Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: K-POP Cover Dance and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: K-POP Cover Dance and Other Apps

Latest Android App: K-POP Cover Dance

K-POP Cover Dance!

You can now enjoy K-POP (KPOP) and K-POP cover dance on your Android phone.

Everyday, we provide you with K-POP chart, music videos and cover dance movies.

And you will also get information of the top rated cover dance on YouTube so that you can enjoy K-POP on your mobile device through YouTube anytime and anywhere.

K-POP consists of famous Korean Pop Songs of SNSD (Girl’s Generation), 2NE1, 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQ, TVXQ, RAIN, SHINEE, Super Junior, Hyuna, 4Minute, Wonder Girls, and more outstanding singers and groups!

* All the movies in this app are provided as links from YouTube. And thus the search results may not fit your needs exactly depending on how the search engine responds to the query.

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Latest Android App: LapStar Talking Stopwatch Lite

LapStar is a multiview digital stopwatch / lap timer with speech. Designed to be precise, fast, responsive, clean, simple and easy to use. No adverts or permissions and packaged into a very small file size. Try it today and see how good an Android stopwatch can be.

Main Stopwatch Features
* Large easy to read display
* Simple to operate.
* Works with system time
* 1/1000 second precision.
* Actions on touch, not press (crucial for accuracy)
* Side button operation
* Runs in background
* Screen stays awake
* TTS Speech for all actions
* Configure speech output for each action.
* Multiple easy to read views
* Ability to commit lap after stopping lap timer
* Total time
* Current lap time
* Lap number
* Lap time
* Elapsed Lap time
* Fastest lap
* Average lap
* Slowest lap
* Delta to fastest lap
* Split time notification
* Permission free
* Advert free
* Tiny file size

Designed specifically for outside sports use, the stopwatch display is large and clear even in bright sunlight. The stopwatch can also be operated by the side buttons so can be used on the run.

Unlike similar apps, this stop watch operates on touch, not press. This means that your lap times will be more accurate since a button press takes longer than a touch. This TTS stopwatch lap timer does not ship with a built in Speech engine like some restrictive apps, so you have the freedom to install and use the engine of your choice. I recommend IVONA TTS Speech Engine or PICO TTS. If speech is not installed on your phone then the stopwatch will still function but will be silent. Simply install a TTS speech engine from Android Market to fix this.

LapStar is intended to look deceptively simple, yet is powerful under the hood. The secret to this simple approach is the multiple views accessed by simply swiping the main panel left or right. Optionally the lap timer has TTS speech enabled for all actions. Speech is fully configurable and works with all speech enabled phones. This talking stopwatch will use the default speech engine currently configured for your phone, but also support all available engines on the android market place (separate download).

Despite being a FREE version LapStar Stopwatch Lite is packed with features and is Advert Free with no intrusive permissions. The full version of LapStar will be released shortly, but I hope you enjoy the Lite version as a taster. Feel free to contact me with reports of any bugs or suggestions as I’ll be fully supporting both lite and full versions with periodic updates.

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Recent changes:
*Added Help dialog for when TTS Speech is not enabled by default.
* Revised exit message.
* Reset button made larger

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Latest Android App: edUi2011 Schedule

Not an official edUi app. Shows the edUi 2011 Schedule.

Brought to you from the guys at

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Latest Android App: PS3 Waves Live Wallpaper HD

Directions: Open Menu > Select "Wallpaper" > "Live wallpapers" > There It Is !

-Now You Have The PS3 On Your Android Phone With The PS3 Look !

-Recommend To Set The size of the animation to Big (Default)

-You Have The Option to play around with the fps (frames per second) if you want it to go faster or slower.

I Made This In Adobe After Effects.

tags: ps3, ps3 live wallpapers, game wallpapers, xbox 360, space live wallpapers, nebula live wallpapers, space wallpapers, particles live wallpapers, live wallpapers, wiz khalifa live wallpapers, lil wayne live wallpapers, hello kitty live wallpapers, betty boop wallpapers, betty boop, street fighter

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Latest Android App: Mine Sweeper

windows classic mine, revisit classic moment. Leisure time, the best partner!

