Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Kirtan – Shabad Kirtan and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Kirtan – Shabad Kirtan and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Kirtan – Shabad Kirtan

Listen shabad kirtan, recorded kirtan, listen kirtan on mobile phone. You can listen recorded shabad gurbani kirtan from this app on your android phone. This is an effort to bring kirtan on mobile for everyone to listen.

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Latest Android App: Hot Studs Daily Wallpaper

Wake up to a new Hot Stud every morning.

Hot Studs Daily Wallpaper downloads a new stud every night, so you have a hot new wallpaper every morning!

Keywords: gay wallpaper, hot guys wallpaper, hot men wallpaper, hot dudes

Once you’ve downloaded this live wallpaper it’s important to note that it will not appear on your homescreen as an icon. To activate it, tap on the ‘Menu’ button, select ‘Wallpapers’ and on the popup box select ‘Live Wallpapers’. From there scroll down to the name of the live wallpaper you just downloaded and enjoy!

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Latest Android App: Hanoi Towers

Hanoi Towers is an all-time classic in mathematical puzzles. It consists of three pins and a number of discs placed onto the leftmost pin.

The objective of the puzzle is to move the entire stack of discs to from the leftmost pin to the rightmost pin, obeying the following rules:

Only one disk may be moved at a time.
Each move consists of taking the upper disk from one of the rods and sliding it onto another rod, on top of the other disks that may already be present on that rod.
No disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk.

This application features:

Realistic sounds
Shiny graphics
Disc positions randomizer
6 levels to unlock

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Latest Android App: Món Nhậu

Một bữa nhậu tại gia với những món ăn còn hấp dẫn hơn cả nhà hàng, cùng với những người bạn nhậu thân thiết.

Ứng dụng gồm những mục:

– 3 món nhậu nhanh gọn ngon
– Những món nhậu dể làm
– Những món nhậu ngon
– Những món nhậu cho ngày tết
– 5 món nhậu cho đàn ông

Nếu ứng dụng hữu ích với bạn thì đừng ngại đánh giá 5 sao cho ứng dụng nhé bạn.

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Latest Android App: Chuash ‘em

touch/slide over them before they hide!
make points and unlock new content!

★ Multitouch!
★ Arcade: Reach high scores to unlock new characters (this also unlocks more mini goals.
★ Mini goals: solve as many goals as you can in 60 seconds.
★ Multiplayer: play over the same device with another person.
★ Featured store: Sauce it up by purchasing additional content to get even more Mini goals and content.

Game is processor intensive, so it’s free so you can try it, keep in mind that some features are initially locked and if it works well, then unlock it :)

Recent changes:
Initial game release

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Latest Android App: Decision Analytics

In Chinese,
we said:
"The universe give us freedom,
Let us have a chance to choice everything."

However, freedom brings confusion.
Make decision is always hard to us.

Not just like common application used random function to decide your alternatives, we are according to Management Decision Matrix to help you get rid of your confusing decision.

Try it! We hope it’ll really help you.

decision, utility, decide, management, matrix, confuse, boring,

Recent changes:
Using password for decision protecting.

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Latest Android App: Dora Puzzle

This app is Awesome for Kids and Adults because it has that fun feel that character similar to CareBears, Barney, Kung Fu Panda, Smurfs, and Hello Kitty all have. Download Today and Start Solving Puzzles Enjoy!


Easy, Medium, Hard and Difficult levels.
Hints feature that give tile numbers to make it easier to solve puzzle
Facebook and Twitter Sharing Buttons
Lots of Different Puzzles.

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Latest Android App: Funny Videos by Jokeroo Mobile

- Up to $50 per video or picture you upload
- We are looking for cute kids, cats, dogs + more
- Refer friends and earn 5% of their lifetime earnings
- Make money reacting on other users videos & pictures

You’ll also get access to the hottest, cutest, funniest, videos and pictures on the web. Jokeroo is the first mobile platform that allows you to earn income from all that content on your mobile device. Take advantage of this cool app and start making money with us today!

- Funny Videos
- Cute Videos
- Cat Videos
- Dog Videos
- Fail Videos
- Cool Videos
- Animal Videos
- Prank Videos
- Car Videos
- Viral Videos
- Extreme Videos
- Other Videos

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Latest Android App: [완전무료]2012 말하는 운세

보기만하는 지루한 운세는 이제 그만, 2012년에는 듣고 보는 운세가 대세!!!

주역 기반의 운세 서비스로 2012년 신년운세와 일일운세를 제공하며, 6400여 개의 운세 데이터를 보유하고 있어 기존의 운세와는 차원이 다른 운세정보를 제공해 드립니다.

2012년 임진년은 60년 만에 한번 찾아 온다는 “흑룡의 해”
특별한 새해인 만큼 특별한 말하는 (음성)운세로 새해의 운명을 확인하세요.

