Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Hove 2011 and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Hove 2011 and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Hove 2011

Her er den offisielle appen for Hovefestivalen 2011 – helt gratis å laste ned!

I samarbeid med Applics har vi utarbeidet en app som ganske garantert blir essensiell for ditt opphold på Hove. Du finner lett ut av hvor og når yndlingsbandet ditt spiller, du får nyheter og viktige oppdateringer fra festivalen rett opp på skjermen, et pinlig nøyaktig kart over Hove, du kan høre musikk fra artistene og holde orden på finansene dine. I samarbeid med Cashless har vi nemlig utarbeidet et system der du enkelt kan sjekke og fylle kontoen rett fra din Andoid.

Hoveappen 2011 består av:

• Ferskeste nyheter fra Hove.
• Oversikt og bio over artister med 30 sekunders preview fra Wimp og youtube video.
• Komplett festivalprogram fordelt på dag, scene, hvem som spiller nå og neste artist på hver scene.
• Festivalkart med oversikt over scener/arenaer og interessepunkter i kartet.
• Generell informasjon om Hove.
• Tilgang til Hove’s facebooksider, twitter feeds og photostreams på flickr.
• Kontoinformasjon og påfylling på ditt Cashlesskort.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Sony Next Gen Portable FREE !

Get the New Sony Next Generation Portable @ No Cost. Rear Multi-Touch Pad, Front and Rear Cameras, WiFi and 3G, 3 Motion Sensors, Dual Analog Joysticks.

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Target Live Wallpaper

Simple live wallpaper (alpha).

Tracks touch gestures and renders a target and two 3d objects that track along the top and bottom of screen.

Recent changes:
1.0: First public build (alpha).
LWP Tracks touch gestures

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Realty Executives Liberty

Realty Executives Liberty is proud to provide the first Android App service to the Hinesville/Fort Stewart area. With this App, you will be able to search for all homes for sale through the MLS database. The database includes ALL homes for sale by all other Realtors and Realtor Companies. It is also the most up to date database available. So download this app to search for homes, ask real estate questions, or just to see what your neighbors house is for sale for :-) .
We are licensed in the state of Georgia and provide real estate services to
Fort Stewart

Richmond Hill
These include the counties of Liberty, Long, Wayne, Chatham, Bryan, and Tattnall.

Customer Service is important to us. Please feel free to send us an email and tell us how we are doing. Also, email us with any suggestions for the app.
Realty Executives Liberty is
your local Real Estate service professional that utilizes up to date Technology for the benefit of our customers/clients.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Sonic Bio-Tuning / Chakras

This app is also know as the "Chakra Attunement Audio Suite" and is brought to you by internationally recognized brainwave audio entrainment expert, Leigh Spusta, and is one of our most powerful apps.

Balance and align your chakras, creating a blissful, relaxed state of being.
Introducing the Chakra Attunement Audio Suite – Over 100 minutes of pristine, carefully crafted entrancing soundscapes created by Leigh Spusta and powered by PsimatiX. These Chakra Attunements have received wonderful reviews internationally, and are now available in a convenient mobile app. This powerful app allows you to quickly tune in to a series of seven 15 minute immersive, relaxing compositions, composed specifically to create an altered, meditative state, and to attune each of the seven chakras, or energy centers in the body.
According to ancient practice and wisdom in India, our bodies have a spiritual life force energy flowing through seven vortex centers, or wheels, each being associated with the seven endocrine glands in the physical body. When these centers are flowing properly, we are whole, harmonious and healthy, and when imbalanced or constricted, the result is a lack of energy, illness, and strife. We can bring balance and wellness into our lives by balancing our chakras, by the means of atunement – the use of specific sounds, and meditation …
Close your eyes and breathe deeply as these soundscapes attune and balance each chakra, the seven energy centers of the body. Establish a sense of blissful relaxation through the use of these tracks. It is helpful to visualize the color of each chakra as you listen. Targets an alpha brainwave state. Utilizing PsimatiX™ proprietary audio technology. Each of the seven recordings is one continuous 15 minute track. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.
Composed by Brainwave Entrainment Audio Engineer, Leigh Spusta –

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Otetsuki! Japanese Hyakuninnis

.Japanese traditional card game ‘Hyakuninnissyu’. You Touch the card that matches with the telop.Uhps!Otetsuki!