Recent changes:
increase international

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Latest Android App: IcePiece(Sichuan)

IcePiece is a simple game that follows the rule of Sichuan game, which matches animal cards with identical figures.

This game is compatible with all iPhone models including 3G, 3GS, and 4G, iPod (3rd,and 4th generation) and Android (2.2 and above), and allows the user to play the game with other users all over the world.

Cute animals, enjoyable and delightful sounds, and realistic online competition. Exciting and cheerful, like playing the racing game, Go Go~~

User can get gauge when matching cards. If it fills up, item mode will start.
There are three item modes; hint mode, hammer mode, and fever mode.
Hint mode automatically gives two hints,
Hammer mode finds the same card and removes it when you select any card regardless of the Sichuan rule.
In fever mode, all cards change to same cards for three seconds so that you can enjoy removing the cards during that time.

[Single play]
It is made up of total of 100 stages. If you clear a stage within the time limit, you can challenge the next stage. The challenge is to clear 100 stages. It is not going to be that easy~

[Online play]
You can play the game with other users all over the world.
Send emoticons. You cannot talk to them directly, but can express yourself with emoticons.
Collect fish that you receive when you are victorious during online competition. You can purchase any animal of your choice with the fish items.

1. Users are separated by devices. A user playing on a different device will be recognized as a different user.
2. In an online game, one game will consume 10 coins.
3. When you win in an online game, you will receive 10 fish items.
4. You can change coins with fish items in the shop.
5. You need fish items to purchase other items in the shop.

[Event guide]
1. A game-launch event is currently taking place. We are giving away free recharges for 20 games after you spend all of your game coins~!
2. You can purchase a penguin avatar for an unbelievably low price.

Recent changes:
First Lauching.

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Latest Android App: Busted Solitaire

Spiced up version of the classic solitaire and freecell games. Game play is more intriguing when you add a few busty babes.

Now with new Backgrounds Gallery feature and original relaxing music!!!

Recent changes:
-new babes

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Latest Android App: Celebrity Breakups

Celebrity Breakups is a fun game for everyone especially someone who is interested in celebrities.

Celebrity Breakups is a highly addictive, fast paced action game where you’ll need fast reflexes and quick thinking. Use your lightning fast finger-swiping skills to break apart the celebrity couples.

Find out who is the latest couple to split. There are classic couple breakups too.

Although you might be mesmerized by the cute couples, you are racing against the clock to split apart the celebrity couples. Be sure to avoid the cupid before time runs out.


High Quality Graphics:
- Beautifully designed in HD for Android devices.

Fantastic Audio:
- Awesome Sound Effects.

Easy to Play:
- Tap or swipe to play.

Highly Addictive:
- You’ve been warned!

Suits all ages:
- Suitable for everyone ( Ages 5 – Adult ).

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Latest Android App: Hexadrome Pro

Enter the World of Hexadrome! Control a stunning array of cosmic worlds by skillfully arranging the constantly evolving hexagon blocks dropping into your world from all directions. Connect similar colored hexagons to stay alive and escape to the next world.

The game contains various special game pieces including Bombs, Wild Cards and Atomic Compactors to bring a new dimension of excitement to Tetromino style falling block games.

Don’t wait too long to use your Bombs and Nuclear Compactors or Hexadrome might just chew you up and spit you back out.

This extremely addictive and highly rated block arcade game includes 25 increasingly difficult levels for days of fun for all ages. Intuitive touch controls allow you to have fun quickly yet get the job done for advanced users.

Do you have what it takes to dominate Hexadrome?

Hexadrome features:

+ Pro-version containing no ads!
+ 25 exceedingly difficult worlds!
+ Bombs and Nuclear Compactors!
+ Wildcard game pieces!
+ Stunning particle effects!
+ High Score features to challenge your friend and family!
+ Kid friendly game play provides days of fun for all ages!
+ Top rated!

To sum it all up, Hexadrome can best be described as a Tetris-style game on steroids. Why don’t you give Hexadrome a try…you might just get addicted!

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