Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Live cam Fajardo, Puerto Rico and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Live cam Fajardo, Puerto Rico and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Live cam Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Live cam from Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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Latest Android App: EB E-Mail Widget

This Widget Requires EB-Launcher to use!
~Simple E-Mail Widget

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Latest Android App: 특종 SOS

개똥녀, 패륜녀, 지하철 무개념녀 등….
사회적으로 문제가 되는 장면들을 스마트폰으로 촬영하여
유투브나 자신의 SNS 등에 올려 많은 사람들에게 널리 알리기도 하였으며

며칠 전
집중호우로 인한 피해 현장을 SNS 또는 촬영한 동영상을 방송국 제보로 피해현장을 확인할 수 있었습니다.

본 어플리케이션은
사고, 사건 현장을 방송국 제보 또는 자신의 SNS 에 등록/제보하여 현장 상황을 실시간으로 빠르게 전달, 퍼트릴 수 있는 어플리케이션입니다.

그 외에
위급하거나 응급상황일 때 상황일
긴급전화번호 연동을 통해 바로 전화할 수 있는 기능까지 구현하였습니다.


- 카메라 : 바로 사진이나 동영상 촬영이 가능하며 방송국이나 자신의 SNS에 바로 등록이 가능합니다.
- SOS : 긴급상황 시 바로 전화 연결이나 메일을 보내 사고현장을 알리거나 자신이 구조될 수 있는 실생활에 꼭 필요한 기능만 모아놨습니다.
- 특종 : 사고, 사건 현장을 바로 방송국에 제보할 수 있는 기능입니다. (다른 방송국, 언론사는 업데이트 예정입니다.)
- SNS : 촬영한 사진을 자신의 페이스북에 업로드 할 수 있는 기능입니다. (글쓰기는 추후 업데이트 예정입니다.)

[당부의 말씀]
나중에 욕얻어먹을까봐, 매도 먼저 맞자는 심정으로 글을 남깁니다.

페이스북 로그인 후에 다른 메뉴로 갔다가 오면 다시 로그인을 해야 합니다. 하지만, 비밀번호를 저장해놓으면 자동로그인이 되어 매번 로그인해야 하는 번거로움은 최소화 시켰습니다.
익숙해지면 불편함은 없을겁니다….
이 부분은 꼭 필히 공부하여 다음, 다다음, 다다다음, 다다다다음 업데이트 이전에 수정하도록 하겠습니다.

아이디어 제보를 받습니다.
채택되어 개발을 진행할 경우 소정의 아이디어 비용을 지불해드립니다.
용돈, 알바로는 괜찮다는…
너무 스펙타클하고 판타지한 3D SF 액션만 아니면 됩니다.
저희가 그 정도 실력은 안됩니다.
아마 지구상에 한 명도 없을 듯 합니다. 우주에는 있을지도…
실생활에서 아 이건 있었으면 했던 사소한 것, 개발이 최소화되는데 획기적이면 누구나 WELCOME~!!



제보 특종 sos sns 트위터 페이스북 facebook 로그인 iog in 방송국 broadcasting kbs sbs 언론 new 호우 개똥녀 사건 사고 응급 카메라 동영상 사진 이메일 아이디어 지진 재해 폭우 비 소나기 붕괴 폭력 셔틀 일기예보 태풍 기상 산사태 무더위 여름 가을 겨울 산 피해

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Latest Android App: E-books by greekbooks

E-books by greekbooks is a document reading application. The application contains a Greek e-books catalog which already contains more than 2.500 titles and is compatible with PDF and EPUB Free or Adobe DRM’ed documents. This app especially for PDF documents provides user friendly features that make reading easier even in small screen devices, such as margin cropping, screen position and zoom level locking. Documents can also be loaded in the application using iTunes File sharing functionality.

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Latest Android App: eContrack 2.0

Complete your Inspection, Survey or Audit using standard forms or create your own. Add comments and photos. eContrack Android issues pdf reports to whoever you choose, saving all data to a database for analysis. Use it to measure performance and satisfaction, monitor compliance and record omissions and non-conformances.

Version 2.0 now offers a Guest / Trial option to allow you to try the app with demo questionnaires

Recent changes:
version 2.0
- New UI design
- New history filter
- Guest / Trial option
- Mass deleting
- Choose image file

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Latest Android App: Texans Logo Live Wall

A live wallpaper which bring 3D Texans Logo into your home screen!

This Pro version include 5 additional cool logo and remove advert from the app.

Cool features listed below:

✔ Select 8 different type of logo
✔ Multiple light source which you can change color
✔ Set light source as static or moving (spot light)
✔ Change viewing angle
✔ Change background color
✔ Set box to move across screen or stay put
✔ Rotate box with touch
✔ Settable auto rotation speed

We hope all Texans fans will like it and wish the team & players all the best in coming session!

For other teams live wallpaper, please visit our site

Tags: Texans wallpaper, Texans wallpaper, logo, nfl live wallpaper, Texans livewallpaper, super bowl, nfl

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Latest Android App: Whirl

WHIRL – It is an image-puzzle Game with a TWIST. WHIRL utilizes the touch and accelerometer of android.Yet WHIRL is not just a game.It has its own exciting and original theme,ideology and creativity.WHIRL depicts the flow of designers’ reflective thinking.

