Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Kool boy coloring and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Kool boy coloring and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Kool boy coloring


This is a wonderful coloring game for kids!

Just make full use of your fancy imagination and have fun!

Click a color button on the top of the screen. Then click the part of the picture you would like to make that color.

* Share with your friends;
* Save to SD card;
* Set as your wallpaper;
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Latest Android App: Kids Jigsaw Puzzle: Mariobros

A must have Android game for those who love playing puzzle games. This game is an awesome swapping puzzle game from

Notice: All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Drag the pieces to the right place to recreate the image.
The more you advance, the harder puzzle gets! This for kids serial will be start with Easy Mode (only 2×2 puzzle size), you can select Normal and Very Hard mode in the ingame-menu.
Have fun this game!

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Latest Android App: Speed Escape – Chamber Free

Game introduction:
One day, the role you played in the game is kidnapped by some kidnappers.You are trapped in a backroom. Kidnappers will kill you when they get the ransom. So you have to pick up some hints and find tools that help you escape from the room as soon as possible.

The true 3D effect:
The main game stage use the 3D graphics.It’s more realistic than 2D view.

Interesting gesture and gravity sensor:
You can use swipe gesture or incline phone(game gravity function turned on)change the
main game stage.Plus, by the gesture of common tap,long tap,slither,pan, you can find hints and tools help you escape form the room.When you touch the icon of tools for once,you can select the tools.When you touch the icon of tools for twice,you will see the concrete information of them.

Amateur mode and veteran mode:
There are two different modes in this game. And veteran mode is locked until you accomplished the amateur task .

Amazing SE and fair-sounding BGM:
For better Gaming experience, we use a lot of true sound effect it has some background music that you can choose in game option easily.

Support all kinds of Android phone :
This game has been corresponded with all Android phone, for the special resolution ration graphics,this game also perfectly supported.

Game inspiration:
The game designers are cinephile of "CSI","BONES".Some inspiration of this game from
detective film.

Setting language:
The game language will be the same with system language.If you want to Play in English, please change your system language.

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Latest Android App: Satellite Assault

A 3D arcade game optimized for Tegra 2 devices: Survive in a deadly asteroid field by creating chain reactions to destroy them.

While you were travelling on a routine flight, you were dragged out of hyperspace. You now are in a deadly asteroid field, territory of the Zaadiqs, a scavenger species which trap travelers and wait they are crushed by the rocks before scavenging the remaining pieces.

These asteroids have a unique ability: when they collide, one of them may become magnetized. Then it will follow any non Zaadiq ship in its range.

You only have your particle shield and your laser to defend yourself. If a rock hits your shield, it will explode and disable your shield. Your shield will then slowly recharge itself. Attention, each time you fire a laser blast, you will lose 1 unit of shield. On the contrary, if you wait long enough without firing laser, your systems will be overloaded, which will give you access to the powerfull ionised shield and lasers.

Objects destroyed by ionised systems will generate 3 deadly ionised fragments which can destroy other objects in a chain reaction pattern. The deeper the object is in the chain level, the more points it will give you.

Warning if you take too much time to die, Zaadiq ship may appear, trying to destroy you quickly with its powerfull protonic laser. A rock hitted by a protonic laser will become magnetic and will follow your ship. If your shield is hitted by a protonic laser, it will be disabled.

A unique laser blast can destroy a Zaadiq ship. Once destroyed it may leave a bonus powerup. There are 5 types of bonuses:
- Time limited invulnerability.
- Time limited system overload.
- Quantum mine. You can store up to 3 of them. Simply tap on a rock or a Zaadiq to teleport a QMine which will immediately destroy the object.
- Nuke: tap your ship to destroy all rocks and Zaadiq around your location.
- Time limited speed boost.

You can control your ship with the accelerometer, or by using the touchscreen.

Other features:
- OpenGL-ES 2.0 graphics engine: HD support, dynamic lighting, particles…
- Tokamak physics library
- Beautifull music by Zero-Project

!!! Warning !!! So far only tegra based devices are supported !

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Latest Android App: Love Dice

Spice up your love life with with Love Dice.
Choose between the foreplay, the location and the position dice.
Shake your phone or swipe over the screen to rotate the dice.
Tap twice on the screen to change the dice.
Have fun!

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Latest Android App: iGrappler

It’s here, it’s here, it’s FINALLY here!

The app all Android wrestling fans have been waiting for is here – iGrappler!

