Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: HK Tram Trail (English) and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: HK Tram Trail (English) and Other Apps

Latest Android App: HK Tram Trail (English)

"Hong Kong Tram Trail (English) – Traces of Hong Kong’s Urban Development” is an English download version of "Hong Kong Tram Trail". Once downloaded, it can be used by mobile phones without mobile network cards. It covers the urban history of Hong Kong along the tram way from Western, Sheung Wan, Central to Wanchai Districts – the oldest urban districts from where modern Hong Kong originates. Tram passengers can take a self-guided tour by making use of this free app as the tram leisurely traverses various pockets of the city. It is brought to you by the University of Hong Kong in celebration of its Centenary. Both the University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Tramways have been serving Hong Kong and witnessing its development for over 100 years.

Tram passengers can take a self-guided tour of the oldest urban districts in HK.

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Latest Android App: IMeteoroloji

Bu uygulama ile Türkiye’deki tüm illerin ve bölgelerin anlık ve 4 günlük hava tahmin raporlarına ulaşabilirsiniz.
Uygulama 3 sayfadan oluşmaktadır, her sayfa için ayrı şehir tanımlayıp hava durumlarını öğrenebilirsiniz. Ekranı sağdan sola-soldan sağa sürükleyerek sayfalar arası geçiş yapabilirsiniz.
Bölgesel tahminler için alt kısımda bulunan barı yukarı doğru sürükleyin.
Şehir seçmek için üst kısımda şehir ismi yazan butona tıklayın veya menü tuşuna basıp ‘Şehir Seç’ butonuna tıklayıp gelen diyalog penceresinden listeyi açın. Seçtiğiniz şehir bulunduğunuz sayfa için kayıt edilecektir.
Bilgileri güncellemek için menü tuşuna basıp ‘Yenile’ butonuna tıklayın.

This application shows 4 day report of weather forecast for any city in Turkey

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Latest Android App: Православный Молитвослов

Православный молитвослов. Приложение содержит молитвы утренние и на сон грядущим, а также последование ко Святому Причащению на русском и старославянском языках. В утренние часы происходит автоматическое пролистывание на утренние молитвы, в вечерние часы – на молитвы на сон грядущим. Приложение создано при участии портала Православие.ru

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Latest Android App: Quran Karim Reader Daily_Free

Hi to all Muslims. This is a very usefull app for all the Muslims over the World. Now you can read the Holy Quran everyday on your android device. Just download on daily bases.
> Can read the Holy Quran on your android device daily
> Can updated every morning
> Text size is adjustable
> Change the text color
> Can select different font style
> Can change the heading color & style
> Zoom with the fingers touch
> Registeration link is added to register with Zoxcell to get more free apps

Powered by Zoxcell

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Latest Android App: Awesome Combat Games

These are the most awesome Combat Games for your Android Phone.

At Awesome Games, we collect the most awesome games in specialized game genres and present them to you for easy downloading. Never download a lame game again.

When awesome, new Combat games come on the market, we’ll let you know. Our app also helps you keep track of which games you’ve already downloaded.

Whether you’re a Combat Game fan or just getting started, this is the must-have collection. Download the whole set!

Want to share the game collection with your friends? We make it easy to share this app. Just click “Share with Friends.”

Love to play other games on the phone, like Bubble Shooter Games, Fishing Games and Racing Games? We’ve created awesome game collections for those too. In fact, you can find a hand-picked awesome game collection for lots of phone games including brain and puzzle games, matching games, and word games, like Scrabble.

Collect all the best games in your favorite genres with Awesome Games Apps.

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Latest Android App: Droid Zone -Zone Diet Compiler

Droid Zone the best compiler for the Zone Diet

First of all screenshots are in Italian but the app is also fully localized in English

Zone Diet and Android are two things that in the last two years have brought great benefits in my life. The only negative aspect of Zone Diet is the difficulty of managing the food planning. So my objective is the creation of a software that facilitates my life and all "zoned person". This needs creates DroidZone, an application that allows you to manage food, meal and planning according to the principles of the Zone diet.

With DroidZone you can manage a database of over 500 foods, each of which specifies the content of macronutrients and glycemic index.

Use these foods (or add others) to create your own meals composite by 1,2,3 or 4 blocks. Depending on the amount of ingredients and the number of blocks , DroidZone will let you know if the meal is in the zone or not.

With your meals in the zone of database you can handle a food planning for each day of the year, deciding what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Starting from your planning DroidZone you will AUTOMATICALLY generate a shopping list.