< 말하는 운세 컨텐츠 구성 >
1. 천기누설 2012년 신년운세
5가지 행운 항목을 전문성우의 음성을 통해 보다 재미있고
편리하게 제공해 드립니다.
▷ 총 운 : 전체적인 2012년 총운(음성)운세 정보제공
▶ 웰빙운 : 건강과 웰빙이라는 주제로 해석한(음성)운세
▷ 대박운 : 돈과 업무에 관한(음성)운세 정보제공
▶ 사랑운 : 사랑, 만남, 결혼, 애정도(음성)운세 정보제공
▷ 여행운 : 출장 및 여행(음성)운세 정보 제공

2. 적중 일일운세
매일 업데이트 되는 16개(소망/사업/개업/취직/시험/혼인/
전문적이고 세분화된 운으로 제공되며, 매일 아침 오늘의
운세와 매일 저녁에 내일의 운세를 쉽게 확인 하실 수
있도록 무료 알림 메시지를 보내드립니다.

3. 1:1전문가 상담
전문적인 ARS 운세상담이 가능한 전화연결 운세상담 유료
서비스로 직접 1:1로 상담을 받으실 수 있습니다.

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Latest Android App: حديقة الارقام

حديقة الارقام هو تطبيق خاص بتعليم الارقام للاطفال بطريقة سهلة و محببة. يقدم التطبيق الخصائص التالية:

- تعليم الارقام بشكل تصاعدي او تنازلي.
- اختيار اقصى عدد من بين عشرة او عشرون.
- تعليم كتابة الارقام عبر طلب رسم رقم معين بواسطة الاصبع و التأكد من صحة الرقم.
- المقارنة بين الارقام (اكبر , اصغر).
- العمليات الحسابية من جمع و طرح.

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Latest Android App: ספר הפתגמים המרוקאי

ספר הפתגמים מכיל אוסף גדול של פתגמים ומטבעות לשון בשפה המרוקאית.לכל פתגם יש תרגום והסבר ,ולפעמים אף קובץ קול מלווה.בעזרת האפליקצייה ניתן למצוא פתגמים על פי מילות מפתח, ונושא.בנוסף האפליקצייה מאפשרת למשתמש להזין פתגמים פרטיים מהאוצר המשפחתי , לערוך ואף להקליט אותם.
את כל הפתגמים אפשר לשתף עם משפחה בעזרת שליחה במסרון או הודעת דואר.

Recent changes:
הגרסה המופצת היא גרסת בדיקה בלבד.

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Latest Android App: Visual Acuity Tester

This is an application of testing vision acuity (VA).

Stay about 50cm away from the screen, and push the button on the same orientation as the image. Measurement VA is approximate value. 1.0 corresponds to 20/20 or 6/6.

Recent changes:
* Vibrate when hold down button.

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Latest Android App: Spring Flowers

Live Wallpaper. Spring is coming, flowers opened. Let your android phone screen also breathe the breath of spring now!
Touch, wildflowers will become petals.
In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free apps in the future, we are integrating a search tool to our application. This will add a few access points to your device (hence the permissions) to direct you to the web search service. Please consider using the search to help us keep creating apps. You may delete the search icon, bookmark and homepage easily. Thank you.

Recent changes:
Initial Release!

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Latest Android App: Battery Boost Max Power

Never run out of battery again!

Closely monitor your time remaining
Get the most out of your battery
Instantly see:
-Talk time remaining
-Internet time remaining
-Video playback remaining
-Youtube remaining
-Facebook remaining
-Audio remaining
-Record remaining
-Kindle remaining
-Standby remaining
Incredibly useful tool to maximize your phone usage.
Never run out of battery again
Check out Battery Boost Max now!

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Latest Android App: Garmin Smartphone Link

Smartphone Link creates a seamless navigation experience between a compatible Garmin personal navigator and an Android smartphone. It allows the devices to share information, such as saved and recently found locations, where you parked, and your current destination. It also links your compatible nüvi to Garmin Live Services, such as traffic, weather and fuel prices using your smartphone’s current mobile data plan.

Smartphone Link currently works with all Bluetooth enabled 2012 Garmin including nüvi 2475LT, 2495LMT, 2595LMT, 3490LMT and 3590LMT. All of these nüvi models, except the nüvi 3590LMT, require a software update available at:

What Are Garmin Live Services?

Garmin Live Services provide the most up-to-date, “live” information to your Garmin navigator using your existing mobile data plan. There’s no need for an additional data connection. Some Services are included free when you connect to Smartphone Link. Others are available through subscriptions that offer premium content and enhanced features.

Examples of Garmin Live Services:

Local weather information — Current localized weather, temperature and forecasts

myGarmin messaging — Provides notifications when new software updates and services are available.

Live Traffic* — Garmin Live Traffic provides the best-in-class real-time information to help you navigate in and around congestion. Live Traffic is updated every two minutes and receives more than 1,000 messages every update cycle. It covers major highways, interstates, and main roads. 

photoLive traffic cameras* — Provides drivers the ability to look up real-time photos from traffic cameras to get a glance at traffic and weather conditions. Included are over 10,000 traffic cameras across the U.S. and Canada that send images every couple of minutes.

Fuel Prices* — Helps you find the best prices for any grade of fuel in your area. Just tap the screen and go to your chosen station.

Advanced Weather* — In addition to what the free weather service provides, Advanced Weather also allows users to receive severe weather alerts and view animated radar images on the nüvi. Colors distinguish types of precipitation such as rain, snow and ice, to help you avoid bad driving conditions.

Additional services coming soon!

*Not available in all areas. Subscription required.

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