Now you can follow all of your favorite Div I wrestlers, teams, and conferences, RIGHT IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND! No need to haul a laptop around or need to be tethered to a desktop!

The free portions of the app provide access to:
-Videos coming soon!

Premium features are available for $11.99 via an in app annual subscription and provide:
-All Division I Conferences
-All School Schedules and Results
-Dual meet results
-Championship brackets for Conference and NCAA Tournaments -Wrestler Season Stats -Setup favorites for quick updates (coming soon!) -Today’s events (coming soon!)

No more trying to search those not-so-mobile-friendly web sites for just the info you care about for that particular wrestler / school / conference / etc.

We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the app as much as we do….and yes, OF COURSE, we use it ourselves!


All information provided is for entertainment purposes only and all referenced trademarks belong to the associated owners. This product is not affiliated with or officially sponsored by the NCAA, the conferences, or colleges referenced.

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Latest Android App: Blaster’s App

*** Launch Sale – SAVE $50 ***
Sale Price: $79.99 === Regular Price: $129.99

–> See us at the 15th PA Drilling and Blasting Conference
–> November 3rd and 4th, 2011 in State College, PA.
–> Booth #18

Blaster’s App is an all-in-one tool for professional explosives engineers. The app contains the calculators and tools a master blaster needs to be fast and productive on the job.

Calculators include:
** Ground Vibration Prediction
** Airblast Prediction
** Powder Factor
** Explosives Per Borehole
** Rock Per Borehole
** Scaled Distance
** Borehole Angle Drift

Tools include:
** Borehole Layout
** Links to Online Blasting Resources
** GPS
** Compass
** Level
** Float Level

:: Store Projects ::
Blasters App contains a project system that allows for the storage of all calculations and layouts associated to any job. Set GPS coordinates for your projects and the app will automatically look them up when you arrive on site and use that location’s project by default.

:: Borehole Layout ::
The Borehole Layout system makes the tedious task of laying out a job’s boreholes as easy as dragging your finger to connect the holes and assign your custom delays. It allows blasters to lay out their hole design and timing in seconds rather than hours. Share your layout with your team or print it by exporting it from the app. Exported layouts can then be imported on another device running Blasters App. Its that easy.

Easily and quickly assign delays and sequences using just your finger. Holes within 7ms are instantly shown in red. Zoom in to work on details and zoom out to see the layout as a whole.
Turn on Heat Map for a visual representation of the shots timing sequence. With a simple tap, toggle your view between sequence timing and per hole delay.

:: Custom Calculators ::
Each calculator uses the app’s custom keypad to make data entry quick and easy. SAVE your calculation to a current project or review past results from the LOAD screen. Tap the ? for more information about each calculators equations and functionality.

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Latest Android App: Aladdin TV Series

All 85 full episodes of the Aladdin TV Series episodes. The entire Aladdin series is over 30 hours of videos.

Watch the original full-length ad free adventures with Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Genie, Iago, Abu, Magic Carpet, Jafar, Sultan, and Razoul.

The series starts with Aladdin now living in the palace, engaged to beautiful and spunky Princess Jasmine. "Al" and Jasmine went together into peril among sorcerers, monsters, thieves, and more. Monkey sidekick Abu, the animated Magic Carpet, and the fast-talking, shape-shifting Genie came along to help, as did sassy, complaining parrot Iago, formerly Jafar’s pet but now an antihero.

This app requires an internet connection as the videos are hosted on This app allows you to save time by giving you easy access to the videos. Don’t fumble around with long searches, filtering through videos that are poor quality or have terrible sound.


Disclaimer: This app only provides an easy way to access to YouTube videos, it does not own or control any video posted on If your phone can’t play YouTube videos with a video app or with a browser, then this app may not work for you.
Clearly, this app requires internet access. Could you imagine how big the app would be if it installed all of those videos on your phone or tablet? At around 40MB a video, it would take up all of your free space!
By a very long shot, is the best way to stream video to your Android device – so that is the service I use to send you the videos. Any other service would be subpar. Makese sense, right?
Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any problems.


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Gilbert Gottfried, Robin Williams, Jason Alexander, aladin, alladin, prince ali, arabian nights,
animated serires, video game series

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Latest Android App: TestAppFertilizer

TestAppFertilizer Test App Fertilizer

Recent changes:
Not much

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Latest Android App: DynoReader for Star Wars

The Dyno Reader for Star Wars is the generic Dyno Reader with Star Wars related Twitter Feeds pre-loaded.