DroidZone allows management of multiple user profiles.For each profile, you can calculate your lean body mass and, according to your physical activity, the daily number of blocks needed (of course no less than 11 …)

The development of this application has required a lot of work but i’m not yet satisfied.There are many other features that I find useful, and I wish they were present in DroidZone.However, I decided to publish this app now because I would like to proceed with the development together with your advice. For any problems or if you want new features that you would like more in your DroidZone do not hesitate to contact me .With your help we will make this application the best and the most useful of all.

NOTE 1: The application is completely free and I’d like to keep it that way to allow everyone to be able to evaluate and use. If you like my job you can thank me simply clicking sometimes on the banners. This does not cost you anything but I can be gratified first of all morally (in the sense that I made something useful for you) and economically (which never hurts ..)

NOTE 2:I’m working to populate the database of foods with their glycemic index value. In the next update they will be present.I am aware of the serious lack, but unfortunately I could not find a database already filled with all values

PERMISSION: The application requires permission to use internet because of the ads.

Recent changes:
Ver 1.0

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Latest Android App: Gratis TV 2

Nueva versión de Gratis TV, para ver la TV, series documentales y peliculas desde Android.

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Latest Android App: FitnessBuilder

There’s nothing in the world like FitnessBuilder, and now its available on Android. This comprehensive fitness app is a free download with a MONTH TRIAL of Plus (fitness beginner/enthusiast), Pro (professional) or PT (therapy) access for new users.

FitnessBuilder contains over 750+ challenging workouts for every fitness level and over 5,600 exercise images & videos to create your own. It features access to a live personal trainer and the most complete set of workout building, performing, tracking and sharing tools.

FitnessBuilder is both consumer & professional oriented. Whether you are a beginner trying to get your fitness lifestyle started, an enthusiast looking to excel further, or a personal trainer or medical professional looking for a complete complement of fitness & physical therapy tools, FitnessBuilder has what you need.

Anytime/Anywhere Access:
FitnessBuilder is account-based. If you have a Plus, Pro or PT subscription, you can login on Android, iOS or the web. New users get unlimited access for the one month free trial.

PLUS FEATURES – for Fitness Enthusiasts
• 758 Hand-Crafted Workouts
• 5,600+ Exercise Images & Videos
• Video & Audio Streaming Coaching
• Builder for Drag & Drop Creation
• Track Strength/Cardio, History & Rep Max
• Print Workouts to PDF
• Post Logs to Facebook & Twitter
• Share/Receive Workouts with friends & family
• Fitness Plans; multi-week, day-by-day
• Next Workout Intelligence
• Ask a Fitness Question to exercise physiologist
• Multi-platform syncing & backup across Android, iOS & web
• Share & edit Logs
• Workout & Rest Timers
• Fitness, Health & Nutrition News
• Daily Exercise & Weekly Workout
• Much More…

PRO ACCESS – for Fitness Professionals
Personal Trainers, Coaches & Gym Staff:
• Train & Track clients, students, athletes
• Create & Share workouts via app or email
• Print Custom Workout PDFs
• Pro-Client Sync returns shared workout logs
• Your logo & name in-app, web & on exercises
• Build training business & increase client value
• Web Access

PT ACCESS – for Therapy Professionals
Physical Therapists, Orthopedists, etc. guide patients with compliance monitoring:
• Create New or Edit 350+ therapy workflows
• Protocols for major non-op & post-op injuries
• 1,400+ PT-specific exercise images & videos
• Track rehab on Patient Dashboard
• Send rehab workflows to patients
• Print custom session PDFs
• PT-Patient Sync returns shared therapy logs
• Your logo & name in app, web & on exercises
• All Plus/Pro content features included
• Web Access

After any free month trial expires, if you don’t subscribe, you still get:
• 10 PumpOne workouts
• 300+ exercise images & videos
• Create Unlimited workouts
• Today’s Exercise & Weekly Workout
• Much more

• This app cannot be installed to an SD Card due to the use of the Account Manager and Background Syncing. However, downloaded content imagery will use the SD card.

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Latest Android App: Go Contacts AdeaPink – Free

A AdeaPink Theme from Team Carbon

=== AdeaPink ===
=== GoContacts Ex Theme ===
=== by TeamCarbon ===

This Theme matches other AdeaPink themes by TeamCarbon, but looks equally good as a stand alone.

Other themes – GoLauncher EX – GOSMS Pro – GOWidgets – GOKeyboard – ADW Launcher EX – CM7 – Android Pro Widgets

1. This is not a standalone app, you need to download the LATEST version of GoContactsEX app in order to apply this theme. (Search “Go Contacts Ex” to download)
2. To apply the theme within GO Contacts,download it from Menu->Settings->Appearance Settings->Theme shop(or Plug-in UI->Theme shop). After downloaded, it will displayed in "My themes" Tab, click and apply it.

