Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: NanoConfig and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: NanoConfig and Other Apps

Latest Android App: NanoConfig

NanoConfig is a simple and powerful tool to configure LXNAV Nano flight recorder, declare task and download flights.

Please use the latest Nano firmware(2.05 or newest). Older versions could cause errors.
If errors occurr, you’re welcome to contact us.

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Latest Android App: Seattle Christianity Daily

Thank you for comming Seattle Christianity Daily

We are correct Americas Koreans public opinion, to contribute to the development of the Church of Christian unity and to become the media.

Our goal is <"Yes" when "yes" and "No" when "no" make> And growing influence of the church above all mouth and hands of Koreans are Christians, that is a great tool in the mission to become the media is committed.

Many of the readers attention and prayers, thank you for sponsoring.

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Latest Android App: 张建波


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Latest Android App: 李炜


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Latest Android App: A History of the United States





The author of this book, my brother, died in a French military hospital of the effects of exposure in the last fierce fighting that broke the Prussian power over Christendom; fighting for which he had volunteered after being invalided home. Any notes I can jot down about him must necessarily seem jerky and incongruous; for in such a relation memory is a medley of generalisation and detail, not to be uttered in words. One thing at least may fitly be said here. Before he died he did at least two things that he desired. One may seem much greater than the other; but he would not have shrunk from naming them together. He saw the end of an empire that was the nightmare of the nations; but I believe it pleased him almost as much that he had been able, often in the intervals of bitter warfare and by the aid of a brilliant memory, to put together these pages on the history, so necessary and so strangely neglected, of the great democracy which he never patronised, which he not only loved but honoured.

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Latest Android App: A Room with a View

This Edwardian social comedy explores love and prim propriety among an eccentric cast of characters assembled in an Italian pensione and in a corner of Surrey, England. A charming young Englishwoman, Lucy Honeychurch, faints into the arms of a fellow Britisher when she witnesses a murder in a Florentine piazza. Attracted to this man, George Emerson—who is entirely unsuitable and whose father just may be a Socialist—Lucy is soon at war with the snobbery of her class and her own conflicting desires. Back in England, she is courted by a more acceptable, if stifling, suitor and soon realizes she must make a startling decision that will decide the course of her future: she is forced to choose between convention and passion.

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Latest Android App: Adventures in Contentment

Adventures in Contentment by David Grayson

The cheerful philosophizings of a young man who turns to nature and farm life to regain his health.

I came here eight years ago as the renter of this farm, of which soon afterward I became the owner. The time before that I like to forget. The chief impression it left, upon my memory, now happily growing indistinct, is of being hurried faster than I could well travel. From the moment, as a boy of seventeen, I first began to pay my own way, my days were ordered by an inscrutable power which drove me hourly to my task. I was rarely allowed to look up or down, but always forward, toward that vague Success which we Americans love to glorify.

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Latest Android App: Earth Alert!

Earth Alert!

Kris Ottman Neville

What defense could she raise against mutant science—telepathy, invisibility, teleportation—especially since Earth was not aware of its danger!

When Julia (she pronounced the name without the "a" at the end) was twenty-four, she inherited $22,000 from an obscure uncle in California. After deducting taxes and administrative expenses, the California State Court ordered the money transferred to her bank account. It came to $20,247.50.
She had been working in a local book store. "I haven’t the vaguest idea why it came to me," she told the curious and covertly envious customers. "I guess he just didn’t know anybody else."
She was a small, slender girl. Her eyes were bright and enthusiastic, her open smile so friendly that it was infectious.

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Latest Android App: How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Arnold Bennett


This preface, though placed at the beginning, as a preface must be, should be read at the end of the book.

I have received a large amount of correspondence concerning this small work, and many reviews of it—some of them nearly as long as the book itself—have been printed. But scarcely any of the comment has been adverse. Some people have objected to a frivolity of tone; but as the tone is not, in my opinion, at all frivolous, this objection did not impress me; and had no weightier reproach been put forward I might almost have been persuaded that the volume was flawless! A more serious stricture has, however, been offered—not in the press, but by sundry obviously sincere correspondents—and I must deal with it. A reference to page 43 will show that I anticipated and feared this disapprobation. The sentence against which protests have been made is as follows:—"In the majority of instances he [the typical man] does not precisely feel a passion for his business; at best he does not dislike it. He begins his business functions with some reluctance, as late as he can, and he ends them with joy, as early as he can. And his engines, while he is engaged in his business, are seldom at their full ‘h.p.’"

I am assured, in accents of unmistakable sincerity, that there are many business men—not merely those in high positions or with fine prospects, but modest subordinates with no hope of ever being much better off—who do enjoy their business functions, who do not shirk them, who do not arrive at the office as late as possible and depart as early as possible, who, in a word, put the whole of their force into their day’s work and are genuinely fatigued at the end thereof.

I am ready to believe it. I do believe it. I know it. I always knew it. Both in London and in the provinces it has been my lot to spend long years in subordinate situations of business; and the fact did not escape me that a certain proportion of my peers showed what amounted to an honest passion for their duties, and that while engaged in those duties they were really living to the fullest extent of which they were capable. But I remain convinced that these fortunate and happy individuals (happier perhaps than they guessed) did not and do not constitute a majority, or anything like a majority. I remain convinced that the majority of decent average conscientious men of business (men with aspirations and ideals) do not as a rule go home of a night genuinely tired. I remain convinced that they put not as much but as little of themselves as they conscientiously can into the earning of a livelihood, and that their vocation bores rather than interests them.

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Latest Android App: Quest of the Golden Ape

Quest of the Golden Ape
by Randall Garrett & Stephen Marlowe

In a secluded section of a certain eastern state which must remain nameless, one may leave the main highway and travel up a winding road around tortuous bends and under huge scowling trees, into wooded country.
Upon a certain night—the date of which must remain vague—there came a man who faced and was not turned back by a series of psychological barriers along this road which made it more impregnable than a steel wall. These barriers, which had kept out a hundred years of curiosity-seekers until that certain night, were forged by the scientific magic of a genius on a planet far beyond the sun… .

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Latest Android App: Romeo and Juliet

ROMEO AND JULIET is Shakespeare’s masterful tragedy about two young "star-cross’d lovers" whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families, reputed to be the greatest play ever written. It has been adapted down through the centuries countless times for stage, opera, and more recently, musical and film. The play has been adapted in versions as diverse as MGM’s 1936 film, the 1950s stage musical West Side Story, and 1996′s MTV-inspired Romeo + Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

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