Content rating: High Maturity

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Latest Android App: Twinkling Dancer

Twinkling Dancer
twinkling, sparkling, and live!? I love it, it looks great on the phone.

setting for size and frames per second

twinkling, twinkle, twinkly, sparkling, sparkle, sparkly, life, live, live wallpaper, live wallpapers, wallpapers, wallpaper, background, backgrounds, dance, dancer, dancing

Recent changes:

saves to sd card

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Sulphur Yellow Theme for CM7

*** Update in known issues section for "improperly compiled" theme error, please read. Themes do work ***

Like Yellow, brighten up your day with Sulphur Yellow from Team Carbon… on CM7

This is the first version of Cm7 Sulphur Yellow Theme apk, to work with the Theme chooser application within CM7.
Primarily designed for the Samsung GalaxyS, this theme should work with all Hi Res Devices.

Steel Blue has been very popular on the SGS with over 10,000 downloads from XDA and Darkyrom. This theme is a progression onto CM7.

1. Download theme,
2. Open theme chooser app in CM7.
3. Select theme from the menu, and
press APPLY.
4. At message:
Theme Error: Sorry, this theme is
missing assets for your device’s
screen size.
Press "Apply anyway".
4. Reboot Phone
5. Enjoy theme :)

NOTE: You must reboot phone after applying/updating any theme in theme chooser.

*********** KNOWN ISSUES ***********

If you already have a version of this theme from xda forum. You will need to deinstall this manually before downloading this theme from market. Market version will not install if you do not do this.

IMPORTANT – "improperly compiled error"
1. Open theme chooser, and "apply" a default CM7 Theme
eg. Adroidian, Cyanbread or System
2. Reboot Phone
3. Open theme chooser, all teamcarbon themes should now be
able to be selected and applied without error.
4. Apply your TeamCarbon Theme
5. Reboot phone
Please note, this will need to be repeated when you see the above error. We will work on a permanent solution.



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Recent changes:
***Version 2.1***

**New Preview Icon in Theme Chooser**

**Fixed or Updated icons/apps**
Facebook – new groups icon
Emoticons – various changes and fixes
Fix to gMail and email favourite icons

**New apps themed (icon or more)**
Flash Player , Dungeon defenders, Google Earth, Alchemy, MIUI camera, iGo myway, Linpack, MSN: Mercury, Riptide GP, Simple Text, Stability test, Rolle Tube, Your Orange, Busybox, AngryBirds Seasons, Network Discovery, Acar, Amazon Kindle, Brightness Level

Content rating: Everyone

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Latest Android App: Official DE State Parks Guide

Created in alliance and approved by Delaware State Parks

Help the Delaware State Parks Division today by downloading this mobile application. With every download, you are contributing to the parks.

Delaware’s State Parks beckons to the nature enthusiast looking for a peaceful hideaway or the thrill seeker searching for adventure. Whatever you crave, let Delaware’s State Parks and its majestic landscape be the setting for your outdoor retreat. With an abundant list of activities to choose from, you’ll be enticed to try something new. Now, planning your getaway is even easier with Delaware State Park’s Official App.

As you embark on your ideal DE getaway, feel confident that The Sanctioned and Approved Mobile Guide for DE State Parks will be there to enhance your visit. Gain access to the most up-to-date park information, upcoming events, news, alerts, weather conditions and geographic landmarks before and during your trip to the park grounds with the app’s many features.

Choose a park to visit by location, or by activities such as camping or fishing. Find that perfect spot with access to state park maps. Leaving the park’s picturesque surroundings will be your only worry, but with Delaware’s options for overnight stays lengthen your trip and make reservations directly through the app. Don’t forget to use the social networking feature to capture photos and share the remarkable scenery with family and friends.

Upgrade to the Pro Version

The enhanced features of the Pocket Ranger™ apps functionality is similar to that of an advanced hand held GPS device.

If that isn’t enough…continue reading and you’ll discover why!

By upgrading to the Pro version you get features that allow you to keep track of your friends, mark waypoints, record tracks, cache maps and share your activities with others.