This is a free theme, hope you enjoy it, if you really like it, please consider buying and downloading the paid version, to support us.



Please check us out on:
Twitter : @TeamCarboneam
Facebook (search TeamCarbon)

GO Contacts Ex theme gocontacts theme Pink TeamCarbon ICS

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Latest Android App: Snow Flakes Live Wallpaper

Enjoy falling snowflakes everywhere in your phone.

Get this and other our applications FOR FREE.

Traditionally, scrolling between several desktops is available.

P.S. feel free to comment.

Recent changes:
Increased FPS
Increased Resolution
decreased Battery and CPU usage

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Latest Android App: Diag My Toyota

OBD II App that will Communicate with your Toyota Engine ECU Vehicles. This App Requires OBD II ELM 327 Bluetooth(See Below). It will Read Enhance/Extended Pids (130 Pids). It will support Certain Range of Toyota Models and Years (2002-2006 Toyota). Currently, it will support ISO-9141 Protocol Only.

Tested Successfully on the Following Vehicles
*2004 Toyota Camry
*2002 Toyota Camry Solara

HARDWARE REQUIREMENT: ELM 327 OBD II Bluetooth Device with Blue/Orange Color Tag and Black Color Case from Ebay or Amazon.

Recent changes:
First Release

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Latest Android App: Spyro GO Launcher EX Theme

Spyro by Pizero
FREE Theme for GO Launcher EX!

PizeroDesign makes your phone beautiful. If you like this theme, check out our other themes and apps on the Android Market.

- Abstract HD wallpaper
- High quality graphics
- Classic Icons

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Latest Android App: GOWidget SteelBlue ICS – Free

** This is a fully featured free version of our SteelBlueICS GoWidgets Theme**
** If you like our work, please consider buying the paid version to support us **


An ICS Style, SteelBlue Theme from Team Carbon

=== SteelBlue ICS Transparent Widgets ===
=== GoWidget Theme ===
=== by TeamCarbon ===

Beautiful Semi-Transparent Widget Theme with ICS Styling.

This Theme matches other SteelBlue themes by TeamCarbon, such as GOLauncher Ex, GoSMS Pro, and CM7 Themechooser.

We also have other colors available, please check them out.

Thanks, TeamCarbon…

Please check us out on:
Twitter : @TeamCarboneam
Facebook (search TeamCarbon)

** Please note, framework is in place for 3d sms widget, however it is currently not working **

★This is not a stand alone app, Make sure you have already installed GO Launcher EX whose version is higher than 2.39. You should also update your widget to latest version.

How to Change GOWidgets’theme?
-Long press on your GOWidget, press the Skin option and choose the SteelBlueICS Theme. – or check out the promotional video, instructions are there.

Theme supports the following GOWidget:
-GO Calendar Widget V2.3 or higher
-GO Contacts Widget V1.5 or higher
-GO Message Widget V1.5 or higher
-GO Search Widget V1.1 or higher
-GO TaskManager WidgetV1.3 or higher
-GO FBWidget V1.2 or higher
-GO Twitter Widget V1.2 or higher
-GO Switch Widget V1.2 or higher
-GO Bookmark Widget V1.1 or higher
-GO Email Widget
-GO Note Widget
-GO Store Widget

GO Widget theme gowidgettheme transparent transparency Blue GOWidget ICS Ice Cream Sandwich

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Latest Android App: 电子元素-360桌面主题



1. 请确定手机上已安装360手机桌面,安装主题后依照指示操作提示即可。
2. 点击Home键,选择360桌面。点击菜单->进入主题,选择您喜欢的主题->应用主题
3. 搜索“360手机桌面”更多主题,更多惊喜。


Recent changes:

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Latest Android App: Pulsar Xmas

Merry Christmas!

Pulsar Xmas is the definitive application for celebrating Christmas. Create your very own Christmas card with your favourite Christmas tree. Decorate it and add a phrase to celebrate the festive season.

Create your own Christmas tree by combining various designs and selecting your favourite background. You can include your own photos and then send a personalized card to someone special.

Send your design to friends and family along with a personalized dedication. Use the simple and intuitive interface to arrange everything to your taste.

✓ 10 different card backgrounds and 1000 possible combinations to create your very own tree.
✓ Use your own photos from the album or straight from the camera.
✓ Share it on Facebook and Twitter.
✓ Send your card by email or save it in your album.
✓ Christmas music and sound effects.

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Latest Android App: LED Lamp

A basic app that turns your phone into an LED flashlight.

Recent changes:
Version 1.2 –
Fixed a bug that made app exit with error.
More devices are supported.

Version 1.1 -
Now supports Sony Ericsson X10 mini
Fixed screenorientation issue

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