Android App: Math Tools

Math Tool is a simple but yet handy tool. Application covers some useful features. You can convert between decimal, binary, hexadecimal, octal number.. OR calculate the areas of common shapes OR convert numbers from/to roman..

Being a first release, it supports limited items in the menu. But we are working constantly on future released of the app which would cover yet more exciting new functionalities.

Recent changes:
Features include -
1. Number converter
2. Area calculator
3. Roman numerals

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Latest Android App: Name That Plane No Ads

Test your knowledge of aircraft. Features over 400 aircraft images. Compete with your friends and the world via a global score board provided by Scoreloop.
How Score is calculated:
10 * percent correct / sqrt(average time)
+ 2 * number correct / sqrt(average time)
Note that only thinking time is considered. That is, the time between when you answer and advance to the next person is not counted. Your longest 10% of answer times are thrown out. The idea of having a timed gamed is to prevent someone from just searching for all of the answers, not to punish someone for exiting the app to answer a phone call, etc.
Also, don’t always count on markings for help, as several aircraft with enemy markings are included. For example, there is a Stuka with RAF markings.
Hope you enjoy!

military aviation flight flying plane planes airplane airplanes aeroplane aeroplanes aerial wing wings rotor quiz jet jets propeller prop biplane triplane radar MiG whirlybird fighter, bomber, attack, helicopter, dogfight, supersonic, plane, copter, choppa, blue angels, airshow

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Latest Android App: Army Defense

Army Defense is a military themed tower defense game and one you can’t stop playing.

Our country is under attack, try to hold your line of defense at all costs.

Army Defense is open field tower defense game.

1. RPG Upgrade system.
2. 6 Maps (coming more)
3. 2 Game Model, 3 Difficult levels.

If you are a tower defense fan of games like Empire Defense, Robo Defense, Myth Defense, Grave Defense you should give Army Tower Defense a try!

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Latest Android App: Nyan cat Live Wallpaper (All!)

Get the Nyan Cat on your smartphone and your tablet through this amazing Live Wallpaper Application

You can continue to use the free version. This one as all the body and background unlocked

Feel free to send me emails !

Recent changes:
- first release

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