When first installed, the application will load the 10 most recent posts and add more as the app runs. By default it will keep looking for additional posts every 20 minutes until the default max of 150 posts. The interval to check for additional posts and the number of posts to keep can be modified within the app by pressing menu and selecting Settings.

Dyno Reader is a RSS feed reader designed for small text content. You can import any RSS feed URL to stay up to date with your favorite sites.

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Latest Android App: SESC SC

Entidade sempre ativa e atenta à demanda de cada época, atualmente o Serviço Social do Comércio centra as suas atenções na promoção da cidadania e procura oferecer opções ao tempo livre do trabalhador, num campo de ação que vem se somar às inúmeras ações na medicina preventiva, na educação permanente e no fomento da cultura, já tradicionais na história do Sesc. Isso porque o arrojo de sua proposta é renovado, ano a ano, pela busca constante de inovação, fiel ao incessante movimento do mundo, com as suas expectativas, necessidades e conquistas sempre imprevisíveis, sempre novas.

Santa Catarina
A trajetória do Sesc Santa Catarina principiou com a criação do Conselho Regional em Florianópolis, em 29 de setembro de 1948, sob a presidência de Charles Edgar Moritz. A sua ação, nessa fase embrionária, era voltada apenas à área médico-odontológica, conforme a diretriz nacional da época. No ano seguinte, Joinville e Laguna seriam as primeiras cidades a sediar os serviços do Sesc, enquanto Blumenau desfrutaria de seus benefícios a partir de 1950. Nas décadas de 60 e 70, outros núcleos foram sendo instalados em todas as regiões do espaço catarinense. Hoje, o Sesc possui 16 centros de atividades, dois hotéis (Cacupé/Florianópolis e Blumenau) e a Pousada Rural (Lages).

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Latest Android App: SpookyliciousII Icon Pack

You are so Spookylicious!

Follow me on Twitter @mommadeuce1106 -I will keep everyone updated of new releases, updates, etc. I’m also going to be having some special app promotions coming up, so stay tuned!

This is an icon pack to be used with Crazy Home’s Icon Configurator. It currently WILL NOT work with any other of the home replacement apps or launchers (i.e. OpenHome, aHome, PandaHome EX, PandaHome 1, PandaHome 2, PandaHome Pro, GO Launcher, ADW, ADW.EX, Launcher Pro or Live Home).

This Icon Pack contains 148 hdpi icons to be used to replace any chosen icon-they are not premapped.

This icon pack is meant to be used with Crazy Home’s Icon Configurator.

There is a coordinating theme – SpookyliciousII – on the Market also.

Crazy Home is absolutely awesome! It has the following customization options:
*3 separate desktops, each with it’s own theme & each desktop contains 5 screens
*Easily switch desktops with a swipe up/down
*Full icon customization through the Icon Configurator
*Hide apps from the app drawer
*Change app titles
*Scrollable widget support
*Widget resizing
*Supports multiple wallpapers
*Supports live wallpapers
*Hide/Unhide the top notification bar
*Backup & restore your settings
*Custom font support
*Outstanding customer support

Give Crazy Home a try-you’ll love it!

I also recommend checking out FlaGirl for more great themes & icon packs!

If you have any questions about using Crazy Home or the Crazy Home Icon Configurator, please email me at the address listed.

Recent changes:
Initial Release

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Latest Android App: DJ Max

This App is about DJ Max. Listen to DJ Max’s Promo Mixes.
Be informed about his work through his Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels.

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Latest Android App: Free SMS India

Send Unlimited Free Sms using ur Android Phone
Free Sms India is an application which allows you to send free sms to any mobile number in INDIA.
No need to pay a single penny for the same.
Very Simple GUI to avoid confusions.
GPRS data usage at minimum as all the heavy processing is handled on an external server.
Currently way2sms and fullonsms gateway is supported. More gateways to be added soon.
All you need to start with the app is a registration to any of the supported gateways.
Delivers SMS in seconds !!

If you need any changes in the app contact me at [email protected]
i’ll Try my best to have those changes done for you…Njoy!

Recent changes:
1st Version of the app.

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Latest Android App: Free Calculator

It is a basic calculator functions, only instead of number, has the name of each digit.
Four languages​​: Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.

Recent changes:
Set the screen.
Bicolor keys.
Four languages​​: Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.

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