Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: One Piece Ringtones and Other Apps

Cute Android: Latest Android Apps from Android Market or AppBrain: One Piece Ringtones and Other Apps

Latest Android App: One Piece Ringtones

One Piece Ringtones is an application that features One Piece songs that can be use as ringtones. There are 19 sounds with more to come.

1:Crazy Rainbow
4:We Are
9:Fight Together
10:Meli No.
11:One Day
12:One Piece Opend Single
13:Advance It Toward The Light
15:Sri Lankas Wine Guests
16:Free Will
17:Permanent Pointer
18:Dear Friends
19:There I

– set phone ringtones
– set notification ringtones
– save to sd card or Internal phone storage

Enjoy these ringtongs.

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Latest Android App: Suncorp Bank

Access your money and essential information anytime, anywhere.


Mobile Banking (web version)
- View your balances
- View recent transactions
- Transfer funds between your accounts and to other banks
- Approve transfers that require multi-approvals
- Pay bills using BPAY
- Access and pay bills via BPAY View
- Approve Business Payments (business customers)

To access Mobile Banking via the app, you’ll need to be a registered Internet Banking customer. Go to for more info.

Other App Features:

- Find your nearest Suncorp Bank branch or ATM
- View our latest interest rates
- View our latest Foreign Exchange Rates
- Send us an email

Mobile Banking Security

- Mobile Banking uses all the same security as Internet Banking including fraud monitoring, secure encryption and 2 factor authentication.
- Don’t store your Mobile Banking password anywhere in your phone
- If you lose your phone, call us on 13 11 75 immediately

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Latest Android App: Angry? Unlock Your Birds!

Angry at your Angry Birds games?
Unlock your birds will unlock ALL features of the game:

*** Unlock ALL golden eggs in Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons

*** Unlock ALL levels in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio

*** Unlock ALL 3 star scores in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio

*** Unlock ALL Golden Fruits in Angry Birds Rio

*** Unlock ALL hidden levels in Angry Birds Rio


This app uses Unlock Points to let you perform the above actions.
The app comes with 50 free unlock points which are enough to perform 1 unlock (for example, give yourself 3 star scores in Angry Birds Seasons or Unlock all levels and Fruits on Angry Birds Rio) and you can acquire more unlock points FOR FREE (no need to pay for anything!) by downloading other cool new free apps from the Android Market.

Discover TONS of new content in your Angry Birds games.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with the creators of these games but we do thank them daily for their great creations!
We only created a tool for these great games to unleash the fun :)

Have fun and let everyone know about this app by telling them and by reviewing it at the market.

For suggestions, questions or anything else feel free to email us

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Latest Android App: Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV brings a world action, adventure, glamour and excitement to the palm of your hand. A TV channel that’s made to measure for your Smartphone – the Red Bull TV app is available to watch when you want, wherever you are.

Live and exclusive
With unrivaled access to amazing sporting and cultural events, you’ll never miss a beat as Red Bull TV takes you further behind the scenes and closer to the action. Meet your favorite sports and entertainment stars, go behind the scenes at major sporting events and let us take you to the best parties.

On demand
Browse through our huge archive of video clips of amazing feats by such international stars as Felix Baumgartner, Travis Pastrana and Shaun White.
And you can enjoy music and dance from Red Bull Music Academy, Red Bull Soundclash and spectacular B-Boy action from Red Bull BC One.

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Latest Android App: TrapeZoid

The ultimate maze and puzzle challenge is now in your hands with TrapeZoid!

TrapeZoid is the ultimate three-dimensional maze and a puzzle game that will take you on a virtual gaming experience like no other.

You control the world of TrapeZoid where you will find yourself going up vertical walls, going through portals and jumping from one track to another. The challenge? Don’t fall off and we will give you the chance to compete against everyone else.

· Experience 3 Spectacluar Mazes!
· Customize your balls!
· See how fast you can complete a maze by unlocking the stars!
· Compete Globally against other players!

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Latest Android App: N.O.S. Car Speedrace

ATTENTION TABLET USERS: Please note that we are still working on adding tablet support for the game.


Are you bored of all those flat physics racing games out there? Then N.O.S. Car Speedrace is the right game for you! WIth its amazing 360 degrees physics emulation you will experience the most amazing car crashes you ever seen on your device breaking through smoke and fire.
This is an adrenaline pumping racing game set on the famous oval circuits of Daytona,Indianapolis,Atlanta,Bristol,Darlington and Las Vegas.