Each image is a level…. that describes certain aspect of human nature. Each image lives up to its creative liberty and has its own individual existence. What you crave-for in life? Are you jealous of others? Do you feel divine and enjoy God’s greatest gift called life to its fullest? You will find all these characteristics and more in one of the following levels :-

Thirsty – Do you still enjoy life as a 6-7 years old child…. or are you lost up in the worries and tensions of life?

Black Magician – A dark shade of human nature….. the evil and vicious one……. are you one of those?

Bhaskar(The Sun) – Source of energy….. positive and divine:like bright and promosing people you meet in life.Have you ever met someone? Or are you THE ONE?

Green – Envy as they call it…. come and vanishes without leaving a trace. Did you ever had a feeling of envy?

Gandharva(Musical) – Music is the universal language of the galaxy.There will be rarely a person who has not basked in divine power of music.

Adam – The experienced one… one who is extremely mature and wise and yet we neglect his presence.

Peaceful Mine – A place where mind finds peace and strength and freedom from annoyance, distraction and anxiety.

Shiva – The Auspicious one….. the destroyer or transformer and the proficient dancer. Shiva depicts the energy and momentum of life.

Room – House/Home where people take rest to charge fully….. get ready for new battle next day.

Stamp – Our mind has many memories.Memories overlap each other and then transform into illusions.Do we still differentiate between virtual and reality?

Dhoot(Angel) – The God’s messenger-the divine power….. who is around us in some form or the other.Do we have the eye to see Him?

Joker – The multi-coloured…. the multi-natured guy….. who has a knack of hiding his worries and tensions and scatter happiness wherever he goes.

So are you ready to whirl with our WHIRL?

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Latest Android App: WaWa Funland (480*854) HK Only

Hong Kong’s best and most popular mobile-phone network game! Tens of thousands players from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are connected in real-time. Definitely the best social network game to chat, date and entertain anytime and anywhere, no more loneliness!
This version works for all users of Hong Kong with handsets of 480*854 resolution.

Recent changes:
Work with all five Hong Kong Mobile Operators’ SIM and WiFi access.

AppBrain Link:*854%29-hk-only/com.mas.wawafunlandhkportalWVGA854

Latest Android App: 3D Neon Box (PRO)

A simple yet beautiful 3D live wallpaper with neon effect!

This PRO version include 8 additional cool neon logo and advert is removed from the app.

There are total of 15 different neon effect to choose from.

Rotate the box with your finger or let it auto rotate. Tweak options you like in Settings.

Help rate this app and give us feedback!

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Latest Android App: Angry Bar (FREE)

Hello. this is an irritating charatcor game. if you are able to use a controller at left side. irritating bar arrives to the goal. try Right now. but, this version is trial ver. if you want to play more. you must buy pro ver.

Recent changes:
this revision is first.

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Latest Android App: Tilt to Fly!

Fat bird Ola is facing unprecedented dangers!

Countless red birds emerging from nowhere with killing intent are attacking Ola.

Ola of course will not sit still. In addition to dodging red birds’ attack, Ola can take the initiative to fight back with the weapons in the "Orbs".

You can simply tilt your device to control the flght of Ola. Guide Ola well, her life is in your hands!

0. Super fun game play!
1. Many powerful weapons.
2. Simple rules that everyone can grasp and enjoy.
3. The control is simple: just tilting! (Now you can use touch to guide Ola as well)
4. Leaderboard support.
5. Ola is fat, doesn’t she looks delicious? (Just kidding :P )

(Ola is female, two years old Light-vented bulbul.)

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Latest Android App: 來電紅綠燈 2.3.x (v9.11)

歡迎使用來電紅綠燈(for Android 2.3.x)
上班中接到推銷電話? 晚上睡覺時被打錯電話給吵醒?
1. 來電沒有電話號碼
2. 來電有電話號碼但非你的聯絡人
3. 黑名單-從你的聯絡人選入
可以選上班時段 9:00 ~ 18:00 or 睡覺 22:00 ~ 07:00 自動拒接以上來電
此版本(來電紅綠燈 2.3.3 v9.11)為測試試用版,免費使用至2011/11/31,2011/12/1 推出來電紅綠燈 v12.11 測試試用版

測試於:htc Sensation(2.3.4) & wildfire S(2.3.4)

***** Android 2.2.x 使用者請搜尋 "來電紅綠燈 2.2.1" *****

MKK TEAM (賣可可 Apps 開發團隊)

Recent changes:
1. Sep.18.2011: 1st published.
2. Sep.21.2011: 修改紅燈管制時間
3. Sep.26.2011: 更新演算法,加快處理速度

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Latest Android App: e-gadgets

The "e-gadgets" app allows android phone users to browse and purchase gadgets and games quickly and effortlessly.

This app is ideal for:

- Browsing our product catalog.
- Learning about special offers and discounts.
- Ordering products directly from your mobile device.

Mobile shopping at its best!

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Latest Android App: Temperature converter

Simple Farenheit, Celsius, Kelvin temperature converter

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