Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Local Gay Men Singles and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: Local Gay Men Singles and Other Apps

Latest Android App: Local Gay Men Singles

The #1 gay male hookups app. Find and browse local gay males and text with them. 100% FREE!

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Latest Android App: The Kaaba 3D (Free)

A basic 3D view of the Kaaba that which you can navigate also a chance to see what’s inside the Kaaba.
Use the left joystick to move to a direction and use the right joystick to rotate the camera view.


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Latest Android App: Quran A.B.

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim. This application is about Qari Abdul Basit ‘Abd us-Samad and some of his Holy Quran recitations. There are about 25 chapters in audio format that you can listen to on this application. Since this is only the first version of the application, insha’Allah there will be more chapters added in future updates. Please let me if you have any questions, comments and suggestions.

Developer: Moe Garmyani
Designer: Aso Rasheed

Special thanks to for providing audio files.

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Latest Android App: Modes | الاوضاع

برنامج لوضع الجوال على وضع الصامت او وضع الاهتزاز حتى تاريخ ووقت معين بعد هذا الوقت يقوم البرنامج بتحويل وضعية الجوال الى الوضع العام (العادي) ايضا تم تزويد البرنامج بتطبيق مصغر لسطح مكتب الجوال.

Program to put mobile phone on silent mode or vibration mode until the specific date and time after this time, the program converts the status of mobile phone to the general situation (normal) were also provided application with widget for desktop.

Recent changes:
-Fix widget buttons action
-Full Arabic language support
-Add count down to restore normal mode

-إصلاح مشكلة أزرار سطح المكتب
-الدعم الكامل للغة العربية
-إضافة العد التنازلي لاستعادة الوضع العادي

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Latest Android App: Sensual Stories (Lite)

Real sex and erotic stories, extremely sensual nature for mature audience. 16 categories. 10 stories in each.

Only the best stories are presented.

I am not the author. The stories are taken from public sources on internet. That is why network connection is required.

The stories are updated automatically. So you will not stuck with the same texts. The best texts will replace old ones automatically.


Recent changes:
- bug fix "Wife" category
- descrete/abstract icon

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Latest Android App: Dragon Zuma

A long, long time ago the world was consumed by dark force known as The Phantom Gate. The Phantom Gate was a terrible clan of ruthless murderers and thugs destroying anything and anyone in their path.Since society was not governed by any laws.The Phantom Gate was able to rule the land un-opposed.
One day a secret force called the 9 Dragons mysteriously appeared to fight and destroy The Phantom Gate for all of the horrible things that they had done and save the world….
this is a really nice zuma game!!!What are you waiting for?Do you want to know more? Join it.

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Latest Android App: Gestural VLC Free Controller

Cool Web Agency has supported the development of an Android software able to perform as remote control
for the Video Lan Player VLC.
The software functionalities are:
1. a functionality for discovering the Video Lan Player VLC;
2. a playlist manager, with a remote file browser;
3. a remote control with a classical user interface using buttons;
4. an innovative gestural interface able to provide to the user the ability to perform a gesture with his finger
on the mobile screen that is associated to a remote command the user want to send to the media player.
The gestural user interface needs a valid sdcard and you have to rename the commands in your language
if you are using the application in Spanish or Italian.
We have tested it on Nexus One, HTC Magic and Galaxy Ace with VLC running on Windows, Linux and Mac.
If you send us the bugs discovered on your phone we will solve them as soon as possible.
In the free version it is not possible to add a new media file to the playlist and only one gesture can send a command to the VLC. Find it ;-) !

Recent changes:
First version. No changes.

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Latest Android App: Hit-Story

Search Italian Hit Parade since 1959!

- search by date
- find songs video on YouTube
- search lyrics
- share with friends!

keywords: hitlist, italia, hits,
classifica, top ten, musica,
canzoni, music, songs, hitstory,
hit-story, billboard, italian

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Latest Android App: LiveCamera Of Japan

This Application can Watch Live Camera Of Japan.
Please enjoy a look at the prefecture in Japan.

This application is a β version.

It will add many areas.

Now going places, Now you can instantly see near your Home.

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Latest Android App: DayWidget

A simple but attractive 1×1 widget showing today’s date including the day of the week reversed in red at the top.

Nothing more, nothing less. I wrote this to learn Android and because I couldn’t find a widget laid out with the day of the week this prominent.

Note this is a widget only – install into an empty space on your homescreen by touching and holding, then choosing Widget and DayWidget (

The third screen shot is a composite which shows localisation – note that the widget simply displays in the language set in your device’s settings.

Recent changes:
Click now launches Calendar.

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Latest Android App: Altın Dolar Euro

Altın Dolar Euro güncel kur bilgilerini sizlere sunan güzel ve kolay bir uygulama.

- Altın,dolar ve euro alış satış değerlerini girin istediğinz fiyata gelince sizi uyarsın. Hem kabetmeyin hemde kazancınızı arttırın.
- Her 1 dakikada kendini günceller.
- Programdan çıkıp arkaplanda çalışsa bile kendini güncelliyor. Bu sayede uygulamayı açtığınızda güncel kur bilgileri gözüküyor.
- Mesai saatleri arasında en uygun kur bilgilerine ulaşmak mümkündür.

