Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: NICE-O-METER and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: NICE-O-METER and Other Apps

Latest Android App: NICE-O-METER

Direct from the North Pole headquarters, and equipped with the highest levels of Christmas magic technology, comes the official Santa’s List “Nice-o-meter”.

This powerful app links directly to Santa’s Official List. The magical sensors check once and then check twice before indicating whether someone is on the naughty, or the nice, list. This top secret North Pole sanctioned technology is highly sensitive and created and used by Santa’s elves.

Parents and all present-givers can now check their kids’ status, to see how they are doing in the ever watchful eyes of the North Pole.

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM SANTA’S ELVES TO PARENTS AND PRESENT GIVERS: (Please note: if you are a child and you are still reading this YOU MUST STOP NOW – remember – Santa is watching) Use this technology wisely. Positioning your phone vertically may result in a positive result. Turning your phone to the horizontal position may produce a negative result. If you know what we mean. This is highly sensitive Christmas magic and the slightest turn of the wrist will change the results.

Results shown are not final. There is always time to be good.

Santa said you should check out the other KneeBouncers’ games now available. And then he mentioned something about “if you wanted to stay on the nice list”, or something to that affect. His words, not ours.

Oh, and by the way, Santa gives this app five stars. He thinks you should too.

Have a happy merry joyous fun Christmas!

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Latest Android App: GoodTeam

In this game you control a snail who has a trampoline on his shell to save the eggs falling from a tree by sending it to your friend the monkey that will put it safe.

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Latest Android App: 15-Puzzle Battle

Play 15-Puzzle against your friends. The advantage over common games is: It is not necessery that your opponent is online during the game. Just solve a puzzle and send your challenge. As soon as your opponent is online next time, he can see your request and solves the same puzzle. If your opponent has accept the challenge, the game is finished you can see the results in the category "New finished challenges". So keep an eye on it!

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Latest Android App: World Flags Quiz

You know the continetes and their countries?
Quiz Flag is a game with flags of countries of five continents, africa, america, asia, europe and oceania. You will have to choose which continent belongs to the flag.

- The game includes more than 230 country’s flag
- 6 levels
- Stars classification

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Latest Android App: Awesome Brick Games

These are the most awesome Brick Games for your Android Phone.

At Awesome Games, we collect the most awesome games in specialized game genres and present them to you for easy downloading. Never download a lame game again.

When awesome, new Brick games come on the market, we’ll let you know. Our app also helps you keep track of which games you’ve already downloaded.

Whether you’re a Brick Game fan or just getting started, this is the must-have collection. Download the whole set!

Want to share the game collection with your friends? We make it easy to share this app. Just click “Share with Friends.”

Love to play other games on the phone, like Bubble Blast Games, Fishing Games and Racing Games? We’ve created awesome game collections for those too. In fact, you can find a hand-picked awesome game collection for lots of phone games including brain and puzzle games, matching games, and word games, like Angry Birds, Scrabble or Words with Friends.

Collect all the best games in your favorite genres with Awesome Games Apps.

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Latest Android App: Diamon Dash PRO

This is the PRO version of popular Diamond Dash Lite Game. You can enjoy:
1) Unlimited Level
2) Faster block speed and less time
3) Only "genius" can reach level 8

Face: Only 23 Players Were Able To Reach Level 8 in PRO Version, Can You Beat It?

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Latest Android App: Brain Bones

At first the game seems like a simple "don’t make the wrong roll" kind of game. But ther is more to it than that. You need to carefully manage your discard dice as well as the pairs you can make. It seems a bit frustrating at first, as you can never seem to get a positive score. But with a little planning, you can do it.

Your first scoring pair will summon the skulls. Later pairs will clear them. Rows with skulls are worth -100 points. Once the skulls are cleared, you can start making positive numbers. Good luck!

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Latest Android App: Orvis

Shop the best products for the distinctive country lifestyle and sporting traditions with the Orvis Android app. The oldest continuously operated catalog company in the country, Orvis offers classic men’s and women’s clothing, home furnishings, gifts, dog products, and gear for fly fishing and wingshooting. This state-of-the-art app––featuring convenient search and quick checkout––will make it easier for you to shop thousands of great products on your Android phone.

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