PRO features:
• Work with content, maps & features offline.
• GPS mapping options include Road, Satellite, Hybrid & Terrain.
• The GPS Parks Nearest Me feature will help locate the parks.
• Easy-to-cache default State Park Map tiles are accessible for offline use.
• The Friend Finder feature lets you keep track of companions while on a trail.
• A built-in compass can help point to your direction.
• Use the Longitude/Latitude positioning to navigate with ease.
• Whether it is during or for future visits, you could Record, Save and Recall tracks or waypoints.
• Mark, snap photos & personalize waypoints
• Share tracks, waypoints or current position with registered recipients or through Facebook & Twitter.
• Export tracks and waypoints in .KML and .GPX formats.
• Let your family & friends know your whereabouts with the Alert Communication feature.

FREE Features:
• Search by activity of interest on-the-go
• Search by Park or Region

• Stay current on park events 

• Receive news, alerts, and location based weather updates
• Access park information such as hours of operation & park overview
• View maps of park facilities, trails 
and campgrounds
• Learn about the park’s history 

• Get directions to each park
• Interactive facility contact (phone, address & email) info

• Access online reservations
• Accessibility & Park Regulation information

• Socially Network through Facebook & Twitter

• Flickr Photo share

The enhanced pro features on the app are designed to function in areas with little to no mobile reception, however some of the features require mobile data reception in order to function properly.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Epic Church

The Epic Church App is your way to stay connected to Epic Church while on the go. While you are enjoying your favorite cup of Joe at your favorite coffee place, you can listen to a life changing sermon or do a monthly devotional or if you are at work and need to check out when the next connect 4 date is you can or if you want to locate the nearest small group near you, this app is all you need to stay connected to Epic Church 24/7!

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Latest Android App: Ocean Goddess LWP

Ocean Goddess
I love the colors and movements in this live wallpaper, looks so good on the phone.
Any questions please feel free to ask

setting for size and frames per second

ocean, oceans, water, goddess, goddesses, life, live, live wallpaper, live wallpapers, wallpapers, wallpaper, background, backgrounds, sparkly, sparkling, sparkle, twinkly, twinkling, twinkle, glittery, glitter,

Recent changes:

saves to sd card

Content rating: Everyone

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Green Foggy Keyboard Skin

**This is a skin for Better Keyboard or Smart Keyboard .**

**How to use**

Install Better Keyboard or Smart Keyboard from the market-> Open Better Keyboard->Press Better Keyboard Skin -> choose skin and select it from the list.

Glass , Keyboard , Keyboard Skin , Green Keyboard ,Black Keyboard , Black Green Keyboard , Glass Keyboard , Better Keyboard Skin , Green Theme , Black Theme , Glass Skin , Green Skin , Black Skin ,Smart Keyboard Skin

Content rating: Everyone

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: Signal Notification

Tired of your signal bars reading full when they really are not? Now you can put the actual signal strength in your status bar. This app offers 3 color choices to display your signal dbm level.
More choices will be offered in the future. We will also try to implement as many suggestions as possible to make this app the best.
Currently works on CDMA only!
Others will be added in the future.

Recent changes:
Original Version:
CDMA Only!

Content rating: Everyone

AppBrain Link:

Latest Android App: VCpayâ„¢

A Mobile Account with a Debit MasterCard

Use VCpay™ to create different MasterCard numbers for every purchase you make. Your personal account number is never exposed!

You set the limit for each virtual card you create. A card number cannot be charged for more than that amount, giving you total peace of mind.

Virtual cards are ideal for bill payments, internet purchases, mail or telephone orders, and sending money to family and friends.

They can be used online with any name and address, making it easy for friends and family to pay their bills with cards you send them, or to shop anonymously.

Money is not taken from your account until a card is presented for payment, and there are no overdraft fees if funds are not available.

Ever leave home without your wallet? Now you can pay with your phone anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.
Conveniently load your account with cash at thousands of locations, or transfer money from another bank account.
Only $1.49 per month from your first deposit!

No credit check, no overdraft, no hidden fees.

Content rating: Everyone

AppBrain Link:

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