Keywords:altın,dolar,euro,döviz,altın fiyatı,dolar fiyatı,euro fiyatı,güncel kur
* Kuveytturk kur bilgileri baz alınmıştır.

Recent changes:
-Sürüm 1.8 : Yenileme isteğe bağlı olacak şekilde değiştirildi

-Sürüm 1.9 : İstenilen kur bilgilerine ulaşaması halinde uyaı vermesi sağlandı.

-Sürüm 2.0 : İnternet bağlantı kontrolü eklenerek bağlantı kesilmesinde oluşan kilitlenme giderildi

-Sürüm 2.1 : Bilgilendirme uyarı mesajı , titreşim ve sesle uyarı eklendi.

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Latest Android App: Solitaire Plus

The classic Solitaire game offers a multi-pack of games that will provide hours of fun. Solitaire Plus includes Solitaire, Free Cell, Forty Thieves and Spider. This Solitaire experience is unrivaled in clarity and quality of play. Take Solitaire Plus for a spin, and see the difference!

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Latest Android App: FootballNews

Simple app displaying news about your team.

Only norwegians teams atm, but we will come back with more

Suggestions? Contact [email protected]

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Latest Android App: Shahrukh Khan App

Shahrukh Khan is the megastar of Bollywood who started his career with a TV serial “Fauji”. His work is recognized and introduced in Bollywood in 1992 with the debut movie “Deewana”. He has worked in more than 100 movies and still very strong and in demand. His fans call him King Khan, SRK, The Badshah of Bollywood etc.

Shahrukh Khan App is a fan app for Shahrukh Khan’s fans to catch information about him.
The App is regularly updated with the latest happenings, images and videos and with the active Twitter and Facebook account. Fan can login and post comments, Retweet, reply and add as favorite.

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Latest Android App: iTransit BA

Už nikdy nezmeškaj žiadny spoj! Tvoj osobný sprievodca mestskou hromadnou dopravou v Bratislave. Cestovné poriadky, vyhľadávanie spojení, zobrazenie najbližších zastávok na mape – všetko rýchlo dostupné z tvojho telefónu.

Pripomienky nám prosím píšte na, na alebo [email protected]

● Fakulta informatiky a informačných technológií, STU Bratislava (,
● Nadácia Tatrabanky (,
● Kultúrna a edukačná grantová agentúra MŠVVaŠ SR (


Never miss a bus again! Your personal navigator in the jungle of public transportation. Timetables, trip planner, the nearest transit stops shown on the map – everything easily accessible from your phone.

For suggestions please write us on, on or [email protected]

● Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, SUT Bratislava, Slovakia (
● Foundation of Tatrabanka (,
● Cultural and Educational Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic (

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Latest Android App: Download TV

Download TV
Mobile TV Elite – The Best TV For Mobile Phone And iPad And Tablets.
download tv
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Latest Android App: CL Notepad

This application is for people looking for applications such as built-in: fast, simple and functional.

Customize your notes and wallpaper and get the machine that notepad can offer!

All the screens are clean and uncluttered UI.
All simple – just the main features, implemented correctly.
You can save multiple notes and manage them
In the full version you can send a backup of all your notes to your email.
You can share your notes with social networks, sending via SMS, email or any other service that you have on your device.

Please comment here on their market experience.

Actually use the button "Send Feedback" which has the main menu and help us to improve the application according to your taste!

Native Languages ​​of the application:
– Arabic
– Bulgarian
– Catalan
– Chinese
– Czech
– Danish
– Dutch
– English
– Estonian
– Finnish
– French
– German
– Greek
– Hungarian
– Indonesian
– Italian
– Japanese
– Korean
– Latvian
– Lithuanian
– Norwegian
– Polish
– Portuguese
– Romanian
– Russian
– Slovak
– Slovenian
– Spanish
– Swedish
– Thai
– Turkish
– Ukrainian
– Vietnamese

For more info and contact visit us :

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Latest Android App: Snake ’97

Play Snake like it is 1997. This is a remake of the original Snake, complete with dot-matrix display and monotone sounds.

It is as addictive (and frustrating) as the original, play Snake ’97 and be prepared to loose some productive hours.

Simply launch the app, touch a button and start!

Snake ’97 features:
- old school controls (or choose for big easy controls)
- original sounds
- 9 original and 2 extra difficulty levels
- a high score that cannot be reset (just like the original)

The story behind this game is that my phone got damaged, requiring me to revert back to an old phone. Suddenly I knew the phone was missing something and the idea for a accurate Snake remake was born.

Snake ’97 is an homage to the classic mobile phone game programmed in 1997.

By carefully analyzing the classic gameplay, timing and controls, this Snake ’97 remake is one of the most accurate available.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.
Have Snake fun!

Best regards from Amsterdam,
The developer,

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Posted by Cute Android

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