- Online multiplayer against racers from multiple device types

- Amazing 360 degrees physics emulation

- High resolution

- 12 amazing cars and 6 oval tracks based on real circuits

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Latest Android App: Ultra Magnifier

Turn your Android Phone into an Ultra Magnifying Glass.
Help to read tiny print and words

Keep your phone at least 4 inches (10 cm) away from the object to gain the perfect focus.

Functions :
* Flash
* Camera
* Zoom Adjust
* Negative color effect
* Negative Sepia effect
* Negative Mono effect
* Negative Aqua effect
* Negative Solarize effect

- English/ Française/ Немецкий/ Italiano/ Россию / Español /Nederlandse Taal/ 日本語/ 한국어/ 简体中文/ 繁體中文

Keyword : magnifying glass, Magnificent Magnifier, Magnify Reader, zoom, camera, fullscreen magnify, auto-focus, Digital Magnifier

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Latest Android App: Priority Notes Free

Priority Notes is an application that let you organize by importance all the little (or big) tasks that pop up daily.There is a huge difference between go shopping and to pick a gift for the loved ones.


Features :
- Write notes of different category.

- Assign a call as a note and call directly from the app.

- Typing on mobile keyboard is sometimes difficult ,so Priority Notes let you dictate directly your notes or events.

- Set diferent priorities to each note.

- Set alarms for some important events.

- Beautiful themes.

- Order your notes by priority or time of creation.

- Keep only the unchecked notes at the top so you can see them.

- Shake to erase all the completed notes/events.

- Keep track of your todo’s, anytime, anywhere.

- Officially supported languages are : English ,German and Spanish

- Many more features and a lot more are coming soon…

If anyone has some interesting ideas or some comments ,please write us at [email protected] because your name will appear in the next update and will be there till the end of time !!!

NOTE: We are asking for permission in order to make calls from the app,read contacts to pick up more easily phone numbers and vibrate for the alarms.

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Latest Android App: Fairytale Go Launcher Ex Theme

Fairytale theme for GO Launcher EX
Tested only on 320×480


Needs latest version of GO Launcher EX installed to apply the theme.


1) In GO Launcher EX press the phone menu button;
2) Select the THEME option;
3) From the Theme listing select the theme you´ve just download and installed;
4) Select APPLY;


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Latest Android App: Jewel Magic Xmas

*** Enjoy Jewel Magic Xmas with all features absolutely free for this Christmas Season ***
Awesome puzzle game with exiting new features and addictive gameplay in christmas flavour with cool graphics and animations.

If you have got bored with other gem matching games like Bejeweled or if you want more funnier and entertaining match puzzle game, JewelMagic is for you.

Jewel Magic Xmas adds several creative innovations to the already very popular match game concept with four differently themed game modes and unlimited levels of challenging fun.

Jewel Magic Xmas is one of the best android puzzle game and casual game supporting all popular mobile phones.

Jewel Magic Support : Jewel Magic Xmas runs in over 700 android mobile devices. We made our best effort in testing it in several popular devices, however if you find any issues please mail us at [email protected]


Jewel Magic Xmas has four interesting game modes as below.
– Classic : Move timeout based gem match game.
– TimeAttack : Tests your raw jewel matching speed.
– ScorePanic : Very dynamic fast action gem swapping game.
– Continuous : Non stop jewel swapping game.


Whats New in Jewel Magic Xmas for Android:
– Plain Mode option in settings has been added, which controls the usage of special characters.
– All new 3d gems with eye catching animations.
– 9 New background screens.
– Different backgrounds for Classic, Scorepanic & Time Attack modes.
– Several other Improvements in Gameplay & Interface.

Jewel Magic is based on the classic match-3 game concept with many creative innovations which adds spice to its game play.

Why should we play this fantastic gem swap game well suited for Android Touch interface with colorful 3d gems? Play it and you will see the difference!

All game modes have individual player ranking system based on the highest level/Score achieved. Players are ranked in five categories from Amateur to Legendary. Your rank naturally improves along with your skill as you play again and again, thats what makes JewelMagic so addictive.

Online Scores! Scores of top ten players from all over the world are listed in weekly and Monthly tabs of our online score screen. At any time, you can compete with top ten weekly and monthly scorers and submit your scores after every game.

Game Features:

– Awesome graphics with fluid animations.
– Auto saving & loading supported for all game modes.
– Plain Mode option to switch off special items.
– Angel clears all surrounding gems by matching two similar gems adjacent to him.
– Santa clears all gems in a row or column by matching two similar gems adjacent to him.
– Smoke! Beware of them. Clear them before the moveout counter in each smoking gem reaches zero or else it will spread to your adjacent gems.
– Unlimited levels! It needs only your skill to crack a new level. Complexity of the game increases progressively from level to level. Could you ever reach Level10 in Classic/Score Panic game mode? Well, let’s see!!!

Related Keywords : mind game, latest game, quest, brain twister, touch game, online game, time pass, time killer, gem spinner, family game, new game

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Latest Android App: Juice for Roku DEMO

This is the DEMO version of Juice for Roku. It has all the features of the paid version, but only lets you send the first song or photo in the list to your Roku.

It is strongly recommended that you try the DEMO version first to make sure everything works before buying the paid version.

The paid version Juice for Roku lets you to stream photos and music directly from your Android phone to your Roku player:

- Send individual photos or send a complete slide show
- Send individual songs or whole albums to the Roku
- Background Juice service will continue to serve files to the Roku while you use other Android apps
- Use the “Share” menu from the Gallery and other supported apps to send photos to the Roku without having to launch the Juice app
- No need for a home media server
- No need for cables
- No need to upload your files to a web server
- Fully functional remote control included with the same functionality as the Roku Remote app (sold separately)

- You must add the <a href="">Juice channel</a> to your Roku
- Android device and Roku player must be on the same network

Recent changes:
- Fixed sort order of songs within albums
- Fixed scaling issue on setup screen for MDPI screens

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Latest Android App: Call Of Duty Black Ops

Call Of Duty Black Ops

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Latest Android App: 스피릿 (SPEERIT) Beta

REAL Siri for Android.

Only for Korean. Sorry :P
& We support only Phones. (Not GalaxyPlayer)

We have a plan to support english later. Don’t be sad.

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Latest Android App: MegaPlayer Pack4 Trial

WARNING: This application can not be initiated by the user. This is a plugin for the application MegaPlayer. Be sure to also install MegaPlayer first rate or comment to the inability to run this application!

MegaPlayer Pack4 Trial is a plugin used by MegaPlayer application.
Through this application you can manage the following platforms: rapidshare, royalvids, veoh, zshare.

This is a trial version of 10 days.

- WARNING: some link doesn’t work because they are a redirect to other site

* This application can not be started from user, it doesn’t have a launcher.
* Make sure you also install MegaPlayer!
* It NOT require Flash Player!
* Premium account are not yet managed.
* For Android 2.2+: when you install / upgrade a pack, Android automatically closes the application MegaPlayer.
* For Android 2.1: you should completely restart the application each time you install or uninstall a Plugin.

Please note that the downloading and viewing of video protected by copyright is prohibited and is regulated by the laws of the country where you are. ZeroLab also assumes no responsibility for the misuse of MegaPlayer and its Plugins. Read the license carefully before using.

Keywords: megaplayer, plugins, pack4, video, streaming, rapidshare, royalvids, veoh, zshare

Recent changes:
- first version

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Latest Android App: Adevarul

The most popular newspaper in Romania is now available for Android users.
Hundreds of news updated in real time, photo galleries, weather, currency exchange and movies updates, all brought to you by Adevarul in one single application.

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Latest Android App: Scary death with black coat

This app is a live wallpaper.

Now you can move this app to SD card!
Six different sizes (240×320, 320×480, 480×600, 480×800, 480×854 & 600×1024 for tablet) to choose from!
Possibility to set different speeds!

Issues, Questions, or Poor Ratings Please send me an e-mail.

We have received many comments on wallpapers not working on their particular phones.
Unfortunately, some phone are not compatible with live wallpapers, please check the web to see if yours is compatible.
If by chance you get any error other than those stated below, please let me know so that we can look into the problem.

Question & Answer:

I have downloaded and installed it. How do I set it up as a Live Wallpaper?

- go to your home screen;
- press the menu button on your device;
- select "Wallpaper";
- select "Live Wallpapers";
- search and select for "<name_app> Live Wallpaper"
- select "Settings" to see the settings or select "Set wallpaper" to activate it.

System Requirement:

There are two requirements to use live wallpaper:
1) compatible hardware;
2) compatible OS.

1) compatible hardware — any phone that came with Android OS 2.0 or later should work fine. Anything that came with 1.5 / 1.6 may have problems.
HTC Droid Eris, Hero, Legend, Spica, and their cousins are known to have problems, even when updated to Android OS 2.X.

2) compatible OS — Android OS 2.1 (Eclair) or later can use live wallpapers.

Tags: live wallpaper lwp cartoon baby bikes music places animal woman man love dark sport rock pop dance car.

Recent changes:
v1.1: is added mobile advertising

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